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Solaris is truly distinctive and an unique phenomenal band. Solaris plays an unique musical style that, can be easily recognised in a few seconds for any listener of the best Progressive Rock. Their music sound so pure and, goes far beyond the average Symphonic Rock, Melodic Rock or Progressive Rock Band, where the result is a mixture of varied time signatures supported by amazing guitar solos, atmospheric keyboards, fantastic flute sounds by Atilla, powerful drums, excellent bass and expressive vocals. "Live in Mexico" CD and DVD "Nostradamus Book of Prophecies" is a great production and, has plenty of variation to keep the listener involved, with many musical directions, that concentrates pure musical elements full of beautiful melodies, complex harmonics and elaborately arranged compositions with a  sophisticated
orchestration. It's very difficult to compare Solaris with others Progressive Rock groups, there is a strong sensibility in their music, creating a kind of Progressive Rock that we need to hear, their compositions, without interruption. Brilliant, amazing, perfect and a fantastic work, highly recommendable for all progressive rock fans around the world...

The present line-up of the Solaris are:
Erdész Róbert - Keyboards
Bogdán Csaba - Guitar
Kollár Attila - Flute
Pócs Tamás - Bass
Gömör László - Drums
Kisszabó Gábor - Bass


Solaris is a worldwide well-known progressive rock group from Hungary. The band was founded in Febuary, 1980 in Budapest by university students and they loved the Progressive Rock music and the science fiction. The founder members of the Solaris are: Erdész Róbert - Keyboards, Cziglán István - Guitar, Kollár Attila - Flute, Seres Attila - Bass, Tóth Vilmos - Drums.

At the beginning of 1980 on an amateur pop-rock competition the Solaris gained the third place (among 137 different style amateur pop-rock groups). This success was a real "starting" for the Solaris because the song "Solaris" was published on SP after the final competition.

The group had a lot of rehearsals and concerts at the Semmelweis University and in different University Club (1980-1984) and they tried to create their own musical language.

The first LP of the Solaris' "Martian Chronicles" released in 1984. The King Record from Japan published this LP on CD in 1989 and distributed all over the world. And something started slowly at that time??...

The "Martian Chronicles" considered one of the best Progressive Rock albums in the era between 1980-1995 by the Progressive Rock Magazines and Prog-Rock reviewers.

The second double LP was released in 1990 by Hungaroton Gong Records. 

In 1995 the band was invited for the ProgFest '95 in Los Angeles. This is a three-day festival and on the second day the Solaris was the headliner band. The success of this concert was really fantastic and it was published on a double album "Live in Los Angeles".

After the success of this concert the Solaris had several invitations for progressive musical festivals:

Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) - 1996 at Scala Theatre. 
Bethlehem PA - 1999 The First North East Art Rock Festival (NearFest) 
Mexicali - Baja Prog, Mexico City 2001. 
Monterrey - 2004, the first DVD from the concert of Monterrey (Mexico) will appear in 2006.

In 1999 the band published a completely new studio album  titled "Nostradamus, Book of Prophecies".

In 2005 the Solaris members have the 25th anniversary and they would like to celebrate with their fans (from Hungary and from abroad, too!) on a great concert in Budapest on 23rd of April, 2006.

New Release - CD/DVD

"Live In Mexico"

01) Nostradamus, 
......Book of Prophecies
02) The Duel
03) The Lion´s Empire
04) Wings Of The
05) Ship Of Darkness
06) Wargames
07) The Moment Of Truth

Much more infomation about the the band, and the concert are available at Solaris and Periferic Records.

Periferic Records Stereo Kft. H-1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 59. tel.: +36-1-385-63-43.


For more information and every thing about the band, please visit SOLARIS HOME PAGEN
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