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. OCTOBER 2011
I consider that, in the last two decades the progressive rock music from Eastern and Central European, including some Baltic countries, is becoming a reality on the progressive rock world scene, while maintaining a freshness and musical vitality that is unmistakable. Of course, among many countries, from these regions, we can mention Estonia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and mainly the Rússia. Though the Russian progressive rock scene had existed since the '70s. But, it was in 2000s when it started to appear to the public from Russian and also to around world rock fans, as a example the band like "Little Tragedies" one of its most obvious representatives. In the past, about 40 years ago, the monopoly for the music publishing in the Russia belonged to "Melodiya", the only Soviet record label, and Melodiya had a strict policy against publishing "protest rock", but this fact contributed with a number of small but important releases, highlighting some bands that were only known from the 70/80 years, as an example "Autograph", "Pesnyary" and "Dawn Dialogue". Around these last ten years, especially 2011 is the year of the big surprises that arise those more remote regions of this planet, for a pure delight fans of the progressive rock, I must introduce to everybody, another one amazing Russian band called  Eternal Wanderers, formed by young musicians, with an exceptional musical ability, playing an instrumental style with trends from Eastern Europe, with subtle passages in the Classical and Folk music styles, that have always been part of the musical culture of those people. Though, highly influenced by styles such as art-rock, prog-metal, Symphonic Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Folk, including some psychedelic and electronic overtones. Fronted by two sisters, Elena and Tatyana Kanevskaya, Eternal Wanderers has an unique sound, sometimes melodic, sometimes symphonic, adding epic structure in some parts of the arrangements, the musicians work with complex musical structures, reproducing a wide variety of the wonderful instrumetal compositions, driven by atmospheric keyboards, with spacey "Floydian" guitar solos, adorned by amazing female vocals, adding few backing male vocals, the bass has an amazing perform into the arrangements and the drums is always present, some times a soft flute complements the arrangements. All musicians on this incredible band, have an ability to travel through by several musical's borders, combining atmospheric textures with beautiful symphonic arrangements, hard musical elements and so on, everything well combined, a pleasant and emotionally sonic journey, into a new world of music, that increasingly is attracting all audiences from the progressive rock world scenario. "So Far And So Near" features eight tracks that have enough of musical variation, of course this album is totally fantastic, but I recommend some tracks that are a real thinking of the musicians such as "And The World Will Be" and "So Far And So Near" where this second song is the best on the album, "Energy Of Light" another fantastic song, "As You Wish, I Care Not" has a little bit of "King Crimson", "Gentle Giant", "Jethro Tull", "Yes", "Camel"  influences. Following with the seventh track "Thread Of Love", it's divided in many different musical parts, composed in many styles, melodic, hard, epic and symphonic, everything  like a soundtrack. Closing the  album with "And I Will Follow", a symphonic masterpiece with a beautiful female vocals. If you like "Pink Floyd", "Yes", "Jethro Tull", "Camel", "Can", "King Crinson", "Steeleye Span", "Gentle Giant", "Emerson, Lake & Palmer", "Frost*", "Steve Morse Band", "Roger Waters", "Autograph", "Quorum", "Obiymy Doschu", "Solaris", Landberk, "Decadence", "Azazello", "Adventure", "Maze of Time" you must add Eternal Wanderers to your Prog Rock albums and band collection. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Eternal Wanderers album are:
Tatyana Kanevskaya - Guitar, Back Vocals
Elena Kanevskaya - Vocals, Keyboards
Dmitry Shtatnov - Bass Guitar, Back Vocals
Sergey Rogulya -
Dmitry Drogunov - Flute


The "official" foundation date of the project Eternal Wanderers is July 1997, the band came from the capital of Russia, Moscow, and was formed by the Kanevsky sisters in 1997, though the first songs had appeared much earlier.

For a long time there were two members in the project: Elena Kanevskaya (vocals, keyboard), Tatyana Kanevskaya (guitar), and only in 2006 Eternal Wanderers were joined by a bassist and a drummer, and became at last a true rock band.

