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The band Blue Mammoth Born in 2009, considered as a new group and surely a revelation, however, the band are formed by experienced and talented musicians, all them highly committed to a well defined style, where the arrangements are carefully prepared in the symphonic line, with many progressive rock elements, moreover there is some influences of the musicians in the style of tradictional melodic hard rock, adding lush harmonies and a vibrant energy, with strong lyrics, where the instrumetal explores various musical forms, capturing real musical essence that can only be found in the original prog rock bands of the '70s. Blue Mammoth it's typically configured such as many progressive rock bands as we has been followed all these years, using conventional musical instruments like guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, and naturally adding strong vocals, however, this "amazing quartet", have a musical power orchestration, like a group composed with several musicians. Powerful and virtuoso music with strong voices, the vocal fits perfectly with the arrangements, offering an unique vibration, stunning guitar solo, not so fast and not so heavy, complemented by vibrant bass sounds and a thunderous drums, keyboards parts are very rich, demonstrating a fine symphonic musical taste, in combination with a hard and symphonic style, providing a very creative ambient. The themes are developed through long tracks, the album opens with the song "Blue Mammoth",which is divided into four parts, at first moment the introduction starts with synthesizers adding some epic effects, after, the compositions follow divided around many Progressive Rock passages, fantastic rhythm section in an impressive style, blending Symphonic, Progressive and Hard Rock elements, something well special developed by the musicians, really a wide range of musical styles a real musical delight. The next tracks, we can listen a music section full of impressive arrangements, developed in a range of beautiful melodies, powerful vocals and emotional musicality, while the keyboards adds a infinity of  symphonic passages. Including "Blue Mammoth", my favorite songs are "Metamorphosis", "The Rain of Changes
- A Poet Spirit Voyage", "Same Old Sad Tale", and  "Quixote's Dream". For all listeners of the best progressive rock style, using as a reference, we can say that, the band Blue Mammoth follows the same line of bands such as "Yes", "Genesis", "Kansas", "Gentle Giant", "Uriah Heep", "Nektar", "PBII", "Cryptic Vision", "Knight Area", "Black Bonzo", "The D Project", "Adventure", "Big Big Train" and many others in the same line. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Blue Mammoth album are:
Julian Quilodran - Bass, Cello, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion and Backing Vocals
Andre Micheli - Piano, Organ, Synths, Lead & Backing Vocals
Thiago Meyer - Drums, Electronic and Acoustic Percussion and Backing Vocals
Andre Lupac - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Flute and Backing Vocals


The Blue Mammoth Band is the result of a fortunate encounter of bassist and musical producer Julian Quilodran as well as the keyboard player and composer Andre Micheli.

Julian never gave up on the idea of setting up a new prog rock project since his band "The Octohpera", dissolved right after releasing their debut album in 2002. He met Andre Micheli in early 2003 and they worked together on a few projects, while Andre was studying musical composition at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University.

This new friendship made Andre go much deeper into progressive music and several invitations to make a band soon appeared. At the end of his course, Andre was disappointed about the erudite music production and the academic milieu. Thus, he found in progressive rock a perfect way to show his artistic expression, where he could assemble the grip of the ever loved rock music and the harmonic colors and techniques of classical music. Right after that they began working on the project.

The initial idea was for the project to only consist of studio sessions in composition/recording by the two members, since forming a band seemed unlikely at this time. At this time, some guitarists collaborated transiently on the pre-production of the songs, such as Pablo Marques and Cesar Aires.

The repertoire gradually proved itself strong enough to motivate musicians to join the project permanently. Amongst these musicians, the first was the drummer Thiago Meyer and, soon after, guitarist Andre Lupac. They both did a great job with engagement and dedication, which made the accomplishment of a unity throughout the repertoire. As Andre Micheli assumed the lead vocals , the initial project now deserved to be called a band.

Just a few weeks after three singles were released on the internet, the band was invited to sign with Masque Records and release their first international album .

The work became intense and, due to personal issues, guitarist Andre Lupac decided to leave the band. We called Cesar Aires back, who had always been aware of the paths and developments of the production of the album. Luckily, there was almost no break on the band’s working rhythm and Cesar is now fully incorporated to the band’s group.

