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Ekos is a new coming group from Mexico, a new name that emerge among the actual Progressive Rock scenary today. I consider Ekos a brilliant band, that is not afraid of evolving by incorporating new trends into their music, but with strong references from the past, around many progressive rock bands from years 70. They started their career, as a band playing Pink Floyd's songs, but as soon as some cover bands, they join forces to give birth to a stunning musical project. I think it´s not necessary to describe their musical style, but to better  understand their references, let´s better explaining as their music can be described. Let´s start to take the best references from "Pink Floyd", using as a base,  many guitar solos into "David Gilmour" style, combining the powerful rhythm of the "Dream Theater", "Rush" and from "Porcupine Tree", adding perfect doses of symphonic elements, and vocals characteristic of South American bands such as "Pablo El Enterrador", "Habitat", "Tempano" and "Crucis". To finish, a similar musical evidence of some European bands where you can hear and identify sounds in the same line of "King Crimson", "Yes", "Eloy" and "Camel". The main instrumental arrangement is leaded by awesome guitar solos, the vocals are very well handled by Ana Camelo, who plays keyboards and also by Jesús Torres, who drives the guitars, a perfect combination, closing the circuit, Victor Juarez on Bass and Ricardo Castro on Drums. "Luz Interna" is the first professional material, produced 100% by the band, and totally independently. The album is divided into six tracks, totalling 60 min of a stunning musical delight, all tracks are perfect, and represent exactly the band's feeling, and my favorite songs are: "Obscuridad", "Luz Interna", "Rostro Oculto", and the best song on the album is a "suite" with 21min titled as "Apocalipsis". This Mexican progressive rock band is one of those essential new acts that demonstrates that real progressive rock is still alive and very well represented by a new generation formed by incredible musicians. This impressive quartet of very well skilled young, plays state of the art of progressive rock with impressive avant-garde elements. In that condition we can say that, the band already is at among the forefront of the current progressive rock scene. These young mexican musicians involved in the "Luz Interna" recording are all formidable and incredible instrumentalists, only three guys and a young keyboarder and vocal, they form together a new musical generation, and an another promising band within the current progressive scene. Congratulations guys and girl, to show the world your music and inspirations, follow this way and all of you will soon be conquering many "stages" around the world. One thing is certain, and you can be sure that I'm already eagerly awaiting the second work of this wonderful band. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Ekos album are:
Jesús Torres - Guitar and Vocals
Ana Camelo - Keyboards and Vocals
Victor Juarez - Bass 
Ricardo Castro - Drums


Ekos arises of the needs to transform their sounds and emotions in truths, lies and fantasies that occupy the space.

Ekos started as a band playing Pink Floyd covers, but has been composing serious original material since 2008 to express their own vision of Progressive Rock music.

In 2008, begin the band's creative exploration, inspired by progressive atmospheres from historical groups such as Pink Floyd, Dream Theather, Porcupine Tree, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rush, King Crimson, System of a Down and other alternative bands as Radiohead.

In 2010, and with the current lineup: Ana Camelo (vocals and keyboards), Jesus Torres (vocals and guitar), Victor Juarez (bass) and Ricardo Castro (drums), Ekos began his first and amazing musical production in August of 2010, which culminated in October 2012 his first album "Luz Interna".

"Luz Interna" is the result of two years of hard work, a album formed from the independent music scene, 6 songs that seem to speak from the soul of each note. Extensive instrumental developments, exploration of electronic sounds, letters seeking deeper answers unstable world of emotions, the constant internal struggle of self.

Ekos is a proposal for each of the performers and the sum of them in a loud musical journey of no limitation and total and absolute freedom of its members. Live, "Luz Interna" becomes a ritual accompanied by audiovisual material that make the viewer's mind surf music, finding their own ways.

New Release

"Luz Interna"

01) Obscuridad
02) Luz Interna
03) Mutación
04) Rostro Oculto
05) La Huida Del Infierno
06) Apocalipsis

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Luz Interna
Rostro Oculto

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