. OCTOBER 2016
For those who don't know Colin Tench, here is a short description about his musical career. Today he is a veteran musician, a painter of music where his guitar is the brush and the canvas, his inspiration. Colin started to play guitar after his 22 years old. So he started playing guitar in some bands, also recording with some of them, Odin and BunChakeze, during the 80's. After a long period traveling around the world, Colin met a Finnish keyboard player named Pasi Koivu, who became interested in old musical works and compositions written by Colin Tench. So was this partnership that was born the band Corvus Stone. But it was between 2011 and 2012 that Corvus Stone released their debut album, including bassist Petri Lindström with drummer Robert Wolff. Being considered as an innovative guitarist Colin Tench is invited to participate in other bands like The Minstrel's Ghost, Blake Carpenter and Oceans 5. Colin is an innovative and audacious musician, mixes various rhythms and styles in a highly personalized merger, he performes a style very well connected with many musical references such as Symphonic Progressive Rock, Prog  Metal, Symphonic Metal, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Classic Music. "Hair in a G-String" is a totally concept album, also the first solo album project by the guitarris Colin Tench, and his guests, a complete "galaxy" of musicians, renowned stars such as Peter Jones, Steve Gresswell, Stephen Speelman, Phil Naro, Sean Filkins, Gordon Bennett and others. "Hair in a G-String" contains fifteen tracks and one bonus track, over 80 minutes of a pure musical emotion, no doubt, all tracks have an excellent musical performance. The arrangements sounds very impressive, full of grandiose passages, the instrumentation displays a deep Progressive Rock feeling, combining Symphonic elements, with hints of Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Prog Metal, constantly is possible hear a variety of sounds, with different musical arrangements, using atmospheric synths and, intense guitar solos, adorned by many others instruments like bass, synths, violin, drums and so on. "Hair in a G-String" is composed of many brilliant moments that deserve to be heard by all of fans of modern, as well the traditional progressive rock. Colin Tench Project and "Hair in a G-String" were my choices to become the best band and the best album from October, 2016, because this is a fantastic project that shows a very strong musical potential, mainly by meeting so many exceptional musicians, not only the talent of leader Colin Tench, as well as by guest musicians, where each has an important role in the overall contest on this work. Do not think twice to listen to this wonderful album and know more about this musician and his stars guests musicians, you can bet that you will not regret. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Colin Tench Project  are:
Colin Tench - Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Synthesisers, Drum Programming, Percussion, Vocals, Annoying Noises
Peter Jones - Vocals, Lead Vocals, Main Vocal, Backing Vocals, Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, Foley Guy
Steve Gresswell - Piano, Keyboards, Percussion
Phil Naro - Vocals, Lead Vocals
Stephen Speelman - Stunt Bass
Gordon Bennett - Orchestra, Shaving Cream, String Section, Horns, Basses, Percussion, Triangle, Thing That Goes Boing
Victor Tassone - Drums, Percussion
Pasi Koivu - Synthesisers, Organ
Sean Filkins - Tamborine
Stef Flaming - Percussion, Keyboards, Bass Guitar
Petri Lemmy Lindström - Bass Guitar
Marco Chiappini - Piano
Oliver Rüsing - Drums, Percussion
Jay Theodore Mcgurrin - Drums
Angelo Hulshout - Fretless Bass
Sonej Retep - Sciryl Lanoitidda
Robert Wolff - Drums
Ian Beabout - Flute
Gary Derrick - Bass Guitar
Marco Chiappini - Keyboards, Piano
Gary Hodges - (Buckingham Nicks) - Drums
Kelly Brown - (Ozark Mountain Daredevils) - Keyboards
David Knokey - Rhythm Guitar
Angelo Hulshout - Fretless Bass
Jay Theodore Mcgurrin - Drums (We Fired Neil Peart)

Violins - (String Section)
Tina Sibley - (Springfield Symphony)
Kirsten Weingartner - (Springfield Symphony)
Ned Horner - (Springfield Symphony)
Aleksis Zarins - (Springfield Symphony)


Who the hell is Colin Tench?

