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. OCTOBER 2005
D'arcana is a concept of modern Prog with a strong leaning towards classic 70's styles, the music style from the band are a modern grandly orchestrated Symphonic Progressive Rock, including classical influences with touchs into the folk style, sometimes melodic, sometimes a little bit heavy. Their music has envolved to a whole new and much superior level with colorful arrangements, especially with the work on the lyrical guitar which is often, even mostly melodious in all moments, combining with tons of orchestral keyboards. The strong points of the disc lie in the beauty of the voice and the arrangements and the incredible musical emotions, where they keep the music intense capable of attracting the attention of the listener. If you want some references, D'arcana´s music is inspired by a whole host of classic Prog acts ranging from "Yes" to "Kayak", early  "Genesis", "Van der Graaf Generator", "King Crinson", "Jethro Tull", and even a bit of "Pink Floyd/Roger Waters", where the references are still intact. This is definitely the most played album at my home at the moment. Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The musicians on D'arcana are:
Jay Tausing - Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Cello, Sax and Drums 
Shelby Snow - Bass, Vocals and Percussion
James Camblin - Guitars, Vocals and Synth

D'arcana are a psychedelic/ space/ folk trio from Nevada, USA, and a amazing project fronted by 15-year veteran Jay Tausig, a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been featured on tribute CD's to "Van der Graaf Generator" and "Genesis", as well as a member of bands such as "E-Motive" and "Lunar Sea". Jat Tausig, a fantastic musician, plays guitars, keyboards, drums, flute, mandolin, cello, dulcimer and percussion on this self-titled full-length CD, which also features co-producer Shelby Snow (Bass, vocals and percussion) and James Camblin (lead guitar and vocals).
.New Release

"As Worlds They
..Rise & Fall"

01) Sunrise
02) Lilith
03) Earthbound
04) Awakening
05) Vertigo
06) Casting Shadows
07) Adrift
08) Shimmer
09) Waive The Sales
10) By This River
11) Wrong Number
12) Balance
13) As Worlds They
......Rise & Fall

Produced by Jay Tausing and D'arcana. Recorded at the "Pyramid" Aug '04 - June '05. Guest vocals on "Casting Shadows" Coreen Camblin.  All songs by Jay Tausing Except Casting Shadows by James Camblin Wrong Number by Shelby Snow and Lyrics by Charles Bukowski, based on  the poem "For AI", and "By This River" by Brian Eno.

To get in contact with the the band, send an e-mail to D'arcana.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit D'ARCANA HOME PAGEN
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