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. TUMULUS - "Winter Wood"
On 6-th of September 1997 the fate stuck badly the Yaroslavl-based Viking Doom Metal band Scald – the vocalist and leader of the band namely Agyl (Maxim Andrianov) passed away. The Rest of the band decided that Scald must end it’s existence. Then and there were taken the decision to create another band which musical style must differ Scald's one, then was born Tumulus. Till the end of 1997 the band experiment with different kinds of Metal, and also with different vocal types. The band calls its’ style as Art Progressive Folk Metal. The difference between Tumulus and the most so-called "Pagan Metal" bands, that use in their lyrics before all themes about the pagan gods, heroic battles and fight against Christianity is big. Tumulus sings about the Slavonic pagan magic: rites, ritual chants, bewitchment, the perception of the woods, rivers and soil as living creatures, also of the so-called "vertical" world (the one inhabited with ghosts) and the inner life of a man, having the pagan within himself. During the writing of the lyrics Tumulus began actively to use ethnographical literature (basically about the northwestern regions of Russia). Big part of Tumulus's lyrics are old Slavonic enchantment formulas. In that time Tumulus are a five-piece and the band plays on the international underground festival "The Other Side" in Bulgaria, in the city of Primorsko, and also played a gig in a club in Plowdiv. In the autumn of 1999 Velingor and Vigdis record the track "The Thread" (with ambient influences) at the home studio, whom also does some acoustics and backing vocals, plus does some arrangements. In the beginning of 2004 the work on "Winter Wood" is completed and in the spring of the same year Tumulus for a first time plays in Romania - in the Bucharest's "Club A", and after that again in Bulgaria in the Sofia's club "O!Shipka". Tumulus is the real idea concerning a qualitative Progressive Melodic Metal that comes from Russia, they blend a considered variety of musical elements, drawing influences from many musical sources, including Folk and Symphonic Metal, creating an astonishing, enjoyable and moving  progressive music. All the compositions are considered of a strong and sophisticated nature, with various movements and many musical adventures, full of imaginations with atmospheric passages around epic sounds. Melodic guitars, atmospheric keyboards, strong bass and a speed drums sounds combine perfectly with Flute and Balalaika creating a fascinating and quite hypnotic compositions. All vocals sound in russian, which combine perfectly with music. I’m sure that this album introduces the band to the top class of modern progressive metal groups. Tumulus will be a reference to all "progheads", that it´s looking for something new, special and different. "Winter Wood"  was released by "Wroth Emitter", including eleven tracks with total playing time 51:03. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Stin", "Odolen'-Trava", "Yavir", "Krada", "Tam, gde zhili Sviristeli", "Vo Luzeh (Omutkovo Lyadi)", "Resnoti Sonty" and "Winter Wood". The main musicians on Tumulus are: Kuchma - Lead Vocal, Flute, Velingor - Bass, Tambourine, Back Vocals, Percussion, Lead Vocal on*, Vigdis - Keyboards, Back Vocals, Lead Female Vocal on*, Igreny - Guitars, Balalaika, Kurbat - Drums, Back Vocal. Additional musician: Marina Sokolova (Sedmaya Voda former member) - Female Vocal on "Yavir" and "Resnoti Sonty…" Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. RETROHEADS - "Retrospective"
The Retroheads-project was started in 2003 by Tore after he had been working several years as a commercial music- and sound-producer for radio and TV in Norway. He desperately needed to do something else. Something good and inspiring. Like going back to the roots. Like starting a great new band called Retroheads. From August 2003 - April 2004, Tore had composed and arranged enough music to fill a 60 minute album. After contacting Ann-Kristin, Tommy and Harald, as well as Pål Søvik and Wade Markham on some of the lyrics. The band now consists of 5 musicians with various musical backgrounds; from jazz, pop and rock to African and world-music. 