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We are in the years 70, where some French's rock bands such as "Ange", "Atoll", "Pulsar", "Mona Lisa", "Shylock", "Alice", marked another step in the Progressive Rock scene around the world. Now after 40 years, some new bands still mark important steps in the scenary today, with the same energy from the famous bands in the past, of course I'm talking about Ex Vagus. Their music is very well  tempered with two important musical styles, using perfect combinations between the Symphonic Progressive Rock and the modern Neo-Progressive, with this simple formula, Ex Vagus developed a stunning symphonic music, full of delightful and epic instrumental sections. The instrumental contained on their album titled "Dream Object 5", is totally synth/keyboard dominated, its possible hear a vibrant orchestration all time, stunning musical passages and gorgeous melodies, wonderful guitars solos complement the arrangements, making for an expansive atmosphere, at the same time full of adventures, including a powerful vocal, everything together compared with an impressive dramatization and theatrical production. There are no enough words to describe the musical beauty that we find while listening tracks such as "Trash Vortex", "Lostaway", "The Conqueror's Weapon", "Some Fallen Dust", "Stravinsky's Gondola"  (is incredible and may be the best song on the album), "Once Upon a Dime" and " closing with the song "The Clay Spirits", another vibrant and symphonic masterpiece. In fact, Ex Vagus have put together a quite wonderful Symphonic Progressive Rock album with an amazing and unique journey from the beginning to the end.
Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing work, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Ex Vagus band  are:
Eric Vedovati - Lead vocal
Xavier Le-Loupp - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Dom Barboyon - Keyboards
Regis Costagutto - Bass
Thierry Lesaffre - Drums


Created in 1996, Ex.Vagus sets its neo-progressive bases in its original compositions. Evolving between its references around "Marillion", "Genesis", "Dream Theater", "Pink Floyd", "Galaad", "Atoll", "King Crimson" and "Ange". Ex.Vagus plays a melodic, yet lyric, symphonic and powerful rock, thanks to a permanent research for atmospheres and sound ornamentations. The songs are stories put into musical scenarios, for which the dramatization is at the service of live performances.

On stage, the band privileges the emotion and the energy, and wants to offer an original style, which distances itself from progressive actual currents. The big strength of the band lies in the shared vision of the artistic direction of Ex-Vagus, each of his member having however a personal musical history, having "Rock music" for common root. After the live CD "Par Delà les Légendes" in 2000 "1st rock opera of the combo played in front of an audience of 4000" and a 3-track studio CD "Cité Globale" in 2002, the band is quickly known outside the French boundaries, strengthening its growing fame.

2004, Eager to investigate all artistic ways of the progressive rock, Ex.Vagus creates in 18 months a conceptual album "Seconde Lumière" (distribution Europe, Japan and the USA). For the same period, in the sights of the more-than-positive comments of the press for this 3rd album, the band enters artist's residence and decides to turn this opus into a rock opera (tour 2004/2005). Chronicles come from all around the world and the press confirms the enthusiasm of their fans, which number is steadily growing since 2004.

The doors of some European famous stages open to them: Ex-Vagus gives numerous concerts during the "Seconde Lumière" tour. At the same time, they have the honor and privilege to play prestigious guest parts such as those of "Barclay James Harvest", "Focus", "Ars Nova", "The Watch" and "Ange".

From 2004 till 2006, the band takes part in internationally renowned festivals, such as ProgSol (Switzerland), ProgResiste (Belgium), Obernai, Morestel and Mably (France).

2006, Ex.Vagus continues to spread the wings of its creativity with its album "Ames Vagabondes" in which takes part "Christian Décamps" (leader of "Ange"). Produced by the Swiss label Galileo Records, this 4th album, awaited by the press, receives from its release, a unanimous reception: Ex-Vagus now counts among the best French bands of the kind and senses a bright and encouraging future.

2007, Ex.Vagus goes on tour with "Ange" through France.

2008, creation of their new and 5th studio album. Issue at end of the year.

New Release

"Dream Object 5"

01) Trash Vortex
02) Lostaway
03) The Conqueror's
04) Some Fallen Dust
05) Stravinsky's Gondola
06) Once Upon a Dime
07 The Clay Spirits

Recording/mixing Xavier SINDT at Studio Micro Climat mastering Studio Altho production.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, you must visit Ex Vagus's friend via their MySpace site.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit EX VAGUS HOME PAGEN
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