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. MAY 2005
The New Grove Project, originated from the musical ideas of Ingemar Hjertqvist and Per Sundbom, a refined and energetic class of  talented musicians on the Progressive Rock scene, from the past to the present day. All the musicians on this project, are experienced on a high number of different musical levels, where we can hear an emotional music, beautiful and refined, a fusion of a heavy and pompous Synphonic Progressive Rock, with Hard Rock elements, adding touchs of Classic Rock, sometimes deeply melodic, using a diverse instrumentation, distinct rhythms, extended instrumental explorations, adorned with rich emotional tones. New Grove Project´ arrangements denote instrumental masterhood and a magnificent individual talent where, all the instruments show us a amazing energy. Also excellent is the vocal interaction from "Ingemar Hjertqvist" and "John Bobo Bollenberg" which sound very clean as an ethereal atmosphere. New Grove Project sounds similar to "Focus", "Moody Blues", "The Bollenberg Experience" and "Pär Lindh Project". Once again, I´d like to invite all prog friends to a journey in this incredible music piece. Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The musicians on New Grove Project are:
Ingemar Hjertqvist - Lead & all Backing Vocals, Whistling & Brill.
Fredy Schnyder - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Classical Guitar, Grand Piano, Irish Bouzuoki, Mandolin, Hammered Dulcimer, Synthesizers, Recorders & Bass on track 3.
Mikael Syväjärvi - Lyrics.
Hasse Bruniusson - Drums, Percussion, Ddrums & "Clicktrix".
John Bobo Bollenberg - Lead Vocals.
Pär Lindh - Hammond Organ, Mellotron Mk V & additional Grand Piano.
André Schornoz - Bass & Double Bass.
Per Sundbom - Co-Composer track 7.
Jode Leigh - Piano, Drums, Synthesizers & Voice on track 3.
Miriam Locher - Flute on track 7.

In the seventies Ingemar Hjertqvist played in various bands in and around Stockholm. In fact it was more or less the same band but they changed names and musicians. From Merlin to Etna and finally General Hugo. At the beginning they played only rock and pop covers but later they had up to 30-40% own songs in the repertoire. In 1975 Ingemar Hjertqvist bought a mellotron (He was a great Mooody Blues fan at that time) but their keyboarder at that time, Tore Mattsson, soon quit the band, took the mellotron with him and joined the progressive rock band "Moder Svea". At the end, as General Hugo, they played some sort of jazzrock fusion like the Crusaders. In the beginning He was a singer without instrument but more and more he started to play guitar. At the end, as they played fusion, He sat behind the drums. Even today he likes to play drums every now and then even if the guitar is his main instrument.
At the end of the seventies the band split up and he tried to put new projects together but all failed. This was the time when he started to compose a lot but he didn’t know what to do with the material until he met "Per Sundbom" with whom he recorded the demo versions of “Fool´s Journey”. In all they must have recorded almost 30 pieces of music, some of them long progressive epics. “Brill”, which can be heard on their first CD "The Demos", was originally titled “Circles” and was totally instrumental except for some coughing…. At that time Tore M. had quit Moder Svea and sold the mellotron to Per S. so this exclusive piece of furniture was again in their possession.

In the years to come he thought that it’s a pity that nothing was done to their music. Seven years later I formed a new band in Switzerland with musicians from the Biel-Fribourg area. They made two concerts during the coming two years but it was difficult to keep the band together. From the second concert they even made a limited edition CD “The worst of live”. Their bass player was the only one who really showed the sensibility for this kind of music and with him and some other musicians they finally recorded “Fool´s Journey” in September-October 1996. His idea was that they should only engage the best musicians for this kind of music. On guitar, Roine Stolt (ex-Kaipa, Flowerkings), drums, Jode Leigh (ex-England, the bogtrotters), Pär Lindh (Ex-Manticore, Pär Lindh Project), Bass, his good friend André Schornoz (ex-Groove Lords and the Swiss Gamblers). He recorded all vocals hinself and helped to arrange and produce. Per Sundboms role was very small at the beginning but at the end he played some additional keyboards and helped with the final arrangements, mixing and mastering.

“Fool’s Journey” got good critics and our intention was to record a follow-up one year later. This showed up to be more difficult than he thoughts. It was a financial question as well as a question of getting all these musicians together again. Roine had great success with his Flowerkings and later with Transatlantic. Pär Lindh with his own band and Jode got seriously ill and couldn’t play drums anymore. André was occupied with his Swiss Gamblers and became a very in-demand bass player.

But shame on me if I give up. In September and October 2002 we recorded our new album “Brill” in Pär Lindh’s Crimsonic Studios in Uppsala. Our new guitarist was the multitalented Fredy Schnyder, the Thonk bass player and Nucleous Torn guitar/bass player. He’s an excellent keyboard player as well. On drums, Hasse Bruniusson, former Samla Mammas Manna drummer and The Flower Kings percussionist/ drummer. His cooperation had as consequence that he, for some time, was the drummer of Pär Lindh Project. On bass, of course, André Schornoz who only with great difficulties found the time for these sessions. The following week he recorded a new CD with his “Gamblers”. As a guest vocalist he managed to engage the Belgian singer John Bo-Bo Bollenberg.

Jode Leigh, who also plays bass and keyboards also contributed one of his own songs but the basic recording were made at his home in Gorstage, England. Another new member is Mikael Syväjärvi from Sweden. He wrote almost all lyrics and gave good advice. This time the two weeks in the sudio showed up to be too short and Fredy and I had to go up to Sweden for some additional overdubs but I hope that the CD will be out in June 2003. Per Sundboms role in the Brill project was again very small. His contribution as a co-composer of the title piece “Brill” was the only one so far but who knows, in the future….
This was the N.G.P. story so far.

.New Release


01) Neon Light
02) Thoughts
......Sui Generis
03) The Sounding Flood
04) The Light Within
05) Laughternoon Dream
06) Cool Fool Floating
07) Brill

Released 2005, Recorded Sep 22 - Oct 5, 2002 at Crimsonic Label Studios, Released 2005, Recorded Sep 22 - Oct 5, 2002 at Crimsonic Label Studios. Available at Record Heaven.  Featuring: Ingemar Hjertqvist. Pär Lindh (Pär Lindh Project), Fredy Schnyder (Nucleus Torn, ex-Thonk), André Schornoz (Swiss Ländler Gamblers), Hasse Bruniusson (Samla Mammas Manna, Flower Kings, Pär Lindh Project), Jode Leigh (ex-England), John 'Bo bo' Bollenberg (The Bollenberg Experience), Mikael Syväjärvi - conceptual lyrics. Album dedicated to Herbert Herzog (1958- 1997), Composer track 4.

To get in contact with the the band, send an e-mail to New Grove Project, Ingemar Hjertqvist for inquiries in Swedish, German & English.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit NEW GROVE PROJECT HOME PAGEN
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