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. MAY 2003
From time to time new bands appears in the progressive scene around the world, and Little Atlas is one of these, with surprises in its musical quality, make we to think that there are no limits to become famous. Little Atlas is an extraordinary USA young band that certainly will attract a lot of attention, it is true that there are many reasons in this attention, and one of them is the musical style developed by the musicians, an extraordinary wide range of musical experimentation between genres as Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Symphonic Rock and Classic Rock,  they blend easily keyboards, drums and guitars sounds with the vocals, with an emotion and vibration performance, without comparison with other bands, Little Atlas has a proper style and it did not follow no influence of the old and famous bands. If you like to listen bands as: "Genesis" and "Yes", of course Little Atlas is one of the best choices. Excellent and indispensable work,
highly recommendable.

Little Atlas are:
Steve Katsikas - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Sax
Joanna Katsikas - Backing vocals
Diego Pocovi - Drums
Rik Bigai - Bass
Roy Strattman - Guitar
Additional Musicians:
Scott Leamon - Rhythm Guitar on track 11
Tom Vazquez - Drums on tracks 2 and 11

Little Atlas an original rock band that is based out of Miami, Florida USA and play out quite often in South Florida. Their style is difficult to categorize using current bands as a point of reference. The band is steeped in the traditions of modern progressive rock layered within strong songwriting. Within this context are woven stories that explore the question of what it means to be human - from despair to resilience.
Steve Katsikas - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Sax, - Steve, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, has been playing professionally since 1985. In Fayetteville, Arkansas he co-founded several successful bands including Mosaic, Mimosa, and Big Mean Turtle. Steve is a psychologist whose lyrics tend to explore the human condition.
Joanna Katsikas - Backing vocals - Joanna and Steve met in the University choir and have been making great music together since. Steve and Joanna’s voices have a special blending quality that is deliciously smooth, yet fraught with power.
Diego Pocovi - Drums - A percussive chameleon, Diego can hypnotize large audiences with his magical groove.  Equally at home on a drum kit and various percussion instruments, Diego brings both passion and originality to the band.
Rik Bigai - Bass –  Ricardo's fingers dance effortlessly on the fretboard as he cements the groove that holds the whole damned thing together.  In his spare time, Ricardo produces music for commercials and works as a recording session musician.
Roy Strattman - Guitar – With intense, angular rhythms and soaring lead guitar melodies, Roy contributes color and emotion to the band's music.  Viewing Little Atlas as a whole greater than the sum of it's parts, Roy wields innovative guitar lines that are geared to tastefully compliment the band's unique style.

Little Atlas has been reincarnated several times over the past 5 years (hopefully moving "up" the chain), with the latest "version" of the band leaning decidedly towards an organic "proggy" sound. Rather than slick synthy sounds, Little Atlas opts for a more classic sound, using copious amounts of Piano, Organ, and Analogish synths balanced with articulated guitar parts. They were signed to Progrock Records at the very beginning of 2003 after they heard some demos of a few songs.  The current release, "Surface Serene" is an official "Progrock Records" release.  The label has been extremely helpful with promotion.  Their CD is the fastest selling CD in the label's history. "Surface Serene" was the product of nearly 18 months worth of work, not to mention TWO, count 'em, TWO cases of spontaneous human combustion leaving only globules on the drum throne and bass amp head.

.New Release

"Surface Serene"

01 - Faceless 
02 - Surface Serene
03 - Can I Find It
04 - Changeover
05 - Dance
06 - Honesty
07 - Salmon Song
08 - Momentary Thread
09 - Collapsing
10 - Glacier
11 - Shine

Produced by Steve Katsikas and Rik Bigai. Recorded and mixed by Steve Katsikas and Rik Bigai at HipKat Studios, and Big Eye Studio at Miami, Florida. Art Work by Xavier Cortés, grafic design by Alejandra P. Bigai

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