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I have a great pleasure to introduce to all friends  and fans of Progressive Rock, a new promising group, more a great discovery called Weend'ô, in my opinion, is one of the most innovative bands in recent years, they are worthy of becoming one of the great revelations from this century. Originally, they come from Aquitània, a region in the south- western part of France, between the Pyrenees and the Garonne River. Weend'ô is formed by five smart and talented musicians, an instrumental configuration based on keyboards, vocals, two guitars, bass and drums. Their musical style sounds around a perfect marriage among the golden era of the progressive rock, with modern elements, easily found in some new bands today, let´s think some thing such as a blend of "Pink Floyd", "The Gathering", "Riverside", "Porcupine Tree" with pinches of "Hawkwind", let´s put everything together and shake gently, adding some heavy and dark elements, then, we have, Weend'ô. We can describe the Weend'ô's music, as a characterized union by a blend of styles as Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Neo- Progressive with touches of melodic metal and space rock.  Weend'ô is very well driven by the female vocals from Laetitia Chaudemanche, she sings in English, her voices are the trademark from the band, with remarkable vocal tones, sometimes delicate and sometimes powerful, but without using harsh and aggressive tones, her vocal tones, follows in the line of Anneke Van Giersbergen ("The Gathering"), Dam Kat ("Children in Paradise"), Christina Booth ("Magenta"), Rachel Jones ("Karnataka"), Anne-Marie Helder ("The Panic Roon"), Yolanda Flaming ("Murky Red"), Heather Findlay ("Mostly Autumn"), Marcela Bovio ("Stream of Passion"), her second attribute is to play keyboards with a high level of purity. Together the vocals and keyboards, the second point highlighted are the two guitars, the first one driven by Térence N'Guyen, the second by Rodolphe Manai, both are constantly creating incredible solos, a perfect orchestration, without agressiveness. On the third strategic point, we have Maxime Rami on the bass guitar, that can be heard in precise notes. Closing the instrumental and featuring on drums, Nathanaël Buis, he is a very important partner on the arrangements, his style is vibrant and potent, he knows how to develop many different rhythms, specially in the line of Progressive Rock, Melodic Metal and Hard Rock. In other words, they make a vibrant music, energetic, intense, powerful and interesting, at the same time comfortable, gentle, symphonic and melodic without to use aggressive arrangements, all instrumental levels are amazing, really an emotional music, which indicates that they have sealed a compromise to work always together. "You Need To Know Yourself" is their debut double album from this promising new band. The Disc 01 is divided into eleven tracks, however, three of them are repeated, and were recorded with different versions, specially to radio's edition, they are: "Dark Element", "Experience" and "Betrayal". there is no special song, all them are incredible, with a high level of energy, but there are two tracks, which both, reflect exactly the feeling and the soul of this marvelous band, you must listen carefully "Betrayal" and "Deadline", on Disc 02 it´s a DVD, we have a incredible alive show, with an amazing performance from the band, you will really enjoy Weend'ô forever. Weend'ô really is an excitant band, who offers a highly captivating and vibrant sound for all Progressive Rock lovers. For all listeners of the best progressive rock style, using as a reference, we can say, the band follows the same line of bands such as "The Gathering", "Riverside", "Xanadu", "Believe", "Lebowski", "Children in Paradise", "Retrospective", "After" and others. Brilliant, fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on
Weend'ô album are:
Laetitia Chaudemanche - Vocals, Lyrics and Keyboards
Térence N'Guyen - Guitar and Orchestration
Rodolphe Manai - Rhythm Guitar
Maxime Rami - Bass
Nathanaël Buis - Drums


Weend'ô is guided by the philosophy "Without Music, Life would be a mistake" (Nietzsche). This way of thinking properly describes the personal involvement of the band's 2 founders: Terence & Laetitia. Of their meeting in 2002 a great alliance was born. Music and Love, giving birth in 2005, not only to a great musical project Weend'ô but also to Ewen their son. Weend'ô, from Ewen and d'ô, Japanese for Art.

This music-passionned couple worked for 3 years with method, simplicity, humility, patience, independance and perseverance to set up their whole musical creation: Terence learning to play drums, bass..and musical software. Laetitia starting to compose on piano...

In 2008, Weend'ô finalised its identity with 3 new members (Rod, Max, Donovan).

In 2009, Weend'ô started playing to live to the public.

2010 was the year of rewards: the band was selected for various rock competitions. In its area (Southern France), Weend'ô was the winner of the "Top Rock of Independant groups", 3 months later the band received a professionnal prize that entitled it to become Artist in Residence at Le Rocksane (24-Bergerac) in February 2011.

In June 2010, it was Paris. After several "live"selections, among over 3000 artists in France, and despite being a "rural band", Weend'ô finished in the last 32 groups (being the only one playing neo progressive rock). In July, they were contacted by an independant producer to record their 1st album... At the same time, they welcomed their new drummer: Nathanaël (Music Academy Institute in Nancy). Summer 2010, the project continued to develope and in autumn 2010/Winter 2011, Weend'ô continues to record.

Weend'ô is hoping to play gigs in great Festivals, meet international labels who will be interested in them.. Weend'ô would like to export their sound abroad and share with many different audiences a magical & memorable moment!

Let the music enter and soothe your hearts, your souls!...

New Release

"You Need To Know Yourself"

Disc 1:
01) Dark Element
......(radio édit)
02) Experience
......(radio édit)
03) Betrayal
04) Run Away
05) You Need To
......Know Yourself
06) Welcome In
......My Mind
07) Deadline
08) The Soulmate
09) Experience
......(version originale)
10) Dark Element
......(version originale)
11) Betrayal (radio édit)

Disc 2:
DVD - Concert Live au Rocksane - Bergerac - 24 (+ Bonus)

Weend'ô on Youtube
"My Dear M"
"Why Not" - Extrait DVD Live au Rocksane
"The soulmate"
FN Paris ZICMEUP 2010

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, you must visit Weend'ô at MySpace, also on the Facebook.

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit WEEND'Ô HOME PAGEN
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