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. SYLVAN - "Artificial Paradise"
It all began in spring 1990 in German, when guitarist Kay Söhl and the two keyboarders Volker Söhl (Kay's brother – obviously) and Matthias Harder founded the band "Temporal Temptation". Since Matthias had some experience playing the drums, he agreed to take over percussion. In summer 1990 Temporal Temptation played their first live concert. This being the first live performance of the core founding members of the band, in a way was Sylvan's hour of birth as well. The music of those times did not have much in common with Sylvan today. In fall 1990 the band changed their name into "Chamäleon". In spite of all the speculation about this, it has to be said clearly that this resemblance to the cover artwork of early Marillion albums has never been an issue when the name was chosen. The compositions became more complex, solos became longer and Marko wrote English lyrics only. The songs that were composed between 1992 and 1994 had a gloomy and aggressive tonality to them and in this they were very different from the more rocky sounds of the previous years. The second official demo tape was recorded. The title was "Slaves". (By the way, "Slaves" was the old title and version of today's song "Deliverance" after which Sylvan's first album was named!) In summer 1997 Marko Heisig left the band and the bass was taken over by Patrick Münster. Then the band eventually changed their name into Sylvan. At about the same time Sylvan began recording their first studio album "Deliverance". Spring 2000 brought another change, when bassist Sebastian Harnack officially joined the band and by doing so completed the current lineup. Apart from playing many international live gigs and festivals during 2000 and 2001, Sylvan began working on their third studio album.  Well here it is, the third, or could be the best work from Sylvan. It is a pleasure to start the new year commenting on the Sylvan band, and I´d like to invite all Progressive Rock friends around the world to a journey in this incredible fascinating and quite hypnotic band which combines a wide range of dynamic musical elements. In the beginning the band presented a close style to Progressive Metal with melodic passages, after some time the band it easily creates a recognized identity where they show a strong Melodic Progressive Rock, powerful and energetic style. Now they are very professional and today, the dominant style of Sylvan is a mix of Symphonic Progressive Rock, Neo- Progressive and Classical Rock including touchs of the Progressive Metal, blended together in a new and interesting way, decorated with lot of intricate keyboards and guitars sounds and grandiose musical passages in all songs. If you want to compare with others known bands, we can say that Sylvan is in the same line of "Marillion", "IQ" and "Yes". "Artificial Paradise" is the new release, with nine tracks of pure inspiration. Recorded at "The Sylvan Manor" and "art of music studio" Hamburg. Among the nine tracks on the almost 70 min we find four songs that really define the Sylvan style: "That´s why it hurts", "Human Apologies", "Timeless Traces" and "Artificial Paradise" (the best in best). The band are today: Marco Glühmann - Vocals, Matthias Harder - Drums, Sebastian Harnack - Bass, Kay Söhl - Guitars and Volker Söhl - Keyboards, additional vocals on some tracks by Mirian Schell. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. BFH - "The Gate"
BFH was born with "Maurizio Boco" on the drums, who has worked with pop music artists such as Amii Stewart, Mimmo Locasciulli, Formula Tre, Patty Pravo. Has been the new director at the Music University of Rome. For some time now he has focused mainly on teaching and researching the solo potential of the instrument. His projects are presented through clinics attended nationally. "Lorenzo Feliciati" playing the bass, was launched recently and "Mats Hedberg" a sweden guitar player. The Band alread was born as a powerful trio, three basic parts to create an excellent Hard Rock, Guitars, Drums and Bass. What more it would be necessary to add? I think that one of the most important things are the creativity and ability to create a new instrumental conception, of course these qualities the band have much to show us, a instrumental progressive hard rock that sounds very complex and impressive with a typical British influences inspired in 70's old bands as "Deep Purple", "King Crinson" and others. The music on this album is diferent, very hard and warm and all the tracks are mainly based on drums and wide range of guitar led instrumentation, one of the most interesting new arrivals on the Progressive Hard Rock scene. "The Gate" is the debut album featuring the trio BFH. Coverart and sleevedisign by Mats Hedberg. Produced by Vittorio Bartoli. The CD contains one song divided in eight parts. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: The Gate Parts "1", "3", "5", "7" and "8". If you consider yourself a fan of Progressive Hard Rock you must have this CD. The musicians from BFH are: Maurizio Boco - Drums, Lorenzo Feliciati - Bass and Mats Hedberg - Guitars. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. ROBERTO COLOMBO - "Botte Da Orbi"
Roberto Colombo is an artistic producer and has worked with bands such as Le Orme, PFM, Finisterre and many other prominent Italian musicians. In 1'976 his first solo album is relesead. "Sfogatevi Bestie" which includes collaborations from notable instrumentalists such as Walter Calloni (PFM), Ricky Belloni (Nuova Idea, New Trolls), Paulo Donnarumma (together with Eugenio Finardi former member of Pacco and till today esteemed session man), Claudio Fasoli (Perigeo). It´s a good quality piece of work, well received by the press and still regarded as one of the most wanted items by numerous record collectors. In 1977 it´s the turn of "Botte da Orbi". This work is verging on progressive and jazz-rock, but marked by light-hearted ironic tones - Roberto Colombo gathers together an all-stars band of more than thirty musicians. Practically the cream of the tricolor musical scene - and not only - of that epoch: from Mauro Pagani (PFM) to Walter Calloni (PFM), Ronnie Jackson to Lucio "Violin" Fabbri (PFM), Stefano Cerri (considered the best bass player of those day´s) to Tullio De Piscopo (another legendary drummerwho have been playing with many of the greatest american jazz players), Ricky Gianco to Patty Pravo, and Hugo Herredia to Ivan Cattaneo (a songwriter who had the whole PFM backing him for a record). It´s a dynamic and clever intuitive record with rick solid techinique from many leading musicians perfectly directed by Roberto Colombo as performer and also original arranger. A long tour with PFM as backing band to Fabrizio De André - and from which gives birth to the first and most famous live record of the late singer sonwriter - and then "Astrolimpix", the 1980 record attributed to Roberto Colombo and Mark Harris. At first it is not possible to classify this work as being totaly progressive rock music, the style could be compared with bands like Osanna, Arti and Mestieri, Gruppo d'alternative, Frank Zappa, as you can see a mix of Experimental, Jazz and Progressive Rock. "Botte da Orbi" the second album from Roberto Colombo, the original edition was released in 1977 as a LP (Vinil), and never released on CD, but now "Sublime Record Label" released as a remastered CD packaged in the style of a mini LP with gatefold sleeve, bio leaflet and protective CD inner sleeve. The list of guest musicians on the album, more than 30, reads like a Who’s Who of Italian musicians including Mauro Pagani, Walter Calloni and Lucio Fabbri. Also the list of instrumentation it´s to complet which includes flugelhorns, trombone, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, alto, tenor and soprano sax, flute, violin, cello and also keyboards, bass, guitar and drums. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable to all collectors of Italian Progressive Rock... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. MOHODISCO - "Kaloomith"
MohoDisco is Bruce White and any musicians who happen to be in the immediate vicinity, which is currently San Francisco, CA. Bruce started writing music as the Mohorific Discontinuity in 1996, but later shortened the name to MohoDisco. Bruce White plays guitar, bass, and synthesizer, as well as writing, recording, and producing all MohoDisco music. Bruce White or MohoDisco is a young musician and multi-instrumentalist that definitely demonstrate his potential and ambition to be an excellent songwriter, he has a very effective way of employing different arrangements throughout the songs mixing keyboards and guitars sounds creating a electronic techno ambient music, while some moments the songs dropped with a experimental electronic, Jazz and Progressive Rock elements, with some instrumental variety of guitar solos and synthesizer techniques. The songs reminds me a lot of influences of oldest bands as "Hawkwind", "Tangerine Dream" and "Ozric Tentacles" but also similar with the recent revelations as "Poor Genetic Material", "Bjorn Lynne" and "Romislokus". Along with Bruce are other musicians who helped him to recording this good and interesting musical work. "Kaloomith" is a collection of eight songs, wrote, recorded and produced by Bruce White. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Our Paths Are Sonic Waves", "Gravity", "Remote Viewer", "The Source" and "Kaloomith".The man behind MohoDisco is: Bruce White - Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass, and all the musicians who have contributed to this production are: Mark Cobb - drums on 1, 2, Brian Leonard - bass on 1, Tim Egan - opening bass on 2, Holmes - 2nd synth solo on 3, opening synth riff on 6, Kate Jenkins - bass on 3, Adam Stockton - opening drum beat on 4, Jim Wert - didgeridoo on 5, percussion on 5, Brad Wegner - bass on 6, Scott Edwards - drums on 6, Mike Fiorentino - electric violin on 6, Andre Stoeckley - synth solo on 6, David Cook - opening bass riff on 8, percussion on 8 and Harry DeCourcy - percussion on 8. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. TURQUOISE - "Same"
Turquoise is a newly-discovered five person progressive rock band from Poland, they started called "Zelazny Zwonarz Project". The first lineup was completed by Alexander Zelazny (Guitar), Marek Sokól (keyboards), Marcin Zwonarz (percussion) and Sebastian Klus (bass), at first the have edited two demos in english language. Damian Kurasz contributes electric guitar as a guest to several of the album's numbers. Ars Mundi have edited our debut album. Then Turquoise have played some concerts in Poland. After the first album was released, the band's lead singer Kartzyna left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by a new man and woman that perform on the band's forthcoming album. Marek Sokól also left the band but contributes bits to the new project. Elzbieta Andrychowicz is the new lead singer and Tomasz Fal has joined Turquoise to play the guitar synthesizer, so now they have others musicans. We are talking about the first formation and the debut album by Turquoise, let´s start with the vocals that really are the main highlights into the band, Katarzyna's voices gives the band a special soul and a incredible power with a soft, crystalline and angelical tone, after that we comment about the perfect sounds of the keyboards that during the instrumental, are magnificent and work extremely well with the voices and also with the edged guitar sounds full of tecnical harmonies, we finish with accompaniment of the rhythmic´s percussions and also the melodic bass, then put all together and we will have a Symphonic and Orchestral Progressive Rock style with a powerful instrumental arrangements. Turquoise has a sound very similar and not so distant from the Poland's bands "Quidam" and "Collage", or may be some thing very near to "Yes" and "Renaissance" also the Hungary's "You And I", but with more powerful in the voices of  Kartzyna. Turquoise certainly appeal to the friends of 70s Progressive Rock style. Turquoise has a sound very similar and not so distant from the Poland's band "Quidam" and "Collage", or for example, somewhere in the middle between "Yes" and "Renaissance" also the Hungary's "You And I", but with a powerful element in the voices of Kartzyna and also in all instruments. Now they are ending the second album, they are in mixing phase. The music will be harder with male and female voices. But everyone who likes the first work will like the second one, because they used the same style. "Turquoise" debut album has ten tracks, all them full of emotions. The first formation from Turquoise are: Sebastian Klus - Bass, Katarzyna Jajko - Vocals, Marek Sokól - Keyboards - Marcin Zwonarz - Drums and Percussion and Alexander Zelazny - Guitars. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable to all fans of Progressive Music... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. VENIN NOIR - "Rainy Days Of October"
Venin Noir began its activities at 30/6/200, but the band was actually born two months before, when Andre Dias heard Larissa Frade sing some vocal lines he had composed, and suggested that they should team up a heavy metal band with a doom/gothic approach and classical music influences. Rodrigo Campilho, who was already friend of Andre's for years joined the project immediately. Many musicians were contacted before the band could reach its first line-up, with Lucas Novaes, Fernando Fernandes and Bruno Coelho. Lucas had to return to America two months later, and Fernando preferred to dedicate himself to his other band, in december. They were replaced by Letícia Figueiredo and Pedro Santos respectively. This line-up performed in the first Venin Noir gig, at 13/4/2002. In July, A Brazilian Record got interested in releasing the first Venin Noir album in all Latin America, when its owner heard some samples on the website. Letícia had to leave the band due to personal reasons in the same month, during the Rainy Days of October's recording sessions, that lasted until August. Its release is scheduled to October, just a coincidence with the title of the album. Now tourdates are being scheduled, and in the mean time, the band is pre-producing its second album, which is expected to be released in mid-2003. I´m not a fan of Power Metal style, but there are some bands that really know creating under heavy guitars and drums sounds an excellent music, and  Venin Noir is one of them, a inspired Melodic Metal Rock band featuring female vocals with the instruments playing epic compositions. The band used touchs of progressive rock influences playing with some very strong melodic and ghotic material. Although, using some references, their music is heavily similar by such bands as "Nightwish", "The Gathering", "After Forever" and "Within Temptation", of course the Classic "Nightwish" fans will find tremendous delight in Venin Noir. "Rainy Days Of October" was recorded at Piccoli Studios from february to august 2002. Including eight tracks. Produced, mixed and mastered by Ricardo Piccoli, except all drums recorded at Endless Studio, engineered by Sérgio Sanchez. Cover artwork, concept and booklet design by Rodrigo Campilho. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Desperanter", "Reap The Grand", "Buried Alive" and "A Deeper Gray". The musicians behind Venin Noir are: Rodrigo Campilho - Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Pedro Santos - Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Larissa Frade - Vocals, Pedro Santos - Vocals,  André Dias - Drums, Bruno Coelho - Bass and Letícia Figueiredo and João Carlos Blizianzi - Keyboards. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable to all fans of Melodic Metal Style... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. KERRS PINK - "Tidings"
