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Crooked Mouth is one of those bands that is truly hard to forget, mainly when we listen their music for the first time. Musically, Crooked Mouth has a unique and amazing sound, a musical style lifted from the old bands around 70's Progressive Rock, adding a touch from a melodic hard rock, as also of symphonic movement. Their music is much more diverse, the compositions are much more symphonic and melodic. Some parts have amazing guitar solos and, all keyboards often have a rich sound with a very impressive way, and others like pompous hard and heavy, followed by thunderous drums and solid bass works. I have to say that, Crooked Mouth has a strong sense of melody, great musicianship, with stunning instrumental arrangements, that makes a difference in relation to other excellent bands with the same musical style. Sounding like a hybrid of "Yes", "Saga", "Pink Floyd", "Karnataka", "Jethro Tull", "Mostly Autumn", "Mike Oldfield" and "Steve Hackett", Crooked Mouth is a fascinating super group  and, quite hypnotic musical project. Brilliant, fantastic, incredible and an amazing band, highly recommendable...

The main line up on the Band are:
Tony Hodge - Drums & Programming
Ali Mitchell - Keyboards & Flute
Ken Campbell - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Lynne Campbell - Backing Vocals
Mike McCann - Bass Guitar & Chapman Stick
Leen - Bass Guitar
Eilidh Maclean - Backing Vocals
Kenny Haig - Lead Vocals
Mike Warren - Cello


Crooked Mouth is the studio project of Edinburgh-based guitarist /songwriter Ken Campbell. When this sad old strummer gets together with a select & talented bunch of musos & warblers strange sounds can be heard. Sometime around 2003 (AD) these sounds were captured on an All-Electrical SEE-DEE, 'Crooked Mouth'. 

A potent blend of new blood and fresh underwear has prompted the development of a follow-up collection of air-sculpture - some of which was even planned. 'Hold in the Sun' is available now.

'Crashingly loud' The Scotsman

Gods Monkey could, indeed, be 'crashingly loud'. They could also be delicate and melancholy. Whatever the sound, they were never anything less than determined to write and play the sort of music they wanted to hear.

Formed in the early nineties as a recording project, founder members Ken Campbell, Fraser Wood and Stuart Kennedy (all guitars with Campbell on vox) recruited drummer Jaff and bassist Peter Johnstone to put together A Burning Ambition, their six-track debut EP. Influences were many and varied - "David Sylvian", "Al Stewart", "Dire Straits", "Rush" & "Steve Hackett" to name a few.

With a favourable response to the recording it was decided to put the band on a permanent - and live - footing, playing gigs to raise funds for future recordings. This increased commitment didn't work for Stuart, who left around '96. The choice was made to enhance the sound and Lynne Mitchell (later Campbell) was recruited on vocals, keyboards and flute.

The following album - Holding Court - was a leap forward in songwriting and production. In terms of sales, this would be the band's most successful output. Refused column inches for being 'too much like Jethro Tull' they took such criticism in the spirit it wasn't intended and continued their grueling live schedule.

The third and final album, Milton's Angel was published in 1999 and shows a tighter writing style as the band sought to simplify and deliver a more accessable sound. About this time they would play their most successful shows, supporting Eat Rice (at The Bongo Club) and Spear of Destiny (at The Venue). They would also provide the music for the sell out Edinburgh Fringe show The Brothers Angelo.

The annals of Gods Monkey come to a close in 2000 as changing family commitments began to tell. However, in its short, but productive, lifespan the band proudly stayed true to their own musical ideals; they were never 'fashionable' and they didn't care. 'Nuff sed.

.New Release

"Hold in the Sun"

01) How do we survive?
02) David & Goliath
03) Iron Wonders
04) Stand
05) (In here) the sun
......never sets...
06) Delta
07) Two Worlds
08) Idiotsublime
09) Ether Street
10) We Are
11) Touching the
......Heliospheretry this

If you would like any other information about the band, please send e-Mail to Crooked Mouth.


For more information and every thing about the band, please visit CROOKED MOUTH HOME PAGEN
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