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. JANUARY 2011
We started 2011 with a real Progressive Rock Band that deserves absolute and a special attention. I really consider one of the most important revelation of the year 2010, and, of course, one of the best album and band for 2011. I´m talkin about a startling revelation that we can call of Introvisión. They come from a small country called Costa Rica, located in Central America. The musicians on the band encompasse many styles such as the Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Melodic Rock, Experimental, Art Rock and naturally, adding an amount of symphonic elements, constantly demonstrating a variety of sounds, that sound in different tones, at the same time that artfully come together in a set of mostly instrumental compositions without a complexity in the arrangements, but using an intellectual musical level out of the common. The instrumental arrangements are shared into a multilayered, sometimes symphonic, sometimes melodic, sometimes metalic, full of variations, constant instrumental changes and surprising twists, make up their songs, indeed, everything is perfectly and well played and very well balanced, making full use of all the resources of musical instruments, where keyboards, guitars, drums, bass and vocals are well related in a perfect harmony, but always directed to a symphonic style, where all arrangements are adorned by atmospheric keyboards, full of guitar solos, powerful bass, pulsating drums, complementing with some interesting vocals (singing in Spanish, of course). "08:36:59" is a Progressive Rock concept album featuring a refreshing unique sound, blending all the essence of the 70's, but, adding many actuals musical portions. With almost 78 minutes long and eight songs, "08:36:59" should be an obligatory part of collections from all progressive rock listeners around the world. The music from Introvisión, follows in the same line such as the bands "Camel", "Yes", "Caravan", "Le Orme", "King Crimson", "Focus", "Crucis", "Pablo El Enterrador" , "Pink Floyd" and many orhers". In Fact an intense, creative, and incredibly unique Progressive Rock music, Introvisión seems to have all the right musical elements to become a new name around the prog rock community. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing work, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Introvisión band today are:
Andrés Corrales - Keyboards and Synths
Marcos Solano - Electric Guitar
Wil Acuña - Vocals
Michael Muñoz - Electric Bass and Acoustic Guitar
Mauricio Delgado - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Roberto Mata - Guitar
Ana Castro - Flute
Daniela Mora - Backing Vocals
Gloriela Villalobos - soprano vocals
Brian Brenes - Special Vocal on "La Tierra De Nadie"


Introvisión was formed in march of 2003 when four musical creative minds got tohether: Michael Muñoz (bass and vocals), Mauricio Delgado (drums and 2nd vocals), Marcos Solano (guitar) and Andrés Corrales (sinthesizers). 

Approximately a month and a half after being formed, the band had its debut concert at the extinct Teatro Eskené on april 23rd. After 3 years of giving concerts and getting established on the costarican progressive rock scene, the band decides to focus on the production of their first album.

After another 3 years of musical exploration, Introvisión started the production/recording process for the long awaited first album, which was released on December 2010.

On february of 2010 Wil Acuña entered the band as the new vocalist for the recording. Some important achievements in the bandís history are participating on Costa Ricaís First Progressive Rock Festival in the year 2004, being the opening act for the Mexican band EZOO (which features ex-members from Cast) in 2005, obtaining the 1st place of Bandatón Music Quest in 2007 and being part of the 3rd Rock en el Farolito Festival in 2008; all of them local acts.

New Release


01) Momentum
02) Endo
03) La Tierra de Nadie
04) Desenfreno
05) Reencarnaciones
06) Nivulocartro
07) 08:36:59 / El
......Umbral de la
......Liberación Interior
08) La Hoguera

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band send mail to Introvisión, also you can visit their MySpace page.

"08:36:59" is a Independent production by Introvisión. The album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios.

YouTube video - Introvisión - 08:36:59 (Álbum Trailer)

Introvisión's first video in 2005 by Brian Brenes.

Buy the album "08.36.59" at CDBABY.


For more information and every thing about the band, please visit INTROVISIÓN HOME PAGEN
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