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Once again, a new band emerges, and especially this come from Poland, entitled Lebowski. Formed by four creative and talented musicians. The band's musical style is well-known and very familiar under the progressive rock that we know from long time, the main style is easily identified as a wondrous Symphonic Progressive Rock, adding soft lines of Art-Rock and Neo-Prog. Their musical influences fit perfectly in with a modern symphonic sensibilities, very well dominated by atmospheric keyboards, adorned by floating guitar solos, creating a impressive sound that is very well balanced by a constant musical orchestration, where all instruments fit perfectly, everything compensated with a vibrant drums, the bass complements the arrangements without being overbearing. It´s possible realize that  all instruments have exactly a moment to breathe, and back quickly to the sensuous spirit of the  music, creating a new instrumental line into the symphonic arrangements. The talented musicians from Lebowski, really  released a spectacular debut album, titled as "Cinematic", you can bet your life, this album is truly "Cinematic". The album contains ten songs, almost totaly instrumental filled with sensitive melodies, where the guitars float gently without aggressiveness. The collection of songs on this album are entwined with a passionate instrumental, with a particular emphasis to the lyrical and narrative vocals developed by Katarzyna Dziubak, a soft and tender voice that she projects inside the compositions with a fine style and grace, including some special narration by a male vocal, also a special attention to the violin passages performed by Katarzyna, giving a special emphasis to some compositions. The music from Lebowski, follows in the same line such as the bands "Quidan", "Mr. Gil", "Believe", "Collage", "Framauro", "Millenium", "Turquoise", "Moonlight", "Lizard", "Albion", "Anamor", "Satellite", "After", "Retrospective", "Amarok", "Lunatic Soul", "Nemezis" and "Osada Vida". Be my guest to listen "Cinematic" many times, I believe that you will enjoy the delightful Symphonic songs, naturally you will be including Lebowski in your list of favorite bands of progressive rock. Once again, another amazing Progressive Rock band, that brings together all major musical components, to become a new name around the prog rock community. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing work, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Lebowski band today are:
Marcin Grzegorczyk - Guitars 
Marcin Luczaj - Synthesizers 
Marek Zak - Bass
Krzysztof Pakula - Drums

Guest Musician:
Katarzyna Dziubak - Vocal and Violin


Lebowski is a band founded in 2002, playing a wide spectrum of progressive rock music.

On the debut album in 2010, listener gets to experience the tunes along the lines of artistic rock, motion pictures music, experimental and improvisation, all in harmonized integrity.

"Cinematic" is music for a non-existent film. From a theme aspect they can intrepidly consider it as a concept album, dedicated to the 'big figures' of the polish and world cinema.

What comes to the music - the CD is very compact, enriched with dynamic patterns, creating a self-collage. Like a picture of a good director. Lebowski holds listeners in tension, changing the moods, playing according to emotions. Complex and multidimensional compositions, are enabling a surprising and dynamic plot. The entirety is completed with rich instrumental use and the whole ensemble is an interesting arrangement, where the music isn't held from being in some cases aesthetic, modest and soft. Lyrics for the "Cinematic" are original quotes adopted from the classical polish and international films.

Cinematic –  The idea for an album that they could possibly record and release at their own expense was conceived as early as at the beginning of 2005. The initial plan was relatively simple – fast recording in a non-commercial studio, brief sound mixing and the album release. However, the deeper they went into the idea, the more they listened to our ‘cinema-songs’, the more they discovered about the complexities of sound production and the potential of the equipment at their disposal, the more elaborate their project would become;  their expectations inevitably grew bigger and bigger rendering the ‘grand finale’ a thing of unspecified future. The rhythm section and main keyboards were recorded in a rehearsal room; then they moved to one of their member’s flat which, unexpectedly, for almost two years became a sort of low-budget recording studio. Despite modest means and the fact that the skills required as well as the knowledge needed to accomplish the aim were by no means painlessly gained in the midst of frenzy labour, they did our best to make Cinematic a coherent, well-sounding and rather exceptional album. It is up to you to decide whether they have been successful.

Cinematic is the culmination of their musical adventure as a group; it crowns a certain phase in the evolutionary way of four musicians and friends. As soon as it dawned on them how style-cramping the convention of a typical rock song is, they naturally drifted towards  more sophisticated forms, leaving ‘fossilized’ patterns behind. Vocals gave way to the sounds of instruments; instead, samples, effects and voices abounded. More often than not people would pigeonhole Lebowski’s pieces as film music. Their sounds became a soundtrack of a non-existing motion picture. Cinematic was born.

New Release


01) Trip to Doha
02) 137 sec. 
03) Cinematic 
04) Old British Spy
05) Iceland
06) Encore
07) Aperitif for
08) Spiritual Machine
09) The Storyteller
10) Human Error

Music By Marcin Luczaj & Marcin Grzegorczyk, Mixed & Produced: Marcin Grzegorczyk. Mastered By  Tom Meyer - Master & Servant. Photos & Cover Concept By: Wiktor Franko. Manager - Radek Ratomski.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band send mail to Lebowski, also you can visit their MySpace page.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit LEBOWSKI HOME PAGEN
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