After releasing their fourth CD ''Art of Complex Simplicity'' in 1997, the most famous norwegian progressive rock band Kerrs Pink have just released their newest CD whose title is ''Tidings''. According to the band members, with two keyboardists a change in the band's musical texture should certainly be noticed by the listeners and it was in fact, seen as well that for the first time the band decided to include a lead singer at their line-up. However, in spite of it all, all those who are already familiar to the sonority of the band could surely testify that the very essence of the band has been carefully kept by them.  The music proposed by Kerrs Pink basically consists of polishedness and a lot of sentiment where their compositions often seem to flow out from the heart. So if you look for a CD which is able to help you see how wonderful life is ''Tidings'' will surely  fits your purpose, although the sun ever seems to shine dimly over there in Scandinavia, the music of Kerrs Pink is certainly plenty of light, the light that warm up our soul, and we need it everyday. Also, it's also worth mentioning some people have frequently quoted the legendary british band "Camel" as a way of approaching both bands' sonority, I would personaly like to be incompatible with such a view, and so I may say indeed that Kerrs Pink has doubtlessly followed their own way, making their music a nice reference. ''Tidings'' consists of 7 very beautiful songs, which is entirely impossible for me to point out any highlight in it, at all events I can just let you know that  the shortest song is "Hour Glass" 5:35 minutes, and the  longest one is "Yumi Yeda" 10:15 minutes. Yet, another stunning and peerless characteristic of the band could be found on ''Tidings'' as well, the corking set between male and female singers, giving the listeners the fair sensation of sharing the same musical context proposed by the band. Also, I would like to congratulate Muséa upon trusting again in these musicians' integrity, and their art of course. The following artits were also invited by the band to co-operate with, Per Viggo - Violin, Tracee Meyn and Lillian Höidal - Vocals and Geir Jahren - Vocals. The current line-up of Kerrs Pink consist of the following musicians: Jostein Hansen - Bass, Harald Lytomt - Guitars, Lasse Johansen - Keyboards, Knut Lie - Drums & Percussion, Lasse Tanderö - Lead Vocals and Freddy Ruud - Keyboards. "Tidings'' is highly recommendable, don't miss the opportunity of having one of the best melodious progressive rock CDs in your CD collection!!!  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. ASHTAR - "Urantia"
Ashtar a Brazilian band founded by Luiz A. Garcia together with Daniel Dobbin in early 1997. A song was born as a progressive rock instrumental, which would later become "Nemesis". Months later, Luiz invited Pedro I. Salles, forming the band's original formation. After that, the band evolved to a doom metal style with female vocals. Later, Luiz had his introduction to Celtic/Folk music (thanks to his father), as well as Pedro and Daniel. The passion of Scottish and Irish stories and sentiment in celtic music was added to both  music and lyrics. After many line-up problems, Thiago and Breno joined the band. And finally Ashtar gained the beautiful voice of Fernanda Mesquita, as she joined the "clan" in `99.  Since then, Ashtar became a Progressive, celtic, folk, metal band. The Lyrics are based on esoteric theories, reincarnations, Irish moods and Scottish glories. Later, Breno Aouila left the band for personal problems. Pedro I. Salles replaced Breno, and Fabio Guilherme joined the band  leading the bass role as Pedro went to the keys. Luiz A. Garcia and Daniel Dobbin, where involved with occult and spiritual matters, and studied these topics deeply, before the band ever existed. The first lyrics deal with this, as they formed the band with the intention of reproducing what they learnt lyrically as well as musically. Some months after the band was created and got a steady line-up, the band had a sudden approach to celtic music and this reflected also on their lyrics, as the celtic people were extremely connected to the nature and spiritual matters. They were a very mystical civilization devoted to nature and spirituality in the matters of the  sorcery of Druids. That´s one of the reasons why the band reflects in their lyrics and music, the celtic culture, the other is their love for it. Ashtar is one of those rare young groups that brings the past to the present, creating to the future their complex and beautiful progressive magical music. At first, the idea was to create a way of to blend styles as the Artrock, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Metal Melodic and Folk, in fact they created a magic musical style, not very common today. Roughly 60 minutes of the music including the best musical quality that was divided into eleven songs, sometimes very melodic and soft, sometimes very heavy in all instruments. One of the important highlight is the mixture of Folk with Melodic Progressive Metal, through instruments as: "Great Highland Bagpipes", the sounds of the keyboards and the guitars are combined very easily in a pleasant harmony, to complement a feminine soft vocal creating a fascinating special effect. This band is, a revelation, between that I heard and its music can easily be appreciated by all Progressive Rock friends. "Urantia" was recorded and mixed at Plano D Studios - Rio de Janeiro during December 1999 to July 2002, mastered at Vision Studio in August 2002. Special effects and further arrangements by Luiz A. Garcia and Pedro I. Salles. Eleven songs of pure and tremendous delight. Ashtar are: Fernanda G. Mesquita - Lead & Backing Vocals, Percussion, Luiz Antonio Garcia - Lead & Backing Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Whistles and Synths, Pedro I. Salles - Bass Guitar, Synths and Backing Vocals, Thiago Guimarães - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Daniel Dobbin - Drums & Percussion and Breno Aouila - Synths. Special Guests: Anderson Muniz - Great Highland Bagpipes, Clota de Oliveira - Fiddles, Monika Brehm - Spoken words on "Urantia song" and Perazzo - Percussion on "Arriving at Skye". Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. PROVIDENCE - "There Once Was a Night of Choko-Muro the Paradise"
It’s interesting that progressive rock music has daily brought some nice surprises to my ears, and this time the pleasant surprise has just come from the land of the rising sun, yes from Japan I mean. Don’t forget about the name of this band Providence. This review concerns their CD whose title is ‘’There Once Was a Night of Choko-Muro the Paradise’’ which was officially issued in 1997 by Made In Japan Records. The CD consists of 7 beautiful songs where powerful themes are predominantly put forward. By and large the band is quite magnificent where all musicians evidently have a well-defined musical knowledgement, moreover they also seem to be quite sure of what musical path they want to follow, and this is already somewhat typical in fact from most of japanese progressive rock musicians, and this is the reason why progressive rock in Japan is plenty of originality. So the music proposed by  Providence also reflects this very same feeling. I would further say although the band leader seems to be the keyboard player Tsukada Madoka, all his band-mates have properly got their recognition and importance upon the band’s musical direction, hence it all contributed a lot to change their  debut into one of the best Progressive Rock albums ever released over there in the land of the rising sun. As I have openly made a description of how stunning the band musicians are, I must then let you know that I haven’t yet told you about  the most exciting point on the band sonority, the vocals, yes. All vocals are beautifully sung in japanese language by a marvelous female singer whose voice is as clear as crystal that surely enchants every listener’s ears indeed, also her singing sounds perfectly like a lament at times. In fact, I would personally say Providence is a real find, and I’m absolutely sure most of progressive rock fans will certainly share this view with me as soon they have the opportunity of listening to the music performed by this gorgeous japanese band. Delightful moments gently await for you!!! Providence consist of the following members: Tsukada Madoka  - Keyboards, Sugawara Takako - Lead Vocals, Sugiyama Yuichi - Drums, Kinouchi Azio - Guitars, and Yamazumi Takashi - Bass. ‘’There Once Was a Night of Choko-Muro the paradise’’ is highly recommendable! (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. DIGITALIS - "Season Of The Reason"
The German / U.S. Progressive-Rock Digitalis was founded in 1989 by Rüdiger Deuster and Torsten Gager in Düsseldorf/ Germany (a city you might know as the home of "Kraftwerk" and other innovative bands). It was an attempt to create a totally computer - controlled live-act. In contrary to other bands a lot of new procedures and devices had to be created, because they had not been on the market yet, or were at least unaffordable. The result was a concert-program lasting for approximately 1 hour and their first CD "Cable-Salad". The concert was totally MIDI-controlled. Even the stage-lightning, pyro-effects, fog, and the complete mixing were operated by pre-programmed MIDI. During the production-time of 3 years they had e. g.develo-ped a stage- light-controller and a light-simulator for the programming, that allowed the operation of all ligths and ef-fects absolutely syncronous to the music, which was somehow a semi-playback. They never used any tape-recorders or digital means, but the real electronic instruments, which were controlled by a MIDI-player. The rest was played live. That`s what they have pioneered first. In 2002, It`s a pity, that they`ve never been together on the same patch of earth but working together thousands of miles away from each other is still a big pleasure, but they`ll continue being innovative. Digitalis is for the fans of late 80’s early and 90’s melodic rock with some paths of electronic German influences, on the first impression, the influences could be compared with bands like "Styx", "Supertramp" and "Yes" looking just by the nice and soft vocals, also on the instrumental arrangements, from an other side, we have something near of EL&P but just in the keyboards sounds, then we go to join all these excellent influences, adding essential instrumental textures in all modern compositions and including wonderful symphonics sounds of the guitars, of course, then we will have Digitalis. The music of this band is accessible and very pleasant but not so very commercial, a true and consistent Progressive Melodic Rock Band. A special highlights are the alive performances, with many luminous effects. "Season Of The Reason" is the last work and released in 2002 including 14 tracks. All songs written and performed by Digitalis, lyrics by Ric Bonnell. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Second Man", "Far Island", "The Draw", "Thirteen", "If I Could Have One Wish", "Season Of the Reason" and "Odyssey". The musicians behind Digitalis are: Ric Bonnell - Lead, Backing Vocals and Electric Guitar,  Rudiger Deuster - Keyboards, Vocoding - voices, Electric Drums and Electric Guitar and Torsten Gager - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, also J. Kellerman solo guitar on the track "Thirteen". Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. ZARG - "Zaravásh"
The Progressive Rock group Zarg was born in the Brazilian´s Prog scene around 1994, named as  “Mr. Wizard” in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, well known for some of the world’s greatest musicians like "Milton Nascimento" and "Sepultura", and where four young musicians decided to bring back the essence of the Progressive Rock directed to mystical elements mixed with influences of the rich Brazilian folk music. They have been broadcasting their music, performing in several cities in Brazil and have conquered great admiration from the public and from the press being featured with excellent reviews in Rock Magazines like Rock Brigade, Metal Head and Roadie Crew. They were also featured in the British magazine “Kerrang” and in the Greek “Metal Hammer” with good acceptance in those coutries, thus becoming target of interest of the European rock public. Having gone through some changes in the formation of the group in 2001 and 2002 they now present new sound concepts following the progressive style influenced by contemporary tendencies and now with the new name: Zarg. It is certain that we find a new conception in progressive rock, and Zarg is the kind of band true progressive fans will love. The material has stronger Symphonic instrumentals and orchestral progressive style, easily found in the main bands of the years 70' as: "EL&P", "Uriah Heep", "Yes", "Genesis", "Caravan", "King Crinson", "Jethro Tull" and others. In all the moments, the band shows a strong and brilliant musical potential, where the arrangements of the guitars, bass, drums and the keyboards are in perfect harmony, with an amazing performance, including powerful and emotional vocals. All the musicians are highly competent, they had mixed diferent styles in each one of the songs, where all the tracks have extensive instrumental sections. "Zaravásh" is a debut album. Arranged and produced by Zarg, including ten tracks almost 70 min of the best Progressive Rock. This album is already avaiable with songs from the first phase of the band plus new material. I recommend that you check out this superb album. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Endless Sub Conscious", "Hear The Voices Calling In My Head", "Sons Of The Sun", "Night In The Tavern" (Is one of the best) and "Zaravásh Part II". The musicians of the Zarg are: Alexandre Siqueira - Lead Vocals, Steel Acoustic Guitars and Percussion, Nélio Porto - Synthesizer (DX7, Roland D70), Mini-Moog and Backing Vocal, Leonardo Coutinho - Electric Guitar, Nylon Acoustic  Guitars and Backing Vocals, Geraldo Morais - Bass Guitar, Anderson Alarça - Drums and percussion. If you are a fan of Progressive Music you must have this cd. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. CONSCIENCE - "Bereavement Before Dawn"
