2017 has been a challenging and busy year, with the appearance of many Brazilian and international Progressive Rock bands. As well as those that for some time were in deep silence and out of the prog scene, that return with new formations and launch excellent works. The last three months were brilliant, and an excellent period, especially for Brazilian bands, full of amazing news about new and old bands, and with numerous releases of CDs and vinyl, both international and national. Well, after listen and listen many different Prog Rock bands and their respective albums, I can say, it was very hard choose one to become the band of september's month, but among all that I heard, I choose one, which surprised me, by its musical references, by de amazing music and a gorgeous instrumental. I am pleased to introduce to you, the musician, keyboardist, composer and arranger called Corciolli and his newest album titled as "Ilusia". Corciolli is a Brazilian musician, highly regarded composer and producer, he is a official Yamaha brazilian artist. He was born in São Paulo in 1968, he began his piano studies at the age of 13, at this age, developed an interest in jazz and brazilian popular music. After 18 years old, while studying architecture and urban planning, in a college, it was from this time on that Corciolli began to have an interest in music, mainly by the electronic instrumental music that was already expected, due to the fact related to his musical knowledge acquired when studying piano. From this point, Corciolli starts acting as a professional musician. His favorite artists and musical legacy, in a certain way, follow the standards and influences of renowned keyboardists and composers such as Vangelis, Tomita, Alan Parsons, Kitaro, Hans Zimmer and others. However, his works have a personal and original signature. In 1993, Corciolli founded the record label Azul Music, releasing his first solo album titled as All That Binds U. From this moment Corciolli becomes a magician of the keyboards. One of his masterpiece, or the first one, from an impeccable discography composed of more than 30 works, was released in 1995, an album totally inspired by old Latin texts and studies about alchemy. This album is called  Unio Mystica, where Corciolli reveals his talent and keyboard's techniques, blending Gregorian chants and ethereal piano melodies, including innovative orchestral arrangements. Unio Mystica was released in several countries, with an incredible success for both the public and music critics. Corciolli is a warrior, where his weapons are keyboards and synthesizers, and the ammunition is his creativity and talent, he usually defines that making instrumental music these days in Brazil is a "heroic" act. Corciolli recorded albums with the participation of the Tibetan monks of Gaden Shartse, Tony Levin (bass player of Peter Gabriel), Naná Vasconcelos and Andre Matos (Angra). In 2004, with Caras Magazine, he released two musical collections, "Caras Zen" and "Músicas do Mundo". "Illusia" is his newest work, an instrumental album, composed of eight tracks, where Corciolli shows all his talent as musician, composer and orchestrator, perhaps this album is the most progressive of his career. All the trademarks from Corciolli are shown on this album. All  compositions are sophisticated, arrangements are very well elaborated, the keyboards sounds floats between an epic and magic atmosphere, together with prominent guitar's samples including opulent bass and a vibrant drums. The total pleasure factor becomes increasingly tense during the duration of "Illusia", while the imagination and unlimited inventiveness of music are enough to sustain the interest of  hearing, hearing and hearing often. There is a delicate atmosphere around all songs, which leads the listener to a "Dreamspace" full of energy, that inspire the whole album. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Corciolli album and actual band are:
Corciolli - All Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizers and Guitar Samples
Ramon Montagner - Drums
Mauricio Oliveira - Bass


Corciolli was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and began his musical studies at the age of 13. While taking piano lessons, he developed a strong interest in electronic synthesizers, playing in local bands where he introduced his very first compositions and arrangements. In 1986, he attended the Architecture College, while playing with Brazilian´s bass legend Celso Pixinga and with the rumba flamenco band Espirito Cigano.

In 1993, Corciolli established his own record company, Azul Music, releasing his first solo album all that binds us, followed by the album Unio Mystica, inspired by medieval alchemy texts, blending Gregorian chants and orchestral arrangements. The album was released in several countries and received Pope Joannes Paulus II blessing. In 1996, he performed with the Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse in 2 memorable concerts at the Memorial da America Latina, in Sao Paulo. Together with the Monks, he released the album The New Moon Of East, an unprecedented meeting of the Tibetan sacred chants with western music.

In the following years, Corciolli produced and released many successful albums; Exotique (1998), Unio Celestia (1999) and the Tudoazul (2001) best-seller series of ten albums inspired by holistic therapies and ancestral knowledgement. Highligts include his song Oratio, which was chosen as the main theme of the Brazilian soapbox Essas Mulheres and Toledo, which was the 2007´s Pan-American Games performance theme of renowned gymnast Angelica Kvieczynski. Invited by Caras magazine, Corciolli produced 2 successful series: Caras Zen and Caras Music From the World, totaling sales of over 8 million CDs at newsstands nationwide. Other releases include Art Of Seduction (2001), Um Olhar (2004), Nosso Lar (2008) and Lightwalk (2009), which features Tony Levin on bass, Naná Vasconcelos on percussion and Andre Matos on vocals.

In 2007 Corciolli performed in the epic concert at Marco Zero, an open air stage at the main northeastern city of Brazil, Recife. He was also featured in a 12 page interview and appeared on the front cover of the Teclado & Audio magazine.

With more than 2 million album sold in Brazil alone and albums released in 40 countries, Corciolli´s music is featured in many compilations with Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, The Alan Parsons Project, Kitaro, Dead Can Dance, Secret Garden, Era, Sarah Brightman, Enigma, Luciano Pavarotti, Andreas Vollenweider and Diana Krall, among others. Since 2011, Corciolli has dedicated himself to composing original soundtracks for films, producing artists and performing live throughout Brazil.


New Release


01) The Man Who
......Disappeared In
......The Painting
02) Secrets Of The
03) Distant Living
04) Ghosts Of The
......Perpetual Mansion
05) The Imaginary
06) The Misery Of Fear
......And The Battle
......Against The
......Immortal Dream
07) Light Spheres In
......A Stephen King Mist
08) Midnight Of The
......World At
......The End Of Time

Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Corciolli. With Ramon Montagner on drums and Mauricio Oliveiraon bass (tracks 1,3 and 4). Drums recorded by Adonias Jr. at Arsis Studio. Basses recorded by Mauricio Oliveira at Alcova Studio. Mastered by Carlos Freitas at Classic Master.Mixed by João Millet and Corciolli at Estudio da Mosca, StudioAzul and Estudio Cada Instante. Cover by Corciolli, Design by Ian Bonoir and Photo by Artur Curval.

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Corciolli - The Man Who Disappeared in the Painting

Corciolli - Toledo - (from DVD "Lightwalk - Live at Auditorio Ibirapuera")

Corciolli - Dandelion

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