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. OCTOBER 2010
After a recording break of almost 3 years Lis Es Stille is now back with their most bombastic third album. The band was formed in 2004, the members come from very different musical backgrounds, their mostly instrumental format and atmospheric musical approach has drawn comparisons to some famous bands from years 70's, adding modern
prog rock concepts. Lis Es Stille combines the diverse experiences of its memebers in a dynamic blend of musical styles, mixing diverse musical influences into a unique sound that seems to resonate different, not much in common with many bands today, the complex instrumental are sometimes solid and intense, but not aggressive, sometimes very emotional, fusing elements from Progressive Rock, Avant-garde, Post Rock,  Neo-Prog rock, Experimental, Jazz,  including epic and symphonic touchs. Sounds of Thunderous drums, bass and guitar are important feature of this band, their instrumental is full of amazing performances, where the addition of psychedelic and esoteric keyboards create an atmospheric dream into the compositions. The Martin Byrialsen's voice,  displays energetic and mystical vocal tones, showing different musical conceptions toguether  to the instruments and arrangements, realy is a definite highlight into the musical mystic from the expression of the melodies. The music from Lis Er Stille, follows in the same line and style such as the bands "Beardfish", "Paatos", "Pink Floyd", "Roger Waters", "Frost*",  "Tool", "The Future Kings Of England", "Porcupine Tree", "King Crimson", and "Anekdoten". In Fact an intense, creative, and incredibly unique Progressive Rock, Lis Es Stille seems to have all the right musical elements to become a new name around the prog rock community. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing work, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Lis Er Stille band today are:
Martin Byrialsen - Vocals, Piano
Jon Gotlev - Drums, Electronics, Effects
Asbjørn Hansen - Bass, Synth
Tue Schmidt Rasmussen - Guitar, Effects
Rosanna Lorenzen - Cello, Backing Vocals


In a disused freezer on an old farm outside the city of Århus, Denmark. This is where Lis Er Stille resides and creates.

They consist of a core of 4 musicians from the light corners of Djursland, the nose, Denmark. They all migrated to Aarhus city, where they now dwell when they’re not in their refuge at an old farm, 2 kilometers, as a bird flies, from the local power plant.

– In an old modified freezer. This is where the music is created in peace and quiet. This is where they play rock music. For when all is said and done, and all kinds of different genres are mixed together, carefully described, it all comes down to the one genre you don’t have to interpret into malice: Rock Music.

Let’s just call it rock music. The process of writing and composing is roughly floating, though they’ve always been true to the story and essence of the ideas before they become music.

The members come from very different musical backgrounds – from classical over jazz to hard rock and metal. When the different styles and lives melt together the outcome is a unique sound and expression. Some tend to define it as somewhere in the middle of “symphonic prog-art-heaven rock”, but let’s just call it rock music for now. Rock music with a story to tell.

Lis Er Stille is also known for being a fantastic and expressive live band. Since the release of the debut "The Construction of the Amp-train" in 2006 the band has played numerous concerts, both headline tours in Denmark and concerts outside the country. Lis Er Stille also played at "Popkomm" in Berlin, at Sweden’s biggest festival, "Peace & Love" in Borlänge and the Danish "Roskilde Festival".

The time spent from the first release has been used to create a solid foundation in Denmark. This has resulted in several concerts covering all of this small country, and continuous interest from a variety of Danish audiences. Lis Er Stille has, furthermore, put a lot of effort into their live shows, to the extent of using a live VJ as an integrated part of almost every single gig.

Their second release, “Apathobvious”, was created from one storyline in which every track represents a certain chapter of the fiction. Our idea is not to reveal the actual story to everyone, for our primary vision is to let the music interpret itself to the listener, or for the listener to find their own storyline. It is a bridge from “the Construction of the Amp Train”, which in their case is the very beginning of what they call ‘Lis’.

Lis Er Stille recently released their third album "The Collibro". The album has been produced and recorded in isolation by the band members themselves, for then to be mixed and mastered in the dark of northern Sweden by Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna.

As with the rest of Lis Er Stille’s music, "The Collibro" requires commitment from the listener. This is hardly preferred as background music, and thus in return for proper listening, you risk being sucked into a larger world, where music, atmosphere and history merge together, into shapes that matter.

Lis Er Stille’s mantra has always been "no compromise". The band does not believe in cultural rules regarding the creation of music, what it should contain or when. Music emerges from the very deepest and highest places, and cannot be limited by rules or time at any cost. A piece of music takes the time it needs to tell the story it is meant to tell. It may last for 2 seconds or 30 years if it needs to. There are no right or wrong. Only true commitment to the universal expression that is music.

Senior Editor of "Rolling Stone Magazine", David Fricke, once saw a Lis Er Stille show. He chose the band for the magazine’s "Pick of the month" in which he, among others, compared Lis Er Stille to Icelandic "Sigur Ros" and the great masters of "Pink Floyd".

New Release

"The Collibro"

01) All the Blood
02) Send in the Scouts
03) Recalling the Color
04) Like a Common
05) Shards of the Ending
06) Through the Quest
......of Your Designs
07) Break or Steal
08) The Real Children
09) The Painted
10) Behold the Remnant
......Parts of Me
11) In the Seed
12) Beneath the Broken

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information send mail to Lis Er Stille, also you must visit Lis Er Stille's friend via their Myspace site.

VME - Voices Music & Enteirtanment - Vesterbrogade 95 H. 1620 Copenhagen V. Denmark.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit LIS ER STILLE HOME PAGEN
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