In October 2000, Dan Tordjman (drums and backing vocals) gave birth to Conscience. Since then quite a few changes have disrupted the original line-up of the band. Cyril Stauder joins the band in January 2001 after the departure of the initial bass player. He adds a new voice to the band by also performing some backing vocals. In June 2001, answering an ad seeking a guitarist, Matthieu Gerbin lands in the band with his head full of Megadeth, Coroner and Pain of Salvation, and takes up the vacant lead guitar and lead vocal roles. He brings in his suitcase Hervé Pfeiffer who will from then on perform the duties of rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Soon after that, Gérald Tanty (former keyboard player in one of Herve’s ex combos), freshly arrived in Paris, integrates into the band. The band then starts composing new songs and plays its first concerts in late 2001. In the summer 2002 Dan Tordjman announces that he can no longer be involved in the band as much as his position requires, and as a result he decides to quit the band, leaving the spot open for a new drummer. Cyril Allouche is one of the first people to answer the call and becomes an official member of Conscience at the end of October. If you like a combination of Progressive Rock, Melodic Rock and Progressive Metal then, you can really listen Conscience, this young band concentrates the best styles from all the times, clearly a new band with remarkable progressive instrumental arrangements, especially the way they worked at the Keyboard solos and guitars during all the instrumental passages, a special highlight to the Guitar´s edged sounds, it gave the arrangements a very special signature during all the solo sections, not to forget of the vocals and of the drums sounds, of course, extremely important on this combination. "Bereavement Before Dawn" was released on January 27th 2003, including five songs, almost 36min of pure delight. We go to wait one first full-length album and with more surprises. The members found their inspirations in the poems of "Nicolas Moulard", a young French author, his writings determine the compositions of the songs of the band. Conscience carried out a series of concerts in Paris and in the Paris region before entering the studio to record their first tracks. The Band is looking for halls and dates to enable others to discover their music. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "When It's Over" and "The Cycle". The musicians of the Conscience are: Matthieu Gerbin - Quitar and Vocals, Hervé Pfeiffer - Guitar and Vocals, Cyril Stauder - Bass and Vocals, Gérald Tanty - Keyboards Sampling and Cyril Allouche - Drums and Percussions. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. RESIN - "Only Here"
Julie Vik, the singer-songwriter behind all this (…) brings her own personal brand of sanity, complemented by Mr. Alex Varty's controlled hysteria on guitar and noises. New to the rhythm section, the chaos is tamed, but not eliminated altogether, by Joel Lower on drums and Travis Baker on bass. These two boys have been experimenting with various musical substances on their own, but, you know, everyone needs a secret life. This group come from the Vancouver (Bowen Island), British Columbia - Canada, in the first impression you must return to the years 70, or better saying, remembering the beginning of some famous bands as: "Jefferson Airplane", "The Doors", "King Crimson", "Pink Floyd" and "Gong", put all these influences and the some special ingredients in an only intention and we will have Resin. They blend styles as: Psychedelic, Art Rock, Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Classical Rock and other ethnic flavors of that time. The sounds are really incredible, where we can appreciate a magnetic talent of all the band´s musicians, in the special the voices of  "Julie Vik", she has an amazingly strong and powerful voice, in some moments with some soft and delicate passages, it is clearly that the vocal ones are, in special, the soul of this band. Each song has a different arrangement, the result is, wonderful moments to all the listeners. "Only Here" was recorded between July 2000 and March 2001 at Mushroons Studios, Vancouver, BC, Catherine Street North Studios, Hamilton, Ontario and Keplar´s Barn, Bowen Island, BC. All lyrics and music by Julie Vik, except trach five by David Hull and Julie Vik and track eight - lyrics by Bjorn Vik-Parker and Julie Vik. Including ten tracks with almost 42min. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "When The Wather´s Clear", "Promise" (Is the Best in Best), "Let The Pieces Fall", "Shudder" and "Marie Hélène".  The musicians of the Resin are: Julie Vik - Guitar and Vocals, Alex Varty - Guitar and Noises, Travis Baker - Bass and Joel Lower - Drums. Additional musicians: Dan Achen - Guitar, Brian Harding - Trombone, Francois Houle - Clarinet, Andreas Kahre - Percusssion, Corbin Keep - Cello, Simon Kendall - Wurlitzer, Hammond, Harmoniun and Accordion, Vince Mai - Trumpet, Colin Nairme - Guitar, Bill Runge - Sax, Vince Scaria - Clavinet, Wurlitzer and Piano, Jesse Zuhot - Violin and Horn Arrangements - Julie Vik and Corbin Keep.  Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. COLT - "From The Fridge"
One of the great revelations of this year was born in the Poland, a young polish trio called Colt, they start playing Progressive Hard Rock in 70s style. No history at the moment to tell some thing about them but Colt is a band with well elaborate musical substance and an excellent example of the early seventies Hard rock scene. A surprising debut including nine brilliant songs with deep elegant moods to express one of the best music style. An unique combination of  very good and mature vocals, featuring incredible and classical keyboard works with some organ improvisations, blended with aggressive guitar sounds and also with a strong bass and drums sections, everything together into a very good rhythm section, complementing with nice flute sounds. The name of Colt already points to a new musical direction, but the styles and influences are reminiscents of famous and traditional bands as: "Humble Pie", "Atomic Rooster" and "Jethro Tull". This new masterpiece consists in nine majestic songs, with a high level of the quality that clearly illustrate an unique, elegant and sophisticated Hard Rock from all times. "From The Fridge" is a special effort signed by these young musicians, recorded at UR studio, Kielce, between 19 and 24 of Frebuary 2001, including nine tracks, all them are their own compostions, except of SLY, which is the cover of Atomic Rooster's song. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Time To Fly", "Z Wielkich Walk" (From the Great Battles), "So Hard", "I Want Your Love So Bad" (SLY), and "From the Fridge" (is the best in best). The musicians of the Colt are: Radoslaw Kopec - Guitar, Organ, Piano, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Adam Romaniszyn - Drums and Percussion,  Artur Malinowski - Bass Guitar and Special Guest: Joanna Jaworz-Dutka - Flute. Brilliant and absolute discovery, an indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. MYSTER KAH - "Fresq"
Myster Kah was founded in January 1995 in a little place called Chedde (Haute Savoie) France. Originally there were four members in the group, but since then they have been through various set-ups for ending up with only two of the original members Alec Hudson and Yleah White. After several years of hard work and with great help from drummer Xavier Richard, coming especially from Bordeaux to record, they finally managed to finish their first album. It's been a long way with lots of ups and downs, but today both Alec and Yleah feel that it was well worth it. All problems met on the way have made their friendship very strong, and they believe that this can be heard through their music. After a periode of one and a half year being only two they have finally managed to find a new bassist (Regis) and a new drummer (Gilles). Myster Kah is a french Symphonic Progresive Rock power trio, with many inspiration, not so very complex, but specially intriguer, diverse and original, which would be the true and relatively new obscure band of this wonderful musical genre. The intensive and pure diverse instrumental arrangements flow all time, consisting of the wonderful sounds of Keyboards and the hard arrangements between solos of the guitar and nice passages of synthesizer, mixed to a soft surprising vocals from "Yleah White", of course also she is the keyboard player. In some pats, Myster Kah it is not thus so different of some symphonic bands of the past, but if you need or want some references, we can compare with some bands as: "Atoll", "Eloy" or "Novalis". "Fresq" is the first concept album by the band, recorded and mixed at Myster Kah´s Studio in Chedde, all Lyrics and music by the band, including nine long tracks or  68'10 min. Distributed by Cyclops Records. "Fresq" is a history based on an alien comes to Earth and despite all his efforts of integration, he's rejected by mankind. His knowledge is immense and eventually he finds the Serum giving him immortality. He becomes tired of life on Earth, as he still hasn't found a place among the people there, so he decides to create an artificial death, as you can see, you can listen a pure musical delight. There is no special song, in my opinion, all the songs are very pleasant and very special. The musicians of the Myster Kah are: Yleah White - Lead Vocals, Keyboards and Whistle, Alec Hudson - All Guitars, Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals and Xavier Richard - Drums and Percussions. Brilliant and absolute discovery, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. ROMISLOKUS - "All Day Home"
Romislokus started in 1998 in Kirov, Russia. Yuri Smolnikov was born in 1955 in the Ural region, Russia. Studying hydrology at Hydrometeorological Institute in Odessa he organized his first rock band. They played classic rock music. In 1980 he began to compose his own music and lyrics. He was lucky to cooperate with many Russian musicians. Against this background in Zaporozhye (Ukraine) in 1981 he also organized his first experimental rock - laboratory specializing in the training of young rock musicians. He developed his own original educational program. Evgeniy Gorelov and Mikhail Voronov began their music carriers in one and the same band in 1994. The name of this band was "The Ocean". They played soft and art rock. They also took part in some other musical projects… Romislokus was created as a result of the willingness of all of the musicians to experiment in the field of progressive rock. Another idea was to combine the elements of art rock and electronic music. For this purpose Maksim Platunov (computer) was invited to join the project. Since then the rhythmic basis of the songs has been programmed with the help of a computer. Romislokus took part in several independent musical festivals in Russia that were mostly organized by musicians themselves and with Romislokus as a headliner. They were ready to record a lot of musical material. Romislokus received good reviews from all over the globe and independent radio air in USA, Canada, Norway, Mexico, Australia, Belgium and other countries. By the end of 2001 most of Romislokus moved to Moscow, where Dmitriy Shelemetev (drums) and Anna Goya (violin, vocal) were invited to take part in the work on a new album. Here they are again, more professional than before, one of the most important revelations, where easily blends elements of the "Techno Ambient Electronic", "Experimental" and Progressive Rock from musical scene today. Beside others famous new bands, Romislokus have created a very special musical signature, easily recognized by the instrumental arrangements, including eletronic programing computer. One of the highlights of this special band are all the electronic textures, where to became indispensable parts to the all compositions, decorated with nice keyboards and guitar sounds, and also with the cello notes, because of the high quality musicians, all vocals are singing in Russian and fit perfect with the music. "All Day Home" it can be considered as a musical sequence of the last productions named "Between Two Mirrors" recorded in 2001 and "Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn" finished in February, 2002, where we can find the same energy from the previous songs. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Dreg", "L'amour" (in French - One Of The Best), "If", "Freedom", "Persici" (in Italian), "Tree By The Wall" and "Captain Zero". At that moment the Romislokus are: Evgeniy Gorelov - Keyboards, Mikhail Voronov - Guitars, Yuri Smolnikov - Rhythm-Guitar and Vocal, Dmitriy Shelemetev  - Drums, Maksim Platunov - Computers, Mikhail Brovarnik - Bass and Irina Yunakovskaya - Cello. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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After Craig's untimely passing in October (due to an aortic anerism), and in his memory, his brother Kent Welton have put together a double CD of Craig's music - of both songs and instrumentals. This work illlustrates how he was as comfortable, and incredible, on piano as he was a legend on guitar.  This first collection of songs and instrumentals is all Craig Welton - piano, guitar, drum machines, synth, organ, etc. While most of the music was remixed and fine-tuned from older 4-track analog cassette tapes it still contains a lot of bite, beauty, and intensity. Like the "exciting" musician he was, this music will grab you and astound even his friends who both knew him and had the pleasure of playing with him or seeing him perform live. Multi-instrumentalist Craig Welton did everything you can listen and appreciate at the best on his double CD. Musically this is prime-time instrumental progressive guitar rock that sounds very impressive, and especially the fact that one man played all instruments and recorded all these pretty musics, giving us the impression that this really is something special. Craig has a similar style of the great American guitarists of years 70', and musically he still played a good mixture of melodic rock orientated songs, and sound a little bit like some thing same C.S.N.Y. (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young). In the Disk one, Craig sings pretty songs including soft musical notes, on the Disk two, He reserve for the listeners an excellent ability with his guitar. So, basically we can hear a melodic rockalbum and an totally instrumental album for anyone who enjoys guitar quality instrumental. Thanks for this nice music, Craig!  For those who may have any old tapes of you and Craig playing, please send them to Kent Welton or contact by mail.  The next collection and CD will likely be a mix of selections of Craig and Friends. Disk 1 - Vocals: Gonna Be Somebody, Do What's Wrong, Nowhere In The World, I Don't Feel Dead, Light Air, It'll Be Okay, Cold Future, Lookout Mountain, Play With Me, Remember You By, Woman and  Travel Away. Disk 2 - Instrumentals: Knossus, Victim From Space, 20 Years Late, Cool Fool, Visions of Life, Deadlock, Floating To Mars, Funky Dog, Gone Neptune, Prague, Psycho Ramble, Skewbald, Aires, Smitty's Blues, Stinkin' Operetto, The Wait and Thumpin. Craig's CD is available  from  Pandit Press Music 24843 Del Prado, Suite 405, Dana Point, CA. 92629 $10. Donation appreciated. The musician Craig Welton played all the instruments as: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Organ, Synth and Drum Machines. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. CHAOS CODE - "The Tragedy of Leaps and Bounds"
