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Gazpacho takes the best elements of a inspired Melodic Rock, blending an inventive combination of a modern neo- Progressive Rock with Synphonic Progressive Rock passages, a challenged rhythmic,   very melodic puzzle under something fresh, where we can hear an emotional music, beautiful and refined, with an instrumentation sometimes deeply melodic, using many colorful and pleasant arrangements, with a strong instrumental explorations, combining beautiful guitar sound, with sophisticated keyboards, adding creative drums and nice bass lines, complementing with dramatic and melodic vocals, where everything is simply perfect. The music from Gazpacho is highly accessible and deliberately catchy and
melodic, occasionally reminiscent of famous bands such "Marillion", "Blackfield", and "Porcupine Tree" but with a sound all its own. You must buy it immediately, and must listen all the tracks with a special attention, you can bet your life, you will love the music from them. Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The Line Up on Gazpacho are:
Jan H. Ohme - Vocals, Backing Vocals 
Thomas Andersen - Piano, Keyboards, Programming 
Jon-Arne Vilbo - Acoustics, Guitars, Programming 
Robert Risberget - Johansen Drums, Percussion

Steve Rothery - Guitars (on track 9)
Kristian Olav - Torp Bass 
Mikael Kromer - Violins
Line Bekkelund - Backing Vocals
(on track 8)
Nina Mortvedt - Backing Vocals (on track 2 and 3)

Gazpacho have been quoted as the best unsigned band in the world. Why?

After many years in the studio, the 5 musicians who regularly got together in the studio to write music for the pure pleasure of it, decided to show the world what they were up to. Their two previous albums "Bravo" (2003) and "When Earth Lets Go" (2004) were launched entirely on their own merit and awareness spread by "word of mouth" throughout the world. It didn't take long until four of their tracks were in the top 3 in the old mp3.com from their debut record "Bravo". But mp3.com went bust, changed hands, and the band needed to change their tactics. A smaller batch of records sent to the appropriate media channels lead to critical appraisal in over 40 magazines and e-zines.

Gazpacho´s debut album Bravo sold, without any backing from record companies or management, in excess of 2000 albums in 2003, debuted in the dutch indie charts at #6, and hit #1 three times on Mp3.com. This introduction to the big world was mostly thanks to the internet. 

Internet proved to be a useful tool, not only in communicating with fans across the world and selling records, but it saw a unique collaboration between continents (USA, Norway, and New Zealand) on the song "Novgorod". This track was written and produced between these places without even paying for a single bus ticket. The American singer Esther Valentine and producer Peter Kearns from New Zealand teamed up with Gazpacho to write this atmospheric song entirely by sending files back and forth through the internet. Strange thing is, they've actually never met face to face, and still haven't to this day. Their second album "Welg", released in 2004, provided a new twist of fate. Gazpacho, still an independent band, were contacted by producer Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Paradise Lost, Reamonn, etc). This ended up as a collaboration on one of the tracks featured on "Welg", 'Substitute for Murder'. 

2004 also provided Gazpacho with a giant leap in awareness, as they toured 11 countries throughout Europe supporting "Marillion". This resulted in 31 concerts performing for in total 30,000 people at respectable venues from 013 in Holland, Elysée Montmartre in Paris, to Razzmatazz in Barcelona. Today they stand with 5000 albums sold and finally professional distribution channel to the world through Racket Records. 

Now, in 2005, the first release on Intact Records will be Gazpacho's third album titled "Firebird"; a blend of inventive neo progressive rock and mellow, melancholy-filled music taking the listener on a diverse musical journey. Appearing on "Firebird" is none other than "Marillion"'s guitar legend Steve Rothery contributing with stunning melodic guitars in 'Do you know what you are saying?'. 

Journalists and record companies struggle to label the category in which Gazpacho belong. Perhaps a headache for the general industry, but in turn is much to their fans appreciation. Their varied, unpredictable musical style keep their fans "on their toes" as appreciative listeners, exploring their own grounds for musical appreciation... The 5 musicians "from the studio" feel they have captured the essence of this with Firebird, something Intact Records are supporting through their recent release of the album. We hope you will feel it too.

.New Release


01) Vulture
02) Symbols 
03) Swallow 
04) Orion I & II 
05) Prisoner 
06) Jezebel 
07) Black Widow 
08) Firebird 
09) Do you know what
......you are saying? 
10) Once in a lifetime

"Firebird" is the first album to be launched under a label, "Intact Records". 

To get in contact with the the band, for promotional and business related issues, please send an e-mail to Gazpacho.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit GAZPACHO HOME PAGEN
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