5 musicians who all share the same vision that music must be made and performed without limits, borders, restrictions or commercial angles. In other words: With creative freedom! Retroheads uses instruments with significant sounds and links to the 70's, like the Hammond B3, Mellotron, ARP, MiniMoog and Taurus bass pedals. They use the latest available technology and VST instruments to emulate the real thing. The music from Retroheads is heavy, soft, melodic and very atmospheric, sometimes elegant, sometimes sophisticated, with fine rhythmic sections, many extended guitar solos, that´s the main highlight into the songs, also including amazing keyboards sounds and long instrumental passages, full of elaborate themes, with rich and sophisticated orchestral arrangements, the female vocals on "Judgment Day" deserve a special mentioning and gave the song a special effect. The musical talent of each of the band members and all instrumental performance are amazingly. Devoted prog rock fans will finally have the opportunity to listen a new generation and, an interesting arrival on the Progressive Rock scene. "Retrospective" was pre-recorded at Tore's homestudio and Tommy's music studio, and mixed by Odd Harald Jensen at Urban Sound studios in Oslo in July 2004. The album was then mastered at Trillium Sound Studios by Richard Addison including nine tracks of a pure delight, released by "Unicorn Records". A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Earthsong", "Man", "Judgment Day (is one of the best)", "World Reveal", "Starry Night", "Taking my Time" and "The Fool". The main musicians on this project are: Tore Bø Bendixen - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass and Programming, Ann-Kristin Bendixen - Vocals and Eggs, Tommy Berre - Accustic & Lead Guitars, Harald Skullerud - Percussion, Ole Staveteig - Lead Guitar and Istvan Pados - Drums. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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Just Offshore is an instrumental project led by the experienced North American multi-instrumentalist Russ Mate, who has been mostly involved with a more energetic sort of music over his career when being one of the founding members of the seminal Punk/Metal excursion out of the Bronx known as Cold Sweat, and also later upon joining the Hard Rock band Mutley’s Rockit, that he decided shortly after to part company with a view to form a new band called Machine Head, that was basically a Deep Purple tribute. In spite of spending most of his life performing this kind of music, this new project is entirely different from all his former projects whereas Russ Mate has currently decided to show another side of his creative power not only as a music performer, but also as a composer, overall on putting such a challenging project into practice, seen that it goes on a completely dissimilar direction ever accomplished by this gifted musician. This project that’s known as Just Offshore may well be described under some different aspect, as Progressive Electronic, Ambient and also New Age. Though I’d better describe it just as being a high-grade music overall, made by one who puts much of his soul into his art without even worrying about stylistic values according to perception. The album in question here features eight stunning songs, which sound delightful to the ears, and also speak straight to the heart. Maybe if the listener decides to keep his eyes shut while listening to the whole album, he will surely feel the sensation of having arrived at Shangri-La across an exciting trip after all, seen that the sonority proposed on the album is an invitation for everyone to do it while being a discerning listener of course. The opening theme is called ‘’Ocean Storm’’, quite a well-chosen cut to lead off such a splendid musical adventure, and make the listener perceive what’s really about to befall henceforward because it is plenty of glamour when being as well one of the most expressive compositions on the album. The other songs also follow up the same trend, always trying to keep a cohesive aspect where all the songs are on the very same level musically, never giving vent at all to any sort of off-color eclecticism that may really be contrary to the composer’s aim overall, even when Russ decided to re-work a new version of ‘’House of the Rising Sun’’ originally made popular by The Animals. And as to that, I must say it’s been quite interesting to have the chance of listening to a pop hit under an erudite sonority and see that much of its real essence was carefully kept. The whole album is full of delightful surprises where every song is entirely able to infuse a new sentiment to the listener’s heart and make him behold the world from another way where not only its gloomy side is visible to his eyes. This album in spite of sounding quite as an Electronic, Ambient or New Age Music, it doesn’t work up to an entirely introspective atmosphere over its course as it happens naturally to most of the albums that cover this genre; here in this case, the songs are mostly enticing, and the introspective moments are not so often indeed. Well, if you who are now having the chance of reading this review and want me to quote any sort of similarity to this work, I would then say that some works made by Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre may well become a lively reference to describe the real sonority proposed in this album by Russ Mate at his project namely Just Offshore. It’s worth mentioning in this case that I have quoted Jean-Michel Jarre as a reference, but my comments are pointed obviously to his first works, which according to my slant, represent the most creative period in his glorious career. So if this reference really fits into your taste, the Just Offshore CD is for you then! Just Offshore consists of: Russ Mate - all instruments. This album is highly recommended...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. KARCIUS - "Sphere"