Chaos Code formed in 1997 out of the ashes of two local bands from Baltimore, MD. The members, sick of thrashing out the same old standards for a few meisley bucks, gathered their collective vommit to form a unique blend of experimental music. Their influences were many and varied, and it was clear from the start that they would not sound like anyone else that had come before them. Then in 1999, for self-amusement, they recorded their debut album named "A Tapesrty of Afterthoughts". After performing several shows in the Baltimore area, in true rock-n-roll fashion, Chaos Code disbanned soon after their well-received CD release concert. Despite this and the band's lack of concern about promotion and airplay, the album continued with favorable reviews and CD sales. In 2001, the band reformed and began chipping away at new material. The line-up has changed, but the focus remains the same: damn the radio single; full speed ahead. The new release, "The Tragedy of Leaps and Bounds", is a journey through the senses, and finds the band going deeper into uncharted waters. Disregarding any concessions for comercial success, the band comes forth with this unrelenting second effort. Well, let me introduce Chaos Code to all prog friends around the world, a powerful American Progressive Rock Band, that follows in the footsteps of the some famous English bands from the mid to late 70s. The music of them floats into a hard but delicate Hard Rock influences to a softer and full of Progressive Rock melodious moments, they play some thing similar to a kind of "Symphonic Rock Opera", where all the sounds have a perfect orchestration, with inspired and surprising arrangements between instruments as: electric guitars, bass, drums and keyboards also including instruments as flute and sax, where everything contributes to notable quality. In fact, the Guitars solos are main highlights into the arrangements including some aggressive sections into the songs. If you like good American prog bands as: "Easter Island", "Arabesque", "Netherworld", "Lift" or "Cathedral", then Chaos Code will be really one of the best options of the moment and already they are part of history of the Progressive Rock American scene, and of course they deserve a recognition for this excellent work. "The Tragedy of Leaps and Bounds" was recorded on October 2001 to April 2002 at Orion Sound Studios in Baltimore, MD. Incluiding eight tracks of pure delight. All Lyrics by Cliff Phelps, graphic design by Cliff Phelps and Patrick Gaffeny. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Another Hand", "Spacesuits and Sunglasses", "From Cradle To Grare", "A Reason To Kill" and "Distance" (Is one of the Best). The musicians of the Chaos Code are: Cliff Phelps - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals and Flute, Patrick Gaffney - Drums, Tom Langan - Keyboards, Gary Curtis - Bass Guitar and Mike Potter - Tenor Sax, Flute, Harmony, Vocals on "Distance". Brilliant and absolutely an indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. WIERMANN & VOGEL - "A Mão Livre"
Elisa Wiermann and Kleber Vogel two experient and professional musicians. Elisa, she has started studie music and to play piano at seven years old, she is the main songwriter in the band, and her brother Claudio Dantas, listener of erudite music since early, created in the end of years 80, one of the famous name in Progressive Rock music from Brazil. The name Quaterna Requiem, was idea of Cláudio for one old formation of the group. In that time, Cláudio and Elisa had invited other professional musicians as Kleber Vogel (ex-Kaizen) where he started his musical studies at the Villa-Lobos Music School, on Classic Guitar, Mandolin and Violin courses. A graduate in violin through the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, he’s been working for 12 years with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Kleber Vogel has electrified his violin in the search for new textures and Roberto Crivano that, to the eleven years old started  to learn to play classical guitar, all together they made use to one hard discipline that they allowed a serious work inside of a well elaborated style. The name "Quaterna Requiem" received critical favorable around the world at specialized musical magazines. Wiermann and Vogel are a free hand inside the "Quaterna Requiem".  Professional, very talented and experienced musicians, like them, obtain easily to mix Classic Music with Folk, Baroque Music and the Progressive Rock, creating one shining musical atmosphere, where all compositions have a magnificent and dynamic instrumental development. The sounds of the violin combine easily with the soft sounds of the keyboards with a notable quality, sometimes symphonic, in some parts very acoustic. In this work the musicians show its main influences, where all the listeners are thrilled with amazing and soft songs throughout time. "A Mão Livre was recorded in the spring of 2002 by Elisa Wiermann and Kleber Vogel at Sagitarius Studio, mastered by Vinicius Brazil at Softmusic Studio in 2003. All the paintings that illustrate the cover and the inside pages of the booklet are from "Claude Dantas". With ten tracks and almost 51min of pure and delight songs.  A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Madrugada", "Salas Vazias", "Cantilena", "Tribo", "Mensageiro Dos Ventos" and "Dança Das Horas". The main musicians on this project are: Elisa Wiermann - Synthesizer, Piano and Harpsichord, Kleber Vogel - Electric & Acoustic Violin, Midi and Mandolin. Guest musicians: Cláudio Dantas - Drums, Roberto Crivano - Guitar and Acoustic Guitar,  Marco Lauria - Bass, Paulo Santoro - Cello and Francisco Gonçalves - Oboe.  Brilliant and absolutely an indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. THE DERELICT BREW - "Amputated Feelings"
The Derelict Brew is an Art Rock group out of Boston, MA. The group´s sound contains traces of such varied artists as The Velvet Underground, King Crinson, Sonic Youth and The Flaming Lips. Since their 1998 formation in Rochester, NY, the band has enjoyed the support of a solid fan base in Upstate New York. This lead them to be dubbed as "Rochester´s Most Popular Band" in a contest, which took place as the city´s premier music venue. Since then The Derelict Brew has developed their confident and commanding performance style while touring the Northeast. It was through these shows that the band has been able to cultivate a mailing list with over 2,000 entries and distribute at least 4,000 copies of their independently released studio albums. The year 2002 found the group unleashing a more definitive and original sound with their sophomore effort, AmputatedFeelings. With each album showing a distinctively different side of The Derelict Brew, the group proves to be growing as songwriters, performers, and artists. Classic Rock, Art Rock, Hard Rock and Progressive Rock are four almost interchangeable styles that could describe as high musical styles and which had characterized some past bands and also some famous artists. But, inside of these four styles and with these qualities we can include the music of The Derelict Brew, although they might be a very young American Band, the influences from them come from some English bands, which The Derelict Brew´s music are exceptionally pure, considering the musical standards of this actual age. They play a kind of Rock that is sincere and genuine and meaningful, blends experimental and alternative parts with some avant-garde influences, where they also demonstrates an individual musical versatility. These young boys play music near styles from the "David Bowie", "Black Sabbath", "Ankh" to "King Crinson". "Amputated Feelings" is also a second work, featuring nine tracks with total time around 30 minutes, all songs written, arranged, produced by the band. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Toxic Candies", "Memory Skin", "Beelzebub Blues", "Twilight Crawlers" and  "Lonesome Heatwave". The musicians of the Direlict Brew are:  Matt Rhodes, Dave Horowitz, Steve Milton and Charles Lindner. Excellent and indispensable work... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. BLACK STEEL - "Destructor"
The year: 2000. The place: Perth, Western Australia. The foundations of Black Steel were laid by some of W.A's most respected musicians. Black Steel are purveyors of traditional/power heavy metal music with an emphasis on high calibre musicianship, strong melody, double kick drumming, soaring vocals, big choruses and dual guitar soloing. Members of Black Steel have toured & played with many of the genres biggest names in previous outfits in their home country. Dave Harrison has toured with the likes of "Pantera", "Slayer", "Rob Halford", "Machine Head", "Anthrax", "Sepultura" etc... Jamie Page's background includes recording with musicians such as the late Cozy Powell ("Black Sabbath", "Whitesnake", "Rainbow", "Malmsteen" etc) and writing credits for Queen guitarist Brian May, movie soundtracks and gigs with 80's NWOBHM musicians Dennis Wilcox (Iron Maiden original vocalist) and members of 80's cult metal act "Angel Witch", as well as gigs with "Motorhead", "Deep Purple" etc... The band was completed with the addition of second guitarist Andrew Di Stefano. The release of the "Destructor" album ignited a great deal of interest in the band from around the world with positive reviews in many major metal magazines and websites. Tracks from the album have been selected for inclusion in Germanys Heavy Oder Was Magazine Metal Crusade Vol 4 with a  distribution of 40 000 copies. Black Steel are also featured on Left Of Centre 2 compilation and Australian National Radio JJJ compilation Full Metal racket Vol 2. In May 2002 guitarist Jamie Page left the band on friendly terms to devote more time to his family and personal persuits. His replacement Emanuel Rudnicki is a very talented player and is a great asset to Black Steel. Well, among many classic power metal bands around Australia and the other places on the world, Black Steel are a fine example of quality power music from an independent artist. Black Steel displays a kind of music that doesn't forget the main elements that create a real Heavy Metal,  the music it seems to have soul and becomes accessible and therefore very interesting to all metal fans. Their sound is traditional like the bands  "Uriah Heep", "Deep Purple", "Judas Priest", "Iron Maiden" and "Whitesnake", including more traditional epic power metal without forgetting some of the progressive feelings. All the sounds of the guitars are directed around a powerful atmosphere, with an aggressive attack of the drum, characteristic ones of the famous metal bands. Black Steel can easily be classified like one top metal bands in the Australian metal scene at the moment. "Destructor" is the first album and was released in 2001 by Steelheart Recordsl, it was produced by Adam Keane. Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Adam Keane, Recorded at Survival Studios, Perth, Western Australia, including ten Songs with 57. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Time Marches On", "Hell's Gates", "Bonded By Steel", "Vengence of the Damned" and "Forever" (The Sands of Time). The musicians on Black Steel are: Dave Harrison - Bass, Matt Williams - Vocals, Emanuel Rudnicki - Guitar, Damien Petrilli - Drums and Andrew DiStefano - Guitar. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable to all fans from the best Heavy Metal around the world... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. SPACED OUT - "Slow Gin"
Spaced Out is the brainchild of bassist & composer "Antoine Fafard". He formed the band in 1998 by recruiting Martin Maheux on drums, Mathieu Bouchard on guitar, and Eric St-Jean on the keyboards. From here onwards, the group began producing their brand of jazz-oriented Progressive Rock, whilst being inspired by a variety of musical styles along the way. In the year 2000, "Unicorn Records" released the band's self-titled debut. Following this album, Bouchard left the group and was replaced by Louis Côté. In 2001, the album Eponymus II was released bringing with it a more progressive sound compared to the previous CD; allowing room for musical experimentation and exploration. In June 2002 Spaced Out participated at the prestigious "North East Art Rock Festival" (NEARfest) in Trenton N.J. performing to an audience of 1850 people. The band's performance was received with great enthusiasm, raising Spaced Out's popularity to another level. For the near future, Antoine Fafard is looking forward to creating The Spaced Out Orchestra. This project will include 25 musicians from both the classical & jazz world who will play the same material as that of the band, however, there will be new arrangements & orchestrations these in turn will create impressive and spectacular sounds... In fact Spaced Out is one of those Jazz Rock bands who can make a special music for special prog listeners, where all the arrangements are very complex, totally instrumental, a special highlights are the virtual and triumphant sounds of guitars, including the tireless sounds of the bass, with a great interpretative drumming and ascendant piano sounds. They blend easily the Jazz Fuzion with a Heavy Metal approach, and adding points between Progressive Rock and Symphonic Rock with some experimental parts, with all these important points Spaced Out created an appropriate and special signature, one of the important things is that we can still find an amazing Progressive Music today. "Slow Gin" album was released in March 2003 by "Unicorn Records". Including ten tracks. Produced by Antoine Fafard, the artwork was done by Stefane Pelletier. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Slow Gin", "Minor Blast", "The Thing", "Bright Space" and "Glassosphere". The musicians on this project are: Antoine Fafard - Bass and Sequencing, Martin Maheux - Drums, Mark Tremblay - Guitar and Eric St-Jean - Piano on tracks 7, 8 & 9. Special guest:  Ronald Stewart - Tenor Sax on Blue Ron Pipe AM  & PM. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. PALMA - "12 Ciclos"
