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DeWolff is a new amazing band from this century, who emerges to shine on the stages around the world. This history starts with three very young guys, originating from the Netherlands, Robin, Luka and Pablo, they are a powerful trio, full of musical talents and with a strong attitude in their musical signature. In fact, DeWolff should be recognized as something more than just a new band on the rock scenary, I can already consider that soon, DeWolff will be part of rock's history in the world. I cannot seem to find the words to describe how awesome this band is. What more surprised me, was the musical quality of these three young musicians, just using conventional instruments, found in any band today, guitarra, bass, keyboards and drums, however, these instruments are very well played with a high degree of perfection and sensitivity, without need for special technological resources. DeWolff's music is truly influenced by the rock music from years 60/70's, a blend using refined's Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock and Krautrock, however, adding touches of Art Rock and Post Rock, everything well done. Upon the musical performa of the group, I have to say that, they are amazing, the sounds of the keyboards are similar those famous bands from years 70, which is wonderful, using appealing hammond's sound, in the line of powerful sound from the "Led Zeppelin", "Uriah Heep", "Iron Butterfly", "Birth Control", "Deep Purple", and "EL&P", complementing with fiery guitars solos and propulsive drums sounds, classic vocals adorn some of the musical parts. "Orchards/ Lupine" is the last album from the band, which includes eleven songs, totalling 55 minutes of a set of solid and powerful soundtracks. The album open with "Diamonds" and "Evil and The Midnight Sun", where the vocals are melancholic, where keyboards, drums and guitar follow in a vibrant rhythm. The third track titled as "Everything Everywhere", certainly is the magnum opus of this album, this song describes precisely the feeling and the musical soul of the musicians, in my opinion this song takes me on a journey through of the past, vocals guitars and keyboards are in a perfect harmony, in the same style from bands like "Iron Butterfly", "Black Sabbath", "Deep Purple", "Birth Control", "Frumpy", "Cornucopia", "Faithful Breath" and "Octopus", after hearing an amazing song, "Who Are You or the Magnificence of Loving a Million Strangers" is the next track, it's more in the style of Psychedelic Prog Rock, the guitar and drums' sounds follow in the same line of  "Iron Butterfly's" style. In "Love in C Minor," the rhythm is represented by a strong vocals and marcante drums, but the guitar is always present as a power generator. "Higher Than The Sun" it's a beautiful ballad, vocals are predominant in the arrangements including a soft instrumental. "Pick Your Bones Our Of The Water" is another amazing hard rock track, with a real simplicity that echoes around some styles, in the line of "Uriah Heep", "Iron Butterfly", "Black Sabbath" and "Birth Control". "Seashell Woman" and "Fever", both are characterised by a hybrid of blues rock, hard rock and psychedelic rock, follows in the line of "Beatles", "Cream", "Uriah Heep", "Eric Clapton", "The Byrds", "The Yardbirds", "The Allman Brothers Band", "Derek and the Dominos" and so on. "The Pistol" is another vibrant track, with strong arrangements, the music flows around some vocals, in the meantime, guitars and keyboards dominate the arrangements in a perfect duel. "Poison" closes the album, is more melodic and symphonic, soft vocals and nice acoustic guitar, illustrate a peaceful melody, however, using musical obscure ingredients, like a circus melody. I have my reason for putting them on the one-star level, the album, the music, the arrangements, the performance on the stages, the production, the recording, everything amazingly consistent and perfect, in my opinion, one of the best band and album of 2011. If you are a fan of "Led Zeppelin", "Pink Floyd", "Uriah Heep", "Iron Butterfly", "Beatles", "Jefferson Airplane", "The Doors", "Black Sabbath", "Deep Purple", "Birth Control", "Bröselmaschine", "Cornucopia", "Emtidi", "Faithful Breath", "Frumpy", "Octopus",  if so, you probably will be a big fan of DeWolff. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on DeWolff album are:
Robin Piso - wrecked the Hammond organ, worsshipped the Melootron, played the bass guitar, Rhodes, honk tonk piano, theremin, a Magnus air organ and didi some occasional background vocals.
Luka van de Poel - demolished the drums, banged the bongos and the banjo, did backing vocals on some of the songs and lead vocals on "Higher Than The
Pablo van de Poel - Played his acoustic and electrolizated fuzz guitars, bass guitar, lead sharp, blues vocals and a little Mellotron while Robin was away to take care of some very important business.


