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. OCTOBER 2012
The American band Mini Burns Band is fronted by singer and songwriter "Mimi", who, together with the guitarist Steve Tyler, formed a musical pair, at about 15 years ago. Around these last years, with a number of live performances, and recognized by the name of Mimi Burns Band, the group is becoming increasingly popular in some parts of the United States. Now, they are composed of eight musicians, who together form a creative partnership, full of musical inovations, blending, in a perfect combination, styles such as Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Melodic Hard Rock, Classic Music adding strong influence of Irish folk, with an amazing level of emotion, that clearly predominates in most arrangements. With a well diversified instrumental, all the musicians on the band, know how to exploit the instruments' sounds, precisely like a great orchestra, the band sounds amazing. At the forefront, from the team, as leader we have a female singer and songwriter called "Mimi", in the compositions, she uses a variety of different vocal tones, a blend of many vocals tones, where, sometimes using heavy tones but without agressiveness, and rapidly gets changing for delicate and sweet vocal tones, think about a blend of "Carole King", "Grace Slick" ("Jefferson Airplane"), "Marie Sauvet" ("Malicorne"), "Joan Baez", "Maddy Prior" ("Steeleye Span"), an unique blend of Irish Music with the roots of American Music. Behind the powerful vocals from Mimi, the band is comprised of awesome musicians, where each one features his musical expertise, but  together, forming a solid instrumental structure, bass and drums show a perfect balance from a melodic hard rock sound, adding some Latin American rhythms, supporting a steady rhythm forming the basis of band, however, one of the highlights from this group is, the combined work of guitar and violin, that is simply breathtaking, Stephen Styler (guitar) and Derek Reeves (violin), this two guys are awesome, they are always in a constant fight between exuberant guitar solos, compared an spectacular performance of violin arrangements, completing the set and adding seasonings to the arrangements, we can hear melodic arrangements of keyboards, and soothing sounds of Celtic instruments like flutes and pipes, especially pipes produces a wide range of musical notes. "Brave Journey" is the newest album from this incredible band, it's divided into ten tracks, some of them sounds electrifying, delivering to the listener a high level of energy, and others where we can hear beautiful balads, however, all them are stunning songs. The album starts with "Stone Of Scone" a fantastic song, followed by "Gypsy Dance", "Humbled Ground" and "Don't Forget Me" I consider this song such as masterpiece of progressive rock music from the band and a special song on the album, you must check this track in an alive performance on the stage, just click here to watch the video on Youtube. "Jack And Jill" is another incredible track, "Sprit Mountain" is a nice balad where we can hear Mimi's vocals dominating the arrangements, "Netherworld" is composed in an accelerated rhythm where drums, guitar and violin are in a constant fight, suported again by nice Mimi's vocals. "Enchanted Night" is another beautiful balad, where soft violin sounds and nice vocals dominate the arrangements. "Women Of Lockerbie" is a soft song, but, closing the album we have another energetic song called  "Exalt", guitar and violin are the main highlights on this track. In fact, after listen the album, many and many times, I can tell that I've become a fan of a band who I've never heard of until now. Without a doubt, this is a high quality band and a special album, which was one of those important releases from 2012. Really the band has an enjoyable sound, which is not just based around complex themes and only instrumental parts, but they demonstrate a pure feeling and a strong sense of create a music that pleases everyone, without distinction. Brilliant, fantastic and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Mimi Burns band album are:
Mimi Burns - Vocals
Stephen Styler - Guitar and vocals
Derek Reeves - Violin
Andy Kramer - Pipes
Gonzalo Carrera - Keyboards
Adam Colclesser
Mister WIlliam Brown - Percussion and vocals
Bryan Nellems - Drums


The styles and influences that contribute to the sound of the Mimi Burns Band are varied; from afro-cuban rhythms to soaring string melodies reminiscent of Paganini to the guttural, energetic bounce of the irish, the roar of the electric guitar and soothing touch of an angelic voice, all are mixed to define a very unique but recognizable sound.

Mimi, who was raised in the American mid-west has always been inspired by the story telling found in folk songs. She was inspired to compose and sing from a very early age.  Her first forays into singing were found in the San Francisco blues scene to great success.

In 1997, Mimi met guitarist and composer Steve Tyler, originally from England, whose unique take on the rhythmic use of the guitar struck a chord. The two immediately fused a musical form that has become the bands unique sound.  The bands debut CD, Slippin’ Away, was released in 1999.  It was followed up with performances in the US and Europe over the next few years.  The band released two additional CDs that further refined the sound.

In 2002, Mimi Burns and Styler relocated to a home base in the mid-west, and shortly thereafter began collaborating with Derek Reeves, principal violist in the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra who brought with him an incredible, fiery mix of traditional violin and irish fiddle.  William Brown IV, whose heritage found in Stax Records contributed the afro-cuban influenced rhythms of the bands world sound along with musical partner Bryan Nellems on drums.

Gonzalo Carrera, a brilliant piano and keyboardist joined the band in 2012 as they worked to complete the fourth CD entitled, ‘Brave Journey’.  Carrera’s inspired sense of melodic touch provided the last but vital ingredient to round out the sound of the band heard today.

The culmination of this musical team has resulted in the realization of the original vision held by Burns and Tyler; a sound that encapsulates a world of musical influence that inspires those that hear it.  At times, spiritually awakening and emotional, and others a raw spectacle, the band and their message are truly an authentic, gripping experience.

Music is one of the few things in this world that can touch people universally regardless of race or creed.  History is littered with examples of artists bringing together groups of people that would not have dreamt of it without the music.

Mimi Burns Band have shared their music with people in many parts of the world, either electronically or in person with the express purpose of inspiring them to greater heights within their own souls.  For it is the spirit, like wildfire in us all that can be reached through music. When stoked, we can accomplish anything.

Mimi Burns Band inspire and create a space for growth, through music, one note at a time.

New Release

"Brave Journey"

01) Stone Of Scone
02) Gypsy Dance
03) Humbled Ground
04) Don't Forget Me
05) Jack And Jill
06) Sprit Mountain
07) Netherworld
08) Enchanted Night
09) Women Of Lockerbie
10) Exalt

This album was produced by Styler, mixed by Dan Middleton Digitracks, mastering by Greg Reierson, Rare Form Mastering. Recorded from October 2010 through July 2012 by Dan Middleton at Digitracks, Fort Wayne, IN. Additional Keyboards recorded by Mike Olayede aka Da'General at Abbey Wood Studio, South London, UK.

Also you can visit Mimi Burns Band at their Facebook, MySpace, Sonic Bids and The Celtic Crier pages.

Check below some great alive performances from the band on the Youtube.

Don't Forget Me
Forget About It
Jack and Jill
I Know You're Out There
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace with bagpipes
Don't Forget Me St Paddy's Day Show


For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit MIMI BURNS BAND HOME PAGEN
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