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. MAY 2012
Coming from Germany’s Ruhr area, a new young band, that impressed me a lot and consisted by five impressive musicians, that performing a blend of styles, very well known from all of us, a mix of Art-Rock with a fine Neo-Prog, adding many symphonic elements. Naturally, I'm talking about the band called InVertigo. In fact, musically, the band's operates at the interface of Progressive Rock, Neo-Prog and Art-Rock, adding melodic symphonic conceptions. InVertigo has a very European sound and his influences are deeply rooted around many european bands, we can say that, InVertigo was carefully established as piece of a work that never should be compared with other common prog rock bands. Their music is like an ambitious and evocative hybrid from a modern Neo-Progressive style, in conjunction with the Progressive Rock from years 70's, wonderful solos of guitar, by Jacques Moch, constantly dominate all arrangements, in a perfect accordance with the multilayered keyboard sounds, very well played by Michael Kuchenbecker, the drums is driven by Carsten Dannery, that follows the music without an agressiveness, while passionate vocals from Sebastian Brennert, gives an impressively supports to all compositions, closing with Matthias Hümmel driving a vibrant bass guitar. When I first received "Veritas" album and I began to look at the track listing, I was really surprised to find only seven tracks, however, I realized that all compositions, contained on this record, had long duration. Even with all tracks with long duration, after listen a few times, very carefully, I figured that this album must have been created with the idea of a high quality musical performance, not only over the tracks duration time, but because of strong and memorable symphonies and melodic instrumental sections, leaving the listener on an atmospheric trip, in fact, one of the most adventurous albums I have heard this year. "Veritas" is their second album, is a highly sonorous, ambitious and refined work, compared to the debut album, but without deviating far from the sound and styles from  previous work, on this second album, the production is more rich, all the melodies were  carefully well arranged, also introducing some additional musicians and female vocals, that in the set, they added important musical elements in the arrangements. "Veritas" is divided into seven tracks, all them are perfect and follows blending an amazing amount of incredible arrangements, however, in my opinion, the songs that pleased me most are: "Darkness", "Waves", "Dr. Ho", "Suspicion" and the last track titled as "The Memoirs of a Mayfly", with 21:50 min of duration, in fact, this is the best song on the album, it is divided into several musical arrangements, which are composed of different movements, blending a variety of styles, symphonic, melodic, hard, something like a "suite", filled of piano and keyboards, vibrant vocals, filled by symphonic guitar solos, with remarkable rhythm's drums, complementing the arrangements, we can listen a nice female vocals, a pleasing courtesy of the guest singer Julia Gorzelanczyk. InVertigo follows in the same musical line by progressive rock bands such as "Genesis", "Yes", "I.Q.", "Pallas", "Pendragon", "Alias Eye", "Sylvan", "Pure Reason Revolution", "Spock's Beard", "Arena", "Marillion", "Quorum", "Sean Filkins", "Mars Hollow", "Ephemeral Sun", "Coalition", "Adventure", "Parzivals Eye", "Gazpacho", "PBII", "KnightArea" and so on. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on InVertigo album are:
Sebastian Brennert - Vocals, Piano
Matthias Hommel - Bass and Pedals
Carsten Dannert - Drums and Percussion
Jacques Moch - Guitars
Michael Kuchenbecker - Keyboards

Special Guests:
Marek Arnold - Saxophone on "Memoirs of a Mayflay"
Niels Löffler - Guitar Solo on "Truth"
Hey Jo (Bianca, Charine, Lena, Michelle, Eileen, Petra, Julia) - Choir on "Lullaby"
Julia Gorzelanczyk - Additional Vocals on "Dr. Ho", "Suspicion" and "Memoirs of a Mayfly"


InVertigo - this means a blend of art rock and fine neo-prog, situated somewhere between complexity and catchiness, epic structures and radio affinity, 11/8 and 4/4. InVertigo's songs mirror influences by progressive rock bands such as "Genesis", "Yes", "Spock's Beard", "Marillion", "The Flower Kings" or "Porcupine Tree" - but do sound completely different.

Symphonic compositions, multilayered arrangements, variations of key, tempo and rhythm, constant changes and surprising twists make up their songs. And yet: InVertigo make sure the songs' musical content prevails. Even though the compositions are usually quite long, the song itself and demanding but catchy melodies are the primary focus.

With their 2010 debut, "Next Stop Vertigo", the five musicians from Germany's Ruhr area delivered a multifaceted modern prog rock album: the tight atmosphere and tension of songs such as the opening track, "Vertigo", or the multi-layered "The Night", put listeners under their spell at once. While "Take Your Time" and "Night On Broadway" offer a clear invitation to rock and roll, "Saturday Evening" and the mini-musical-esque "Special" are beautifully arranged longtracks that bear anthem qualities. The album was overwhelmingly well received by fans and critics worldwide and its first pressing sold out within less than 12 months' time.

Shortly after the release of "Next Stop Vertigo", the band continued writing new songs and performing them live – either supporting progressive rock favourites such as Sylvan, Pure Reason Revolution, Fish or as guests to the renowned UK progressive rock festival Summer's End in 2011. 

2012 sees the release of "Veritas", an album full of prog rock gems such as the mysterious "Darkness", the catchy but demanding "Lullaby" – a song that's definitely not going to make anyone fall asleep! - the humorous but oh so true "Dr. Ho" as well as two longtracks that are designed to leave you breathless: "Suspicion" and the even more epic "Memoirs of a Mayfly".

New Release


01) Darkness
02) Lullaby
03) Waves
04) Dr. Ho
05) Suspicion
06) Truth
07) Memoirs of a Mayfly

Produced by InVertigo, drums recorded and produced by Beray Habip. Guitars recorded and produced by Niels Löffler, Music and Lyrics by InVertigo. Mixed and mastered by Niels Löffler. Artwork by Sebastian Brennert.

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