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. OCTOBER 2013
Nemo is a French group, originally from Haute-Loire, established in 2000, initially consisting of Pascal Bertrand (drums and percussion), Jean-Pierre Louveton (guitar and vocals), Guillaume Fontaine (keyboards) and Hervé Esquis (bass). The musicians show an innovative energy, and an exceptional instrumental performance, which combines  the modern progressive rock influences of bands like "Porcupine Tree", "The Flower Kings", "Spock’s Beard", "Anglagard", "Dream Theater", with touches of traditional progressive rock elements of early 70's bands like "Brand X", "Gentle Giant", "King Crimson" and "Van der Graaf Generator", meanwhile, employs similar musical layers from french bands such as "Ange", "Atoll", "Pulsar", "Lazuli", "Shub-Niggurath", "Shylock" and "Mona Lisa", but, with strong influences and following in the same line of "Ange", "Pulsar" and "Shylock". It is not so easy describe the musical style of the musicians from Nemo. Before all, you must listen to it, to have a real impression from blend of styles that they developed. The music is often described for many listeners such as Progressive Metal. However, the band blends Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion, Neo-Prog, Prog Metal, with subtle Hard Rock passages, with this special formula, their instrumental compositions shows us a cinematic and theatrical character. The quartet Nemo, is basically led by creative guitarrist and lead vocalist called Jean Pierre Louveton, the instrumental base is formed by many guitar riffs and wondrous solos, while keyboard varies from the soft passages, adding strong bass guitar rhythms, complementing with a strong drums, but, in the set, everything is truly thrilling, while the arrangement varies from mellow passages, sometimes adorned by some aggressives drums' sound, but the pinnacle of the music are the vocals, by the way, the lyrics are sung in French, which give a theatrical atmosphere to the arrangements. "Le Ver Dans Le Fruit" is a simply stunning  album from Nemo band. On this fabulous album, the group employs several musical conceptions. The double production consists out of seven songs on CD 1, and also five songs on CD 2. The tracks are all of an evenly high quality. On the first album, if I had to choose my favourite songs, would be: "Trojan", "Verset XV 7.55", "Un Pied Dans La Tombe", "Neuro-Market" and "Le Fruit De La Peur". On the second one, my favourites are "Triste Fable", "Opium", among all tracks, on the second CD we find the long suite called “Arma Diania”, where I consider one of the best song on the double album. "Le Ver Dans Le Fruit" has a impeccable production with the Digipak format, including eight pages booklet, very well illustrated, the front cover is so beautiful, and it is enough to show the exceptional quality of the production. Nemo is a great mix of different influences, for all and for those who are looking for something quite exciting, or a bit of everything, an amazing of work. "Le Ver Dans Le Fruit" it's another one important acquisition album, for all the Progressive Rock lovers. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Nemo album and actual band are:
Jean Pierre Louveton - Guitar and Vocals
Guillaume Fontaine - Keyboards, Vocals, Harmonica and Flute
Lionel B. Guichard - Bass and Backing vocals
Jean Baptiste Itier - Drums


Nemo is the emblematic french Band of the Progressive Rock movement of the 2000’s, which is internationally leaded by Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta, The Flower Kings, Spock’s Beard

Born in 2000, not less than 7 albums (plus 2 Live albums and 1 DVD) came out between 2002 and now, with a bigger recognition of the audience each time.

Nemo is one of the leading Prog Rock bands in France, and after 13 years of existence they conquered the world community of Prog lovers with their previous albums (Si, Barbares, R€volu$ion...). Their 8th studio album is about every kind of manipulation.

Supported by the international specialized press, self distributed all around the world (Usa, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Uk, Poland…) thanks to the internet networks and a high performance webshop (www.quadrifonic.com), the band had the opportunity to play big festivals in Europe and Usa.

On 2 CDs, 12 songs, they warn you about everyone, even them! Musically you will hear a varied and strong blend of what Nemo is all about, featuring a big dose of experimentation and new exploration. Beware of this album, you will succumb to its charms!

Guitar player since 1987, Jean Pierre Louveton took his classes with many different bands, with many different styles before being at the origin of Nemo in 2000.

In parallel, four studio albums under the name “JPL” have been released since 2002, offering to the listeners a large panel of musical styles.

Influenced by guitar players as Michael Schenker, Steve Vai or David Gilmour, Jean Pierre Louveton focuses his playing more on the personnal and emotive side than on the extrem technicity, more on the melody than on a big flow of notes.

Nemo has in particular played with: Focus, Adagio, The Flower Kings, Anglagard, Galahad, Carptree, Pat McManus Band

New Release

"Le Ver Dans Le Fruit"

01) Stipant Luporum
02) Trojan
......(Le Ver Dans Le Fruit)
03) Milgram, 1960
04) Verset XV 7.55
05) Un Pied Dans
......La Tombe
06) Neuro-Market
07) Le Fruit De La Peur

01) A La Une
02) Triste Fable
03) Allah Deus
04) Opium
05) Arma Diania

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Nemo - Verset XV
Nemo - Loin Des Yeux
Nemo - Un Pied Dans La Tombe
Nemo -  Les Visages Du Monde
Nemo - En Concert Live

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