Palma is formed by flutist Marco Aureh (Lummen) and guitar player/percussionist Paulo Loureiro (Anno Luz) and has existed since 1990. By that time they released a series of concerts in many cities in Brazil, promoting their first project  called Palma. Marco Aureh during Palmas’ pause kept doing his work as a soundtrack writer for theatrical plays when he received many national awards. In 99 he released, with his progressive band Lummen “Ao vivo no Rio Jazz Club” by Som Interior. It also had a great impact on critics and public in Brazil and abroad. Paulo Loureiro released a double CD with the trio Personagens in 1998. In this project, that had received public and critical acclaim, they are joined by some great names in brazilian music such as Djavan, Moraes Moreira, Cláudio Zoli, and others. He is also developing a solo career as a vocalist. In 2001 the duo returns to write new material and gives new face to old tunes. After 12 years of pause, the duo palma returns to write and record 12 cycles, their newest cd. The duo, is ready to begin a series of concerts to release this instrumental progressive music project which was released by "Som Interior", an independent record label located in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Palma is a project where we can find the musical expression of really true artists, with something very special and delicate, with a great instrumental production, where they show their sense musically. All the musicians are highly professional, and use fantastic resources of all the instruments as Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Flute, Bass Guitars and Drums, creating a perfect balance where the result is an excellent musical arrangements.  The songs float around some lovely soft flute sounds passages coupled with acoustic guitar including a sweet piano sound. I can hear on this band some elements, direction and influences of those who were the masters of the Progressive Rock and of the Symphonic Rock  in the past, something similar as "Camel", "Genesis", "Premiata Forneria Marconi", "The Moody Blues" and "Alan Parsons Project". "12 Ciclos" was produced & arranged by Palma, executive production Claudio Fonzi (Som Interior), mixed by Percy, Guido Gelli and Palma, recorded by Guido Gelli at Joar Gelli Studios (RJ - Brazil). Includind eight tracks. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are:  "Harbour", "On The Ground The Traces", "Moonlights", "Shadows And Lights" and “Redemption”. The Cd features, besides Paulo Loureiro and Marco Aureh, many guest musicians that be side the main musicians gave this project a a excellent musical textures, and they are: Fernando Nunes (Ivan Lins, Cássia Eller) on bass, Percy (Erasmo Carlos, Celso Blues Boy) on guitar, the multi instrumentalist and arranger Rodrigo d’Avila, the soprano Myllene Areal, Marcos Balthar on bass and keyboardist Joar Gelli who also wrote the  track “Redemption”. Highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. SERGIO DIAS - "Jazz Mania Live"
Since the age of 13 years, Sergio Dias comes dedicating its life to music. To the 16 years, together with its brother "Arnaldo Baptista" & "Rita Lee", they join forces and they create the "Mutantes", considered until today as the best band of Rock of Brazil, influencing with new ideas, new experimental trends, the artistic-cultural life of the Country. In 1980 Sergio Dias it is invited by Eddie Offord (producing of English band "Yes") to record, what it would be first of the other albums international-ground, and with this to make solid his international career. Liveing in New York for 10 years, the brazilian "Magician of the Strings" played with the international greaters virtuoses, such as Indian violinista L. Shankar, with the god of guitar John McLaughlin, also Jeremy Steig, TM Steves and Gil Evans, among others. With Airton Moreira and Flora Purin create the band "Steps of the Imagination" travelling in tours for  3 years. Also, Sergio Dias co-produces with "Eumir Deodato" the album "East Side Strut". In 1990 in England, he produces and record with the English guitarist "Phil Manzanera" (Roxy Music) the "Mato Grosso" album, released by American recorder Black Sun Records. In October of 1994, Sergio Dias is invited to participate of one tour around South Africa. There, he started his international fourth album "Song of the Leopard", released by American recorder "Celestial Harmonies", it was distributed in 30 countries in the beginning of 1997. "Song of the Leopard" it started to be recorded in Durban and had continuation in Brazil in his own studio  "Zod Studio", where besides playing the majority of the instruments, he also produced and mixed all the songs. In 1998 together with Carlos Eduardo Vargas they create the label called "Lotus Music", especially for the Brazilian public, through this label was released, in December of 2000, the CD titled as "Estação Da Luz". Sergio Dias is considered by the Brasilian press and also international writers as one of the "magicians of the guitars", he has developed their own musical vision, creating special styles among the dynamic traditional "Jazz Fusion" and combining with instrumental Progressive Rock. On this project, we hear a good instrumental among the saxophone, bass, drums and keyboards, also a guitarist who knows how to play a nice and magnetic electric tones on his guitar, particularly, a perfect and positive and rare experience, where you find mixes of the european jazz style with South America rhythms. "Jazz Mania / Live" all compositions by Sergio Dias, recorded live at "Jazz Mania Night House", in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, in July 23rd to 26th, 1986,  feature seven tracks. If you like "Passport" and "John McLaughlin" you will like Sergio Dias. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Janeth & Steve", "Columbia", "Brazilian New Wave" and "Twilight in Tunisia". The personnel on this project are: Sergio Dias - Electric Guitar, Jurim Moreira - Drums, José Lourenço - Keyboards, Paul Lieberman - Flute and Saxophones and Tony Mendes - Bass. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. FARPOINT - "Grace"
Farpoint comes from USA and was formed in 1997 and their vision is to create melodic and powerful positive music that is accessible without compromising its artistic integrity. The band seems to draw a lot of inspiration from early 70' bands. The native band´s music can be described as folky art rock with a progressive edge. After its formation, Farpoint spent the first year writing and rehearsing. The first live performance was at Yescamp 98, a gathering of Yes fans from North and South Carolina. Farpoint played a variety of "Yes" covers and originals. A very favorable review of this performance appeared in the internet "Yes newsletter Notes From the Edge". Since then, Farpoint has been playing live regularly in the South Carolina area accumulating an enthusiastic following. Farpoint has also taken time to perform at fundraisers for the Children's Miracle Network and the Special Olympics, and the band sponsored and performed at a fundraiser for the New York Fire Department after the 9/11 tragedy. More recently Farpoint has performed with national recording acts "Seven Nations" and "Grey Eye Glances". The band has garnered reviews from organizations in a variety of countries outside the US including Italy, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Brazil. As you can see this band interpreted some well-known musics of a called band "Yes", but please, this moment is not appropriate to compare Farpoint Progressive Rock music with "Yes" music, is very important to prove that progressive music does not have to sound only like "Yes" band. Now, the band is signing a special style, where the mixtures of musical genres differentiate Farpoint of other bands. The band plays powerful ballads, not so very complex arrangements, but with beautiful and nice melodies, all songs are full of harmony. We can praise the sounds of the guitars, also the main vocals from "Clark Boone" and "Dana Oxendine", that in some parts are heavy and in others very soft, a feel where music floats in a lyrical and musical atmosphere, written in actual examples, of how excellent Progressive Rock music can sound like original and very special without comparison. The styles and influences wold be describe as Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Folk Rock Music to Celtic Music with hits of Prog Metal. "Grace" was released in April 2003, produced by Kevin Jarvis and Clark Boone. Featuring eleven tracks that illustrate a excellent and brilliant album. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Into the Night", "Ghost", "H2Origins", "Grace", "Falling Down" and "Into the Light". Currently Farpoint consists of: Clark Boone - Lead and Backing Vocals and 12 String Guitar, Kevin Jarvis - Acoustic, Electric and Classical Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin, Bass and Vocals, Dana Oxendine - Lead and Backing Vocals, Flute, and keyboards, Frank Tyson - Bass, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar Synth and Vocals, Mike Avins - Lead and Rhythm Electric Guitar and  Johnathan Rodriguez - Drums Percussion and vocals. Special guests musicians: Rick Walker - Spoken words on "Into the Night", "Grace" and "Into the Light", Buddy Harre - Vocals on "Over Again". Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. THE THICKET - "Same"
The Thicket is a studio-based duo formed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2001. The Band consist of "Andrei Poukhovski" and "Ivan Poukhovski-Sheremetyev". They are father and son, of Russian descent, separated by 25 years of age, but united by similar musical ideas and tastes. They both went through formal musical training. They enjoy playing together and they definitely don´t have a problem with peer pressure (although as father and son they like to compete with each other). But why the name The Thicket? The fact of the matter is that they tried to make it enigmatic, but also to reflect their dense, convulated forest of ideas. Despite the dark moods often present in the music, there is always a glimmer of light peering though the canopy of tension. A thicket is omnipresent in Russian folklore. The year 2003 is full of pleasant surprises, and The Thicket is one of them, an enigmatic name but with a perfect sound, bombastics musical arrangements, symphonic, progressive, everything developed in mature inspirations that comes from their hearts. The music from these two talented musicians is based around the influences that came from Progressive Rock, Classic Music, Neo-progressive, Metal, Electronic Rock and Folk, where all musical ideas are around lovely keyboards sounds, blending with rhythms created through the "theremin", when it´s necessary adding heavy vocals in some parts, no guitar or drums, for what? It's so perfect. I invite you to hear something amazing and different, and let the music to talk itself, you certainly will be surprised and will not be disappointed. If you are a fan of "Mike Oldfield", "Jean-Michel Jarre" and "Tangerine Dream" The Thicket is your best selection. The Thicket is the debut self titled CD, all songs written and composed by the duo Andrei and Ivan, including ten tracks with pure delight. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Defiance", "Canopy", "Sunday" (a amazing song), "Kuskovo (Autumn)" (one of the best in best), "Snow", "Wide Open" and "Catharsis". The musicians on this project are: Andrei Poukhovski - Keyboards, Vocals and Theremin and Ivan Poukhovski-Sheremetyev - Keyboards and Vocals. "The theremin was invented in 1919 by a Russian physicist named Lev Termen (his name was later changed to Leon Theremin). Today, this marvelous instrument is once again in the musical spotlight. Besides looking like no other instrument, the theremin is unique in that it is played without being touched. Two antennas protrude from the theremin - one controlling pitch, and the other controlling volume. As a hand approaches the vertical antenna, the pitch gets higher. Approaching the horizontal antenna makes the volume softer. Because there is no physical contact with the instrument, playing the theremin requires precise skill and perfect pitch." Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. DIVIDED SKY - "Spectral"
The original concept of Divided Sky was birthed in January 1999 at Philadelphia, PA - USA. It began as an experiment in progressive rock, an embryonic waif in the twisted mind of Crisden, who'd had enough listening to the filtered rehashed refuse that permeated the airwaves and minds of innocent listeners everywhere. It was indeed time to share his insanity. The fruits of the first lineup were harvested in the shape of the eponymous Divided Sky demo, which hit circulation by the fall of '99. However, differences in musical direction caused the departure of a member and the reforging of the band. They were joined in this new incarnation by a new member, who quickly adapted to the plan of operations. The seething mass of music ravaged the Philadelphia area for most of 2000 and 2001, garnering critical acclaim and building a loyal fan base. Not content to simply punish the live music scene, the unit entered the studio in May of 2001 to begin recording the debut full length album Spectral. However, in June the band hit a pothole with their bladders full when differences in music and opinion forced the departure of Hightower, who subsequently joined forces with Noosphere.  After many years of futile resistance, the band created a new conception in Progressive Rock, when with the new lineup in place, the finishing touches were put on their excellent debut album which was at last released in September 2002. Well, Divided Sky is not one only another new band, they are young musicians with an incredible talent, they easily will be able to establish among famous bands, creating their proper identity with their strong musical style, they do a powerful music, that certainly, have a melodic sensibility and structural tightness inspired in bands as "Pink Floyd", "Yes", "King Crinson", "Anekdoten" and "Dream Theater", also mixed with a bit of modern rock, then you may find on this group a special taste and a pleasant musical sound, where naturally all prog fans may enjoy this kind of music. We can say, Divided Sky it´s clearly walking in the same footsteps of those that are creating music for the future, while respecting influences of the past. "Spectral" is a self-production and a very diverse sounding album, including eleven tracks, where all songs were written by Crisden and Radway, except "Aura" which was written by Radway, all songs arranged by Divided Sky. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Grasp" (is one of the best), "Missing Persons", "Diminishing Returns", "Summer By Twilight", "Lifestream" and "Images". The musicians on Divided Sky are: Sean Crisden – Vocals and Guitar, Scott Radway – Percussion, Synth, Samples and Chapman Stick, Franco Fiorini – Bass and Richard Banister – Guitar. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. ATMOSFEAR - "Inside the Atmosphere"