What about some mud in your face, roasted chicken smell, steamy crocodile rock and screaming frogs in need of a dark pond?

DeWolff is a three-piece psychedelic space rock n' roll band, founded in 2007 in the deep south of Holland by brothers Pablo & Luka van de Poel and Robin Piso, then 16, 14 and 17 years old. Bands from the late 60s and early 70s such as "Led Zeppelin", "T. Rex" and "The Doors" as well as newer bands like the "Black Crowes" and the "Black Keys" heavily influence these youngsters. 

After releasing a 4 track EP "DeWolff" in the fall of 2008 and making a few national television appearances DeWolff released their debut album "Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants" in 2009. While the album received raving reviews, DeWolff's live reputation grew bigger and bigger. A few highlights in DeWolff's impressive 2010 touring schedule are a show at the legendary Pinkpop festival and an appearance at the German TV-show Rockpalast. 

While touring DeWolff was already planning the recording of a second album, "Orchards/Lupine", that was released in January 2011. Critics described the album as "a psychedelic masterpiece" and "an extraordinary adventure" and it eventually reached #11 in the Dutch charts. These wolves play music the way it is meant to be: electrifying, groovy, energetic, passionate and damn loud!

There is no way in explaining why Robin Piso, Pablo and Luka van de Poel came from the most southern part of Holland to conquer the stages and overwhelm the international audiences. If it would be just the good looks they would only be poster material in the rooms of daydreaming flappers, but they have a musical professionalism based on artists who made music in the sixties and seventies of the previous century. It is no mere copying since DeWolff performs with the heart of that era and the soul of now. That is when you listen to them on cd. They are a layer of sensuous sweetness with a heart of pure southern psychedelic rock.

DeWolff performs live with such ease that it seems like posing on the catwalk. It is colorful, tempting and courting. They play with the rhythm of the past where love and peace ruled the atmosphere of long summer days. It is in that feel that DeWolff knows to excite audiences of any age.

They are an explosion of retro rock but they have got enough own identity to give the music the millennium touch that is loved by a huge crowd be it teenagers, spinsters, milfs, cougars, settled managers, never-grow-old fifties, grannies. So DeWolff is the favorite darling of many.

As of 2012 gigs are scheduled throughout Europe e.g. Belgium, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia/New Zealand where the cd "Orchards/Lupine" is released. Thus DeWolff expands their fan base beyond the national borders of the Netherlands.

DeWolff have extended their international support by signing a Record deal with Australian indie label GoSet Music for Australia and New Zealand. DeWolff plan to unleash their Hammond organ fuelled brand of psychedelic rock downunder with a tour in 2012.

Enjoy DeWolff and there is surely more to come.


New Release


01) Diamonds 
02) Evil and the
......Midnight Sun 
03) Everything
04) Who Are You or the
......Magnificence of
......Loving a Million
05) Love in C Minor 
06) Higher Than The Sun
07) Pick Your Bones
......Out Of The Water 
08) Seashell Woman 
09) Fever 
10) The Pistol 
11) Poison

The album is a fine production and was recorded between the 16th and th 27th of august 2010, and was released by REMusic Records in 2011.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, you must visit DeWolff at MySpace.

Check below some amazing videos from the band on the stage.

"De Wereld Draait Door 22 mei 2008"

"Wicked Moon"

"Gold And Seaweed - Lowlands 2011"

"Seashell Woman - live Schierling 2011"

"Don't You Go Up The Sky - live Schierling 2011"


For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit DEWOLFF HOME PAGEN
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