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. MAY 2004
Pilgrym is a strong example of what real and original Classic Symphonic Progressive Rock music should be the favorite style for all prog friends, and will be always represented as an amazing style in the musical scene of the all times. The band provides us a travel and an adventure into the Progressive Rock School of the years 70, exploring all the themes, traditions and many ideas around bands as "Pink Floyd", "Yes", "Alan Parsons Project", "Camel" and "Emerson Lake and Palmer" with elaborated compositions, also full of experiments, adding some new musical discoveries, combined with a high musical culture, full of magnificent arrangements. Pilgrym has a amazing instrumental atmosphere, though the guitars and keyboards are the main focus on the songs, the dialogues among them are exciting, adjusting itself perfectly with the Vocals, Bass and Drums. Everything was done to lead us through the  wonderful universe of the Prog  Rock. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

Pilgrym are:
Andy Wells - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Organ, Mellotron and Synths
Tony Drake - Guitars, Lead Guitar and Vocals
Kev Mulvihill - Drums and Percussion
Oliver 'Ol' Drake - Guitars and Bass
Mike Syslo - Bass (Circus & Reborn)
Emma Louise Pearson - Keyboards (Reborn Live)

The seeds of Pilgrym were sown in 2001, with a chance meeting between Andy Wells and Tony Drake in a Bradford music store. They got talking and realised that over the years they'd played the same circuits and seen each other play, but never spoken. Andy asked Tony to lay down some guitar on his album Lost The Will To Play. Since then, it's been a natural musical progression to the Pilgrym project - and now to their debut album - Pilgrimage.

Andy Wells has previously toured the UK and Europe with John Verity and played on three consecutive Verity albums. From there, Andy moved on to Baby Tuckoo and the very successful Voyager.

Andy has written for such stars as Huey Lewis and Lisa Stanfield, and played with Mike Rutherford, Sarah Brightman and Junior.

Tony Drake played with the Ckreed Blues Band in 1967 and gigged the UK with them until late '68 - when he moved to London to "make it". He's played all the major venues, including support slots for "T Rex", "Thin Lizzy" and "Yes".

His own band Iron Duke had Lawrence Juber from Wings on guitar and John Elliss (The John Elliss Quarter) on Hammond. Rudy and The Zipps followed from the ashes of Be Bop Deluxe and were pipped at the post at EMI auditions by Sparks.

Kev Mulvihill joined the Pilgrym project in 2002 to power the band on drums and percussion. Playing with Tony in Rudy and The Zipps, Kev was and is regarded as a major drummer.

He formed the Drovers in the mid-60's with Billy Currie (Ultravox) and John McCoy (Deep Purple and Mammoth), then moved into a more jazz/rock vein. He picked up UK live session work, through Rudy and The Zipps to big band work.

Ol Drake stepped in to fill Mike Sizzlo's shoes on bass after Mike had an accident early in recording.

Ol is lead guitarist in Metal Militia, a Metallica tribute band. His talent on guitar, bass and drums has already been recognised by major rock and metal bands - and he's only 20!

Emma Pearson has just come on board as a keyboard player. Could this be an escape from her classical background?

Rob Jarvis will be with us soon on guitar and keyboard. Rob's background includes a BA in music. 

But they won't hold it against him! On the Pilgrym Trail Rehearsals are already underway for a planned tour in 2004/2005 - to include "UK", "Europe", "USA", "Canada", "Brazil" and "Japan". See you live - Pilgrym!

.New Release


1) Circus Of The Absurd 
2) Ghosts Of Years 
3) Believe Me Now
4) Building A Perfect
....Universe [Part 1]
.....i. Endless Space
.....ii. The Spark
.....iii. Creating God
5) Building A Perfect
....Universe [Part 2] 
.....i. Understanding
........The Machine
.....ii. All That
........You See 
6) Song Of The
7) Black Sun 
Bonus Tracks
8) Reborn [Live] 
9) Circus Of The
....Absurd [Edit]

Produced, Engineered and mixed by Andy Wells, Mastered at Holy Ground by Mike Levon. 

All songs © Wellsongs 2004 - Released - April 2004. In Association with
Holyground Records Wakefield, UK based Progessive Rock record label.

To get in contact with the Band´s members, please send e-mail to: Pilgrym

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit PILGRYM HOME PAGEN
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