The first demo-tape was recorded by means of four-channel multitrack taperecorder at the end of 1998. And Eternal Wanderers immediately started performing concerts actively in Moscow clubs and at festivals. In November 1998 Eternal Wanderers won the 1st prize at the rock festival "Talant-Rocks" in Sergiev Posad, a suburb of Moscow, and in April 1999 became laureates of the festival of students' creative activity "FESTOS-Rock-99" in Moscow. In 2000 Eternal Wanderers won the 2nd place at the fesival "FirmA-2000". In December 2001 Eternal Wanderers played a solo concert with slide show in the conference hall of INEOS (The Hetero-Organic Compounds Institute). 

From 2001 to 2005 Eternal Wanderers released three compositions in compilation CDs: Electroshock Presents: Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music Vol. IX, Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music Vol. VII and Following The Sun. The Compilation of Another Music. In this period Eternal Wanderers didn't play concerts (except a few cincerts at home studio) and concentrated at creative activity and recordings. 

In April 2006 Eternal Wanderers formed a true full rock band, and since that time a new page in the story of the band began. After some months of rehearsals Eternal Wanderers made a one-hour concert program with video clips. Video was made together with Georgy Belov (NomaD) who made slide-show in 2001. In December 2006 Eternal Wanderers played the first concert with the new members of the band in a Moscow club "Mezzo Forte". Since that time Eternal Wanderers regulary play concerts, though not often . 

On June 6th 2007 Eternal Wanderers presented the first studio art-rock album "The Door to a Parallel World". 

Just after the presentation of "The Door to a Parallel World" Eternal Wanderers's drummer Sergey Alyamkin left the band. Sergey played in the band more than a year - since April 2006 and played a great part in the formation of the band. So, thanks for everything, Sergey! :) 

At present Eternal Wanderers are:

Elena Tatyana Dmitry S. Sergey Dmitry D.

Elena Kanevskaya - Vocals, Keyboards
Musical education: musical school, the rock college "Krasny Khimik" , individual trainings and self-education. Elena is very much obliged to a jazz pianist and at the same time an distinguished electronic music composer Odyssey Bogussevich, outstanding singers Natalia Knyazhinskaya and Ekaterina Belobrova. Musical preferences: classic rock, hard rock, psychedelic and art rock - "Beatles", "Pink Floyd", "Emerson Lake & Palmer", "Yes", "Deep Purple", "Steve Morse Band", "Led Zeppelin", "Eloy", "Zoar", "King Crimson", "Dream Theater", "Queensryche", "Shadow Gallery", RIO - "Art Zoyd", "Univers Zero", "Present", "Shub-Niggurath", "Magma", "Thinking Plague", "Hoyry-Kone", traditional electronic music and electroacoustic experiment - "Bernd Kistenmacher", "Klause Schulze" (early works), "Solitaire", "Alpha Flight", "Vangelis", "Hildegard Westerkamp", "John Appleton", "Kristoff K. Roll", "Michel Redolfi"... , and also profound ambient.

Tatyana Kanevskaya - Guitar, Back Vocals
Musical education: musical school, the rock college "Krasny Khimik" , individual trainings and self-education. Special respect to a very cool guitarist Alexander Kuteynikov! Musical preferences are generally the same as Elena's. Among guitarists may be named "Joe Satriani", "Steve Vai", "Vinnie Moore", "Steve Howe". The most favourie guitarist is "Steve Morse" (Steve - forever! :))

Dmitry Shtatnov - Bass Guitar, Back Vocals
Musical education: musical school and self-education. Besides Eternal Wanderers, Dima is the founder and leader of the art rock band "Quorum" (where Lena is a back vocalist, and also plays keyboards and percussion). Musical preferences: "Genesis", "Yes", "Rush", "Emerson Lake & Palmer", "Pink Floyd", "Beatles", "Led Zeppelin", "Peter Gabriel", "Loituma"... (the list can be continued:). Hobby: photo, opensource, computer games.

Sergey Rogulya - Drums
Musical education: individual trainings and self-education. Musical preferences: "Nightwish", "Rammstein", "Animal Jazz", "Covenant", "Enigma", "Hacate", "The Chemical Bros", "Orgiya Pravednikov", "Agata Kristi", "Linda". Hobby: painting, drawing, motorcycles.

