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Fromuz is a reunion of amazing and talented musicians, coming from a place with no tradition in Progressive Rock. This Uzbekistan's Band brings amazingly well done Progressive Rock,  adorned with elements of powerful Hard Rock and Metal, also adding some touchs of  Jazz-rock Fusion, and finally, with a successful combination of nice symphonism. The band knows how to create sophisticated orchestral arrangements, precisely played, with a perfect balance between energy and softness. Fromuz puts special emphasis on creating something memorable in each composition, their music is totally instrumental, full of symphonic elements from the rich keyboard arrangements, that are linked together dreamy guitar solos and fantastic bass lines. The rhythm section is so fantastic, the drums are pure progressive" played with a powerful vibration. "Overlook" features a moving collection of soundscapes, which have potential to become one of the best releases from 2008. The album includes five beautiful inspired tracks, which takes the listener to a magical 69 minutes musical trip. We must listen carefully the tracks "Stone Salad", "Other Side.Of The Water", "Crashmind", "13th Of August" and "Return To Wax Inhabitants Town" of course, you will find only pure emotions, crowned by an immense musical feeling, capable to satisfy all progressive rock fans around the world. Brilliant, fantastic, and amazing work, highly recommendable...

The present line-up of the Fromuz  are:
Vitaly Popeloff - Electric, Acoustic and Synth Guitars
Andrew Mara-Novik - Bass
Albert Khalmurzayev - Keyboards and Sampling
Vladimir Badirov - Drums


Hailing from Tashkent Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbek: O‘zbekiston Respublikasi), is a doubly land locked country in Central Asia, formerly part of the Soviet Union.) From there come the band Fromuz, today a four piece instrumental band, formed in 2004 when bassist Andrew Mara-Novik and session guitarist Vitaly Popeloff began collaborating with the aim of creating music that would satisfy their personal creativity. Percussionist Vladimir Badirov and keyboardist Albert Khalmurzayev soon joined them, and a unique creative synergy was forged. 

The band was officially introduced to the world through the compositions that they debuted in April 2005 at the Youth Theater of Uzbekistan, in Tashkent. This incredibly energetic and expressive live performance (The CD/DVD combination “Audio Diplomacy”) is testimony to the intense musical statement that is Fromuz. Since the recording of "Audio Diplomacy", the band has added a fifth member, Evgeny Popeloff as a second keyboardist. Evgeny is the son of Vitaly, so already a second generation of Fromuz has begun. As a quintet, even before the release of their CD/DVD, the band has begun work on a new collection of compositions, with an eye (or ear) toward their next release. Fromuz, playing at the Baja Prog Festival in Mexicali, Baja California 2007.

Now all original members of Fromuz are back, for the five epic tracks that make up "Overlook", as they once again prove themselves to be among the most passionate and talented musicians on the planet today. Steve Carroll, the 10t Records label president said: “Anyone who enjoyed their debut will be ecstatic after hearing this new material. It really focuses on just what an amazing musical force these musicians are. We couldn’t be happier to be associated with Fromuz as they represent everything that we created this label to showcase.” The CD features outstanding production, with mixing by Jeff Hodges "Man On Fire" and was mastered by veteran mastering engineer Brad Blackwood "Evanescence".

Albert S. Khalmurzayev - keyboards - Albert was born in Uzbekistan in 1967. His specialty is acting, working in dramatic theatre and cinema. His first musical steps were begun in school where a group he formed played avant-garde instrumental music, using not only conventional instruments, but also specially made equipment, and various found objects. During his studying at the poly-technical institute, in 1984, he played guitar and percussion in a group, "Visit," performing for student festivals. When Albert was called to serve in the navy, he continued his musical training in the group, "Contour.” The group successfully participated in the Seaside Rock Festival in 1987 and won first prize. In 1989, he became a participant in an acoustic art group called “Rare Bird,” (guitar, vocals, mandolin, wooden flute, harmonica & percussion). Enough music was created for two albums, “Music for Relatives” and “Electric,” which are no longer available. The group participated in rock festivals in Central Asia and played many concerts. During the same period Albert began to work in the Youth Theater of Uzbekistan, first as an actor, and then as an arranger and composer. In thetheater, Alberthas arranged music for about 20 performances and has composed music and songs for 14 others. He collaborates frequently with local radio and TV stations. Two albums of his theatrical performances have been recorded and published in Europe: “Sodomand Gomorrah XXI” and “Danceson Gobelins” of the project X Religion. In 2004, he was offered the opportunity to play “Sodomand Gomorrah XXI” live with the newly formed group, Fromuz. After the completion of this project he became a full member of the team.