Just when I thought this year was coming to its end without no longer expecting much of it towards any new release or even CD acquisition whereas most of the people in the world are all set for celebrating a feastful season as the coming of Xmas and also the New Year’s eve, happily enough my thought fell through when I could then get a remarkable CD and have the opportunity of knowing quite one of the most creative bands on current progressive scene called Karcius, that were created by four gifted Canadian instrumentalists – more specifically from the city of Montréal straight in the year of 2001, and though this is their debut, the boys really show a lot of maturity and competence on performing such an intricate sort of music as proposed in fact by them. This standout band have released quite a top-notch work entitled ‘’Sphere’’. An entirely instrumental CD that consists of 10 long songs, including a corking suite of 18:33 minutes long, that’s thoroughly able to captivate the listener’s attention at the very first listening due to an all-time richness, of which consists of exploring a diversity of rhythms, that helps out their music as being one of the most   complex found out hereto, and it surely affords Karcius the very same status ever attained by bands like "Transatlantic" and "Liquid Tension Experiment" for instance. Well, whether Karcius’ music is somewhat choke-full of complexities, what’s their music like then? The music proposed by Karcius is quite a successful mix of Progressive Rock Music and Jazz Fusion whose goal is supposedly to put into practice much of their musical culture once gathered over the years by being often in touch with a variety of tendencies. And this entire search for a wider musical knowledge is now being rewarded for sure whereas this work may really be regarded as one of the best in its genre. This work will surely please that kind of listener who expects a well-elaborated music, plenty of breaks and detours, where calmness and rowdiness are perfectly able to walk together without any hassle between them. Karcius definitively propose a sort of music to be listened by one who has any spare time so that he may properly appreciate the very beauty of their art and come onboard as well into an exciting journey. This CD is such as a jewel of a rarely found beauty anytime. As so many other new bands, Karcius are one more band from the new generation that have been making their way through with competence and honesty upon devoting themselves to a sort of music that often reflects their performers’ character. Therefore I wish them good luck over this long road and may other remarkable albums be out henceforth. The line-up of Karcius consists of the following musicians: Simon L’Esperance – Guitars, Thomas Brodeur – Drums, Dominique Blouin – Bass and Mingan Sauriol – Piano, Fender Rhoads and Keyboards. This album is highly recommendable...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. BURNING ENGINES - "And a Good Time Was Had By All"
I have got an interesting album recently, that was said by a friend of mine that it would be one of the most beautiful Heavy Metal albums released in the late years. I confess that his words made me quite eager, that after checking the band sonority out I could understand in fact the reason why of his enthusiastic words. The band, which I refer were formed in Sweden and they call Burning Engines whose album in question here is entitled ''And a Good Time Was Had By All'' issued last year and being spread by the Risestar Promotions. The album features 10 songs where its total timming is about 36 minutes long. Well, before telling you more about the Burning Engines, I would firstly like to say they have brought to their line-up some members of other bands ever dissolved as Embraced for instance. The music proposed by this swedish band is a quite exciting and fascinating at the same time, seen that it has been often sounding to my ears like a memorable comeback to the seventies and eighties likewise, when this sort of music was mostly performed with sentiment, and many times revealing a lot of singleness toward the compositions' content. So I would say overall, that this band's music is quite a perfect marriage between talent and good taste where all the songs are stunning by and large. The guitarworks are simply fantastic and the vocals also hold out the load perfectly well. Oh yeah, it's also worth mentioning the album features ''Shoot You in the Back'' as a cover song from the Motörhead's ''Ace of Spades'' album where the band members didn't measure any effort to keep this song on the very high level as its composers, and they got it right down; So here's a nice surprise to be found out by the listeners, besides finding out other stunning fine self-composed songs on the album of course. The Burning Engines line-up consist of the following members: Kalle Johansson - Vocals, Mikael Fässberg - Guitar, Martin Wezowski - Bass and Carl-Michael Hildesjö - Drums. This album is highly recommendable!  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. LET ME DREAM - "Soulshine"
