News - September - 2004
Finally, we've finished our new project "Shade of Fate"
and we found a really serious publisher - the italian label "Lucretia Records". Also we're about to sign a
management contract with the danish
company "Intromental Management",
The album is awaited for an european release in the
second half of october, and later this year in
North America and Japan. 
Their new project  “Shade of Fate”,
which includes 11 tracks.

1.Shade of Fate,
2.Follow Me
 3.Closer to You
4.Trace to Find
6.The Final Line
9.Knocking on My Door
10.After Rain
11.Orpheus Whisper.

Today the musicians on Pantommind are:
Tony Ivan – lead and backing vocals
Pete Christ – electric and acoustic guitars
Peter Vichew – guitars
Dido – bass
Sunny X – keyboards
Drago – drums & percussion, backing vocals.
Additional keyboards – Scaldor and Guitar solo on “Why” –
Konstantin Djambazov  and  Julian Hristov.
Produced by PANTOMMIND,  
Recorded: May 2003 - March 2004,
Mixed & mastered  by  Scaldor & Pete Christ,
Main cover by Alex Sokerov,  Booklet cover by
Kosta “Jovi” Atanasov and Cover design by Asen Petrov.

  News - July - 2003
  The band PantomMind is in a great reunion.

  Tony Ivan - All vocals, screams and whispers
  Dido - Bass
  Drago - Drums & Perc.
  Peter Christ - Lead Guitars
  Peter Vichev - Guitars
  SunnyX - Keyboards

  They are working hard on a second  CD including
  new material- 4 songs recorded in may 2003,
  generally named"SHADE OF FATE". 

  They are sending their promo pack to many labels
   all around Europe.
   Soon More about this great release

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