Art or progressive rock involves an experimental element where musicians fuse styles such as classical, jazz, or world music with rock n' roll. Compositions are often marked by being longer, including more instrumental sections and sophisticated arrangements, and lyrics frequently tend towards the more literary and intelligent. Frequently, art rock includes more piano or keyboards than regular rock. It is possible for a band to be considered art or progressive rock and emphasise only the musical style or the lyric style. This comment was taken from the site www.examiner.com, by "Erikka Innes". Of course she is correct in her comments, I agree. The comments describes exactly what the band Synaesthesia want to show us, the best Progressive Rock music, played by five young boys and talented musicians. It was a big surprise when I have listened this album for the first time, was hard to believe that this band created another one "Prog Rock masterpiece". Their music is immersive and captivating, full of harmonious and atmospheric keyboards, adding amazing guitar sounds, one striking drums with many rhythmical arrangements, full of bass guitar sounds, and closing with vibrant vocals. Their first album titled as "Synaesthesia" came to become one of the best work from this year. Divided in seven tracks, the music from this album, flows around many styles and influences, like all members of this band are young musicians, is visible many influences of some famous groups like "IQ", "Rush", "Tinyfish", "Frost*", "Flying Colors", "Dream Theater", "Porcupine Tree", "Muse", "Riverside", "Pink Floyd", "Transatlantic" and "Genesis", an interesting mix of traditional progressive rock with the modern, of course they know how to fuse the emotional together with the intellectual, in perfect compositions. All tracks are perfect, but I have my special preference to the songs "Time, Tension & Intervention" an amazing "suit", may be the highlight of the album, "Noumenon", "Epiphany", "Technology Killed The Kids" and "Life's What You Make Of It". I suppose, "Synaesthesia" is destined to be an album that will mark the beginning of greater things to come for this amazing young band. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Synaesthesia album are:
Adam Warne - Vocals, Synths, Keyboards, IOS Applications
Sam Higgins - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ollie Hannifan - Guitar
Peter Episcopo - Bass, Backing Vocals
Robin Johnson - Drums, Percussion


Take a healthy dose of Guitars, a large portion of Synthesisers and organised ‘bleeps’ and ‘bloops', delicately toss them together into a melting pot of songwriting and musicianship and you have the sound of Synaesthesia.

Voted PROG Magazine's 'Tip for 2014' by the readers.

Nominated for the 'Limelight' category at the 2014 Progressive Music Awards.

Synaesthesia are a five-piece band consisting of Adam Warne on keyboards and lead vocals, Joey Frevola and Sam Higgins on guitars, Robin Johnson on drums and percussion and Peter Episcopo on bass and vocals.

Adam has now completed the band line up and will be taking Synaesthesia out for concerts in 2014. Their debut show was the support slot with "IQ" at their 2013 Christmas Bash in De Boerderij, Holland.

The line up includes Adam Warne on synths, keyboards and vocals. Joey Frevola and Sam Higgins on guitars and backing vocals, Robin Johnson on drums and percussion and Peter Episcopo on bass and backing vocals.

Synaesthesia's music is primarily written by 20 year old multi-instrumentalist Adam Warne who incorporates influences from acts such as "Frost*", "Porcupine Tree" and "Muse" – this up and coming band released their debut album 20th January 2014 on much-respected Progressive Rock label, "Giant Electric Pea". Known for bands such as "IQ", "Big Big Train", "Threshold" and "Spock's Beard".

Take a healthy dose of Guitars, a large portion of Synthesisers and a smidge of electronic bleeps and bloops (in a meaningful manner), delicately toss them together into a melting pot of songwriting and musicianship and you have what Synaesthesia is all about.

Originally a solo project by Adam Warne dating back to 2009. Their debut album released on GEP in January 2014 with Adam performing on all instruments with the exception of guitar duties performed by Ollie Hannifan and Nikolas Aarland. Their self-titled debut album was produced by Michael Holmes of IQ and recorded at Aubitt Studios, expertly engineered by Rob Aubrey. The band was then formed in late 2013 to bring the music to a live audience and to then write and perform as a band for future albums.

Having received a number of glowing reviews from magazines, music blogs and independent reviewers for both their debut album and concerts they have performed so far, and with their following and popularity growing larger everyday - it’s no surprise that Synaesthesia are one of the new-found highlights of today’s modern Progressive Rock scene.

New Release


01) Time, Tension &
......a) The Big Freeze
......b) An Excursion
......c) Past
......d) Present
......e) Future
.......f) End
02) Sacrifice
03) Noumenon
04) Epiphany
05) Good Riddance
06) Technology Killed
......The Kids
07) Life's What You
......Make Of It

Synaesthesia’s debut album was produced by Michael Holmes (guitarist of respected Progressive Rock band, "IQ") and recorded at Aubitt Studios, expertly engineered by Rob Aubrey ("Transatlantic", "Spock's Beard", "Asia", "John Wetton", "IQ", "Pink Floyd", "Dragon Force", "Pendragon" and many more). All instruments are played by Adam with the exception of guitars by Nikolas Jon and Ollie Hannifan.

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Synaesthesia - "Time, Tension & Intervention"

Synaesthesia - "Life's What You Make of It"


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