Let me Dream is a band from Finland, that propose quite an interesting melodic metal, which is not definitively rough to the listener's ear. Well, let's begin for the beginning. This band were formed in the year of 1989 by the guitar player & vocalist Jani Koskela and drummer Janne Peltoranta. However it was over the 90's that the band really gained strength upon bringing some new members together as Teemu Peltaronta on the keyboards and Marko Tuominen on the bass, whose occasion a lot of songs began taking shape. In the meanwhile quite a few live performances were accomplished; however Teemu Peltaronta would be soon replaced by Jari Koskela in the following year. After having some demos out and also gaining a good repute among their public, the band finally succeeded on releasing their debut album entitled ''My Dear Succubus'' in 1995. In spite of being working hard with a view to succeed more and more, the band would still go through one more change in their line-up, now having a new lead vocals in the person of Tuukka Koskinen and also another guitar player as Juhana Stolt. Other material were then released, besides doing a lot of gigs all over Europe as well. The album to be mentioned here refers to the band's latest release whose album calls ''Soulshine''. The album consists of nine songs performed with a lot of energy and also competence of course where the themes are strongly taken by the guitars and also the keyboards as a perfect support to the development of the band in a general way. The band also reflect maturity on composing themes filled with complexities, and this makes of their music quite exciting where the listener won't be too long to understand that he's straight before a great band. I don't like generally to quote highlights on an album, but I will do it this time, and I ask the listener to pay attention to the last song on the album whose title is ''Autumn Twilight'', though I appreciate the whole album, I must say otherwise that this song has really blown me out since I got it for the very first moment. The songs is a perfect marriage between the melodic and the heavy style. Though I understand of course this is the band's continuous goal overall. I'm sure the Let me Dream's music will become a great surprise for your ears! The line-up of the band consists of the following members: Tuukka Koskinen - Vocals, Marko Tuominen - Bass & Backing vocals, Jani Koskela - Guitar & Backing vocals, Juhana Stolt - Guitar, Jari Koskela - Keyboards and Marko Jokinen - Drums. This album is highly recommendable!  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. DELTA - "Apollyon is Free"
Delta is a Heavy/Prog Metal band from Chile, that were formed in the year of 2003. After working hard upon this project, whose result is now seen through this debut entitled ''Appolyon is Free''. The album consists of eleven songs that they may be taken in fact for long ones whereas we are speaking about a Metal album whose songs not always are so extensive. In this case, the shortest song here is 3:51 (Schizophrenia) while the longest one is 8:50 (Opening: Nitroduction - Why Are Yoy So Far?). The line-up of the band consists of six talented musicians, however some guests are introduced as well to the fold of the band, some of them even known on the musical scene of that country as Christian Gálvez, Alejandro Silva, Carlos Figueroa, Juan Ignacio Polo, Magdalena Reyes and Rodrigo Gálvez. Concerning Delta's music, I'd classify it as being a refined metal where each song is turned into a stunning surprise, that makes the listener really eager for the next encore. The album is plenty of remarkable guitars' intervention, seen that the band consist of two excellent guitar players, however the listener will never hesitate in saying that both are real fan overall of "Yngwie J. Malmsteen", not only for their skill, but for showing likewise a bit of the same sentiment expressed by the swedish master, mostly on the threshold of his career. The band have also employed splendid keyboards passages, that surely help keeping a perfect state of harmony with the other instruments. Also, according to my slant, another very positive point at the development of the band are the vocals, that sound quite magnificent from the very first song 'till the last one, and also contribute a lot to become the album even greater. Delta have really consolidated the real ingredient for the accomplishment of a slash-up work, that will certainly bear the band good fruits over the time. Delta is formed by the following members:  Felipe del Valle  - Vocals, Santiago Kegevic - Bass, Andrés Rojas - Drums, Benjamín Lechuga - Guitars, Jorge Sepúlveda - Guitars and Nicolás Quinteros - Keyboards. This album is highly recommendable!   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. THE PHARAO´S - "Open Fire"
