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The Last Embrace are a  French band, and for my surprise, another amazing recent discovery, however, according their history, the group started their musical career since late 1998. With a considered discography, around the last years, they recorded four albuns, "The Last Embrace" (2001), "Inside" (2005), "Aerial" (2009) and the newest "Essentia" (2013), which all them received excelent reviews. According some medias about progressive rock and its strands, like some websites and  magazines, they qualifies  the musical references of the band,  such as Progressive Gothic Metal, however, also we can hear and realize some references like Folk, Symphonic Progressive Rock and touchs of classical music. The band was formed and currently leaded by the Guitar player Olivier, which together with four other musicians, they know exactly how to navigate in a shining atmosphere sometimes become dark and melodic, sometimes heavy, but not aggressive like the metal genre. One of the main musical attractive is the lovely Sandy, her vocals tone revels subtle mysteries, including some magical music performances, demonstrating a superb vocal control, and that leaves nothing to be desired in the style proposed by the group and with a perfect combination with Folk, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal. The Sandy's vocal tones, follows in different tonal variations, she blends vocal tones from differents female singers such as Marjana Syomkina ("Imthemorning"), Rachel Jones, Lisa Fury and Hayley Griffiths ("Karnataka"), Evelyn Downing ("The Mermaid Kiss"), Emilia Derkowska ("Quidan"), Annie Haslam ("Renaissance"), Dam Kat ("Children In Paradise"), Anne-Marie Helder ("Panic Room"), Anna Batko ("Albion") Christina Booth ("Magenta"). But the musical structure is amazing, the arrangements are perfects, guitar, Bass, Drum and keys float around among a dark atmosphere, melodic and symphonic. I still don't know the first three albums from this wonderful band, but I want to know all about them soon, and my first audition was their last work called "Essentia". You need listen this album immediately, and should listen all the tracks with a special attention, can bet, you will love their music. It is hard to determine which is the best track of this album, not one specifically is better than the others, but I'd like show you my favourite songs. From all ten tracks, which, all them are perfect, follow my preferences: "Aerial", "Can You", "Inside", "Mother", "Complete City", "Impending Dawn", "Precious Pond" and "Roads", however, the song "Aerial" and "Can You" are a perfect masterpieces, besides the musicians on the band, they have the participation of four guest musicians, the highlights are for vocal, instrumental and arrangements with two violins, merely fantastic. If you like bands such as "Children In Paradise", "The Mermaid Kiss", "Quidan", "Albion", "Karnataka","Panic Room", "Magenta" and "Imthemorning" you will love The Last Embrace. "Essentia" is a beautiful masterpiece, glimpsing musical styles in the line Symphonic, Folk, Dark Metal and Melodic, a mixture that crosses and  exploits a variety of genres and influences. A  very strong album and a fantastic band, showing the world that, The Last Embrace already is a strong name around the best Progressive Rock bands from the world. "Essentia" is a set of amazing and beautiful classical symphonic songs, interspersed with small instrumental interludes. There is a delicate atmosphere around all songs, which leads the listener to a "Dreamspace" full of energy, that infuses the whole album. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and a fantastic band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on The Last Embrace album are:
Sandy - Vocals
Olivier - Guitars
Pierre-Henri - Piano and Rhodes
Anthony - Bass
Chris - Drums

Special Guest:
Caroline Bugala - Violin
Eliad Florea - Violin
Cédric Rousseau - Alto
Clément Petit - Cell


The Last Embrace was formed in 1998. In 2000, the band seemed to have found its style, which could be best categorized as atmospheric metal. This was also the year they played their first gigs.

In 2001, with the help of Stephan May they recorded their debut single featuring their first singer, Nathalie.

In early 2003, their first 5 track CD became available to the public. This year was also filled with live performances, such as:
"The Rotonde Festival - Hirson, France, (along with Paradise Lost, Saxon, and After Forever)
"The First Metal Female Voices Festival - Brussels, Belgium, (along with Epica, Anthemon, and Autumn).
Additionally the band played several gigs in Paris throughout the year.

In 2004 The Last Embrace played several concerts throughout Paris with bands like Vanden Plas , Asrai, and Eve Of Destiny and they had the pleasure of opening for the Parisian performace of The Gathering.

The later part of  2004 was a tumultuous time for the band which ultimately resulted in 3 members deciding to leave the band. Nevertheless in June 2005, The Last Embrace was ready to record their first full album entitled "Inside". This work featured an entirely new lineup and a new featured singer named Cindy.

Once again, Stephan May was the chosen producer for the recording and the mix, Goran Finnberg was chosen for the mastering. In 2006 and 2007,the band mainly played acoustic gigs in conjunction with well-known successful artists such as: Danny Cavanagh, Anathema, Antimatter, Leafblade, Faith And The Mljsf.

In the fall of 2007, their Bass player Vik decided to leave The Last Embrace.

In 2008 a second album was recorded and mixed in two different studios by both the second guitarist Laurent (delica'l son) and Emmanuel Rousseau, (from White Wasteland Studio).

Aerial Opus is definitively a progressive rock and melodic album. It was released in early 2009 at Longfellow deeds. This album marks a major artistic evolution for the band which naturally turned towards a richer and atmospheric musical style. It included a live string quartet, more vintage tone, and several famous guests, (most notably Mick Moss from the band Antimatter on the song "Alone"). The result of these changes was is a more intimate and personal album, which was welcomed by the critics. Subsequently, the band engaged in several performances notably with Antimatter (with their  new bass player Anthony), and several festivals such as Raismefest, Crescendo, and others.

2011 brought another change for The Last Embrace as it marked the depature of  two more band members , Alexis the drummer and Laurent the guitarist. As a result the two remaining members spent the remainder of the year looking for a new drummer and they eventually discovered Chris. Chris' technique and powerful style of playing fit in perfectly with the style of the band and made their rhythms much more solid than ever before.

The band utilized their time without road performances to both rehearse with the new line up and to make a project close to their heart a reality.  They finally set out to record an album that was completely and  exclusively acoustic in nature.

This Album is composed of totally rearranged songs from "Inside" and "Aerial" as well as two previously unreleased  songs. This album is recorded with Emmanuel Rousseau at White Waste Land Studio and it it is composed and performed with new instruments, (such as a string quartet and transverse flute) that were selected to give it a very rich sound.

''Essentia" should be released at the begining of 2013, and shows are forthcoming.

New Release


01) Aerial
02) Can You
03) Essentia
04) Inside
05) Mother
06) Switch on
07) Complete City
08) Impending Dawn
09) Precious Pond
10) Roads

Also you can visit The Last Embrace at: MySpace and Soundcloud.

The Last Embrace - Aerial
The Last Embrace - Roads
The Last Embrace - Inside
The Last embrace "Impending dawn" live@Pop in -Paris
The Last Embrace"Obstacles" (Syd Matters)Live@La Loge Paris
The Last Embrace Broken Live électrique

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