In autumn of 1996 Olaf Sorgenfrei, Burkhart Heberle (both of former Band "Coloured Dreams") and Boris Stepanow (of former Band Into "Neverland") decided to create an independent Progressive Rock Project in which everyone is able to fullfil his very own demands on music. Within some time singer Oliver Wulff and Stephan Kruse (both of former band Yawp) joined this Project to perfection. In that time AtmOsfear is born. In spring of 1997 the band recorded their first 3 track Promo CD, simply named "AtmOsfear". The character and style of  AtmOsfear could not better be focused than in these 3 tracks. The main Elements of AtmOsfear from then on the bands aim is to perform their 2 1/2 hour repertoire in every location and club, playing with highly reputated bands like Poverty´s No Crime, Charisma (Ivanhoe), Vanden Plas, Headway Festival (with Pain Of Salvayion, Freak Kitchen, Bumblefoot, Sun Caged, Loch Vostock, etc.) and latest together with Evergrey. The reputation was / is tremendous but was topped with release of the new full-time CD. Just planning the official Release-Party at Markthalle / Hamburg for 05.09.2003, of course they will have some surprises up for us... I´d like to understand today why all the new bands and artists, have to issue music with qualities through in their independent productions. AtmOsfear is one of these bands who you can bet your life that, they have really a high tune on their musical inspirations, where they can stir up all expectations the prog scene today. With a heavy rhythm section, beautiful guitars sounds with marvelous solos, powerful vocals,  but not so strong and, intelligent music that won't go into the ultra-complex realms, using variable elements around Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock until the Melodic Rock. The band have some thing musical around "Dream Theatre", "Shadow Gallery", "Threshold" and other bands with the same musical genre, but inside the AtmOsfear the whole thing is perfect, with what seems to give to a real and new feel to Progressive Rock Metal music in the 21st century. This first album will prove to be a great success and, show the band that they're on the correct musical way, where there are plenty musical to satisfy the burning listener from the Progressive Rock music. "Inside the Atmosphere" is the first band album, including ten tracks, almost 76min of pure songs where all them written, arranged and produced by AtmOsfear except "Eleanor Rigby". Recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Jens Lück at "Art of Music" studio, Hamburg, July/August 2001. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Inside the Atmosphere", "A Cry of Dismay" (A fantastic song), "Feardrops", "Patience", "Eleanor Rigby" (With special arrangements) and  "Zephaniah" (One of the Best in Best).  The musicians on AtmOsfear are: Oliver Wulff - Vocals, Boris Stepanow - Guitars, Stephan  Kruse - Keyboards,Burkhart Heberle - Bass and Olaf Sorgenfrei - Drums. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. AETHELLIS - "Same"
A veteran of several bands, most noteably "Logos Affinity"" since the early 80s, keyboardist / vocalist Ellsworth Hall decided to dedicate himself to progressive music he composed himself in total. However there was the desire to keep the impression of a "band" album even though he played all the keyboard, guitar and drum parts and sang all the vocals. Thus, taking the Old English antecedent of his first name (Aethellis-worth, meaning owner of a noble estate), the Aethellis project was born in 2002. Aethellis takes the forms and feel of classic progressive rock and incorporates a contempary rhythmic feel. Rehearsals are planned to present the material from the new album live with a full band including Erik Marks on bass and Mark Van Natta on guitar.  Ellsworth also creates music and sound effects for multimedia and composes for documentaries, industrials, animated shorts, and TV/cable spots. Ellsworth Hall is a North American multi-instrumentalist, the music that´s made by him, it floats around the Classical Rock and Art Rock, but both styles are intrinsically linked, taking advantage of the format's capacity for longer and complex compositions, with an extended instrumental explorations, where keyboards and electronic textures became indispensable in any rock band. Aethellis developed a musical style, where all the range in the compositions are around melancholy sounds of the keyboards, and all vocals are at times, very clean and very soft, other times, highly spirituals, elevating both kind of rock styles to a high level. You really hear a work where the influences follow the same line by musicians and bands as "Alan Parsons", "Rick Wakeman", "Procol Harum" and "Tony Banks", but adding their own musical blends and including special instrumental techniques, and a melodic substance that was heard many times in the years 80'. "Aethellis" is the first work with six tracks around 48min of nice songs. Recorded and engineered at Ellstudio, Timonium MD. All words and music by Ellsworth Hall. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Tie and Handkerchief", "Hubris", "Djibouti" and "Final Affinity" (Is the best in best). The musician on this project is: Ellsworth Hall - Keyboards, Vocals, Electric Guitar, "Digi-drums". Indispensable work, high recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. TEXTURES - "Polars"
Textures was born in Dutch. Together in the current setup since the summer of 2001. Six musicians, each with their own unique view on music. Six links needed to produce the Textures-sound. The band members have all had their fair share of experience playing in other bands, before they united their forces in one collective. The musicians are on the other hand still young (24 years old, on average) and ambitious. For this reason, the first album recordings commenced at the end of 2001. A naive idea? On the contrary! The band has all the technique and knowledge in store to produce the entire album by themselves, from building a complete studio to designing all the artwork. This new Dutch band was born to play a different musical style, with a dynamic and a powerful sound, the band changes styles from Progressive Rock to a high level of the metal scene, their music is not so very "typical" for progressive lovers, because of the number of different musical genres, easily found during all musical sections. It´s quite hard to describe their style that, in some parts is very aggressive around all vocals and also in all drums sounds, however in some parts the music refresh around a experimental and claustrophobic sound, where the distorted guitars sounds fight into a dark and heavy atmosphere. For those who only appreciate a bombastic and heavy music or some thing quite experimental, Textures offers us a new instrumental arrangements dimension complete of musical innovations. "Polars" is a debut album, with a close to 1 hour playtime. The CD title reflects every aspect of the band as the singing, song structures, lyrics and the personalities. Eight tracks, which make clear that Textures is larger than the sum of her parts.  A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "The Barrier", "Effluent", "Polars" (In a special attention to this song with 18:30min) and "Heave". The musicians on Textures are: Jochem Jacobs - Guitar and Vocals, Stef Broks - Drums and Vocals, Richard Rietdijk - Synthd, Dennis Aarts - Bass, Pieter Verpaalen - Vocals and Bart Hennephof - Guitar and Vocals. Strongly recommended for all fans around Metal to Progressive Metal... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. WAIK - "Promotional CD 2003"
Waik originally formed in January 2000 under the name of 'Karnevil'. But due to the changing of bass players and the confusion created when pronouncing the name 'karnevil' (carnival), the band decided to uproot and make the name change. There also seemed to be a misconception (created by the 'evil' in the name) that 'karnevil' was in a Death Metal or Hard Core genre, which is a large misrepresentation of the band's sound. All members of 'Waik', apart from Damian (Drums) who was originally from Mackay in Queensland, are from the Wollongong area. Simon (Guitar) and Andrew (Bass) have been friends since Kindergarten, attending different High Schools, while Nathan (Vocals) and Simon attended the same High School for a time. This close contact over the years has helped to develop the bands personal as well as musical and business relationships. Previous to the formation of Waik, Nathan was the only member not to have had any prior experience in a band environment, while all other members have been involved in numerous other bands and musical projects through out their careers. The Australian band Waik declare their intentions of combine New and Progressive metal in a strange work. Imagine the progressive climatic style with the powerful guitars and vocals from new metal. It’s their reason to make music. But will they find their way to paradise? Not now. The promo cd has only 3 tracks. “Into the Ground”, “Twilight” and “Distant”. The first one is just new metal, with some melodic guitars and a vocals that cross the bridge from aggressive to melodic, remind us that "Limp Bizkit" and "Linkin Park" is still in active. The second one is more heavy, but remains with speed parts-melodic parts- speed parts, so nothing is really new here. The production is very well, all sounds clear, the band is ok, but the “deja-vú” sensation is in all places. The third and last one starts with a slow riff and some vocal effects, but is just new metal, with the rap-vocals, some effects, guitars… but not any progressive element…. maybe next time. It’s a creative band, we can hear in the riffs, the drum beats, the variation of vocal style… but needs more composition work to make something really charismatic. The Waik are: Grant Colquoon - Drums, Andrew Shepherd - Bass, Simon Schroeder - Guitar/Vocals and Nathan Vickery - Lead Vocals/Samples. (Comments by Rafael Carnovale
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. THE GRIMM - "Resurruption"
The Grimm entered this world during the summer of 1997 as the brainchild of twin brothers Kirk and Kent Tonkin. Their first collaboration in many years, the duo began writing under the moniker of ?The Brothers Grimm?. The project was intended to be instrumental in nature, with no preconceptions of what music should arise. Kirk, a guitarist, walked the walk of the 90?s headbanger, proudly bearing riffs of power groove metal like Pantera and Overkill, while keeping his hand on the pulse of modern heavy acts such as "Tool" and "Sepultura". Kent, a bassist, dwelled in the more progressive rock oriented realms of "Rush" and "King Crimson". Some bands make difficult records to be heard and reviewed. Sometimes is the sound, too strange and with lot of elements, or just a concept that makes the record more complex to listen and understand. It’s the case of “Ressurruption” from The Grimm. This North American band releases their debut album in 2003 with a mixture of rock/grunge and progressive, talking about a man searching his meaning of life, before dying. Something too strange, don’t you think? “Suicide Knob” could easier be recorded by Alice in Chains, with a loud bass and a shamed guitar riffs. Not an easier track to hear, but the next chapter, “Fade” shows a rock band, totally different from the first one. In this time our hero is experiencing his sudden death, which is clear in the “Flatline” suite, with some progressive elements. There is a good production… and the band works well, with mr Bob as a good lead vocalist. The guys from Pensylvania show their more heavy songs in “Dreamstate”, ”Forced Reflection” and “Overtime”, and our hero is ready to experience his most strange piece of mind, with a countdown to his destiny in “Shangri-La” and a sweet moment in “Burning Embers”, the nearest pop moment in the record. “Ressurruption” ends his story with some trash riffs and a message to all: “Can’t survive alone”. Well …. truth is out there and we have to discover… but this cd is too difficult to be heard in only one time…. too many elements, not close one by one, but still a interesting one. "Resurreption" is the third work, a concept album with 13  tracks. The main musicians on the band are: Bobby Lee - Vocals, Kent Tonkin - Bass, Otto - Guitar, Dom Peruso - Acoustic and Electronic Drums. (Comments by Rafael Carnovale)
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. IRIS - "Crossing The Desert"
It’s icredible the fact some progressive materials can only reach some listeners’ knowledgement after a few years from their release, in this case the album in question refer itself to ‘’Crossing the Desert’’, which was released by a corking progressive rock band called Iris seven years ago precisely, and I must really deplore such a fine album has been so far away from my ears for all this time, at all events, as the saying goes, better late than never! Iris is not a garage band neither a band formed by young schoolmates as it generally happens on every band’s beginning, in this case things took another way whereas experience preveiled, and three known musicians as Pete Trewavas, Ian Mosley and Sylvain Gouvernaire could change their debut into a majestic project, which unfortunately as far as I can see this masterpiece still keeps itself out of most of listeners’ sight due to the natural underground condition of this musical movement, therefore I believe this is still an album to be discovered by most of the prog fans. Musically I must really tell you that who dares to lay a bet this work is such as a "Marillion" clone, you are then far from winning it, because the album besides being fully instrumental, it is also somewhat quite different from everything ever fulfilled by "Marillion" because this album sounds much more like a progressive rock act than neo-prog. Another important point to be mentioned is the fact of Sylvain Gouvernaire took most of responsibilities to himself, seen that he besides proposing himself to play the guitars, he also saddled himself with the task of playing the keyboards, his competence was unwittingly put to the test belike, and he didn’t really fail at all. The union of these three experienced musicians surely changed this musical project into a high-grade work, and also one of the best from the last decade. ‘’Crossing the Desert’’ consists of 8 beautiful songs where some themes are extensive, and surely delightful enough on the verge of captivating any listener’s attention due to its freshness, and beautiful harmonic constructions, which invite the listeners to an imaginary trip bound for a superior atmosphere. I wouldn’t like to quote any highlight here, seen that the repertoire was well defined by the band themselves. Iris line-up on this album is: Ian Mosley - Drums & Percussion, Pete Trewavas - Bass and Sylvain Gouvernaire - Guitars & Keyboards. An album highly recommendable, surely!... (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. DJAM KARET  - "A Night For Baku "