Here's a German Heavy Metal band that were for ages looking for an ideal line-up so that they could finally put some of their musical experience into practice; In the meanwhile the band just used to play for fun along with friends, in which they gladily call that period as ''Rock 'n' Roll Family''. During the year of 1998 some of the remaining members decided to light the old flame afresh and then the band The Pharao's were formed. After writing some self-composed songs, the band decided to release a Demo material called ''Dead in Mexico''. Straight in the year of 2003 the band finally got a satisfactory record deal with the Unpopular - Disclosed Records that released a full-length album entitled ''Open Fire'', of which I'm now speaking about it. The album consists of ten songs, that sound quite splendid, in which they are performed energically from the beginning to the end. The music proposed by this band is plenty of guitars overall where the solos and the riffs often enchant the ears. Also, the drums and the bass are very much well developed over the whole album, forming quite a powerful trio whose music reminds me a lot of the Motörhead's sparkle. Therefore I'd say this band music is surely going to please lots of listeners all around, mostly those who appreciate the sonority of the 80's whereas the band members really seem to have in mind any sort of rescue of an exciting and important decade for heavy music overall. I'd also like to mention the importance of having a great vocalist on a band, and this is something entirely visible here as the singer's voice that has become one more essential point at the band's evolution. And still concerning this matter, it's quite interesting to find a band whose singer is hugely able to embrace some different timbre of voice, that the listener will call up right away of names as Lemmy, Udo Dirschneider and also Brian Johnson. This is quite a great opportunity of remembering a bit of these singers' performance through an only one in the person of Cyscale Didié Ultramo. What about checking it out sometime? The line-up of the band consists of the following members: Giacome Snick Snyper "The Elegant" - Drums, Gironymo Jôche Schakal - Guitar/ Vocals and Cyscale Didié Ultramo - Bass / Lead Vocals. This album is highly recommendable...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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Kill the Romance is a band from the icy Finlad that were formed by the vocalist Ville Hovi and the drummer Mika Tanttu on the threshold of the last year. However I was told the band members by and large, have been playing this sort of music for amost a decade. So as I understand it, we are not at all before greeners. Well then, we have received their promo CD a couple of weeks ago through the "Risestar Promotion", whose CD features four self-composed songs where the band propose quite an interesting Melodic Death Metal as their musical direction. The songs on the CD are not extensive, thus making of them somewhat typical to this musical genre anyway. As usual, the guitarworks are often on the surface of the songs while the vocals keep the pot boiling. In a general way, the band perform their music excitingly, always employing an all-time energy to the songs. As far as I know the band have been actively performing lot of gigs around their area. Also, the band members have been hopefully planning a tour inside and outside of their homeland, seen that they enjoy a good reputation as a live band. In the meanwhile I suppose the release of a full CD is currently being considered by the band anyway, and I think personally that's just a matter o time. The line-up of the band consists of the following members: Ville Hovi - Vocals,  Mika Tanttu - Drums, Tomi Luoma - Guitar, Antti Kokkonen - Guitar and Raimo Posti - Bass.  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. TRIOXA - "Flames of Prophecy"
