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The Band Orpheo is another recent and fantastic discovery that come from the Netherlands. Their style it´s qualified as Heavy Symphonic Progressive Rock, and in the same time has an adventurous and a melodic style, a bombastic symphonic music with classic arrangements and a female voice singing in a perfect harmony around all instruments, the arrangements have a notable quality, accompanied of the orchestral and atmospheric keyboards sounds with a plenty of electric guitars tones including monster riffs, around all these you can listen a powered killer drums sounds and also strong basses sounds, proving that they're versatile musicians. All songs have the ingredients that we always want to hear, and listening their music, you can believe that these young talented musicians have certainly a great potential. The music from Orpheo is in the same line of the music from the legendary  bands as "Pink Floyd", "Genesis", "Yes", "Rush", blending some inspiration around modern bands as "Nightwish" and "Troy". The album is definitely recommended to all progressive rock fans.  Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

Orpheo are:
Alban Tromp - Bass guitar, Backing Vocals
Rutger Vlek - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
David Marquart Scholtz - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Anne-Krijn Piersma - Drums, Backing Vocals
Wendelin Visser - Lead Vocals

In September 2001 the band was founded by David Marquart Scholtz (guitar) and Alban Tromp (bass). The band in which they formally played just split up and they decided to continue due to their mutually appreciated musical cooperation. Initially they called themselves "The Jupiter Project", in which they experimented with different music styles and instruments. It didnít take long for them to ask Wendelin Visser (vocals) to be their singer, who at that time attended primary training at the School of Music of Groningen. A few weeks later another member joined the project. As an addition to Davidís rock oriented guitar style, Willem Nijhuis, a classic and Spanish acoustic guitar player, was asked to join the band, and he did. At a jam session a few months later, David and Alban met a drummer who impressed them by playing intricate and inventive rhythms. His name was Anne-Krijn Piersma and after some beers, laughs and babbling about music he was added to the project. From that time on they began to rehearse more regularly and the first riffs and music were written for their own material.

Still something was missing in the overall sound of the band. A solution presented itself when David was at a song-festival and witnessed an exceptional keyboardist in action, who, by stroke of luck, shared the same interests in music. His name was Rutger Vlek and one week later he reinforced the band. And a band it was and another name had to be found, and so "The Jupiter Project" was changed into "Orpheo". So it was July of 2002 when Orpheo was completed and began to write their own repertoire. Sadly enough Willem left the band due to repeated problems with the sound and style.

Ever since Orpheoís first live gig in August 2002 many things happened. A lot of own songs were written, the various band members became used to one another and more gigs were performed. During that time Orpheo developed their own unique sound and style of symphonic and progressive music, a mix of all the diverse influences of individual band-members (see personal profiles for everybodyís favourites). In the winter of 2002, Orpheo competed in a festival called "Het Rode Oortjes Festival" (The red Ears Festival), an opportunity for starting bands to perform in front of a jury and a music loving audience. Orpheo placed itself in the final rounds and in an exciting last round, Orpheo emerged victorious.

Because of this victory Orpheo was privileged to play in the qualifying rounds of "De Grote Prijs van Groningen" (De Big Prize of Groningen), aptly named "Groverpop". Orpheo was selected as the best band of itís round and was allowed to participate in the final round. In this thrilling aural battle Orpheo was selected as the second best band of the tournament!

On the 14th of Augustus 2003 Orpheo presented their first cd: "Songs of past days to come", containing more than half an hour of their own music. Already Orpheo is working with enthousiasm on new material and playing live. Weíll see you on tourÖ

.New Release

"Songs Of Past Days
  To Come"

1) Lost (9:06)
......I. Disbelief
.....II. Blue Eyes
....III. Renaissance
2) A Sleeper's Lament
3) Nighttime part 1:
....As I Lay Me
....Down (2:19) 
....Nighttime part 2:
....Saved by the
....Sea (5:55) 
4) Smoking with
....Sylvester (7:56) 
5) Dance Macabre

All music and lyrics by Orpheo except "Dance Macabre", music by Camille Saint Saens arranged by Orpheo.

After weeks of recording, mixing and production it's finally all on the disk, more than half an hour of music! What can you expect? Heavy drums, and subtle rhythms. 7-string monster riffs, and acoustic guitars. Growling bassguitar, electric double bass and cello. Orchestral keyboard arrangements, fat leads, but also piano and even mellotron sounds. And of course Wendelin's beautiful voice layered with backing vocals.

Contact and Info:
Van Speykstraat 21
9726 Bj Groningen
The Netherlands
e-mail: info@orpheo.nl

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit ORPHEO HOME PAGEN
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