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. MAY 2011
A key feature of the progressive rock movement has always been: syncopations, polyrhythms and changes of compasses. The progressive rock sound is a music of the mutations! In fact, this aspect applies to the genre as a whole, since among the main groups ("Yes", "Genesis", "Pink Floyd", "King Crimson", "Jethro Tull", "EL&P", "Gentle Giant", "Camel", etc.) the style was never followed in the same direction, in fact, each band is different and develops its own way to create different conceptions in the line of this intriguing musical style, where billion fans still remain faithful to the style and the many prog rock variations until today. As good followers of progressive rock genre in Brazil, and with 25 years on the road, Apocalypse has become famous around these years. The musicians on this band are exceedingly professionals, where, they always knew how to develop an amazing progressive rock, among importants Brazilian bands, Apocalypse is a big reference in the Musical Prog Rock scene of the South American continent. The band appeared in 1983 in Caxias do Sul, when keyboardist "Eloy Fritsch" formed a rock band with some classmates. Inspired by groups such as "Yes", "Genesis", "Rush", "Marillion" and "ELP", the band's first presentation was the same year, during a Music festival at the Cristóvão de Mendoza's College, in Caxias do Sul, Shortly the drummer Chico Fasoli and the guitarist Ruy Fritsch become part of the group. Owners of a considerable discography, eleven albums, the band released their first work (on vinyl) in 1990. The main musical style of the group it's around symphonic progressive rock, supplementing with elements of hard rock, art rock, prog metal, adding some jazz passages. The main musical arrangements are dominated by many kind of keyboards and synthesizers, very well headed by a talented musician and very professional called "Eloy Fritsch", including majestic sounds of the guitars, with amazing solos, vocal tones well defined, sometimes soft and sometimes a little aggressive, the bass is the complement together with the drums, forming a real symphonic set. Apocalypse was formed with the thought of creating a vibrant and powerful music, austere commitment to the recording studio, and also amazing live shows, these two shows, recording and live shows, are the true definition of his music, with a single purpose, they are able to continue working together in the same direction in search of perfection, capable of capturing new frames in a sound painting colorful, full of details that have not been discovered. "2012 Light Years From Home" brings together an unforgettable collection of tracks, a true display of musical influences and different styles with various references, it is the successor of the high acclaimed "The Bridge Of Light" from 2008 (Musea Records). The album marks the premier of the new drummer, Fábio Schneider. "2012 Light Years From Home" was recorded at Refugio Studios in Porto Alegre and produced by the band and  brings the tracks "Take My Heart", "The Angels And Seven Trumpets", "On The Way To The Stars", "Till Another Side", "Morning Light", "Find Me Now", "I Cry In Infinity", "To Kiss The Tears Your Cry", "Blue Angel", the epic "2012 Light Years From Home", besides "New Sunrise" and "Set Me Free" that are available on Myspace. "2012 Light Years From Home" is a part of a box set, celebrating "25th Anniversary" of Apocalypse, including a special book, DVD and Live CD, the live CD "Magic Spells" bringing classic tunes of the band's career, also a book written by the journalist and producer Eliton Tomasi telling the whole story of the band. Brilliant, fantastic, an amazing work and album, highly recommendable...

The line-up on the Apocalypse Band are:
Eloy Fritsch -
Fábio Schneider -
Gustavo Demarchi - Vocals and Flute
Ruy Fritsch - Guitars


Apocalypse came up in 1983 in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil, when the keyboardist Eloy Fritsch started a rock band with his schoolmates. Inspired by the bands "Yes", "Genesis", "Rush" and "LedZeppelin", since the beginning the band’s proposal was to do their own music. Even before releasing its first album, Apocalypse gained notoriety and did concerts and performances at the major festivals of Rio Grande do Sul.

The first self-titled LP was released in 1990. "Perto do Amanhecer", the second album, was out in 1995 in France and marked the first contract with Musea Records that would be Apocalypse’s record label in Europe during years. "Aurora dos Sonhos" hit the stores in 1996 preceding "Lendas Encantadas" which featured re-workings of the band.

In 1998, Apocalypse was invited by the record label Rock Symphony to play with the renowned British band "Pendragon" at the “Rio Art Rock Festival”, in Rio de Janeiro.

