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. OCTOBER 2004
House Of Not successfully achieves an melodic sound by creating instrumental Progressive Rock Music that incorporates classical guitar, synth-line, bass, drums and harmonic vocals, where this simple combination results in songs that flow out in a special emotion and, also include a shining energy. The music is centered around thousands of different guitars solos, sometimes heavy, sometimes melodic, perfectly balanced with the drums, bass and keyboards, where all the musicians are deeply committed with the musical concept, creating a wonderful music and a true Prog Rock style. Each composition takes the listener on a different musical journey, full of mysteries and  fantastic adventures. Their songs naturally, show certain similarities and influences from some famous bands as "Pink Floyd", "Barclay James Harvest" and "Moody Blues". For now, we will be waiting for the next parts. You can bet, listening the House Of Not music, you will have an incredible surprise that certainly you will never forget. Brilliant, fantastic and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

House Of Not are:
Brian Erikson - Vocals, Pipes & Bells
Lou Rappoli - Guitars
Ken O´Gorman - Mandolin, Bass and Backing Guitars
Guest Musicians on House of Not:
Mark Camilleri - Keys & Synth
John Maharaj - Bass
Adam Warner - Drums
John Johnstone -
Brian Collins - Bass
David Borg - Didgeridoo
Shana Kinsala - Trombone
Michelle Minke, Natalie Rogerson and Peter Thompson - Backing Vocals
Jim Toris - Backing Guitar
Darren Poirier Guitar

Brian Erikson and Lou Roppoli formed House Of Not in 2002 with the intention of presenting a 21st century counterculture opus. Roppoli´s classic rock guitar style and strong interpretative skills are combined with Erikson´s roots in Classic Music, Jazz, and Blues, to offer "The Walkabout Of A. Nexter Niode - a Rock Odyssey". 

Seeker, poet and recluse, Erikson conceptalized The Walkabout in the Himalayas of Nepal in 2000 and returned to his farm in Ontario to complete the music over the next year. Roppoli plugged himself in and the two began transforming the demos into House Of Not material - recording Part 1: Off the Path. The duo is now in the early stages of production of next parts.

The Walkabout Of A. Nexter Niode is a serial Rock Odyssey chronicling the journey of a way rock n´roller though psyche and soul. House Of Not jams out Off The Path (Part 1) where the tale Begins in Nexter´s own music and poetry. Meet Sad Silk, the guru Ol'Phat Fok, Friedrich  - The fingerpainter of Freek Street and visit far away Sanctuary. Nexter wanders futhers and further from the Mainstream, into another world... an ininhibited universe of music, myth and mirage.

The five part rock Odyssey is musically and lyrically integrated although each album is thematically independent and represents a complete phase of the "trip" as detailed below:

PART I: Off The Path - Nexter sets off as a naive young seeker with a passion for self-knowledge and experience. As he journeys further abroad and off the path, he observes the effect of "truth" and "ideals" on the human condition. He meets the mysterious and alluring Silk and crosses paths with the powerful hypocrite - "Ol'Phat Fok". Nexter then meets Friedrich, the eccentric fingerpainter of Freak Street, who alerts him to the dangers of "chasing the dragon" and the potential of being doomed by the hypocrite's curse.

PART II: Sexus - Nexter returns to steal Silk away from Ol'Phat Fok, thereby escalating the ongoing feud between them. In retaliation, Ol' Phat Fok unleashes a curse - the "Hypocrite's Curse" - upon Nexter and his "trip". As tempers and passion fuel the fire, Nexter, the - "Wayfarer", takes a taste of oppression, cruelty and bondage. The "trip" takes on new meaning as the full breath of the Hypocrite's Curse becomes evident.

PART III: On the Madness of Crowds - The icons, idols and false buddhas of the Hypocrite's Curse are unleashed on the Wayfarer. As Nexter goes to greater lengths to "chase the dragon", he unwittingly fulfils all the requirements for the Curse to be realized. Silk temps him to seek refuge and leads him towards the precipice.

PART IV: Piper at the Precipice - The Wayfarer has "chased the dragon" all the way to the precipice and finds himself consumed. There is no refuge after all. Alone and in anguish over his own folly, he sees that there is only one thing he can do to break the Curse, once and for all.

PART V: Legends, Potentates and Lesser Men - Like so many others, the Wayfarer's trip has been shaped by people, challenges and unforeseen events. For Nexter, the extremes of life have given him a new perspective on reality. The Wayfarer leaves behind a journal with his final words that include a simple song - a song that can only be "played for change".

.New Release

"The Walkabout Of A. Nexter Niode - Part 1 - Off The Path"

1) Mainstrean
2) Footnotes
3) Sad Silk
4) A Mile In Those Shoes
5) Ol'Phat Fok
6) Freak Street
7) Stranger
8) Blood From a Stone
9) Sanctuary

Produced by House Of Not and Ken O´Gorman, Mixed by Ken O´Gorman (Except Track 4).
Mixed by House Of Not and Mark Camilleri, Mastered by Brett Zilahi at Metalworks Studios, Mississauga, Ontario. Engineered by Camilleri and Ken O´Gorman. Recorded at: Imagine Sound, Toronto, Canada and FreakStreet Studios, Mississauga, Canada.

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