Here's a nice surprise from Italy. A great band called Trioxa, that have released a fine album entitled ''Flames of Prophecy'' issued last year. The band began activities in the year of 2003 upon gathering five young musicians who were strongly sharing the same musical view, and also hankering after forming a Heavy-oriented act, as a Heavy Metal band for instance. The album of which I'm speaking about consists of eight well-structured songs where the musicians, though young, were entirely able to take the best of their skill and also their huge musical knowledge overall, and this is the reason why I'd say it's impossible for the listener not to feel attached by this band's sonority whereas they have proposed quite a high-grade metal, that's really far from being a noisy and trashy music. Trioxa have included in their line-up two clever guitar players, who are suited to each other perfectly well where their performance helps greatly to spark the band music. I'd also like to mention another essentially perceptible point on the band's progress, the vocals, led by Kron, who's owner of a powerful voice, whose voice may easily be switched over from a timbre to another, and throughout some of his notworthy performances he did remind me a lot of Rob Halford when still teaming up the unforgettable "Judas Priest" at their best. Therefore I'd say this is certainly one more topping reason for every fan of this genre not to hesitate in acquiring this slash-up album. The line-up of Trioxa are: Kron - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar, Marco Colonna - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals,  Alberto Casarotto - Rhythm Guitar, Alessandro Jacobi - Bass & Backing Vocals and  Marco Lampugnani - Drums. ''Flames of Prophecy'' is a highly recommendable album... (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. TONY SPADA - "The Human Element"
Tony Spada is best known for being the creative force and one of the founding members of the North American Progressive Rock group "Holding Pattern". Holding Pattern's first album was released in 1981 this instrumental powerhouse that combined the best of Happy The Man, Yes and Steve Hackett. And a healthy dose of American jazz rock fusion like Return to Forever and Dixie Dregs to name a few. In summary a jem from the early 80's that all fans of 70's progressive rock will surely love. Holding Pattern's first attempt at adding vocals came with the song Mercenary, sung by Tony himself, was released as a single and video in 1983. The video received airplay on MTV and USA Networks "Night Flight" program. 1986's release of Radio Safe was an attempt at a more commercial course, but eventually it resulted in a band with split ambitions. Things began to change for the better and Tony was approached by California label Art Sublime who expressed interest in re-releasing the bands first album in a retrospective CD. The album was released with no less than 10 bonus tracks in 1991. Most of the bonus tracks on Majestic were from the original instrumental incarnation of "Holding Pattern". Several are live performances and video soundtracks. Also included were two new Spada songs Majestic and Iraqiroll which were written exclusively for this album. They were a sign of the new direction he was starting to take. "Holding Pattern" had changed to the point where he felt it necessary to do a solo album to return to the music he really wanted to play. "Balance Of Power" was released by Art Sublime in late 1993. Now Tony Spada is back, with a new fantastic  album, and a heavily orchestrated work, including sophisticated musical arrangements, with an incredible guitars sounds. Tony has an innovative energy, he plays an amazing instrumental performance, with beautiful melodies that they are memorable, like the first album, I can consider Tony as a hunter and a researcher of the guitars sounds, with a magnetic and specific talent, blending a range of different musical styles, maybe this is a reason why the album is so amazing. This is album exactly from the way this kind of music represents and, the songs span a huge diversity of styles from the guitar solos pieces thru the Symphonic Rock, Progressive Metal until the Classic Rock. If you want good references we can say that Tony Spada would be qualified among famous guitarists as: "Steve Hackett", "Steve Howe" and "Marty Friedman". "The Human Element" All songs writen by Tony Spada except "Sleaze Factor" - S. Morse. Basic tracks recorded at Robin Hood´s Barn Studio. Engineered by Ryan "Finch" Porter. Produced by Tony Spada, recorded and mixed at Media Arts, Classical Guitars recorded at Area 52 Studio, engineered by Tony Spada, eleven tracks of pure delight. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Iraqiroll", "Jack the Hat", "Trick Shoes", "Intruders (fantastic and one of the best)", "Mile High", "Surfin' UFO" and "Destination Home". The main musicians on this project are: Tony Spada - Electric, Classical , Acoustic and Synthesizer Guitars, Tony Castellano - 5 and 7 String Bass, Keyboards and Bass Pedals, Rob "the Drummers" Gottifried - Drums and Percusion, with special guest: Andy Loveland - Drums and percussion on: "Trick Shoes", "Clinically Proven" and  "Surfin´ UFO", Chris Weinland - Drums and acoustic & electric on "Destination Home". In my opinion, a brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. STRANGLEHOLD - "Stranglehold"