Direct reflection of success abroad, in 1999 Apocalypse was one of the attractions of “ProgDay 99”, one of the biggest progressive rock festivals from Unites States. The ProgDay Festival performance had been recorded and originated Live In USA, Apocalypse’s first live album. That was the first time that a Brazilian rock band recorded a show in the USA and released a double CD format!

Rock Symphony released in 2003 the fourth Apocalypse album titled "Refugio". Two years after, the band took part of the festival “Rock Symphony For The Record” at the Niteroi Municipal Theater. The band’s performance was filmed and originated the band’s first DVD, Live In Rio, also released in CD.

In 2006 Apocalypse played another very important show with "Uriah Heep" in Rio do Janeiro.

In 2008 Apocalypse released "The Bridge Of Light", the most prized album of its career. The album brought to the band several indications as ‘Best of the Year’: “Best Album”, “Best Cover”, “Best Show” and “Best Keyboardist” to Eloy Fritsch. In March of 2009, Eloy Fritsch also won the “Premio Acorianos de Musica – Mençao Honrosa”, for his contribution to the southern music scenario. At the same time Apocalypse also got the “Vasco Prado Trophy” in honor to the band’s 25 years of career.

In 25 years, Apocalypse was story on the biggest magazines in the world, and appeared in several TV and radio programs, including national broadcast.

Apocalypse is, definitively, one of the all time biggest names in Brazilian progressive rock scene. It’s a 25 year career! Uninterrupted! Its vast discography includes 10 albums released in Brazil, Europe, USA and Asia - including a double album recorded live in the United States during the first international tour of the band and the DVD Live In Rio from 2006, with an impeccable production.

And when everybody thought that the band had already done everything, they announced the release of "25th Anniversary Box Set", a commemorative box in celebration of the band’s 25th anniversary.

Unpublished work in the national progressive rock, the commemorative box-set includes book, DVD and two CDs, one being the band’s new studio album.

"Apocalypse's 25th Anniversary Box Set" is the most daring project of the band's career", says the keyboardist, Eloy Fritsch. "Since our double CD recorded live in USA in 1999, we had no other hard-working project than this. With this box-set we celebrate this beautiful career guided by the musical identity created by the band during 25 years. Moreover, the project also presents our new studio album". Titled "2012 Light Years From Home", the new Apocalypse album is for sure the highlight of this Box-Set. The album was recorded at Refugio Studios in Porto Alegre and produced by the band. This is the successor of the high acclaimed "The Bridge Of Light from 2008" (Musea Records) and marks the premier of the new drummer, Fabio Schneider.

The second CD in the box is "Magic Spells" that brings old Apocalypse’s classics played by the band's previous line-up and sung in English. The recordings were extracted from live performances during the "Magic Tour" in 2005.

The DVD "The 25th Anniversary Concert" is other great feature of the box-set. It registers the show Apocalypse played in September 2009 at Acts Lounge of the Rio Grande do Sul Federal University in Porto Alegre. On the occasion, the band presented the show of the "The Bridge Of Light Tour" and also songs from Live In Rio DVD. They counted with the special participation of the Brazilian musician Hique Gomes from the duo ‘Tangos & Tragedias’.

Lastly, the book that comes in the box was written in Portuguese and English by the journalist and producer Eliton Tomasi and tells the complete history of Apocalypse. The book recalls the great moments of the group and includes unpublished photos. The book also contains a chronology of Apocalypse written by the author of the Brazilian Progressive Rock Encyclopedia, Leonardo Nahoum, beyond statements of musicians, staff and complete discography.

New Release

"2012 Light Years From Home"

01) New Sunrise
02) Set Me Free
03) Take My Heart
04) The Angels And
......Seven Trumpets
05) On The Way To
......The Stars
06) Till Another Side
07) Morning Light
08) Find Me Now
09) A Cry In Infinity
10) To Kiss The Tears
......Your Cry
11) Blue Angel
12) 2012 Light Years
......From Home

For more information, international booking, interview requests please contact by mail to Apocalypse. More information and samples from the album are available at MySpace Site.

"Apocalypse's 25th Anniversary Box-set" is distributed by Musea Records in Europe and Kinesis in USA. The box-set is also available for sale worldwide here through the band’s official website.

The content of "25th Anniversary Box Set" comes accompanied by a very special package. An exclusive poster is also part of the bill. All the artwork of the CDs, DVD, book and package is signed by the vocalist Gustavo Demarchi.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit APOCALYPSE HOME PAGEN
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