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. MAY 2006
Cannata or could be "Jeff Cannata", a multi- instrumentalist/ composer whose main instruments are guitar, keyboards and drums with a strong vocals. He is the main musician behind other bands with years of hard work and, a renowned guitarist and songwriter, performing inspired lead guitar, and amazing tasteful keyboard, creating a strong and spiritual atmosphere into the compositions. Cannata has a brilliant collection of instrumental arrangments that are 'heady' enough for any Prog lover, containing lots of different styles and references such as Progressive Rock, Symphonic Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Melodic Rock and Neo-Prog Rock, where the result is a strong otherworldly music, featuring a fascinating journey into a very cosmic sounds. The album "Mysterium Magnum" is performed in real perfection, where all the themes make this album truly a haunting and hypnotic experience. If you like "Jethro Tull", "Yes", "Caravan", "Saga" "Journey", "Kansas", "Styx (into the age of Crystal Ball and Grand Illusion)", "Roger Water" and "Jadis", you will love Cannata. Brilliant, fantastic and an amazing release, highly recommendable...

The musicians on the Cannata are:
Jeff Cannata - Lead & BK Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards and Drums
Greg Trabandt - Drums, Jeff Batter - Piano and Synths
Bod Giannotti - Lead Guitar and Flute
Chuck Beckman - Lead Guitar
Jay Johnson - Lead Guitar
Jimi Bell - Lead Guitar
David Coe - Acoustic Guitar
Rohn Lawrence - Lead Guitar
Jay Rowe - Piano and Synth
Pete Hodson and Rose Coppola - BK Vocals.

In the early days of the Art Rock Movement, Jeff Cannata formed the Progressive Rock band, "Jasper Wrath" along with Michael Soldan, Robert Gianotti and Phil Stone. After signing to MGM Records, their first LP, recorded at Phil Ramone’s Studio (A& R) in New York, it received rave reviews. After extensive auditions, looking for the right additional "voice", James Christian (House Of Lords) was added to the lineup, along with keyboard prodigy Jeff Batter and guitar virtuoso, Scott Zito. Equipped with full light show and effects, the band toured the Northeast to packed houses until 1976. Because of commercial and directional musical differences, that year, the group disbanded. 

The next few years Cannata, begins composing a dozen or so new pieces, along with writing partner Michael Soldan, Cannata assumes vocal duties and offers the demos, to then manager David Wolff and is signed to Portrait / CBS Records......... Arc Angel is born. The LP is a monster hit in Europe. 

After being contacted by record executive Yves Dessca at (Carrere/CBS) Paris, Cannata is offered a deal he couldn’t refuse. A recording budget that would enable the constuction of a complete 24 track analog studio at home, and to write and produce the new material for the next CD. A video for the track "FortuneTeller" was also shot and directed by Scott Calvert (Pink Floyd) The album was " Images Of Forever".........Rated "top 10 best melodic / Progressive Rock album" (Kerrang Magazine 4 star.).

Cannata receives a call from label president Mark Ashton, (Now and Then Records UK) to review his latest material. Contracts were offered and signed . "Watching The World" was recorded and released worldwide later that year.

After numerous requests from former fans...... " What ever happened to the band "Jasper Wrath". "Cannata, prompted by associate John DuBuque, compiled a 26 song double CD of the bands early, studio, live and demo recordings. "The Jasper Wrath" Anthology is released. The limited pressings were quickly sold out. Now a collectors item ...

" Tamorok "........ Magnus Soderkvist , the A&R head of the new Atenzia Records in Sweden, contacts Cannata to review his latest work in progress demos. After a few considerations, things fall into place, and Cannata is invited to sign as one of the first projects with the new Atenzia label, his fourth solo CD of Progressive and AOR Melodic Rock. Fourteen new and Classic tracks...

When it comes to the subgenre of "progressive AOR" there is one name that almost immediately springs to mind, that of musician/producer Jeff Cannata. The AOR classic Arc Angel from 1983 is hailed by many as one of AOR's finest moments. Jeff's solo albums Images of Forever (1988) and Watching the World (1993) are melodic masterpieces (sadly both are out of print). Tamorok takes material from those releases, gives them new life via remastering, adds a host of new material and ties it all up into a musical package that exceeds the term "first rate". Now in 2006 Cannata releases "Mysterium Magnum" the follow up to “ Tamorok”. You won’t be disapointed!

.New Release

"Mysterium Magnum"

01) Spirit Of The
......Four Winds 
02) Kali Allah 
03) Somewhere Beyond
......The Sun 
04) 4:17 (California) 
05) King of the Mountain 
06) Promise You
07) Book Of Ages 
08) Tears Of America 
09) Wanted:
......Dead Or Alive 
10) Life:101 
11) French 
12) Reason To Live 
13) Reprise: Kali Allah

The new studio recording 13 Unreleased tracks. A special edition 6-panel Digipak w/ 16 page booklet. Produced by Jeff Cannata, for Oxford Circus Productions. Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works Cambridge. MA. Recorded and Mixed at Oxford Circus, Studios by JC. 

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, please e-mail to Cannata or contact Jeff Cannata, Oxford Circus,  PO BOX 185493, Hamden, Ct. 06518.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit CANNATA HOME PAGEN
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