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Hypnos 69 are a fresh and a creative inspirational Belgium Band, blending elements from many sources such as Progressive Rock,  Psychedelic and Space Rock with touchs around a Classic Hard Rock. Their music is very sensitve, characterized by ambitious musical themes, melodic, harmonic with fine rhythmic experimentation, evoking some good references to the classics of the early 70's Progressive Rock and psychedelic movement. All the songs have a large arsenal of instrumentation and wild arrangements, drawing influences from a variety of ways, using creative keyboards  arrangements combined with heavy guitar riffs including a vibrant percussion. There are no words to describe the feeling you should get while listening to this band´s music. Just listen the songs: "Forgotten Souls", "The Antagonist", "I and You and Me (II)", "The Point of No Return" and "Deus Ex Machina" and think about how many bands sounded like them. if you have been searching for the perfect contemplative Prog Rock Band, Hypnos 69 are your choice. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing band, highly recommendable...

The line up on Hypnos 69 are:
Steve Houtmeyers - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Theremin, Space Echo
Tom Vanlaer - Bass, Moog Taurus, Hammond, Fender Rhodes
Steven Marx - Tenor & Bariton Saxophone, Fender Rhodes, Hammond, Mellotron, Clarinet
Dave Houtmeyers - Drums, Percussion, Timpanis, Glockenspiel, KorgMS20, MS50, SQ10

Hypnos 69 was founded in 1994, Diest, Belgium. When Steve and Dave Houtmeyers decide in the summer of '94 to found a band with Tom Vanlaer, also the story of a band that would bring new life to the '60s and '70s psychedelic underground rock-scene of today began: Hypnos 69.

The name was appropriatly taken from the ancient Greek god of Sleep and Subconsciousness. The number 69 stands for equilibrium and stability; properties that can be retrieved in the marked sound of the band. 

Thanks to the cooperation with Orange Factory, Hypnos 69 developed a very powerful live-reputation, which placed them at the top of the contemporary psychedelic rockscene. 

2000: First Hypnos 69 release on the Belgian RocknRollRadio-recordlabel entitled "Wherever Time has shared it's Trust" on blue 10"EP vinyl. 

The first full-cd appeared also on RocknRollRadio in 2002 entitled "Timeline Traveller" and contains bad ass heavy 70's rock. This cd gave Hypnos 69 a lot of attention from radiostations and magazines from all around the world. The band toured in Germany, Holland, France and Czech Republic. 

When the band in 2003 presents their second full cd "Promise of a New Moon", Steven Marx was introduced into Hypnos' wall of sound. From being a guestmusician he rapidly became a part of the live-set and a brand new member of the band. 

In October 2004 the band presents their third full cd "The Intrigue of Perception", along with a split 10"EP with their German soulmates Colour Haze on Elektrohasch Records. Once again, the band took the best aspects of rock over the past 30 years and refined them into a sound of their own. 

Over the past years Hypnos 69 acquired a loyal following wherever they appeared live across Europe and one of the band's greatest thrills to date has been the number of venues which immediately requested their return and the new fans who instantly fell in love with the band. 

Hypnos 69 played hundreds of gigs in Belgium and around, visited some of Europe's finest rock clubs and outdoor & indoor rock festivals including Roadburn 10th Anniversary (013, Tilburg), Swamp Room Mania (Hamburg), Psychedelic Avengers Festival (Berlin), Stoned from the underground (Erfurt), Sauzpif rocks (Austria). 

The band and musicians have been invited to perform with respected musicians as Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet), Gary Arce (The Sort of Quartet, Yawning Man), Alfredo Hernandez (QOTSA, Kyuss, Yawning Man) and Rich Mullins (Karma to Burn, Yearlong Disaster). 

New album "The Eclectic Measure" (autumn 2006 on Elektrohasch Records) is the band’s last communal effort, it’s a record that totally fits and it’s a lot darker then its predecessors. Sadly, the release of this album coincides with the demise of this great cult band. 

Hypnos 69 discography:
split 10 inch w/ Monkey 3 (RocknRollRadio 2006)
‘The Eclectic Measure’ CD + LP (ElektroHasch 2006) Sonic Rendezvous
‘Timeline Traveller’ CD (re-release ElektroHasch 2006) Sonic Rendezvous
‘The Intrigue Of Perception’ CD (ElektroHasch 2004) Sonic Rendezvous
‘The Forest Of Illusion’ split 10 inch w/ Colour Haze (ElektroHasch 2004) Sonic Rendezvous
‘Promise Of A New Moon’ CD (RocknRollRadio 2003) Konkurrent
‘Timeline Traveller’ CD (RocknRollRadio 2002) sold out
‘Where All The Ends Unite’ 10 inch (RocknRollRadio 2000) sold out

.New Release

"The Eclectic Measure"

01) I and You and Me (I)
02) The Eclectic
03) Forgotten Souls
04) My Ambiguity
......of Reality
05) The Antagonist
06) Halfway to the Stars
07) I and You and Me (II)
08) Ominous
......(but fooled before)
09) The Point Of
......No Return
10) Deus Ex Machina

Recorded and mixed by J.P. Kerkhofs at Artsound Studio, July & August 2006 Masterd at McFly's August 2006. Lay out by MALLEUS. Malleusdelic.com.
Record label: Elektrohasch
Schallplaten Elektrohasch.de. Distribution: Sonicrendezvous.com, Swamproom.de and Stonerrock.com.
Band contact: hypnos69@gmail.com
Label contact:
Elektrohasch Schallplatten
P.O.Box 90 03 01, 81503 München, Germany.

Visit Hypnos 69 at:

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit HYPNOS 69 HOME PAGEN
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