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. OCTOBER 2003
Frogg Café has a heavy progressive rock from a band that evolve an around of the musical influence from the bands as: "Gentle Giant", "Dixie Dregs", "Frank Zappa", "Yes" and "Genesis". Strangely they had started as a band who followed the influences and playing "Frank Zappa" music, after the first release the band follows in a new direction, creating one musical signature, where they play highly complex music but not very strange for the Prog Rock lovers, Frogg Café knows how to blend jazz music with Progressive Rock with a special orchestral talent, we can hear tons of sounds of the guitars, keyboards and violins in a perfect harmony, with a path of a very promising musical journey through the musical influences from years 70. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable.

Frogg Café are:
Bill Ayasse - Electric Violin, Acoustic Violin and Viola, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Background Vocals, Percussion
Frank Camiola - Electric Guitar, 6 and 12 string Acoustic Guitars, Classical Guitar, Tenor Banjo, String Bass, Additional Keyboards, Percussion
James Guarnieri - Drums, Percussion
Nick Lieto - Lead and Background Vocals, Keyboards, Mellotron, Hammond Organ, Grand Piano, Trumpet, Percussion
Andrew Sussman - Electric Bass

Frogg Café is a contemporary art rock ensemble working out of the New York metropolitan area. The members of this unique group are Nick Lieto (vocals, keyboards, trumpet), Frank Camiola (guitars), Bill Ayasse (violin, mandolin), Andrew Sussman (bass), and James Guarnieri (drums). All of the members of Frogg Café are university trained in music and this professionalism is quite evident in both the mature compositions and discerning musicality. Frogg Café has been receiving rave reviews from fans and industry alike with their incredibly diverse and eclectic sound that is unmistakably their own.

Frogg Café started out life in 1998 as a Frank Zappa cover band called Lumpy Gravy performing Zappa's difficult music on Long Island and New York City. In 2000, the band was in transition and found a new beginning with the addition of percussionist James Guarnieri to the band. At this point, the band changed its name to Frogg Café and started to perform original music with a host of discernable influences in their sound such as Zappa, Yes, Gentle Giant, Ian Anderson, Genesis, and even the more avant garde styles of composers such as Stravinsky, Ravel, Mingus, Coltrane, Ives, and Copland, just to name a few.

Within their music, Frogg Café deftly blends elements from many sources such as progressive rock, jazz, and even modern chamber music into a cohesive whole. They pull off dazzling intricate written passages one minute, and then take off into spacey improvs the next with a seamless integration. Frogg Café follows their artistic impulses whilst maintaining an incredible amount of musical integrity. With a beautiful blending of vocal harmonies, colorful textures, unparalleled lyricism and melodicism, uncharted and challenging improvisation with both heavy and whimsical musical styles and grooves, the music of Frogg Café is beyond description of words - it must be experienced first hand.

Enjoying the success of the both their self-titled debut "Frogg Café" and the newly released "Creatures", Frogg Café is on a path of a very promising musical journey. Frogg Café has performed with major progressive rock bands such as The Flower Kings and The Magic Elf, and has received major accolades from such distinguished progressive rock websites and magazines such as The Giant Progweed, The Axiom of Choice, Progression Magazine, Io Pages and even legendary figures of progressive music such as Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.

.New Release


1) All This Time - 8:01 
2) Creatures - 7:40 
3) The Celestial
....Metal Can - 8:18 
4) Gagutz - 7:56 
5) Waterfall
....Carnival - 21:14

Produced by Bill Ayasse and Frank Camiola, recorded by Bill Ayasse using Motu Digital Performer 2.7 on Mac G4, engineered and edited by Bill Ayasse. Recorded October 2002 - April 2003 at Captain Cabesa Studios, Islip, NY, mastered by Andreas Meyer at Sony Music Studios, NYC, all arrangements by

Quartet for flute and strings on  the "The Celestial Metal Can" composed and arranged by Frank Camiola.

Frogg Café 
P.O.Box 407 
Islip Terrace, NY 11752. 
Contact and information, please send e-Mail to:
Andrew Sussman

For more information about the band visit FROGG CAFÉ HOME PAGEN
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