The California-based Djam Karet has often been called America’s greatest undiscovered band. Compared  with bands as "King Crimson", "Pink Floyd", "Ozric Tentacles" and "Porcupine Tree", they are credited with breathing new life into Progressive Rock, leading the way to the genre’s future growth. Impressively, such high praise comes from widely divergent sources; Djam Karet has been written up in mainstream music publications around the world. "A Night For Baku" this is the very title of Djam Karet’s 12th album, which such as "Ozric Tentacles" decided early to follow their own way in search of their own musical identity. So describing Djam Karet’s musical direction is somewhat quite enigmatic, such as to know who built in fact the egiptian pyramids, in spite of all this puzzling matter, their music sounds quite genuine, and pleasant to everyone’s ear who’s disposed in fact to know somewhat entirely different from what you are generally used to listening to on your daily auctions. In this new release, the band didn’t really decide to abstein from their natural characteristic, still introducing us quite a few complexities on their arrangements. ‘’A Night For Baku’’ consists of 9 marvelous songs, which after each song we strongly feel the sensation there are still a lot to be discovered over the whole album. Still following their characteristic, the delightful moments of a salutary psychedelism are kept as well, and on each song a new, and imaginary voyage is taken, mainly by that kind of listener who use to let the music share of his inner world, helping him off and on to forget a little bit about his daily trouble. Also, the interplay between the guitars and keyboards are perfect, what often catch the listener’s attention, and keep him attentive that an outstanding tune will flow of a sudden, and bring his life a bit of joy thereafter. Although I wouldn’t really like quoting any highlight on the album, seen that it is simply marvelous by and large, however I can’t unfortunately, withdraw myself from quoting the 6th song whose title is ‘’Sex Beast’’, to me it was really as a love at first sight, or better said, love at first auction, its catchy rhythm, mostly applied by the fingering guitars changed this song into one of my favorite progressive rock songs ever since, quite sublime! ‘’A Night For Baku’’ is entirely worth taking part of your CD collection. Highly recommendable. Djam Karet are: Gayle Ellett - Electric Guitars, Elbow, Slide Guitar, Organ, Synth, Effects, Mike Henderson - Electric Guitar, Elbow, Synth, Effects, Aaron Kenyon - Bass, tracks 2,4,7 & 9, Chuck Oken Jr. - Drums, Percussion, Synth,  and Henry Osborne - Bass, tracks 1,3,5 & 8. Guest musician: Steve Roach - ending guitar atmospheres, track 8...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. AVIARY - "Ambition"
Aviary orginally formed back in the 1970's and became a powerhouse of Art Rock and Progressive Rock. With interest from several top labels, Yes manager Brian Lane picked up the band and they signed with Epic-CBS Records to record their 1st self-titled CD originally released in 1979. With no major label backing, and with management mishaps, the band went on to record a second (as of yet unreleased) album. After much turbulence, the band broke up and the members went their seperate ways. Vocalist/songwriter/pianist, "Brad Love", continued recording, and released a solo album on MCA Records, 'Colours', and another release on Song Haus Records "Through Another Door". Keyboardist Paul Madden went on to record several Christian CD's, while guitarist, Toby Bowen went on to performing and recording with quite a few LA bands. The Epic Records album was resurrected by Dane Spencer of Song Haus Music in the year of 2001. Along with Sony Special Products the album was remastered and released on CD in all it's glory. Progressive fans came out of the woodwork in awe of this CD release. In what was first throught to be "one of the few that slipped through the cracks" is experiencing a new life with continuous and consistant sales. Let´s go back to the past not very distant to capture unknown and lost songs at time, there we found a band called Aviary, just to describe as an example of pure AOR or, as many known, a contemporary Pomp Art Rock band. Within their music all the arrangements of the songs are simple but very effective and, some times are complex with a powerful musical compositions, where you can listen marvelous ballads. The band has a fantastic orchestral sound with classic musical elements and an instrumental that reaches a perfect balance into all songs. There is a sensation that something special was discovered and, now Aviary are emerging one more time, proving their talent to creating a fine Rock music. We can say that Aviary could be compared with bands like: "Procol Harum", "Styx", "Queen", "Gentle Giant", and "Yes". "Ambition" was recorded in Los Angeles from 1977/1979 except "Eva´s Birthday" recorded at Waldo´s Studio, Omak WA 73. All songs by Brad Love except "Fine Lines" and "Working Girl" written by Brad Love and Kenny Steimonts. Featuring twelve tracks with 51:11min that illustrate their best performance, they sound like they were recorded just yesterday.  A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Hello", "The Sun, The Sand", "Apathy", "You", "Desert Songs" (a fantastic and amazing song) and "Eva's Birthday". Aviary are: Brad Love - Lead Vocals and Piano, Paul Madden - Hammond  B2 w/perc, Mellotron, Mini Moog and Prophet Rodhes, Ken Steimonts - Rickenbacker Bass 4000 series, GMT 600B and Vocals, Richard Bryans - Ludwig Drums Zildjian Cymbals and Vocals and Toby Bowen - 1969 Fender Strat, 70's version Marshall 50 watt 4x12w/25watt Celestions  Roland Space Echo DeArmond vol. ped. Cry Baby wah, Boss CSI comp/sustainer. Guest musician: Tony Dart - plays Drums on Eva´s Birthday. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. SPEKTRUM - "Same"
One more pleasant surprise from Sweden, and also one more fair contribution from this fascinating country to the ever blooming progressive rock scene. Although the name Spektrum is new on the current musical scene, however this band sound like an exact amount of experienced musicians, seen that most of them have already featured bands like Grand Stand, Cross and Galleon, so the listeners can take already their own conlcusion henceforth. Yet, to join this team and turn it even stronger, an extraordinary female singer in the person of Lizette Von Panajott was brought together, whose voice is fine, and quite suitable to the band’s musical proposal. Spektrum as a project of some members of the above mentioned bands released their debut officially on March 10th 2003, and this CD is surely able to please the most demanding fan of progressive rock music because such members’ experience was entirely able to mingle melodic and powerful themes, which giving us at times an impresion of having a hard-rock piece by the ear, but the progressive elements are often all around anyway. Some influences are notorious, mainly concerning the bands from the british progressive scene, and to my thinking, "Genesis" has been the most vivid band to influence them, and with a view to specify a bit more my slant, I could further quote ‘’Wind and Wuthering’’ album as the most influential point in this matter, and this can surely be testified on the last track called ‘’A Chemical Release’’ whose length is 8:52 minutes, in this very track it’s entirely possible to call up some memorable acts by Tony Banks when he still featured a true progressive rock in fact. In despite of the mentioned influences, it would be unjust of me if I failed to say with conviction this band has a strong potential, and also a vivid knowledge towards quality music, so I believe other magnificent works like this current release will surely come in the future. This CD is surely a remarkable work, and also worth being discovered by any person who appreciates quality music indeed. Recorded and mixed at Progress Studio and &-Studios between Dec 2002 and Feb 2003. Released by Progress Records 10th of March 2003. Spektrum consist of the following musicians: Olov Andersson - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Turkish Mini Bells and Vocals, Hansi Cross - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals and additional Keyboards, Lizette von Panajott - Vocals and Additional Keyboards, Göran Fors - Basses, Vocals and Taurus Pedals and Göran Johnsson - Drums, Vocals, Electric Guitar and Additional Keyboards. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
09/28/2003............................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit SPEKTRUM HOME PAGE...
. THETA - "Seeds Of The Dream 
So many things and also people in this world become old over the years, even the artists of course, due to their condition of human beings, however it doesn’t happen to their art because they are eternal fortunately, in this case I’m referring to a masterpiece released three years ago, but only known by me a couple of days. I’m telling about an album entitled ‘’Seeds Of The Dream’’ whose author is a marvelous symphonic progressive rock band from Japan called Theta. The structure of their well-defined compositions shows plainly how reaching their musical knowledgement is, seen that their music is carefully performed with a view certainly to afford the listener the opportunity of  understanding it from the beginning to the end, and see how beauty it is in fact. In this case I can witness once again how devoted japaneses are, mainly  when the matter envolves professionalism and quality on what they propose themselves to accomplish. The music proposed by Theta  is quite pleasing on a general way, what often propitiates fascinating atmospheric jiffies. Also, Yoko Royama crystal clear voice’s suited quite well toward the band’s musical direction. Moreover, her co-operation to the development of the band doesn’t resume itself upon her vocals only, she besides singing fairly well on both languages such in english as japanese of course, she also plays the flute additionally. Musically the music of Theta is rather seemingly to both  british Prog/Art-Rock bands Renaissance, and Solstice, in this last referencial point, I personally think fit to mention the similarity between both bands doesn’t only refer itself to the fact of including female vocals on their musical direction, but also to the fact of presenting the listeners with some magnificent violin passages, in this point, as much Solstice as Theta must really be congratulated by such a vision of what quality music is. Speaking of violin, two gifted violin players appear like guests, and one of them is Akihisa Tsuboy, the founder of another well known band from Japan called KBB. Theta is something such as a musically dream team where talent and competence  walk hand in hand. Outstanding! The dream team consist of the following members: Yoko Royama - Vocals & Flute, Naoyuki Harada - Drums, Yuko Tsuchiya - Keyboards and Kazuhito Kawakami - Bass. Guest musicians: Akihisa Tsuboy - Vilolin, Junko Minobe - Violin, Masahiro Yamada - Keyboards, Eiji Nishigori - Guitar and Keisuke Ai - Guitar. Highly recommendable... (Comments By Sergio Motta)
09/28/2003.........................................,.....Interested to know more about this Prog Band? Go to THETA HOME PAGE...
. PIG FARM ON THE MOON - "Orbital"
Pig Farm on the Moon, a stunning representative of fertile South America’s progressive rock scene, more especifically from Venezuela. Their musical project was firstly initiated about two years ago, and as too many other bands around the world, a lot of musicians were experienced until they could finally build up a solid line-up. Fortunately after all this intensive search, the result is right here in this magnificent CD entitled ‘’Orbital’’, which has just been released by the label (Musical Mind). Concerning the musical influences of this band, it varies in fact from "Genesis" to "King Crinsom", and also from "Rush" to "ELP", and I would further dare to include another great band from the past, why not "Supertramp"? Oh yes, some vocals introduced on some of their songs really reminded me of that marvelous Canadian band, that once enchanted quite a few listeners around the world. Although some tunes from this band will surely sound a bit familiar to the listeners’ ears, don’t let yourselves be fooled due to that, because this band disclose many times to follow on their way, and it won’t be hard for anybody to testify that straight at first auction. Pig Farm on the Moon as they are known as well basically work on themes, which often aim at the search for poetical stories followed by the utopic vision of an inexistent man’s world. ‘’Orbital’’ consists of 5 long songs where the shortest song is 9:28 min and the most extensive one is 18:53 min. The whole CD is sung in english, and musically the CD is followed by complex arrangements, and full of detours. This work will surely please they who are still linked to Progressive Rock from the past bands, however feel likewise the urge of discovering newly born bands, so you shouldn’t wait too long to check this stunning release! Pig Farm on the Moon are: Lilian - Acoustic Guitar & Vocal, Ivanov - Guitar, Gilberto Finol - Drums, Salomon Lerner - Keyboards and Gustavo Borrero - Bass. Also credits to the following guest musicians: Dario Rosa - 6 &12 Stringed Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Laurent Lacuyer - Keyboards solos, Arturo Soto - Guitar Solo, Igor Lara - Violin, Rosa María Barrios - Viola and Darlenys Zamora - Cello. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
09/28/2003.................Wants to learn everything about this great band, go to PIG FARM ON THE MOON HOME PAGE...
. ANEKDOTEN - "Gravity"
After releasing three well-succeeded studio albums namely ‘’Vemod’’, ‘’Nucleous’’ and ‘’From Within’’ the swedish band Anekdoten, whose initial influence strongly depicted the legendary band from Britain "King Crimson" has just released their 4th album whose title is ‘’Gravity’’. In this current release the band still march on at the same direction bound for quality music, and still, always going halfway between the Hard Rock and the Heavy-Prog act. For many, a band that still keep a crimsonian reference. To me, a reference left behind ever since. Anekdoten is doubtlessly a self-influential point today. ‘’Gravity’’ then begins to show such an evolution, and their cry for freedom at last, and this is evidently the very outcome of musicians’ maturation according to my view. And although our ears are still graced with a lot of magnificent mellotron passages, cello, striking bass, and quite a few peerless guitar riffs by Niklas. Also, atmospheric tunes could further be testified by the listeners, and as well, not so rare fascinating acoustic guitars outbreakings, a perfect marriage overall between old and new sonority proposed by these swedish masters. Another crucial note to be pointed out by me refers to Jan Erik Liljeström’s performance, and I mainly refer to him here as the lead singer, his voice’s growth is visible every new album, and his vocal is already a trademark on the band’s evolutionary process for sure. I must even admit that he could infuse me a bit of his emotion through the 2nd track entitled ‘’Ricochet’’, really, a corking song, which brought me such a nice feeling straight at the first listening.‘’gravity’’ consists of 8 tracks, and although they are introduced under a new and slight texture, it’s quite impossible to say that’s not a genuine album by Anekdoten because their musicianship is perceptible aloof. So this is one more splendid work by this fantastic band. Anekdoten are today: Niklas Berg - Guitars, Vocal, Rhodes, Mellotron, Vibraphone & Cello, Anna Sofi Dahlberg - Mellotron, Organ, Vocal & Cello, Pete Nordins - Drums & Percussion and Jan Erik Liljeström - Vocal & Bass. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments By Sergio Motta)
10/05/2003...........................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit ANEKDOTEN HOME PAGE...