Julian Quilodran Andre Micheli
Having participated in a few bands and forming a initial local group of fans, but just didnt live on; Julian has come to the conclusion that a more professional approach was needed if he wanted to have his own group on the road. So through his own words, he began to work step by step in this plan which principal aim was to play original progressive rock music. A bulky investment was made in equipment to set up a professional studio for rehearsals and eventual recording sets with a serious formation in musical production without putting aside an upgrade in his musical and bass technique skills. Julian's thought was the seed of a band about to be born, yet with no name, no defined style and no face. The last decisive path shouldn't be taken for granted. The right partners need to be found and they did not take long to appear. It took a few years for Andre to catch onto Julian's visionary project. At the time that they met, Andre was involved in some projects and in the beginning of his graduation course in musical composition. He was searching for a bassist for one of his projects and a common friend introduced them. A coincidence of facts put an end to the project they were working on at the same time of the graduation course. So they finally sat down to seriously think about a new band. The first themes Andre brought with him threw any doubts away and right after that they formed the band. Andre is still the main composer of the Blue Mammoth band, with a very personal style based on a solid background acquired from early piano lessons in classical music, as well as an interest in rock music since his teenage years with a little bit of jazz harmony. André's inventiveness in harmony, textures and structures made possible the emergence of the easy Julian's imagination to rhythm sections. Thus, the arrangements and repertoire were brought out quite naturally. The basis of the first album was set down.
Cesar Aires Thiago Meyer
Some people come to the wrong conclusion that progressive means essentially Keyboard music accompanied by other instruments. That's not true. The guitar plays a very important role in Blue Mammoth's music. It's not just adding weight and heavy riffs. Many times subtle harmonic and rhythm fulfillment's are needed. Cesar is that kind of musician that is able to go back and forth inside musical textures, sometimes able to play as a protagonist rock guitarist, and at times compounding the scenery to let things happen properly. A by-ear guitar player since his early teenage years coming from a family with music in their heart (his brother is graduated in classical guitar) Cesar is aware of the meaning of "orchestral" thought. These competences, allied to his extensive experience and familiarity to many prog and neo prog band’s sounds, give him the natural skills to fitin as the Blue Mammoth’s guitarist. Contrasting to the two first members quite rough personalities, Thiago is a very easy going guy. Always ready to help, it took him just a few weeks to be completely prepared for recording sessions since his first repertoire audition. As he said, he wouldn't lose a single note. Thiago used to visit Julian's studio in some of his bands rehearsals. Julian was already aware of his interesting drum style and musical taste, besides his personality that could fit perfectly with the team. When he got the chance he invited him into the group and presented the repertoire which was received with happiness. Thiago is really a progressive rock lover. His techniques and skills are mainly based and molded through the attentive listening to great masters of prog rock drums, and a constant search and practice with his instrument. Hard finding style, Thiago brought just the right grip, tough when needed and soft lyrics at the right time. An essential skill required for the accomplishment of the contrasting prog style.

The debut self-titled Blue Mammoth album is a fourteen tracks one with up to 1h03min long. Some tracks are grouped to tell only one story, like “Blue Mammoth” on tracks 1-4, “The Rain of Changes” on tracks 6-8 and “Quixote’s Dream” on tracks 10-12. Nevertheless, it’s not quite a concept album like many prog fans would understand this denomination. But everyone who listens to it will surely perceive kind of imaginary thread throughout the tracks. This is much more due to some encircling force that surrounded everyone involved in the album’s production then to some deliberated act. This passion involvement let the group make a deep sink into the material’s universe, and we can say that these pieces really represent an artistic moment of this group.

There was a helpful order throughout the album production process, since every songs were composed in a closed period of some months unless track 13 “Resurrection Day” that Andre Micheli brought from an old partnership’s work. All pieces were arranged in a subsequent closed period of some months too, unless the last album track “Infinite Strangers” that the band decided to completely change its arrangements when they were almost in recording process. And they don’t regret it. This means that when they begun to work on the songs they had already a broad vision above all selected material and when they begun to record they had it already ready to go. Most probably that’s why all the repertoire seems to naturally cohere.

New Release

"Blue Mammoth"

01) Blue Mammoth 
......I - Overture – The
..........Awakening of
..........a Giant
......II - The King of
......III - Winter Winds
......IV - Coda – Back
02) Metamorphosis
03) The Rain of Changes
......- A Poet Spirit
......I - Growin’
......II - Who We Are 
......III - The Sun’s Face
04) Same Old Sad Tale
05) Quixote's Dream 
......I - Farewell my Lady
......II - Hero
......III- Solitude - The
...........Sad End of a
06) Resurrection Day
07) Infinite Strangers

The album is a fine production arranged by André Micheli and Julian Quilodran, recorded and mixed by Julian Quilodran, and produced by Blue Mammoth band, and is now released by Masque Records in 2011. It comes with an eight pages booklet with all lyrics and informations.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, you must visit Blue Mammoth at MySpace.

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit BLUE MAMMOTH HOME PAGEN
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