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. MAY 2009
TCP ("Temporal Chaos") are one of those bands that suddenly appear and can become quickly one of the first on Progressive Rock rank. Formed by three musicians with extensive musical background, they know how to create an astonishing, amazing and vibrant progressive rock music. Their music sounds very impressive, full of grandiose passages, the instrumentation displays a deep Progressive Rock feeling, combining Symphonic elements, with hints of Hard Rock and Prog Metal, constantly is possible hear a variety of sounds, with different musical arrangements, using atmospheric synths and, intense guitar solos, also we can listen a constant battle between guitars, keyboards and drums. However, the main highlight on the band is, the impressive vocal from Henry Tarnecky that sound like main instrument, defining the real course of the music, we can hear a mix of two interesting vocal tones, the first one, reminds me the vocals from "Bernardo Lanzetti" ("PFM", "Mangala Vallis" and "Aqua Fragile"), and the second, something near to "Peter Gabriel", from Genesis' age. If you like "PFM", "Mangala Vallis", "Genesis", "Arena" and "Porcupine Tree", TCP is the best choice. Fans of Progressive Rock, and Symphonic Music, will find plenty to love with "The Way", an impressive debut album bringing together a variety of musical styles in a very professional way. TCP and "The Way" are an excellent addition to any progressive rock music collection. Brilliant, fantastic, and amazing work, highly recommendable...

The present line-up of the TCP are:
Henry Tarnecky - Vocals and Lyrics
Blake Tobias - Keyboards, Bass and Programming
Jack Wright - Guitars and Drums

Special Guests:
Glenn Arpino - Mellotron on "Sheep
Gary Carciello - Guitars on "Mankind", Rhythm Guitar on "She
Ange DiGeronimo - Drums on "Im Me" and "Liberate Me"
Glenn Liljeblad - Lead Guitar on "Sheep
Tom Shiben - Bass on "You Can Never Know" and "Heavy Billy
Desiree Stisi - Back-up Vocals on "Mankind"
Reid Tobias - Bass on "Sheep"

TCP (Temporal Chaos)

Also known as "Temporal Chaos", TCP is a studio progrock project based around the collaborative spirits of Henry Tarnecky, Blake Tobias and Jack Wright. TCP was formed when these three progressive songwriters met while collaborating via an independent music website early in 2008. Magnetically drawn together by their mutual love for the inherent freedom of progressive music, their music has bonded in a wonderful synergy. 

On rare occasions, the stars align and the right combination of musicians find each other. Somehow, a hidden magnetism draws them together and the resultant blending of their unique skill sets can generate a seemingly effortless integrated sound - something greater than the sum of the parts. In early 2008, such an occasion occurred as TCP, Temporal Chaos Project, was forming. They felt lucky as the musical synergy began to kick in and started the adrenaline flowing. 

Some of the attraction to their songs likely comes from the fact that all three of them are progressive song writers. Other areas of strength are complimentary tendencies, style, and interpretation, which in turn translate to more compelling music productions. While we certainly dont mind the comparisons to "Peter Gabriel" era "Genesis" or "King Crimson", these observations are based on certain musical or vocal cues. Overall they believe in the uniqueness generated from who they are as writers, players and the musical voices they choose.

As a vocalist, Henry makes efficient use of just about any musical landscape, often working where few vocalists would ever go. With characteristics many find reminiscent of "Peter Gabriel", Henry has the diverse flair for capitalizing on both sparse and dense landscapes in dramatic fashion. His vocal line work with complex timing and asymmetric rhythm is a fundamental and endearing trait for progressive fans. His lyrical style ranges from humorous to sobering, from pointed to ambiguous - his words the impetus for further thought. The word poet suits Henry very well. In addition, hes a songwriter and keyboardist, contributing all the piano to his song Mankind.

Blake is known for his rhythmic style of melodic counterpoint on the keyboards. Ranging from the serene to bombastic, he presents a host of emotions and vibes uniquely suitable for the occasion. Equally at home with shades of classical inspired symphonic stylings as well as modern and vintage synths, the melody, intrigue and varieties flow freely. A big fan of the Mellotron, Blake also holds down the low end in most songs, where his bass can usually be found playing both melodic and rhythmic roles. In addition, hes a songwriter and guitarist, contributing all the rhythm guitar to the song Sheep.

Jacks fluid guitar lines combined with his capacity for numerous articulations and styles make him a versatile force. No stranger to rhythm, he is as fluent as a rhythm player as the lead role. His math-rock orientation and preference for complex time signatures translates into addictive forays into a vast progressive landscape. His drumming follows suit, ranging from the spartan to the sophisticated according to the demands of the song. Jack is also a songwriter and bass player, contributing bass to the song "The Way".

Since their inception, TCPs artistic efforts have been concentrated in the recording studio. Their musical compositions have reached the airwaves and the world through independent music-driven US and foreign radio stations.

New Release

"The Way"

01. You Can
......Never Know 
02. I'm Me
03. Mankind
04. Heavy Billy
05. Sheep
06. He's Like You
07. Road To 2012
08. Hypatia
09. She
10. The Way
11. Liberate Me

"The Way" was produced by Black Tobias, all lyrics by Henry Tarnecky. Mastered by Jim Miler, mixed by Black Tobias.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, you can also visit TCP's friend via their Myspace site.

"The Way" is the 1st studio album from the TCP band, an excellent addition to the growing catalog of 10t Records.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit TCP HOME PAGEN
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