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In fact, Brazil always was among the countries who participated, actively, in the Progressive Rock movement since the 70's, and around of five last decades has contributed actively with the great prog rock music of many splendid bands, where we can mention some of the most importants groups such as "O Terço",  "A Bolha", "Cheiro de Vida", "Recordando o Vale das Maçãs", "Os Mutantes", "Terreno Baldio", "Casa das Máquinas","Barca do Sol", "Modulo 1000", Som Nosso de Cada Dia",  "Moto Perpétuo", "14 Bis", "Vímana", "Som Imaginário", ""Azymuth", "Tellah", "Aether", "Bacamarte", "Kaizen", "Index", Apocalypse, "Dogma", "Angra", "Anima Dominum", "Sagrado Coração da Terra", "Arion", "Ashstar", "Banda do Sol", "Blezqi zatsaz", "Cálix", "Cinema Show", "Grandbell", "Haddad", "III Milênio", "Lumina", "Poços e Nuvens", "Quantum, Semente", "Sleepwalker Sun", "Spin XXI", "Sub Rosa", "Tarkus", "Tempus Fugit", "Tesis Arsis", "Violeta de Outono", "Via Lumini", "Wejah" and "Acidente", all them formed by talented musicians and highly professional. Meanwhile, among many of these bands, emerges, in 1986, two young adventurers, the brothers, Claudio Dantas (Drums) and Elisa Wiermann (Keyboards), both remaining from the ashes of the musical group "Vitral", from Rio de Janeiro, which was dissolved with the departure of Elisa Wiermann. However, in 1987, Claudio e Elisa decide to create a progressive rock group, thus arises definitely a new band, called Quaterna Requiém
The Brazilian band Quaterna Requiém can be considered out as one of major world values of progressive rock in last decades, the band features a thrilling discography, composed of four albums and one DVD. Currently the band consists of five professional musicians, Claudio, Elisa, Kleber, Roberto and Jorge, where Elisa (She has a degree in piano and a postgraduate degree in harpsichord, was asked to implement a course in Music Appreciation and History of Music for the High School of the College of St. Benedict RJ, where she teaches regularly) and Kleber (18 years as violinist in the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra) both have a musical graduate, and with strong influences in classical music. Claudio is a listener of classical music from an early age, embraced the style progressive rock in the 70s, when he began to develop the style that characterized as excellent drummer. He divide his time between drums arrangements for the band, also to other artistic activities such as painting. He is a renowned painter, his work is required in several galleries across the country. Jorge studied with John Patitucci on Bass Collective in New York and Roberto joined the Brazilian Conservatory of Music and School of Music Villa-Lobos. Roberto continued his studies at CIGAM (Course Improvement Musical Ian Guest) where he studied Functional Harmony, improvisation and arrangement. The band's last work is called "O Arquiteto", who are attracting a special attention of many brasilian prog rock fans, and surely, soon will be a hit around the world. This album is really fantastic and can be considered as a masterpiece of Brazilian Progressive Rock, it's really a stunning album, the music has a varied instrumentation, where the arrangements are of high calibre, and even all of tracks are true stand-outs. "O Arquiteto" (The Architect) is completely instrumental and is divided into four songs, the beautiful "Preludium", "Mosaicos", "Fantasia Urbana" and The Suite "O Arquiteto", all are very well elaborated, where we can appreciate the magnetic talent from these five musicians. But the strong point of this album is the brilliant track titled as "O Arquiteto", where, musically, describes the story of five important architects and their architectural styles. This song is divided into seven parts. The first one is dedicated to "Bramante" interlude "stone", the second part is called "Mansart" interlude "glass", followed by "Frank Lloyd"  interlude "wood", the fourth part  was dedicated to the "Gaudi"  interlude "concrete", following, the fifth part is a tribute to the most important Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, closing the album "Descontrução" e "Postiludium", as sixth and seventh part. "O Arquiteto" illustrates substantially an amazing level of musical energy, a perfect cross between the Classic Music with Progressive Rock power,  where the arrangements are covered with a lush and symphonic sounds of guitar, violin, adding encircling keyboards, which are the strong point of all parts on this album, while the drums enter with a thunderous force but not so aggressive, closing with a grandiose guitar bass. For those who truly love Symphonic Progressive Rock, and really appreciate this kind of musical style, should listen carefully this amazing album, as also, you will find a true delight around  Quaterna Réquiem's music. I definitely want to give this album, and to the band, two thumbs up! Strongly recommended, especially for fans of Symphonic Rock or high-class instrumental Progressive Rock...