Known as the cradle of the best rock and metal bands of the planets which science has found out, it couldn't be different with Stranglehold! The band was formed in the late 90's in UK. Over the next couple of years several additional members came and went as the band experimented with live line-ups. In 2001 the band made the decision to take some time to follow more personal paths but the destiny brought them back together and now, at last in 2005, comes their first official label release. Stranglehold presented us with 10 tracks where their musicians handle their instruments like extension of their fingers. Gifted of a rarely virtuous technique, this power trio keeps rhythm and regularity in all the 10 tracks of their album. The heart beat of Steve's drums supports an hallucinating rhythm for great songs and marvelous chorus where Jon and Pete duel frenetically with their instruments. Some times the drum cadency reminds me "Nuclear Assault" in beginning of career as well as "Halloween". Some features can be easily identified as its own style like thrilling chorus imposed by the unique voice of Jon, guitar and keyboard solo that will make them recognized from now on. I would say that they mix among Power Metal, Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal being this album full of rifs, where you can easily imagine a live show sequence: the first music "Total Eclipse" to make the auditorium get up, a great sequence with Instinctively Infectious, "Dying by Design" where you can hear them singing together the chorus and Depth Charged to finish. Jon's voice is not aggressive, what is more traditional in metal bands, but this is a fact that makes an attractiveness to listen to their songs, mainly in the rifs chorus of their tracks. He is also a very competent and fast player with classic influences, we can identify in his solo traces of "Yngwie Malmsteen", "Joe Satriani", "Gary Holt", "Iron Maiden", "Halloween"... being exhaustive in exploring the space available in his guitar arm going up and down in his passion solo, getting nice melodic performance when they slow down the rhythm in the last 3 tracks of the album. Pete completes the band with background harmonic arrangement being competent in his keyboard solo. I would say that they are not ingenious in what they do due the experience gotten before this first album and they have an own personality in rhythm, well characterized by bright chorus in melodic arrangements. They have every quality needed to go ahead as one important metal reference band, depending what they will do from now one. The musicians on the band are: Jon Nicholas - Guitar and Vocals, Steve Hales - Drums and Percussion and Pete Bartlett - Bass and Keyboards. Well recommended for Metal fan's, avaliable at "Valhalla Records".  (Comments by Andre Schwartz)
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. ECHO US - "Echo Us"
Echo Us was originally conceived of by its founders "Matthews and Cahoon" as a group of above-average musicians playing electronic-techno-pop around Boston, MA. Echo Us’ goal at the time was oriented toward commercial success with fairly short and concise songs making up the first two demos and short string of live shows. Shows continued until late October of 2001, until various differences between the four members became insurmountable and ultimately much to stressful to deal with. During the spring months of 2002 Ethan compiled what he had from the former venture and started writing new material and re-arranging his older songs beyond recognition. In late July of 2002 "Kai Kurasawa" joined Ethan for the recording of 5 songs. Kai was the 4th member of the original Echo Us. After these sessions Ethan spent August of ’02 through June of 2003 finishing his music degree and putting Echo Us on a major hold- other than composing 3 new songs: Directed Study, In the Fall, and White Wednesday during this time. He also moved back to the west coast up to Portland, Oregon where he finished writing and recording the debut Echo Us record. The sound that has come out of this transformation in 2002 and 2003 is broad stylistically, created primarily synthetically, and oriented towards dark but sometimes quirky lyrics. Some songs have a commercial appeal but the energy of the project from 2002 to the present is oriented away from the immediacy that was integral to the Matthews Cahoon partnership of 2000-2001 toward a more open and free compositional approach. Echo Us are more than a electronic instrumental masterpiece. The music from them, blends electronic elements from "Tangerine Dream", "Jean-Michel Jarre", but with a modern musical way. All the themes take the listener into a fantastic electronic space sound travel, living into an amazing journey through around ambient music, where synthesizers and electronic textures became hypnotic with cosmic interpretation, we can hear an impressive number of electronic keyboards sounds. If you love Electronic and Ambient music with touchs of Progressive Rock elements they are the best way with a pretty original sound. Echo Us is an amazing album with an impressive number of electronic keyboards sounds, includint enjoyable progressive tunes or even driven or up-tempo variations. Check this album out, and find out why Echo Us will surprise the electronic ambient scene. "Echo Us" Was recorded and mixed in 2003, all songs, sound disign, mixed and programming by Ethan Matthews. An inventive mix of electronic influences Echo Us features nine tracks of edgy yet delicate and ambient music by the 25-year-old artist. Art and Design by Ethan Matthews and Brian Francis. