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Hábitat is an extraordinary Argentina band that will attract lot of attention, capable to satisfy a varied Progressive Rock legions. Habitat is an amazing Symphonic Progressive Rock band, with a large diversity in expressions, their music is full of references to the classics of the years 70's. Led by the immensely talented guitarist, songwriter, bass player and singer Aldo Pinelli, who along with three musicians really delivers high quality musicianship, creating an extremely diverse array of musical arrangements. "Tratando De Respirar En La Furia" is a new album featuring ten incredible tracks, stuffed with fine guitar works, solid keyboards, punchy bass and the drums giving a primal feel to the arrangements. The first track on the album will connect most closely with "Crucis" and "Genesis", "La Luna Roja y La Montaña Negra" is totally symphonic introducing an amazing atmosphere to the album. "El Humo Delator" and "Periplo" are extremely beautiful tracks where guitars dominated all time, "Lenguaje Y Ambar" is beutifull balad showing a real South America folk influences. "Torres", "Detenido Por El Viento", "Las Musgosas Rocas Del Muelle" and "Desde La Ventana Del Castillo" are amazing symponic and melodic tracks in the line of "Pablo El Enterrador", "Crucis" and Bananas", but "Pastores Del Renos" is a pure "Le Orme" influences and the last track "Juego De Niña" (Gioco Di Bimba, from "Le Orme") is like a tribute from Aldo (Habitat) Pinelle to the one of the famous Italian Progressive Rock bands. The music from Hábitat is so clean and symphonic, If you real like 70s prog, in the vein of bands like "Crucis", "Le Orme", "Genesis", "Mia", "Vox Dei", "Atempo", "Pablo El Enterrador", "The Invisible", "Yes", "La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros", "Omnia", "Sui Generis", "Bananas" and many other Progressive Rock groups that we know and love, you will probably want Hábitat in your collection. Brilliant, fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The Hábitat line-up on this records are:
Aldo Pinelli - Voice, Bass, Guitars and Percussion
Gonzalo Albarracin -Electric Guitar
Elizabeth Minervini - Keyboards and Voice
Roberto Sambrizzi - Drums and Percussion


Hábitat began in the early '80s and stopped their activity with two concerts at General San Martín Cultural Center, in October 1984. In those concerts they also played soft acoustic moments of antique music with flute.

A brief second period took place in 1987 with some new musicians. This new music was played with  much more rythm. But only performed four shows at pubs, recording a demo with two songs.

In those two periods Hábitat played a symphonic and progressive rock emphatising on  the melodies, writing -in a literary aspect- fantastic images inspired on Tolkien's Books, with words in Spanish.

The New Era of Hábitat began in 1994. "Historias Olvidadas" ("Forgotten Stories"), the first independent production, includes old songs from two other periods played it with new arrangements. "Historias..." was released in cassette in September 1997 and latter in album (October 1998) with four bonus tracks.

The second production, "Baúl Repleto De Sugerencias" ("Chest Filled Up With Suggestions") - June 2001 -, is a darker album than the former one, with actual sounds and new tendences.

In October 2006 the band released "Puente" ("Bridge"), the third cd that includes the most powerful songs from the band.

The fourth album, "Tratando De Respirar En La Furia" ("Trying to breathe amidst fury") was released in August 2010. The shows include dancers, human statues and selected clothes.

New Release

"Tratando De Respirar En La Furia"

01) La Luna Roja y La
......Montaña Negra
02) El humo delator
03) Periplo
04) Lenguaje y ambar
05) Torres:
......a) Torres
......b) Etnias
06) Detenido por el viento
07) Las musgosas rocas
......del muelle 
08) Desde la ventana 
......del castillo
09) Pastores del renos:
......a) Pastores de renos
......b) Lo que queda
Bonus Track
10) Juego de niña
......(Gioco di bimba,
......from "Le Orme") -
......A. Tagliapietra/ A.
......Pagliuca - Spanish
......version by A. Pinelli

Produced by Hábitat / Lizard Records. Recorded at La Naranja Studio (by Lapo Gessghi) and 2.21 Studio (by Alejandro Belmonte) between February 2007 and February 2010, plus Melania Studio (June - September 2009 and February - March 2010) and Tolestudio (December 2009 and Mach 2010). Mixed at Tolestudio between March 2009 and April 2010 by Tole Naguil and Hábitat (Assitant: Guido Aimar) Mastering at Tolestudio in May 2010 by T. Naguil y G. Aimar. Picture cover by Oscar Bitz Graphic design by AP and M I.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, musicias and their music, you must visit Hábitat at MySpace.

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit HÁBITAT HOME PAGEN
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