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3rd Ear Experience has come as a real surprise to my ears, after two releases, they come back with a more powerful approach that before. 3rd Ear Experience is a genuine band with the musical essence of the 70s, where the base and recording musical improvisations of those musicians, is located in a little studio situated out in the highlands of Joshua Tree/Mojave Desert. 3rd Ear Experience is practically led by guitarist Robbi Robb, who already played in several bands, such as  "Amritakripa", "Three Fish", "The Asylum Kids", as also, the African acid rock band called as "Tribe After Tribe". The band is classified in several musical styles, meanwhile, with the use of many psychedelic passages and especially with the use of spatial sounds, we can classify their music like Psychedelic Space Rock. Inside the instrumental structure, 3rd Ear Experience uses a wide range of instruments in their performances. Electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, synthesizers, mouth 
organ, flutes, ethnic percussion, saxophone, and even sounds of human voices appear in some compositions, including a range of different voices in accordance with the rhythm of the arrangements. Many of the 3rd Ear' songs are in unusual time signatures, some times, exhibit usual Indian and Eastern influences. Furthermore, the group often features complex arrangements, which change time signature, key signature and tempo in the course of a track, of course, they use many well-known element present in progressive rock style. There are also moments of straightforward metal-influenced grooves and influences from jazz fusion and some times ambient music passages. Indeed, the musicians traveling in a diversity of sounds, styles and different references, exposing their ideas and general musical influences. "Incredible Good Fortune" is their third album, divided into five songs, all them with extended time, totaling 75 min of a pure Psychedelic Space Rock style. All songs are "travelers", into a spatial atmosphere, but I have my preferences such as the first track called "Tools", this song transports me to the best moments of the 70s, some thing in the line of bands like "Hawkwind", "Agitation Free", "Gong" and "Iron Butterfly". The second one is, "One", another pulsating track, specially for all the devoted to the "Hawkwind's" music. Furthermore, also I like the third track titled as "Parsley", this song contains amazing guitar passages, the drums and percussion are striking and stroll alongside the quitars' arrangements, but the highlight is on female vocals, sounding like an interpretation of an indigenous song, mixed with electronic elements. 3rd Ear Experience is a band that plays "catchy songs" while injects many surprise elements  and sophistication along their songs. As some references, their music sound around bands such as "Hawkwind", "Agitation Free", "Ozric Tentacles", "Steve Hillage", "Iron Butterfly", "Acid Mothers Temple", "Oresund Space Collective", "Causa Sui", "Mogwai", "Gong", "Klaus Schultz", "Brian Eno", "Talking Heads", "Ravi Shankar", "Jimi Hendrix", "Sid Barrett", "Pink Floyd", "Black Sabbath", "Led Zeppelin". Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on 3rd Ear Experience album and actual band are:
Amritakripa Synthesizers, Voice
Robbi Robb Guitars, Voice
Jorge Bassman Bass Guitars
Erik Mouness Drums, Percussion
Eric Ryan Guitars
Alan Swanson Keyboards

Guests Musicians
John Whoolilurie Saxophone
Billy Shire Mouth Organ
Roger Arnold Flute
Bobby Moses Nichols - Guitar
Don Lombardo - Percussion


3rd Ear Experience was formed by AmritaKripa and Robbi Robb as a means of documenting and sharing their experimental psychedelic space jams. Held at various locations in the Mojave Desert, the sessions might feature different players but the core music always arises out of spontaneous musical interaction with friends and musicians of like mind.

The monsoons hung heavy over the Mojave Desert thick with lightning and ten thousand thunders. The band entered the little studio in the highlands of Joshua Tree and started jamming; delicate guitars took us on journeys that gave way to thundering climaxes reflecting the monsoon storm that crashed down on the desert landscape.

Strangely by midnight the skies had cleared and the stars rained down hard and bright said Trent Moss our percussionist "man I'm tripping on this space I'm never going home". The conversations wandered around the possibilities of UFO's, and aliens and perhaps how an alien visitation could bring unity to people of the earth.

We journeyed on the energy of these sort of conversations till in the wee hours of dawn we looked back at earth and sadly pondered the disharmony and suffering human beings endure. The thunder, the lightning, the milky way, the desert landscapes, the rocks and Joshua Trees all pressed into our minds like a magical mist, spilling out into a week long of free form jams.

When one looks into life and sees beyond the phantom of form then this is called "gazing with the third eye". When one experiences listening to the soul of things beyond and within the sounds of all things then one is listening with the third ear. It is out of this third ear experience that some of the best jams arise.

It is this third ear experience that we as a group of musicians who have been friends for many years aspire to. There is no place better to achieve this than in the desert. All mystics have wandered into the deserts to find this experience. It's in the spirit of this mystical aspiration that the project is called "3rd Ear Experience".

Incredible Good Fortune is the third album by 3rd Ear Experience. Once again the band delivers a sonic journey of epic proportions recorded live in the Furst Wurld Performance and Art Gallery in the Mojave desert. The album title is taken from a book of poetry by science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin.

The word "experience" is really the key here. The music is a guide to your imagination. It conjures images and feelings like a good movie soundtrack. Only You are the final writer surfing the cosmos on an ocean of tonal colors and sound.

New Release

"Incredible Good Fortune"

01) Tools
02) One
03) Parsley
04) White Bee
05) Shaman's Dream

Produced by Eric Ryan and 3rd Ear Experience
Recorded and Mixed by Eric Ryan. Mastered by Mark Fuller @ Mark Fuller Mastering. All music copyrighted 2014 Thousand Thunders Music. Artwork by Amritakripa
Photographs by Mike Smalley. EPK by André Wilms

Check out Robbi Robb site for complete discography.

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3rd Ear Experience - BOI

3rd Ear Experience - a Jam with rosemary and bees


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