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The band Dialeto was born in 1987,São Paulo, Brazil, formed by three brazilian veteran musicians, all them experienced and talented, Nelson Coelho, Miguel Angel and Andrei Ivanovic. However, before they formed Dialeto, they played in bands from São Paulo's underground scene such as "Zero", "Akira S", "Sotaque", "Vultos" and "Okoto", but, without official recordings. After a long period of silence, the trio resume activities in 2006. In 2008 they relesed  their debut album titled as "Will Exist Forever", soon they was considered as a new group and surely a great revelation from this century. Dialeto's style shows an intricate and powerful Heavy Prog with strong psychedelic vibes including lots of passionate grooves in the line of King Crinson, with some touchs of brasilian rhythms, and also adding very well elaborate hints of Jazz  Fusion. It is clear that Dialeto's musicians are masters of their musical arts, they display musical talent enough to become famous, like many musicians and bands of the past, and inevitably be among the best bands of this year and also from this century. The band already recorded four albuns, "Will Exist Forever" (2008), "Chromatic Freedom" (2010), "The Last Tribe" (2013) and "Bartók In Rock" (2017), all of them are wonderful, but the album "The Last Tribe",  released by prestigious American label MoonJune Records, I consider one of the band's masterpieces, this album shows the nature, essence, soul and heart of this great Brazilian band. "Dialeto - Live with David Cross" is first alive album from Dialeto, it contains thirteen tracks, with 78 minutes of a pure  musical emotion, besides the musicians that currently make up the band, they had the honor of the impeccable participation of one of the greatest icons of Progressive Rock world, David Cross, ex King Crinson's musician, one of the most renowned bands from world prog rock. David Cross participated of some of the important albums as "Larks' Tongues in Aspic", "Starless and Bible Black" and "Red". In addition to violin, David Cross also plays keyboards. Recorded live at SESC Belenzinho, São Paulo - Brazil, on July 22, 2017, with a special participation of David Cross, on violin, in 9 of the 13 tracks. Also performed are some songs from a recent work released in 2017, such as "Roumanian Folk Dances 2", "Roumanian Folk Dances 3", "Roumanian Folk Dances 4, "Mikrokosmos 113", "Mikrokosmos 149", "An Evening in the Village" all from the album "Bartók In Rock". Also including an unpublished song "Mikrokosmos 78" -  "Five Tone Scale" as suggested by David Cross, as well as King Crinson's classics songs such as "Larks' Tongues in Aspic", "Starless" and others, including" the song "Tonk", composed by Davis Cross on his album "Exile". "Live with David Cross" is another one important acquisition for all the Progressive Rock's lovers around the worlds. You need listen this album immediately, and should listen all the tracks with a special attention, can bet, you will love their music. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Dialeto Live with David Cross album and actual band are:
Nelson Coelho - Guitar, Mellotron Guitar
Gabriel Costa - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Fred Barley - Drums, Vocals

Special Guest:
David Cross - Violin


Dialeto is an Art-Rock / Prog-Rock band from São Paulo, Brazil, currently composed by Nelson Coelho on guitar, Fred Barley on Drums and Gabriel Costa on bass.

Formed in 1987 by Nelson, Miguel Angel on Drums and Andrei Ivanovic on fretless bass, the trio resumed activities in 2006 after a long hiatus with good reception, both in Brazil and abroad, of their first two albums, "Will Exist Forever" from 2008 and "Chromatic Freedom" from 2010.

In 2012 Dialeto changes it's original lineup, introducing Jorge Pescara playing the bass lines with his inovative Touchguitar. The band has become an exclusively instrumental act, although keeping in their repertoire songs from the prior periods.

With the new line up the trio launches internationally in June 2013 the album "The Last Tribe" by the prestigious American label MoonJune Records, home to great musicians such as Allan Holdsworth and Soft Machine Legacy among others.

With a new line up since 2015, Gabriel Costa on Bass, Fred Barley on drums and Nelson Coelho on guitar, the band is now releasing "Bartók in Rock" a new studio album with Béla Bartók compositions adapted to rock.

Brazilian band Dialeto is releasing its new CD, a live album with the guest participation of violinist David Cross, ex-King Crimson.

The album, entitled simply "Live with David Cross", was recorded in 2017 at São Paulo, Brazil, on the second of a pair of concerts held to
promote the band’s then new album,“Bartók in Rock”.

As such, the material of this album includes some live versions for the Béla Bartók pieces that were adapted by Dialeto, as well as renditions of a few Crimson classics and one track by David Cross.

All Pictures By: Bolivia & Cátia

New Release

"Live with David Cross"

01) Roumanian Folk
......Dances 3:
......Standing Still
02) Roumanian Folk
......Dances 2:
......Peasant Costume
03) Roumanian Folk
......Dances 4:
......Stick Game
04) Mikrokosmos 149:
......Six Dances in
......Bulgarian Rhythm II
05) Mikrokosmos 113:
......Bulgarian Rhythm I
06) Mikrokosmos 78:
......Five Tone Scale
07) An Evening in the
......Village: 10 Easy
......Piano Pieces No. 5
08) The Young Bride:
......For Children Vol.
......1 No. 17
09) Exiles
10) Tonk
11) The Talking Drum
12) Larks' Tongues in
......Aspic, Part Two
13) Starless

Recorded at Sesc Belenzinho, 22th july 2017, São Paulo, Brazil
Engineered by Américo Almeida and Renato Coppoli
Mixed and mastered by Fabio Golfetti at Seven Keys Studio
Artwork by Nelson Coelho
Photos by Bolívia & Cátia Rock
Produced by Dialeto
David Cross appears courtesy of Noisy Records
Fred Barley plays exclusively Aquarian Drumheads

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Dialeto & David Cross - Live - The Talking Drum + Larks Tongues in Aspic 2

Dialeto & David Cross - The Young Bride - Live

Dialeto with David Cross (ex-violinist of King Crimson) - Starless

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