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Ulysses was born to become a new generation to create an intelligent and very impressive Progressive Metal style, but in other hand they are showing also, a music that is very near to the Progressive Symphonic Rock, because we can feel an epic orchestral instrumentation. The arrangements start very sophisticated and develope around the guitars and keyboards that, we can hear clearly and natural, present in all compositions, always they are the front instruments that they are simply fantastic, one of the special highlights are the sensitive  vocals that give a perfect complement to the melodies. They have heavy sessions as "Dream Theater", add an instrumental style of some "Dutch" Progressive Symphonics Bands, and similar references towards bands as "Rush" but found in the sounds of old generation as "Tom Sawyer", "Xanadu", Cygnus X-1" and "Yyz", the result of this mixture is really an amazing and fantastic Band, where this type of the song, is loved by all Prog fans of all the ages. "Symbioses" is a CD that should be at the top of every Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal fan's wish list, I guarantee that you'll have a pleasant surprise. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable.

Ulysses are:
Raymond Jansen - Vocals
Ron Mozer - Keyboards
Sylvester Vogelenzang de Jong - Guitars
Réne Schippers - Bass
René van Haaren - Drums

Ulysses is a Dutch progressive symphonic rock band formed by five musicians. It all started in December 1998, when the brothers Mozer (Raymond on drums and Ron on Keyboard) decided to form a band in which they could express their musical ideas. They teamed up with guitarist Sylvester Vogelenzang de Jong, whom they knew from his former band Near Dark. From that moment on they started to rehearse and write material.
Of course the band also needed a bass player, Ron asked Marcel Dingemanse, with whom he had played in several bands in the past, to join the band and after a try out, he did. To complete the band, they quest for a vocalist was started. Sylvester suggested to contact the singer of his former band. Within a few weeks vocalist Raymond Jansen completed the band.

After a year of rehearsing and writing material, Raymond Mozer decided to move to Norway. Being a band without a drummer, the rest of the members started looking for a new drummer. Using a rehearsal-demo they approached several drummers and in March 2000 the enthusiastic René van Haaren reacted on one of the advertisements. René seemed to be what the band needed to complete the band, both musically and personally. But the new formation only lasted for a year. In May 2000, bass-player Marcel told that he also had planned to move abroad to Denmark, so the band should keep their eyes open for a new bass-player.
Through René the band contacted René Schippers, a bass player with years of experience. After having attended several rehearsals of the band, René Schippers thought it would work out well and decided to join Ulysses as the new bass player.

The gig in blues society L' Esprit in Rotterdam was Ulysses' first performance as a band. Also it was Marcel's last performance with Ulysses and at the end of this gig, René Schippers came up on stage, to change places with Marcel. Since then Ulysses concentrated on writing songs and preparing for the first official demo.

The band planned to record a CDemo before the end of 2001. In first instance it should have been a low profile and low budget demo, but as the band was recording, the five band members decided to make it a real professional CDemo. The CDemo was recorded on September 30th and mixed the day after, on October 1st. In the meanwhile Sylvester had an idea for the cover design, for this design he needed to use the image of a painting of Dutch surrealist Hans Kanters. After contacting the painter the band got his exclusive permission to use excerpts of the painting for the cover design. In October 2001 the band gave the master CD together with the CD-cover design to a production company. The CDemo “ECLECTIC” was officially released on December 8th 2001. 

Since the release Ulysses concentrated on the promotion for “eclectic”, shortly after the release the band performed at some festivals, radio shows and had quite some reviews in all kinds of magazines. September 2002 Ulysses decided to take a pause to use the time to work on the new album. Since the release of the CDemo some labels were interested and the need for new material forced the band to quit playing live for a while.

.New Release


1) World Of Confusion
....a) Prelude
....b) Disturbance
2) Disbeliever
3) The Script
4) Hero For One Day
5) Watching Over You
6) Unspoken Words
....a) Asleep
....b) The Dream
7) A Moment Of Insanity

All music, arrangements and lirics by Ulysses. "Symbioses" was recorded at the 
"Excess Studios" in March and April 2003.

Read the interview  about some ideas of the band Ulysses.

Contact Bookings: 
Eclectic Productions 
Van Elkstraat 12, 3342 VN H.I.-Ambacht, The Netherlands
tel +31-(0)6-29028641
(Sylvester) / +31-(0)6-11306311
e-mail Ulysses
Technical details:
Stageplan Ulysses

P.O. Box 379, 7300 AJ Apeldoorn, 
The Netherlands
You can order your 
Ulysses records at 
Band´s Web Site
and also at

For more information and all about the band visit ULYSSES HOME PAGEN
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