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. MAY 2013
Elora is formed by six members in 2004, where the main musicians come from Marseille, France. It is indeed, and we can consider this band as a recent masterpiece, with a high proportion of motivation, full of amazing musical inspiration, with a high level of professionalism, that together, show high musical feeling, both in the songs and lyrics and, especially, in their live performances, therefore, with all these nice attributes, we can say that, Elora are already a new chapter in the scene of Modern Progressive Rock in this new millennium. The musicians on the band, know how to exploit some modern musical references, adding many elements from Symphonic Progressive Rock, Prog Metal, Melodic Metal and Art-Rock  where, sometimes, the musical passages are melodic and symphonic, with richly textured layers very well arranged, adorned by enjoyable keyboard sounds. The drums are, sometimes, composed with some accelerated passages, but in most cases presents a soft rhythm, in the symphonic rock line. Beautiful guitar solos are always present into the songs. The vocals are comprised in two ways, the voices are divided among Anastasia Moussali, with sweet vocals tone, who alternating with Damien Dahan, but both singing in French, he sings using powerfull vocal tones, but not so agressive, where we can listen a perfect interplay between both singers, alternating, all time, around strong, clear and sweet voices also, given an superb impact to all the instrumental, all very well arranged to create a perfect emotional atmosphere. Elora and their album "Crash", is one of those surprises that suddenly appear, which, of course, can quickly captivate many fans because they know how to express the most varied feelings and emotions through their beautiful music. I absolutely guarantee you that, on the album "Crash", you won't be able to resist songs like "Se Taire", "Années Lumière", "Ici Encore", "Espoire - Part I and Espoire - Part II", these songs are amazing, "Contrôle", "En Paix" and "Crash". If you like the musical style from bands such as "Pink Floyd", "Riverside", "Weend'o", "Frost*", "Blind Ego", "Paatos", "Children In Paradise", "The Flower Kings", "Porcupine Tree", "Karmakanic", "Agents Of Mercy", "Spock's Beard" and so on. "Crach" it's a must acquisition album for all Progressive Rock lovers. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Elora album are:
Jean-Vincent Fillipini - Bass
Lionel Giacobbé - Guitar
Patrice Cannone - Keyboards
Anastasia Moussali - Voice
Damien Dahan - Voice
Julien Beaumont - Drums


Elora was born in 2004. She is the daughter of Jean-Vincent Fillipini. Another Elora was born in 2005: A band! The band of Jean-Vincent (bass), Lionel Giacobbé (guitar), Sébastien Vigne (drums) and Patrice Cannone (keyboards). Two voices complete the outfit from Marseille, France: Anastasia Moussali and Damien Dahan.

Little Elora inspired the creation and the imagination of the band. It's a progressive rock band with several influences, ranging from the 70's like "Genesis", "Pink Floyd" and "Magma", to modern acts like "Porcupine Tree", "Lazuli" or "Riverside".

An influence is an influence and they are modeling influences like a parent can do with his child. Their rock is strong and melodic, sometimes deep and full with melancholy.

In the beginning Elora did a lot of local shows around Marseille to earn some money for an album release. The result was a 4 track self released EP in 2010 and an invitation to the Prog Sud festival. In the meantime a new drummer joined Elora - Julien Beaumont.

2013 will be the year to become more public. With the debut under their belt, invitations to five renowned european Prog festivals are confirmed. Prog Sud and Crescendo in France; Veruno Prog in Italy; Prog66 Meeting in Belgium and the Progressive Promotion Festival in Germany, the home of their record label.

The band is French and they sing in French. Something new to PPR, but very exciting and probably not the last of that kind.

Here is a summary and brief history behind the songs:

1. SE TAIRE (4:13)
Itís the new drummer's baby, who composed this song before he joined. This song is the link between the band and its new member. They were made to work together, no doubt.

2. ELLE ESPERE (3:55)
A short piece but maybe the most catchy. Itís Prog but youíll feel the desire to move your body and dance to the rhythm. It is a song for the radio, with a deep story about male infidelity and female hope.

This song was composed two years ago and forgotten in an unknown place. When nostalgia enters your day, you search for things and you can find a lot. Thatís what happened with this tune. The band wanted it now, it exploded in the light. 

4. ICI ENCORE (6:08)
An early composition but typical Elora. Dream, rhythm and you have a good cocktail.

5. & 6.  LíESPOIR PART I (5:38) / LíESPOIR PART II (6:57)
Two acts. Itís the duality between the old and the new, between strong and weak persons. The first part could the past and the second one the future. Strong and deep with a very melodic music.

7. CONTROLE (5:44)
First the instruments, then the voices and finally both together, to create an epic song! 

8. EN PAIX (6:21)
One of the the bands first compositions. Symphonic Prog combined with electronic arrangements. One of the most prog pieces of this album.

9. ELLE (4:56)
Three parts pleasantly mixed in one. Three stars: the bass starts, the voice joins next and finally the guitar sets in.

10. CRASH (8:45)
The album title and pure prog!

New Release


01) Se Taire
02) Elle Espère
03) Années Lumière
04) Ici Encore 
05) Espoire - Part I
06) Espoire - Part II
07) Contrôle
08) En Paix
09) Elle
10) Crash

You may order the album at Label & Distribution - Progressive Promotion:

Also you can visit Elora at:
MySpace, Facebook Site and Youtube
Elora playing - "Crash"
Elora playing  "Ici encore"
Elora playing  "L'espoir"
Elora playing "Se taire [Concert dans le salon)"
Elora playing "Désert"

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