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With a set of solid Progressive Rock music, the guys of Karmakanic have done something exciting and energetic, blending elements from Symphonic Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Art Rock and Jazz Rock Fuzion adding modern musical elements, with a strong leaning towards classic 70's styles and sounds full of melodies with atmospheric instrumentation. Their music is very sensitve and extremely creative,  full of nice vocal lines with extended instrumental sections, amazing keyboard sounds, inspired guitar solos in the style and tradition of pure symphonis, thundering drums and grandiose passages of the bass guitar, something in this band reminds me of "Yes", "Genesis", "Pink Floyd", "Queen", "Rush", "The Flower Kings", "Kaipa", "RPWL", "The Tangent" and others in the same style. "Who's the boss in  the factory" is a perfect album, brilliantly and extremely symphonic in all moments, showing an exciting musical conception, without a doubt, you must listen it many times and feel in all tracks a fascinating instrumental journey, starting with "Send A Message From The Heart", 19:31min filled with all the possible progressive ingredients, well written and performed, I consider the best song on the album. "Let In Hollywood" is heavy and modern in the "RPWL´s" style. The album title track, "Who's The Boss In The Factory", blends symphonins with hard elements, in some parts, guitar and drums tends to be more agressive, without losing the beauty of the sounds of piano and keyboards. "Two Blocks From The Edge" blends the best Melodic Progressive Rock with some Jazz Rock elements, the power from this track is under the sounds from the sax and the quitars. Finally, closing the album, you can listem "Eternally Part I and II" extremely symphonic, with one high instrumental level, soft beginning to the sound of a classic piano, in the line of a soundtrack, also, the highlight on this song are the vocals and the guitar solos. I hope all fans of prog music, listen to this band’s music and see that Karmakanic has all the elements that, make up a great Progressive Rock group. Brilliant, fantastic, and amazing work, highly recommendable...

The present line-up of the band  are:
Göran Edman - Vocals
Krister Jonsson - Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Jonas Reingold - Electric and Fretless Bass, Additional Keyboards
Zoltan Csorsz - Drumkit
Lalle Larsson - Keyboards
Guest Musicians:
Andy Tillison - Hammond Organ and Moog Synths
Tomas Bodin - Keyboards
Teo Travis - Saxophone


Jonas Reingold is a multi-talented music man from Malmö, Sweden. He's a bass player, producer and composer who started his career in 1986 in local hardrock band Wire in his home town in the midwest of Sweden. He subbed for a friend and everyone was so happy with his performance that he got the job permanently.

In 1988 he moved from Uppsala to Malmö where he studied music at the Malmö Academy of Music for 4 years and he got his master's degree in fine arts in 1994. He then joined the Downtown Clowns and in 1995 he made one of his ambitions come true: to arrange, record and produce an all bass jazz album with Sweden Bass Orchestra, featuring living legend Danish jazz bass player Niels Henning-Orsted Pedersen, which received incredible reviews in music magazines all over Europe and USA. Besides that Jonas played in several bands and recorded with lots of artists. He worked as a session musician and as a freelance bass player and has played on more than 30 albums. 

In 1996 Jonas worked with Benny Andersson and Björn Ulveus (ABBA) on their production "Kristina From Duvumala". The album sold double platinum in Sweden. Jonas then formed the band "Midnight Sun" together with Peter Sandberg in 1996. Their debut album "Another World" was released in Europe and Japan in 1997, and in 1998 they released a second album "Above & Beyond". 

In 1998 Jonas contacted some old and new friends to play some of his new material and this led to the band "Reingold". The recordings for their debut album started in late '98. At that time Jonas still was a member of "Midnight Sun" but he also wanted to work with some other people and find new ways for his songwriting. He chose the brilliant vocalist Göran Edman, drummer Jaime Salazar (formerly in Bad Habit) and guitarist Marcus Jacobssen as permanent members in the band. Göran Edman has had a great career with artists like "Yngwie J. Malmsteen", "Brazon Abbot and Glory".

Jonas' ambition has always been focused on being a good songwriter, "that is what matters always if you buy an album or not", he says. "Universe" is a great debut album with astonishing performances and plenty of good hard rock songs.

In 1999 Jonas was asked to start working with "The Flower Kings" to replace Michael Stolt, who had chosen a well-paid "day job" as a concert promoter in Stockholm. Although he initially only joined them for live work, the band were so impressed with his playing that they invited him to become a full member of the band, and he joined them in the studio for the recording of the "Space Revolver" album.

From this moment on Jonas' career accelerated even more. He recorded "Initiation" with swedish jazz/fusion giant Anatholi Bulkin in 1999. In 2001 he recorded "Above and Beyond" with his band "Midnight Sun", and also an album with his band "Reptilian". Since then he has recorded albums with "The Flower Kings", Karmakanic, "Kaipa", "Opus Atlantic", "Tomas Bodin", "Time Requiem" and "The Tangent" with an incredible frequency of 4 to 6 albums a year.

In 2002 saw the birth of a new progressive band Karmakanic. Their debut album, "Entering the Spectra", became very popular among the fans of progressive rock and the established rock press around the world. They were honored with the prize for Best Newcomer of 2002 in the big progressive poll DPRP; and charted several other lists as the best newcomer on the scene.

In 2003 was a great year for the members of "Karmakanic". Jonas Reingold and Zoltan Csörsz achieved great success with "The Flower Kings" album, "Unfold the Future" which sold close to 40,000 copies worldwide, and was followed up with two successful tours in Europe; one in the US - Canada where they played the leading prog rock festival, Nearfest. They also got involved in the project "The Tangent" ("...the music that died alone"), which, became an instant "hit" on the scene. Jonas was also involved in the recording of the 2nd album from the Swedish supergroup, "Kaipa".

Karmakanic joined forces to record the their 2nd album. With stellar performance and a stunning production they created the masterpiece "Wheel of Life". Some say it sounds like "Yes", others mention "Dream Theater", "King Crimson" or even "Zappa". But most people say: "That's Karmakanic!" 

Karmakanic will later this year follow the release with a tour throughout Europe. They will show to the world that this is a first class recording act that also delivers a stunning live performance that clearly spells out: "It ain't bragging if you can back it up." 

In 2004 Jonas was asked to accept a chair for 6 months at the Skövde University in Sweden and become editor in chief of the academic course for composition and music production. In this role he wrote the full 2-years program and he is also recruiting additional teachers. "I am ready now to give back something of my experiences to the students", he declares."

New Release

"Who's the boss in the factory"

01) Send A Message
......From The Heart
02) Let In Hollywood
03) Who's The Boss In
......The Factory
04) Two Blocks From 
......The Edge
05) Eternally Part I
06) Eternally Part II

“Who's the boss in the factory” is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of Inside Out, the perfect home for Karmakanic.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, send an e-mail to Karmakanic.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit KARMAKANIC HOME PAGEN
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