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Two years ago I got the first demo from "Asylum", in that time, it was a big surprise, now I listened the official release and I was pleasantly suprised at how enjoyable this album is. Like many other historical albums, where main themes had been trips and dreams through the times, Michael Reese used the scientific fiction as main subject. This great work was highly influenced by the 70 's masters of progressive music style for example: "Genesis" and "Yes", however, blending elements from Classic Rock with hard passages, adding some thing of Neo Progressive easily found in bands as "Marillion", "IQ" and "Pendragon". The music is easily bsorbed by the listener, where the songs sounds quite nice with lots of  atmospheric keyboard works, the heavy arrangements of guitars are perfect and if they fit perfectly with all the instruments. Certainly Longshot is a new musical reference in the world. I recommend that you check out this superb and great album.

The line up on Longshot are:
Michael Reese - Keyboards and vocals
Ben Larson - Drums
Freddy Lynn - Bass and Double Bass
Phil Wake - Guitar and Backings Vocals

Longshot was founded during 1994 at Villefranche De Rouergue, aveyron - France, after the reading of a SCI-FI novel wrote by a friend designer Thierry Guilleminot, but the Longshot story began in 1997, thanks to Michael Reese's talent. He recorded the first Longshot album with Michel Altmayer: "The Cosmic Bacteria's Experiences". There were only 500 copies and production was stopped because of problems with the distributors.

In 2000, he met Phil Wake (guitars), Ben Larson (drums) and Freddy Lynn (bass and double bass). They decided to reform the band and to record the second album: "ASYLUM".

Wake The Dead ! was their new producer and work began. This new album is available since October 1st. It was recorded at Wake The Dead ! Studio, in the south of France. Lyrics are derived from a science fiction 's story written and illustrated by Thierry Guilleminot. We will remix the first album for a re-issue in 2003. 

The third one will go later, in 2004. So, the trilogia will be complete!

Story of the first album ("The Cosmic Bacteria's Experiences") "Darksand, a runaway escaped from an Alpha Centurii jail, was killed by"The dark fear", a deadly virus, also named The Cosmic Bacteria... It was 3 years ago... Starzhaine, one of the most renowned Starcop, failed in his mission then The Dark Fear grew on Earth... And the Earth became a fool's Asylum..."
New Release


1) Asylum Overture 
2) The Deleted File
3) Miracle Man
4) The Balad Of
....Peter Blackfrog
5) Endless
6) Welcome To
....The Mind
....Surgery Clinic
7) Armageddon

Total time 75:44

Lyrics by Michael Reese
Music by Longshot

Story Illustrations and design by Thierry Guilleminot

See also an interview 
with Michael Reese,
the keyboard player
from Longshot

Produced by
Virginie Clapier for 
Wake The Dead Productions.
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