The line-up on Quaterna Réquiem album are:
Elisa Wiermann - Piano and Syinthesizers
Kleber Vogel - Violin and Bandolin
Cláudio Dantas - Drums and Percussion
Roberto Crivano - Guitar and Acoustic Guitar
Jorge Mathias - Bass

Guest Musician:
Phil Wiermann - Acoustic Guitar on "Gaudi" and "Mosaicos"


Quaterna Réquiem was born when brothers, Elisa Wiermann  (a classically trained keybordist) and Claudio Dantas ( drummer), based on their passion for classical music and progressive rock, got together and formed a band. Their first concept was to team up with a bunch of musicians which could work under disciplined  basis aiming to produce a serious work with a  refined style and, above all, with  quality.

The name Quaterna Réquiem, which means "The Rest Of The Four",  was given by Claudio to the first line up.

In 1990 they launched their debut album called "Velha Gravura" plenty of classical influences. It features Ramoniana (by Jones Júnior), "Aquartha", "Velha Gravura", "Tempestade", "Madrugada" and "Toccata" (by Elisa Wiermann).

In 1992 a new version of the album was launched in cd and included two bonus songs titled "Carcere" (by Elisa Wiermann) and "Elegia" (by Kleber Vogel).

At this point the band started presentations in Rio de Janeiro and many other Brazilian cities.

Right after those shows Kleber Vogel, Marco Lauria and Jones Junior left the band and Roberto Crivano (guitars) and Fábio Fernandez (bass guitar and lute) were invited to reinforce the work.

With this new formation Quaterna Réquiem released in 1994 their second album called "Quasímodo", a suite composed by Elisa which title song is full inspired by Victor Hugo´s novel Our Lady of Paris (The Hunckback of Notre Dame). This album features a significant change in style with much more synths dominance.

Both works were sold in many specialized stores in Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy, USA, Holland, Japan, Spain, Korea, Chile, URSS and Polland. 

The follow-up album was released in 1999, after an extended layoff, and is  called "Livre", (Free) a live performance recorded at Scalla, in Rio de Janeiro.

To this show the group featured: Elisa Wiermann (keyboards), Cláudio Dantas (drums), José Roberto Crivano (guitars), Fred Fontes (bass guitar). In addition to the standard line up Kleber Vogel (violin) appears as a special guest on the last song. After this show Kleber returned to the band.

In August of 2004 the group returns the meet for a show in commemoration to its 15 years of activities, in the theater of the Center Cultural Federal Justice in Rio de Janeiro.  Show this that was recorded and it will be thrown shortly in CD and DVD.

The band are right now putting the final touches in a new work called  "The Architect". It is a suite inpired by styles of famous architects from 5 different centuries and countries: Renaissance/Italy, Baroque- Classicism/ France, Modernism/ EUA, Romanticist/ Spain, Modernism-Contemporary/ Brazil.

New Release

"O Arquiteto"
1). Preludium
2) Mosaicos
3) Fantasia Urbana
4) Suite “O Arquiteto”
I -. Bramante
Interlúdio – Pedra
II -. Mansart
Interlúdio – Vidro
III -. Frank Lloyd
Interlúdio –
IV -  Gaudi
Interlúdio –
V -. Niemeyer
VI -. Desconstrução
VII -. Postludium

Quaterna Réquiem album "O Arquiteto" was recorded and mixed at Studio Hyt. All compositions by Elisa Wiermann, except "Mosaicos" by Elisa Wiermann and Phil Wiermann, "Concreto" by Claudio Dantas, and "Postlundium" by Elisa Wiermann and Roberto Crivano. Sound Engineer by Renato Gomes. Art Production by Quaterna Réquiem and Renato Gomes. Executive Production by Quaterna Requiém. Mastered by Ricardo Dias - Studio Visom Digital.

Also you can visit Quaterna Réquiem at their MySpace page. For contact the band please send mail to Quaterna Réquiem.

Check some great alive performance on stage on Youtube:
Velha Gravura
Aquartha (1)
Aquartha (2)


For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit QUATERNA RÉQUIEM HOME PAGEN
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