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. OCTOBER 2002
(By Sergio Motta)
After being absent from progressive rock scene for long years, the stunning and unforgettable german progressive rock band Rousseau is back, and to consolidade their return, a brand new CD is now out, and as it happened to all of their previous releases, this new CD whose title is ‘’At The Cinema’’ was issued once again by the peerless french label Muséa. The CD consists of 14 very fine songs, some purely instrumental while others delightfully reach the listeners’ ear through gorgeous vocals by Jörg Schwarz who besides playing the acoustic & electric guitars, also decided to lead vocals. The CD also features the veteran musicians Ali Pfeffer on the drums and Rainer Hofmann on the keyboards whose talent has loyally been present since they debuted with ‘’Flower in Asphalt’’ album far back in 1978. A new and skilful member is likewise taking part in the band, and his knack can be promptly checked out upon the new CD, his name is Dieter Beermann, a gifted bass player who will surely help the band on the accomplishment of other remarkable musical projects henceforth. And for those who have already had the chance of listening to previous releases from Rousseau, I’d surely say this new CD still keeps the very old essence of the band, that is, creating songs that speak straight to the heart; and such as it came about in the past, this new work is also entirely able to produce subtle themes, always joining talent and sentiment; beauty and good taste. For getting such an affinity with this new work, I’d not like to quote any highlight because I have really appreciated all the songs by and large. I’d just like to say that I’m joyous to see the time was not able to erase the stunning characteristics of the band, so most of them could be appreciated again. So if you have lately been looking for something, which help you warm up your heart and to see how marvelous life is, I’d then say that you have now found it! Oh yes, still concerning the instrumental fertility of this new CD, it is worth mentioning the band creatively decided to add to their music, instruments as oboe, viola and accordion, which were sublimely performad by some guest musicians, so it all surely makes this CD one of the best releases of the year. Remember Rousseau was absent from progressive scene for ages, so now you cannot miss the oportunity of checking their current energy and also their rich musicality of course. ‘’At The Cinema’’ is highly recomended.
     Rousseau was formed in Marl, a city in the north of the “Ruhrgebiet” in 1977 by Ali Pfeffer,Georg Huthmacher, Peter Stutz, Ulla Boos and Christoph Huster. Right from the beginning they had a good response and gathered some loyal fans around them. 2 years later Ulla left the band. She was replaced by Rainer Hofmann on key. Peter Stutz left the band shortly after that. For him, Jörg Schwarz joined the band. After some rehersals the band started to play life again and lots of new compositions were made. During the life shows the band tested the new songs and choose out, which song could make it to an album. In 1980 Rousseau released their first LP: "Flower In Asphalt". The new Album was presented life to the fans in a concert at the Marler theater. The response to the show and the feedback from radio stations were just great ! Lots of life gigs followed. In 1983 during the pre productions of their 2nd LP: "Retreat", Jörg Schwarz left the band. He was replaced by Christoph Maasbaum and on some tracks Herbert Ruppik joined the band on vocals. Unfortunatly, at this time the new german wave was the next big thing in germany and stole lots of attention to another great album. The band started a new project. Fools fantasy became a life event with dancers and actors .This show was a great success in germany.
    In 1986 the band released their 3rd album "Square The Circle". Christoph Maasbaum played bass and on guitar was Uwe Schilling, Dieter Müller became the new singer. They had a very good response from lots of countries around the world but they still didn´t get the `Big Break´. After that, the band started to write some new songs and for the first time they wrote german lyrics. "Schlaflose Nächte" (Sleepless nights) was only released in germany.
    Some of the members left the band dissapointed to start new projects and Rousseau seemed to be dead. But in the meantime countries like Japan and Brasil discovered the music of Rousseau and the old releases got great reviews from the press, but unfortunately it was too late to restard. Some years had passed when Ali and Jörg met again. They just sat together, talking `bout the old times and listened to some recordings and demos that Jörg made in the last years, and very quick they found themselves writing new material. Some of the demos were Rousseau at there best and it was easy to start again. The first new song was titeled “If this is heaven”, and was recorded in a studio in Gelsenkirchen with the help of a friend of Ali, Jan Mühldorfer on piano.At this time there was just Ali and Jörg, but very quick Dieter Beermann, an old friend of Jörg, joined the others on bass.
    Dieter worked together with Jörg since 15 years, and together they wrote songs for different bands and singers. Just a few weeks after Dieter joined Rousseau, Rainer Hofman was ready to come back to the group. First for only one song, but very soon the old chemistry started to work again and the four were absolutely sure, that the time was perfect to give Roussau a second chance. The work together was more compact and more filled with life and emotions than ever before. The sound was pure Rousseau, but this time the sound became  more the sound  that the band had on stage all the years.

The french record company Musea was very pleased with the new material and released the album with the title, “At the cinema”.  So just close your eyes, open your heart, and let the music do the talking. “At the cinema” is not a concept album, it´s more a  soundtrack to a movie which  you have in your head. Right now, the band is recording new material for a forthcoming album, and three new songs are already finished.

.New Release

At The Cinema

01) Welcome to 
......the cinema
02) Now or never
03) Rendezvous
04) All I want
05) Waterfront
06) If this is heaven
07) Retreat
08) Back in these arms
09) Seatle
10) Shortcut to
11) Halland
12) Through
13) Amour fou
14) At the cinema

Rousseau are:
Jörg Schwarz - guitars and lead vocals (Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Danelectro U2, electrics, and Taylor and Ovation accoustics
Rainer Hofmann - keyboards (Roland, Korg, Kurzweil Yamaha)
Dieter Beerman - bass (Fender Precission Warwick Thumb)
Ali Pfeffer - drums (Yamaha, Ludwig, Tama)

See also an interview with Jörg Schwarz, the guitar player of the band.

More about and order the CD contact MUSEA at musearecords.com/

The first hundred people who order the new album from Musea, can get a limited original Music Cassette (MC) from our first album "Flower in asphalt" for free.

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