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. AUGUST 2013
Únitri brings together the best elements of a fantastic and inspired Symphonic Progressive Rock, blending an inventive combination from regional brazilian music, born and uniquely found in some parts of Brasil, developed through some important Brazilian musicians, all them originating in the glorious 70's, where we can hear emotional songs beautiful and refined, with an instrumentation sometimes deeply melodic, full of colorful and pleasant musical passages with strong instrumental explorations. The main band style is symphonic progressive rock, all the songwriting are excelents, reflecting influences and style that the musicians proposes. The instrumentation is solid and functional, the vocals and backing vocals, always singing in portuguese, are best described as registered mark of Brazil's Progressive Rock groups and some renowned singers, as a example, "Milton Nascimento". The instrumental is adorned by symphonic keyboards, melodic guitars, with a vibrant bass, adding flute sound passages and all powered by a vibrant drum. Únitri and their music, has a sound highly accessible and deliberately catchy, and reminds us a musical style pretty similar from many consecrated brazilian musicians, such as many bands too, both nationally and internationally. A perfect combination between Brazilian music, together with  Brazil's Prog Rock, adding strong influences from Progressive Rock music found some symphonic bands mainly around the Europe, though, with a sound all its own. You need listen this album immediately, and should listen all the tracks with a special attention, can bet, you will love their music. It is hard to determine which is the best track of this album, not one specifically is better than the others, but I'd like describe my favourite songs. I would start by the first track titled as "Canção", a soft and melodic instrumental, adding angelical vocals, symphonic keyboards and beautiful guitar solos, really one of the best songs. Following, the next track called "Minas, Cantos e Quintais", dominated by soft vocals, blending symphonic elements from bands such as "Yes" and "14 Bis". The third track, is a stunning interpretation from "Criaturas da Noite". A original version for the song "Criaturas da Noite" was writing by "Flávio Venturini" and "Luiz Carlos Sa", and immortalized in the band version "O Terço". In this version, Únitri featured the special participation of "Sergio Hinds" ("O Terço") on vocals and guitar, and "Raphael Montechiari" ("Montechiari Project") on piano. Following with my tracks selection, "Diamante", "À Mostra" and"Agora", all follow in the same line of the first track, richly dominated by symphonic instrumentals. Vocals, keyboards, drums and guitars together, show a perfect musical ensemble, including subtle influences from "Pink Floyd", "Yes", "14 Bis", "Terreno Baldio", "Jethro Tull", "Pablo El Enterrador" e "O Terço". However, to complete, the apex from this album is clearly realized in the following tracks, "Trans Somnia", "Luna", "Zênite", "Luz", "Orion" and "Arcádia", where the band's musicians show a high degree of professionalism and talent, captivating musical arrangements, call the listener's attention at all times, we can hear a selection of musical influences  around "Pink Floyd", "Yes", "14 Bis", "Terreno Baldio", "Jethro Tull", "Barclay James Harvest", "Pablo El Enterrador", "O Terço", "Genesis", "Blackfield" and so on. In fact, in spite of all the influences perceived, all these compositions bring a real sense of the best Progressive Rock from Brazil, where only brazilian musicians know how to play with a unique feeling and true. Únitri is a great mix of different influences, for all who are looking for something completely exciting, or a bit of everything, a beautiful of work. "Minas, Cantos e Quintais" it's another one important acquisition album for all the symphonic instrumental rock lovers. Overall, "Minas, Cantos e Quintais", is an interesting symphonic mixture that crosses and exploits a variety of genres and influences. A very strong debut album and a fantastic band, that suggest a great deal of promise and notifying the world that Únitri will be a name to look out for in the very near future. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Únitri album are:
André Zichtl - Guitars, Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocal
Danilo Ferreiral - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Rômulo Lima - Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocal
Rony Cerqueira - Drums and Backing Vocal

Special Guest:
Sérgio Hinds - "O Terço" - Guitar and Vocals
Marco Aurêh - "Lummen" and "Palma" - Flute
Raphael Montechiari - "Montechiari Project" - Keyboards and Piano
Wanderley Pinheiro - Vocals


Únitri is a brazilian prog rock band that has its birth in the 90's in a prog rock scenario that occured in the underground of Rio de Janeiro and its neigbourhood. It started with a prog rock band called Lágrima, witch lived over 10 years and performed in many locations in the southeast of Brazil and stopped its work just when it was recording its debut album.

Even following personal and diverse musical ways, its members never abandoned the brotherly relationship that they shared, keeping in touch, exchanging ideas and new compositions. Without abandoning the desire to go on, André Zichtl (acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, backing vocals), Rômulo Lima (bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals) and Rony Cerqueira (drums, backing vocals) resumed their musical projects and invited Danilo Ferreira (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards), who brought the "spice" that the band needed to create its unique style among many stiles of progressive rock, as we know. More recently, Únitri has been joined by Marco Aurêh, who had participated in its album as special guest. He'll be playing the flute, the keyboards, the acoustic guitar and mandolin.

Únitri is marked by diversity, main feature and basis of its work, resulting in a sound that includes a bit of virtuosity and harmonic and melodic psychedelic of the 70's, without forgetting its roots in Brazil, especially the music that comes from Minas Gerais (state located in southeastern Brazil). "Clube da Esquina" albuns are a constant reference in Únitri's work. Musicians and Brazilian prog rock bandas like "Beto Guedes", "Lô Borges", "Milton Nascimento", "Sagrado Coração da Terra", "O Terço", "14 Bis" represent one of the pillars of Únitri's style.

By another side, the 70's prog rock and the 80's Neo-Prog atmosphere in the world completes the basis of the Únitri's influence. So "Pink Floyd", "Marillion", "Jethro Tull", "Yes", "Rush", "Genesis" and, more recently, "The Flower Kings", are a great source of inspiration in its songs.

The name "Únitri" makes reference to a deity present in the book "Teo e os Olhos de Leordo", by Alexandre Monsores, its friend, partner and musical arranger. It sounds like a tribute to a big and relevant Únitri's friend.

"Minas, Cantos e Quintais": the álbum

The debut album by Únitri can be translated into a deep diving in the musical influence of its members. Musically, the art of amalgamating diverse kinds of musical styles with a strong presence of the elements from "mineira" music (prog music from Minas Gerais) and european prog rock moreover; poetically, lyrics that circulate around metaphorical universe talk about vicissitudes of life, psychological atmosphere, politics, love, Cosmos etc.

The album "Minas, Cantos e Quintais" was produced by Sérgio Hinds ("O Terço"), recorded by Genesis/Arlequim.  It can be found in the best stores in Brazil even in Japan, Germany and United States of America.

New Release

"Minas, Cantos e Quintais"

01) Canção
02) Minas, Cantos
......e Quintais
03) Criaturas da Noite
04) Diamante
05) À Mostra
06) Agora
07) Trans Somnia
08) Luna
09) Zênite
10) Luz
11) Orion
12) Arcádia

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Criaturas da Noite - O Terço by Únitri
Únitri - Diamante
Únitri - Arcádia
Únitri - Maria Solidária
Únitri - Únitri

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