. KAIPA - "Keyholder "
Kaipa is doubtlessly the most famous progressive rock band from Sweden ever since. A band that was very much active in the 70’s, and was responsible for true masterpieces, mainly their first three albums, which brought them some recognition inside and outside of their homeland. The music proposed by Kaipa was always a very rich blend of symphonic music, scandinavian folksongs and  classic themes too. Much of this can be mainly testified on their first releases, which are still available on french label Muséa. Yet, it’s  interesting to say here they formerly opted by singing in their native language, which sounded quite fair and original. Nowadays the main band members are Hans Lundin and Roine Stolt, two talented and active musicians, which have been ahead of the most brilliant projects of the band from the start far back in 1975. The album in question here is their latest release whose title is ‘’Keyholder’’, which consists of 8 brand new compositions where the majority are extensive, and often reveal a lot of complexness. Musically it’s obvious something has changed from that golden era to the current days, seen that not only the world uses to change over the years, but people’s thought and also technology, therefore some old-fashioned instruments are generally left behind for some musicians, and in this case, no longer many of those marvelous mellotron and harmmond organ passages that once became Kaipa’s trademark are heard very often, otherwise the new compositions sound quite updated, straight on the same level as most of current progressive rock bands in the world. So it’s possible the old fans of the band are surprised due to currently occured evolutions, but they will soon be quite familiar to the album at the first auction because they will come right along to the conclusion the old Kaipa’s essence is still kept because there are still that old sentiment, and that old pleasure of creating quality music. Also, it’s worth mentioning a female singer whose name is Aleena was invited to join together to the band, and co-operate to the new Kaipa’s project. Kaipa line-up are: Hans Lundin - Keyboards & Vocal, Roine Stolt - Guitars, Percussion & Vocals, Aleena - Vocals & Backing Vocals, Jonas Reingold - Bass, Patrik Lundström - Vocal & Backing Vocals and Morgan Ägren - Drums.  "Keyholder’’ is a great, and highly recommendable album... (Comments By Sergio Motta)
10/05/2003..................................Want to learn everything about the band and their history, visit KAIPA HOME PAGE...
. IN NOMINE  - "Mutatis Mutandis"
A new and nice surprise got to my ears a few days ago when I had the chance of knowing quite a fine neo-prog work entitled ‘’Mutatis Mutandis’’ created by a splendid band from Spain called In Nomine. And as it generally takes place to most of progressive rock bands around the world, the paths until the accomplishment of this work were really painful and long , and so it’s worth mentioning a few years before releasing the then album in question here, the band initially recorded two demos whose titles are ‘’Nicodemus Patri’’ and ‘’Ten To Nine’’, however due to some disappointments the band leader decided to sell his drumkit, and spend all his money on a trip to Sevilla. But when they thought their project was falling through, as well as the band itself was just about to take their last breath, of a sudden their project was favored by luck, and that took place just when Leonardo Pérez won 2 millions pesetas on a TV quiz show, thus turning such a reward into a propelling shaft so that they could keep themselves again ahead of their primal pretence, and the result is right here with ‘’Mutatis Mutandis’’, an album entirely able to please most of progressive rock fans shortly at the first listening, an album that brings emotion and delight to people’s life from the start to the end. To my thinking, the music proposed by In Nomine sounds halfway between mellow and energical tendencies quite similar to bands like "Forgotten Suns" and "Clepsydra", which know so well how to conciliate both trends. Another clearly visible point on the band’s composing basis is the lead singer’s dynamism, at times he magnificently makes me remind of Jon Anderson’s, nevertheless he can also get rid of any other semblance cleverly, his worthiness is splandid, and due to it, I take him as one of the highest points in the musical direction of this remarkable spanish band. ‘’Mutatis Mutandis’’ consists of 6 long and complex tracks, and for appreciating it by and large, I won’t quote any highlight here. An album for those who are lately looking for something like a masterpiece! In Nomine line-up consists of the following members: Leonardo Pérez - Vocals & Drums, Esteban Fragas - Guitars & Bass, Andres Carrera - Keyboards and Segundo Gonzales - Bass & Guitars. Guest musicians: Jesus Filardi - Vocal, Carlos Fernadez - Congas and Rubén Pérez - Monk Voice. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments By Sergio Motta)
10/12/2003....................................,.....Interested to know more about this great Band? Visit IN NOMINE HOME PAGE...
. JANOS VARGA PROJECT - "The Wings of Revelation - II"
Janos Varga who’s lately one of the most talented and active hungarian progressive rock musicians, presents his fans with his peerless and skilfull guitar-oriented music thru his album namely ‘’The Wings Of Revelation II’’. He who once took part in one of the most brilliant Progressive Rock bands from Hungary called "East", which together they recorded true masterpieces as ‘’Játékok’’ and ‘’Hüség’’ for instance. This solo project by Janos Varga cleverly features his old band-mate Király Instván on the drums, with who he formerly performed throughout the "East" era. In this current realease is quite interesting to see how essential he was on his old band’s evolution, seen that even today his sonority sounds portly, and his personnal playing is still so catchy, and due to it all, it’s impossible to fail to conceive there’s not a vivid semblance between both, himself on his solo project and "Easy" themselves, however I think fit to mention otherwise, I don’t mean either this project is a clone because it’s obvious Janos Varga has enough talent to follow the most diverse musical trends, and create a bunch of outstanding pieces. Nevertheless I just want to express here my point of view towards his strong personality as a professional musician, and also how influential he has been on both of his projects ever since. ‘’The Wings Of Revelation II’’ consists of 10 tracks, which swift many times from introspection to excitement - from melancholy to mirth, and so on. The Album is in fact a remarkable blend of mellowness and energy. And for those who think Janos Varga is selfish enough on the verge of becoming the only star to shine are awfully wrong in their way of thinking because all those who were invited to follow him up in his project had a properly chance to perform, seen that the album reveals a lot of superb instrumental passages, some even rowdy. This release will surely please most of progressive rock fans, mainly those who are still fond of old EAST. Janos Varga Project are: Király Instván - Drums, Peter Hary - Bass, Szabolcs Nagy - Keyboards and Janos Varga - Guitars, Keyboards & Synth. A highly recommendable album in fact!  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
10/12/2003..............................Interested to know more about this great Musician? Visit JANOS VARGA HOME PAGE...
. CHANCE - "Escape to Horizon"
Pearl! This is the way I simply classify this album, and I do take myself like a lucky man for not standing in need of going down to the depths of the sea to find it. In truth Chance is, or who knows it should even be such as a one-man band where its main member is a very telented french multi-instrumentalist called "Laurent Simonnet", otherwise the album in question here entitled ‘’Escape to Horizon’’ was not only accomplished by himself, seen that monsieur Simonnet had the brilliant idea of inviting some of his best friends, and also the most gifted musicians from current progressive rock scene such as Roine Stolt, Jean-Luc Payssan, Georges Pinilla and Patrice Barret. Featuring such a team this album should certainly become a masterpiece, and one of the best in its genre. ‘’Escape to Horizon’’ consists of 7 long and marvelous songs, all entirely able to please those who are really fond of melodic progressive rock where the listener himself can dazedly perceive the musicians went for their inspirations in spheres beyond, and in such a jiffy we can see likewise what good-natured human beings are able to accomplish in this world, an art sublimely to shine on over the centuries. Musically this album is close to ‘’Crossing the Desert’’ another fine instrumentally based  album issued by "Iris" on account of its keyboards tapestry, and atmospheric guitar solos, often culminating in delightful moments, which invite the listener to share the fair things in life, only taking it for its sunny side, and letting its shadowy one often behind. ‘’Escape to Horizon’’ is an album for you who believe life is really worth, and belive better days will always come one day after the other. This  masterpiece can’t really fail to partake in your CD collection. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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The Fighting Gollarney Brothers was born in United States, the band features the playing and production talents of ex-evolution guitarist Terry Gollarney, Slum Lord, Jose Lopez and Renee Gardner that, everybody together have created a new creative way for  playing a diferent music around old and known styles. The band create and use a classic blend of styles, a combination of  Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Celtic Folk and Hard Rock, like other common bands they use instruments as guitars, bass and drums but, naturally evolving in a deep research for a particular combination of musical elements. The instrumental parts are good, in some parts are very hard in others very soft but oriented well to the progressive style. Terry Gollarney, the guitar player shows that, among guitars, drums and bass sounds, it´s possible to add others instruments not very common in Progressive Rock bands, as example a "bagpipes", creating something very interesting and also creative in the actual musical scene, where a single "bagpiper" can generate a very loud and rich sound. Another special point are the vocals from Renee Gardner where they follow on the harsh side of the songs, of course, we still have a number of ladies that show their power inside of the progressive music history, where Renee is a singer and song writer of such talent, certainly she will be among of these ladies. The amazing thing about Fighting Gollarney Brothers is that there are no keyboards around the compositions, If you are a fan of creative work mixed with a bit of old prog rock scene you will find this independent release a special and pleasant entertainment. Fighting Gollarney Brothers was produced and engineered by Kerry Gollarney with Roger Keeneand Matt Dupre, All music recorded at Barnowl Inc Studio, an self production release including thirteen tracks.   A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Barney  O`Leary", "Twice", "Run", "Battery L", "Violent Hands", "Peaceful World", "Rakes of Mallow" and "A Boy Named Party Paul".   The musicians on this project are: Terry Gollarney - Guitars and Bagpipes, Renee Gardner - Vocals and Lyrics, Jose Lopez - Bass, Matt Dupre - Guitar and Harry Blackwell - Drums. The bagpipe was especially useful for dances and public events. The British military adopted the "highland pipes" of Scotland and carried them to many far flung corners of the globe. To this day the highland pipes remain popular the world over for providing ceremonial or festive music. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
11/02/2003.......................Would you like to contact the band?, send a e-mail to FIGHTING GOLLARNEY BROTHERS...
. TRIPOD - "Same"
Tripod was born in New York City. The Band had their first previously released work around 2001, also called TriPod. Now they are three musicians with a special talent extremely involved with the music, three-man band whose instrumentation is made up of drums, wind instruments such as flute mainly sax, including bass with hard and soft vocals, a kind of Progressive Rock that is not very common, but it´s very impressive, they do not need Guitars and Keyboards, you can bet your life, they know how to make something new and amazing, creating a special musical style without comparison and not very common around the prog scene today, but for what keyboards and guitars? In that case the most important is to have talent to be able to express feelings without conventional istrumentos for certain musical styles where the keyboards and guitars are very impotant, but for TriPod guys is not so important. I invite you to travel listening a new style and, if you want some important reference  think about something near or around "Embryo", "Can", "Gong" and a bit of "King Crinson" and "Van Der Graaf Generator", but Tripod´s music is quite sensitive, more dynamic and stuffed of energy. TriPod was recorded and mixed at Skyline Studios NYC  and mastered: Spring 2003. Arrangements, all music and lyrics by TriPod, executiver producer Leonardo Pavkovi and Moonjune Entertainment.  A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Trip The Light", "Dance Of The Kabuki", "No Diamond Cries", "Conversation Drag", "World Of Surprise", "Fashion", "Fuzz" and "As The Sun". Tripod are: Clint Bahr - Musicvox 12-String Bass (Ltd. Ed.), Musicvox 12-String Bass, Chapman Stick 10-String, Fernandes 8-String Bass, Ibanez 8-String Bass, Fender Jazz 4-String Bass,  Moog Taurus Pedals (2 sets),  FX Pedalboard: Morley PWF - Morley DWV - Morley ABY - Electroharmonix Bass Synth - MXR 10 Band EQ - Digitech Bass Whammy - Korg PME - (chorus, analog delay, phaser, compressor) - Boss Overdrive - Boss Analog Delay, 4 HiWatt 100 Watt Amps, 3 HiWatt 4 x 12 Cabs, 1 Acoustic 18" Reflex Cab, Rotosound Strings, E-Bow, Glass Slide, Shure Mics. Keith Gurland - Selmer Mark VII Tenor Sax, Selmer Super Balanced Alto Sax, Buffet Clarinet, Yamaha Flute, Panpipes, DOD - Vo Tec FX Pedal, Morley DWV Pedal, Morley ABY Pedal, Roland PK-5 Pedals, Shure Mics. Steve Romano - Acoustic Drums, Percussions and Electronic Percussion. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
11/16/2003..................................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit TRIPOD HOME PAGE...
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