Colin tench, Corvus Stone, Lorelei McBroom, Joe Vitale, Ginger Gilmour, Oceans 5, Mingulay boatsong, CTP, Pink Floyd, Bentley T 1969, Ibanez double neck, BunChakeze, Colin Tench with tourbus.

Colin Tench

Known as the guitar player in Corvus Stone but there is more! I love music. I hate music by numbers.  If there is one album I consider to be a template of how to do things, The Beatles White album would be it. Something I realised recently, is that I am not a fan of the genre we call "Prog". If I list every piece of music I love, all of it falls in to that genre tho'!

Peter Jones

There is a reason. Almost none of my favourite music was aimed at a prog market. It didn't exist! Did Genesis, Zappa, Steven Wilson, Beethoven, Pink Floyd design prog albums? Nope!

Neither will I ever want to.

The Colin Tench Project is not a designer album. It is melodic, much of it instrumental music & almost classical in areas, then suddenly a bit mad for fun. The players and singers on the first album include Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales & Camel), Petri Lindström (Corvus Stone), Phil Naro (DDrive & Julian Lennon), Vic Tassone (Unified Past) plus many more. All of them very musical and skilled. I would say that my guitar playing is always flawed. Maybe that is the secret.

Gordon Bennett

In the mixing , I don't quantise or use any technology that will take the character out. I hate music made artificially loud, rarely buy it and certainly won't do that to music myself. I started out in a band called Odin, alongside John Culley (Black Widow, Cressida), and we gigged around London for 3 years in the 80s. 

In 1985, three of us formed BunChakeze, found a singer from LA and recorded one album, which never got released until 2010. I effectively returned to music that year and a list of some of the bands I have had the fortune to be involved with are as follows:

CORVUS STONE - Almost totally instrumental. Progressive and atmospheric with jazz funk leanings. Three albums released between 2012 & 2015, featuring Sean Filkins (Big Big Train), Phil Naro (Druckfarben), German Vergara (Aisles) John Culley (Cressida

THE MINSTREL'S GHOST - Featuring  Zoltan Csörsz Jr (Flower Kings) on drums. I played guitars on Blake Carpenter's "The road to Avalon". Released in 2012

ANDY JOHN BRADFORD'S OCEAN'S 5 - A kind of Progressive Folk 5 piece with special guests, including Pink Floyd's Lorelei McBroom. "Return to Mingulay" was released in 2013. Guitars, Arrangements and Production.

BUNCHAKEZE - Was formed with Gary Derrick and Cliff Deighton of Odin. The album "Whose Dream" recorded 1985, released 2010.

ODIN OF LONDON - Gigged in London for 3 years. Digital album release 2011 "The London Tapes"

MURKY RED - Stef Flaming's band, a regular guest with Corvus Stone & bass player in Oceans 5. I mixed both albums.

KARIBOW - Featuring Michael Sadler (Saga). I played lead guitar on one song!

ANDRES GUAZZELLI & COLIN TENCH - 12 minute EP Progressive/Classical rock. released 2013

TRANSMISSION RAILS - With Stef Flaming (Murky Red, Oceans 5), John Moulder and Special guest on drums - Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh, Eagles,
Csny, John Lennon etc) .. 2 singles released so far.

1. Hair in a G-String part 1
(The opening) [6.25]
Peter Jones: Vocals, Saxophone
Colin Tench: Guitars, Piano
Steve Gresswell: Piano, Keyboards, Percussion
Petri Lindström: Bass guitar
Stef Flaming: Percussion

2. Can't see it any other way [4.36]
Colin Tench: Guitars, Synths
Phil Naro: Vocals
Gary Derrick: Bass guitar
Marco Chiappini: Piano
Victor Tassone: Drums

3. Hair in a G-String part 2 (The Hairy Part) [6.04]
Colin Tench: Guitars, Synthesisers, Drum programming
Phil Naro: Vocals
Steve Gresswell: Keyboards
Stef Flaming: keyboards
Oliver Rüsing: Drums, Percussion
Petri Lindström: Bass guitar
Stephen Speelman: Stunt bass

4. The Mad Yeti [2.54]
Colin Tench: guitars

5. The Sad Brazilian [7.19]
Colin Tench: Guitars, Piano
Gordon Bennett: Orchestra,
Shaving cream
Petri Lemmy Lindström: Bass guitar