Andrew G. Mara-Novik - bass - Andrew is the youngest member of team, musically, but the eldest chronologically. He was born in Russia in 1962, but has lived all his life in Uzbekistan. He has two higher educations, one of them being journalism. He has been interested in music since school age and has played in groups such as “Downpour”, "Monologues", and “Disorder", and has participated in different small local festivals and competitions of amateur art and performance. As a student, he took part in recording musical performances for the Uzbek theaters. In 1984, he was compelled to stop his musical training, while he served in the security services.  He is an international expert in airport safety, and checking posts through the state frontier. After retirement from civil service in 2002, he decided to resume his musical interests. To pursue them he bought a guitar and created a small private company, “Zip Top” in order to produce musicians, whose creativity, in his opinion, has progressive and intellectual orientations. Recently he has worked much with the well-known guitarist Vitaly Popeloff, with whom he formed Fromuz in 2004.

Vitaly A. Popeloff - guitars - Vitaly was born in Tashkent in 1969. Although trained as a civil engineer in the specialty of airport construction, he has not worked in that field. In his youth, he enthusiastically pursued sports and played handball actively. He began to take an interest in music during his student years and developed his talents very quickly. In 1991, he formed his first "serious" group called “Edgar Poe,” which earned popularity in Tashkent, playing in the art-rock style. Later his musical passions were turned to jazz, where his inspiration led to the formation of the jazz project called “Not For Sale” (1994). In 2003, he recorded his first solo album “Pure Fiction", which reflects his passion for jazz. In 1999,Vitaly became a session musician. He is the top studio guitarist in Uzbekistan today, taking part in recording of albums and concerts of many musical stars of the Uzbek variety. However, his musical passions have always been directed toward serious music. He constantly explores musical experiments, using a wide variety of instruments and equipment. In 2004, Vitaly joined forces with Andrew Mara-Novik to begin the musical collaboration that became Fromuz.

Vladimir B. Badirov - drums - Born in 1967 and raised in Uzbekistan, Vladimir trained as a musician, brought-upin a family of music teachers. He successfully graduated from music school in class of a violin. However, at age 15 years he became passionately keen on learning drums. He graduated from the Tashkent Variety Studio in this specialty, and has not changed his favorite instrument in 20 years. Vladimir has been involved in many musical projects. From 1994 to 2002, he collaborated with Yulduz Usmanova. In her team he traveled with performances almost all over the globe, playing in ethnic pop music festivals. As a session musician, he has accompanied the young singer, "Sevara Nazarkhan". In 2003, they traveled in Europe and America with "Peter Gabriel", the mega-star of world music, with his show, “Grown Up". Vladimir's first solo album “Greeting from Nostradamus", came out in 2004 on the "Unicorn Records". It has received very positive reviews critically. Shortly after this, “Greeting from Nostradamus – LIVE” was also released. Participation in Fromuz became the logical continuation of Vladimir’s musical pursuits, passions, and love of music. 

New Release


01) Stone Salad
02) Other Side
......Of The Water
03) Crashmind
04) 13th Of August
05) Return To Wax
......Inhabitants Town

Produced by Igor Iosis and mixed by Jeff Hodges. Arts and designe by Ken Westphal.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, please visit Fromuz's friend via their Myspace site, or send an e-mail to Fromuz.

"Overlook" the 2nd studio album from the band Fromuz is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of 10t Records.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit FROMUZ HOME PAGEN
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