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. MAY 2002
Which groups you hear and which albums you love in a particular way? Of course now you can add Plackband at your list. The instrumental prowess on the album is top notch and the guitar playing are very reminiscent of Steve Hackett at some points 
while invoking the all influences of the British Progressive Rock bands like "Genesis" and "Yes". The musical scope can only be described as a Symphonic Progressive Rock, better saing Plackband could be the Dutch Genesis. One those releases that features musicians playing exactly the right kind Progressive Rock from year 70', they created a CD that should be at the top of every prog fan's wish list.

Plackband are:
Ronald Brautigam - Guitars
Michel van Wassem - Keyboards
Tom van der Meulen -  Drums
Albert de Keijzer -
Kees Bik - Vocals

Plackband was formed in the mid seventies by musicians from the music scene of The Hague. However the music was in the beginning a mix out of the different music styles of these gentlemen, slowly their direction came clear: symphonic rock with influences out of the jazz rock. Later on their sound was more influenced by the legendary bands of those days like Genesis or Yes. The band got the nickname, "The Hague's Genesis"!
Because the band had no name and their sound gear was held together with "plakband" (Dutch for adhesive tape), as a joke they called themselves PlackbandNot aware at that time that this would be become their official name. It's not a name that represents the style of their music. On the other hand it shows their stubborn spirit, not influenced by trends but always choosing to go their own (and often difficult) way.
The first gigs in 1977 were a little shaky, but after a while the sound became more tight and mature. As a result of the combination of their enthusiasm and a big feeling of togetherness, investments were done which were important for the future of the band. At those days the band owned the most professional sound and light gear of all the amateur bands in The Benelux. This in combination with a gigantic (yellow with blue lettering) truck. It was always a fest to see how a live show was built in those days. Led Zeppelin once owned a part of the light gear. It is funny to hear, when you ask someone about that live show of Plackband, they always speak about that in superlative terms.

Now after 25 years the legendary Dutch progrock band Plackband has finally release their first studio-album. In the year 2000 the band reunited in their original line-up and gave a few concerts. The reactions were more than warming and they decided to record their songs. This concept-album "After the battle" features 6 of their famous classics and a few new compositions. The full-length version of "Remember forever" completes this superb CD.

.New Release 2002

After The Battle

01) The Battle
02) After The Battle
03) See The Dwarf
04) Sleeping Warriors
05) End Of The Line
06) Death And Lost
07) Ghost Town
08) The Hunchback
09) Sign Of The Knife
10) There Come the
Bonus track:
Remember Forever (re-recorded, remastered)

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