6. And so, Today [4.12]
Pete Jones: Vocals, Clarinet
Colin Tench: Guitars, Piano, Percussion
Gordon Bennett: Orchestra
Petri Lindström: Bass guitar
Jay Theodore McGurrin: Drums

7. Hair in a G-String part 3 (I'm Going Down) [10.09]
Peter Jones: Vocals
Colin Tench: Guitars, 
Synthesisers, Piano
Gordon Bennett: Orchestra
Petri Lindström: Bass guitar
Oliver Rusing: Drums
Steve Gresswell: Keyboards
Angelo Hulshout: Fretless Bass
Sonej Retep: Sciryl lanoitidda

8. Lisa waltzes back in with no G-String [3.53]
Colin Tench: Guitars
Gordon Bennett: String Section, Horns, Basses
Petri Lindström: Bass Guitar
Robert Wolff: Drums
Pasi Koivu: Synthesisers, Organ
Sean Filkins: Tamborine

9. Lisa's Entrance Unplugged [3.09]
Colin Tench: Guitars, Synthesisers
Ian Beabout: Flute

10. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Screwed [7:32]
Colin Tench: Guitars, vocals, Percussion, Piano
Gary Derrick: Bass guitar
Marco Chiappini: Keyboards, Piano
Victor Tassone: Drums, Percussion

11. La Palo Desperado [5.54]
Colin Tench: Guitars, Annoying noises

12.A Beautiful Feeling [5.58]
Phil Naro: Vocals
Colin Tench: Guitars, Piano, Percussion
Petri Lindström: Bass guitar
Gary Hodges: (Buckingham Nicks): Drums
Kelly Brown: (Ozark Mountain Daredevils): Keyboards
Vic Tassone: Percussion
Violins: (String Section) www.springfieldmosymphony.org/
Tina Sibley (Springfield Symphony)
Kirsten Weingartner (Springfield Symphony)
Ned Horner (Springfield Symphony)
Aleksis Zarins (Springfield Symphony)

13. Dnieper Summer Day [1.38]
Colin Tench: acoustic guitars
David Knokey: Rhythm Guitar
Stef Flamming: Bass guitar

14. Part 4b [7.56]
Peter Jones: Lead Vocals
Phil Naro: Lead Vocals
Colin Tench: Guitars
Gordon Bennett: Orchestra, Percussion, Triangle, Thing that goes boing
Petri Lindström: Bass guitar
Angelo Hulshout: Fretless bass
Jay Theodore McGurrin: Drums
(We fired Neil Peart)

15. Part 4b Redux [0.23]
Peter Jones: Piano
Peter Jones: Main vocal
Peter Jones: Backing vocals
Peter Jones: Foley guy
Peter Jones: Production
Colin Tench: Bugger all

Bonus Track: Liza's Waltz with full orchestral arrangements [4.23]
All instruments, arrangements & Production by Gordon Bennett
Based on the original Lisa's Waltz by Colin Tench

New Release

"Hair in a G-String"

01) Hair in a G-String
......part 1 (The opening)
02) Can't See it Any
......Other Way
03) Hair in a G-String
......part 2 (The Hairy Part)
04) The Mad yeti
05) The Sad Brazilian
06) And so, Today
07) Hair in a G-String
......part 3 (I'm Going Down)
08) Lisa waltzes back
......in with no G-String
09) Lisa's Entrance
10) Something Old,
......Something New,
......Something Borrowed,
......Something Screwed
11) La Palo Desperado
12) A Beautiful Feeling
13) Dnieper Summer Day
14) Part 4b
15) Part 4b Redux
16) Bonus Track: Liza's
......Waltz with full

"Hair in a G-String" could be labelled Prog before there was Prog. Split this into the written piece "Hair in a G-String" (about 46 minutes) & "Songs not in G" (About 36 minutes) and you'd have a prog album and a melodic rock album I guess. We didn't do that. We mixed it up. See it as musical interludes between the main action. All Artwork by Sonia Mota.

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Colin Tench Project -  Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Screwed

Colin Tench Project - Part 4b with Fluffy Me

Colin Tench Project - Part 4b

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