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There are some bands that make a special musical feeling in our mind, and of course Chaneton is one of these groups. They offer us a intense music followed by an instrumental work to the first class into the Neo-Progressive style. All melodies are full of energy and mystery, featuring a refined guitar work and solid lead vocals, adorned by symphonic sounds of keys, but the main highlights are into the vocals, which sounds very near to "Peter Gabriel" into the old "Genesis" age, and also some parts near "Fish", mainly in the first works from "Marillion". These guys are seriously talented musicians, playing a amazing and serious Progressive Rock music. As you can see Chaneton has all elements that a good Neo-Progressive band should have, in fact they are made for fans and lovers of "Genesis", "IQ", "Pendragon" and "Marillion". Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

Chaneton are:
Patricio Villanueva - Vocals
Alex Chaneton - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Charly Kleppe - Piano, Synthesizers, Acustic Guitar and Vocals
Jano Pérez Sarmenti - Drums and Percussion
Adrián "Marquez" Gómez - Bass Guitars

The group Chaneton was born in December of 1995, Argentina; first in form acoustics. Alex Chaneton (17-01-62) it came from the group Mandrágora, formed at beginning of the 80, publishing a disk with this grouping in 1992. In 1994, he decides to move away from the group for musical reasons; in one of their last show in this grouping, he knows the singer of the group that night would make from support to Mandrágora. Patricio Villanueva (23-07-70) of Kidnapping of Europa, it would last in that band up to 1995. That night, after the show, Alex comments to Patricio that was composing topics to rush as soloist or, to form a band. The promoter of that show, Ricardo "Sir lancelot" Medina, agrees a meeting with them for that week; the result of all this was that Patricio would collaborate with Alex. In that same year, their relationships with the members of Kidnapping of Europa were not completely good; therefore, he decided to move away from the group, that which causes the breakup of the band, months later.
After both experiences, Alex and Patricio they didn't think of forming an electric group; but well something acoustic. For this project, they summon Alex's student, Adrián "you Mark" Gómez (27-05-65) to be taken charge of the acoustic guitars. While they exposed that project in diverse Pubs of Buenos Aires, the idea of forming a band every bigger time was made. By the middle of 1996, Willy enters to the group Ingrassia (Keyboards), Kaito Barragán (Battery); the name of the band was baptized as "Chaneton", this was due to that most of the topics belonged to Alex, and its last name was known by the fans; it was a quick way of being given to know.

At the beginning he had baptized them to him as tentative name "Jugglers of Camelot" it names of which were not completely convinced, and that his promoter, Ricardo had proposed "Lancelot" Medina. After being presented in diverse theaters and pubs of Buenos Aires, they record two topics for the sampler of the stamp "New Mellotron" in 1997, of Andrés it Fences. In 1998, Willy Ingrassia and Kaito Barragán abandons the band for labor reasons; as consequence of this, and after a time of search, the vacancy for tecladista the taking German Licked (former Kidnapping of Europe), and for that of battery Quique Gentille. 

In 1999, they begin to record their first disk "Questions Inside The Pictures" for the stamp "New Mellotron". In the middle of recording process, Germán Licked and Quique Gentille begin to show its musical differences and they decide to abandon the recording project. Quickly, the rest of the band undertakes the one on the way to the search of two musicians that they adapt to the musical approach of the group. Carlos Kleppe (5-07-64) in keyboards and Jano Pérez Sarmenti (7-06-77) in battery, they were added officially to the band and the recording project. 

The contact with Carlos Kleppe took place through a warning in the magazine "Mellotron" publicity a recording study "In The Cage" (study of recording of Carlos Kleppe). Patricio Villanueva took contact with the future tecladista, proposing him among other things to participate of a project on covers of Genesis and Marillion, and also to be stable member of the band and to continue with the recording of the disk. Carlos Kleppe, came from the groups "The End" and "El Fin". In the first one they interpreted covers of "Pink Floyd", and in the second, own topics; publishing with this band two disks. For the project of the covers of Genesis and Marillion, it was added as tecladista, Hernán Simó. 

Jano Pérez Sarmenti (7-06-77) it occupied the battery vacancy. It began their career in Kidnapping from Europe to the sixteen years, and it was also part of the group of percussion of the Conservatory "Alberto Ginastera"; and already in 1999 it is part of the group Chaneton
By the middle of the year 2000, Chaneton publishes its first disk "Questions Inside The Pictures". In the year 2001, they present the disk in diverse places of Buenos Aires; also, they participate as group it supports of the bands "Even Lindh Proyect", "Arena", "Flowers Kings", Steve Hackett". Also for that time the live disk is published in homage to Genesis and Marillion "Cinema Show". 

.New Release

"The First Lights
..Of The Century"

01) The First Lights
......Of The Century 
02) Faces Meeting
......In Your Hands 
03) Infinite Line
04) Across The Sea
05) Black Mountain 
06) Six Flowers
......In The Room 
07) On The Edge
08) Man In Grey 
09) Apocalipse Seller
.....(in the pope's hands) 
10) Lost Propechy

The album was recorded at "In The Cage" Studio, between July 2002 and October 2003. Mastered and mixed by Charly Kleppe and Aldo Castelli. All lyrics by Patricio Villanueva except "Infinit Line" by Alex Chaneton and "On The Edge" by Martin Chaneton. All arrangements by Chaneton.

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For more information and every thing about the band, please visit CHANETON HOME PAGEN
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