Unified Past is an North American group that is been recording great songs and amazing albuns since early 90's. At first they started their career as a members from a band called Labyrinth. Until 2011, others musicians played together with the main musicians and founders Speelman and Fassone. Today, Unified Past is composed by the trio Stephen Speelman (vocals, guitars and keyboards), Victor Fassone (drums and percussion) and Dave Mickelson (bass). Unified Past sounds like a "Power Trio", their music is so expressive and surrounding,  that some times sound strong, some times melodic and some times symphonic, they know how to use the perfect doses, mixing established styles like Progressive Rock, Symphonic Progressive Rock, Melodic Rock, the Progressive Metal with some elements from traditional Heavy Metal. Their music is greatly influenced by bands like "Rush", "Genesis", "Yes", "Pink Floyd", "Dream Theater", "Tool", "Savatage" and "Queensryche". Speelman, along with Victor Tassone and Dave Mickelson, together they travel around from beautiful melodies, with superb guitar's solos, a remarkable drums including a vibrant bass. Stephen Speelman is a virtuoso guitarist also he plays a dynamic keyboards, he is inspired and influenced by some renowned guitarists like Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, John Petrucci and Joe Satriani. Meanwhile, one of the highlights on the band today are the vocals of Phil Naro, his voice has an excellent contrast to the instrumental, where the vocals fits perfectly with the arrangements, even in the higher tones without showing aggressiveness. "Shifting the Equilibrium" is the band’s 7th, this album is composed by six tracks, and their third  album by Melodic Revolution Records. The CD is a 6 panel digi pack, containing a 12 page booklet, including lyrics and photos, designed by international fantasy artist Ed Unitsky, who also developed other excelent work on the album called “Spots”, released in 2013. All six tracks are extremely vibrant, including a powerful energizing instrumental, full of an exciting orchestration, powerful, symphonic, while filled of a great euphoria visibly transmitted by the musicians. It is hard to determine which is the best track of this album, not one specifically is better than the others. However I have my favorite songs, and here they are: "Erasure Principle", "Smile (In the Face of Adversity)", "Etched in Stone" and "Today Is the Day". Progressive Rock fans around the world, will find tremendous delight hearing the "Shifting the Equilibrium", a rich sound full of memorable and sensitive melodies with extended and powerful instrumental sections. You must listen to the album many times, to discover all the beautiful pieces of this great work. A beautiful album from a band who always showed great potential. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Unified Past album and actual band are:
Stephen Speelman - Guitar & Keys 
Victor Tassone - Drums
Dave Mickelson - Bass
Phil Naro (Gene Cornish & The Dangerous Lovers, Backhand, Corvus Stone) -Vocals


Unified Past is a power progressive rock band from Syracuse, New York.
The US act Unified Past was formed back in 1999. The roots of the band go back to the early 80's, when Stephen Speelman and Victor Tassone started working together in various band projects, and then formed their own in 1990. This band, named Labyrinth, were active throughout the 1990's, and released three full length albums.

By 1999 the band had become a rather different project, lead by Speelman (guitars, drums) with Vinny Krivacsy (keyboards, vocals), Peter Palmieri (bass) and Matthew Wood (drums) making up the rest of the band. They were approached by indie label Atomik Records, who signed the band. The band decided that a new name was in order at this time, and their old moniker Labyrinth was replaced with Unified Past at this point. Later the same year their first album under this new name followed in the shape of "From the Splintered Present Surfaces", a collection of re-recorded old material alongside a few new pieces.

The addition of grammy award winning  vocalist Phil Naro show’s that the band is continuing to grow and evolve and that they are a band that prog rock fans should really get to know.

Guitarist Stephen Speelman possesses a master’s degree in classical guitar performance, bass player Dave Mickelson is currently a member of Joey Belladonna’s Chief Big Way and thunderous drummer Victor Tassone has appeared on several independent artist releases as well, including Corvus Stone and Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5.

Stephen Speelma is the guitar, vocalist and main composer of US progressive rock group Unified Past. He also plays some keys on their studio stuff. He has a master's degree in classical guitar to supplement his love of music. He loves many guitarists, but his main idols are Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, John Petrucci and Joe Satriani. He loves to write and record music - always interested in working on projects.

While there is most certainly plenty of chops to be found in this band’s music, their overall sound focuses more on melody and song composition than it does on technical gymnastics. 

Unified Past's 2013 release, "Spots", on Melodic Revolution Records (MRR CD 22005) was their most gripping recording  yet and connected with many fans of  the progressive rock genre.

Shifting the Equilibrium (MRR 22113) is the band’s 7th release and their third for Melodic Revolution Records. The CD is a 6 panel digi pack containing a 12 page booklet of lyrics and photos, designed by international fantasy artist Ed Unitsky, who also designed “Spots” in 2013. The stunning artwork is supplemented by the photography of Rochester’s Scott Hamilton.

The visual presentation in combination with the sonic experience, makes this a recording that will most certainly introduce the band to a larger audience.

Their new recording, “Shifting the Equilibrium”, was released on September 15, 2015  and has been receiving rave reviews in the progressive rock circles. The recording contains 6 power prog compositions,clocking in at 56 minutes.

If you are a dedicated fan of progressive rock music and you are not familiar with Unified Past, the time is now to discover this power prog artist.

Unified Past is a progressive rock band on Melodic Revolution Records. This is the place to keep up with the latest news and to easily interact with the band.

New Release

"Shifting the Equilibrium"

01) Erasure Principle
02) Smile (In the Face
......of Adversity)
03) Etched in Stone
04) Peace Remains
......in the World
05) Deviation from a
......(of Harmonic Origin)
06) Today is the Day

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