Dmitry Drogunov - Flute 
Musical education: self-education, pop-jazz college "Consort". He is also grateful to those people who shared with him their musical knowledge: "Alexey Batenin", "Svetlana Soldatenkova", "Evgeny Nalivaev", "Kristina Obolenskaya", "Makhach Abdulpatakhov". Musical preferences: composers "Nobuo Uematsu", "Noriko Matsueda", "Yasunori Mitsuda", "Kenji Ito", "Bjorn Lynne", "Robert Miles", "Jivan Gasparyan", "Yury Chugunov" and "Inga Yanik"; rock & pop bands and artists "Apocalyptica", "Dream Theater", "Enigma", "Joe Dassin", "Nighwish", "Pink Floyd", "A. Marshal", "Nevidimki", "Noch". Dmitry also gives preferences to unknown and little known artists. Hobby: philosophy, self-perfection and self-knowledge, swimming, mountain bike travelling.

The music style of Eternal Wanderers is something at the point of intersection of psychedelic rock, art-rock and various directions of electronic music (traditional electronic music and electroacoustic experiment). 

The peculiarity of creative activity of Eternal Wanderers is that the compositions performed at present have been accumulated for several years. That's why pieces differ enough from one another, from songs to long instrumental works, from rock guitar motives and rhythms to heavy keyboard-computer experiments. In some periods heavy and gloomy mood prevailed, and in some ones it was a very hard music. Lately among new pieces there have appeared many ballad songs. There is light in some pieces, and grain of sadness in others. And sometimes it is just a plunge into some other worlds... 

Eternal Wanderers don't aspire to follow any style or genre as well as the creative activity of concrete music collectives. Though the latter, no doubt, influences in one way or another. Various people said that in Eternal Wanderers songs there was something from "Pink Floyd", "ELP", "Yes", "Dead Can Dance", and also mentioned names absolutely unknown to Eternal Wanderers members. Really among the preferences of Eternal Wanderers it is possible to name "Pink Floyd", "Steve Morse Band", "Deep Purple", "Yes", "ELP", "Bernd Kistenmacher", "Solitaire", "Roger Waters", "Klaus Schulze" (early works), "Artemy Artemiev", "Art Zoyd", "Univers Zero". 

The music of Eternal Wanderers is not for relaxation, and certainly not for dance at all. Eternal Wanderers don't aspire to aim at tastes of everyone, but at the same time their music is open for everyone who wishes and needs it. 

Each piece is the reflection of fantasies of mind, or impression from the surrounding reality, or combination of both. 

The basis of every composition is always some definite thought or state of mind. In course of time the prevailing thoughts and spirits changed, and therefore the main themes of Eternal Wanderers creative activity changed also. But of course there is no any sharp distinction between the periods, and sometimes themes untouched for a span of time awake again. 

In some periods the central theme of the Eternal Wanderers pieces was the profound chaos of the human soul having learned by itself what is the "Pink Floyd Wall", misunderstanding and rejection against which seldom arising feelings break, tormenting and frozen. The inner world of the one broken by the refinement of cruelty with which life sneers at his despair. Pictures of despondency and devastation of mind intermittent with echoes of suffered shocks... 

Another theme of Eternal Wanderers songs was the refracted with the prism of mind laws of society, a theme of survival of an individual under the severe pressure of this society, a theme of absurd world and the existance of the human being in this world. Sometimes it turned into half-fantastic stories combining real and unreal images. 

Thoughts contained in songs are often turned to space, piercing absolute cold, crossed by thousands of energy streams and impersonating eternal wisdom... 

In these latter days the tension, for a long time felt practically in all pieces, has passed, because with the lapse of time there came the internal peace and tranquillity, and just a grain of sadness has remained from the emotions of the past... And of course this fact has influenced the creative activity. 

Generally, it is possible perhaps to say that the music of Eternal Wanderers is about Joy and Sadness, Life and Death, about infinite Space, Eternity, Beauty of the human soul and distant stars, about marvellous worlds which passed away untimely, where reality and fantasy merge into a single whole... 

New Release

"So Far And So Near"

01) And The World
......Will Be
02) So Far And So Near
03) Mounds
04) Energy Of Light
05) As You Wish,
.....I Care Not 
06) A New Day Will
07) Thread Of Love 
08) And I Will Follow

Eternal Wanderers album was released by Mals Records in 2011. It comes with an eight pages booklet with all lyrics and informations. The Mals label was founded at the end of 2003 when they signed first contracts with a few Russian rock groups to release their new (debut) albums. The company's objective is to issue and reissue albums of the most interesting musicians - both well-known and talented promising debutants from Russia and other countries.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, you must visit Eternal Wanderers at MySpace.

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