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Dreaming", "Directed Study", "Her heart’s Army/ White Wednesday", "Who Loves You", "I Radiate I" and "Black Thursday". Echo Us are: Ethan Matthews all instruments, special guest playing Bass on "Who Loves You" by Kai Kurasawa. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. CHARLES BROWN - "Thru the Flames"
Here’s the fourth album entitled "Thru the Flames" by the gifted US guitar player Charles Brown, whose music was fully unknown to me so far. The album in question here was released last year through the "Fossil Records", and it features twelve noteworthy songs, in which Mr. Brown develops plentifully his incontestable talent as both, composer and performer, whose music often discloses an experienced musician overall, who uses to throw his soul into his music without measuring any effort to truly express his sentiment through his art, changing his music into a valuable gift to all those who have the privilege of knowing a bit of his work. This great musician’s music may be well classified as a fusion overall, whereas he has been stepping forward to the heavy-styled music and also to its opposite anyway, beside finding out clear evidences of both tendencies in his music, the listener will also find some Jazzy touches off and on.  Even when cooling down, the album never becomes less attactive, whose listener will be clearly able to see that the performer never lost himself when switching over his course because the excellent guitar works are continuous, no matter whether upon the electric or acoustic guitars. It’s also worth mentioning some fantastic keyboards playing, that helped a lot to the development of such a first-rake work. As aforementioned, the "Thru the Flames" album consists of twelve comely songs in a general way, of which I appreciate them all. Anyway I would like to draw the listener’s attention concerning the opening theme whose title is "Rising of the New Moon", this song did follow me for a whole week, even at work its riffs often hammered into my head. Mr. Brown was really happy about picking out this piece as the opening theme for his remarkable album, while the following songs should become  surprises yet, that the listener could expect them already with a certain anxiety after getting a hint of what’s just about to come. The musicians involved in this project are: Charles Brown - Electric, Acoustic & Classical Guitars, Bass-guitar & Guitar-synthesizer and Matt Bassano - Keybaords & Drum Programming. This album is highly recommendable!  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. GARGANTUA - "Gargantua"
Here we have a great band coming from Poland called Gargantua whose musical direction thrills me due to their originality overall. Also, their members’ courage impresses me quite a lot anyway, seen that they have opted for walking through a path whose sonority not always is well understood by a large number of listeners, mostly those who are generally rooted to a sole direction, hardly giving themselves a chance in fact of flying over new musical borders. Missing then the chance of finding out some stunning surprises as a peerless percussion passage that happens ususally to this sort of music proposed by forward bands like Gargantua for instance where all is able to happen in a twinkle of an eye and, touch the listener’s sensibility right off. Well, as far as I know this is Gargantua’s debut album released last year through the widely-known Label "Ars Mundi" where this band’s music trends toward the experimentalism, strongly closed to the Jazzy influences in both, rhythm and vocals. Also, the detours are there and often drawing my attention, of which I’m never able to expect what’s about to come after a song or another, whose surprise makes me wonder. Though I’m often speaking about experimentalism, Jazzy influences and so forth, I’d further say that’s possible to find at Gargantua’s music some symphonic tunes off and on, however the experimentalism prevails, and the listener could even remind of some adventurous projects often accomplished by the legendary "King Crimson". The album features seven tracks where the shortest track entitled ‘’Tarczowali Dzisiaj Las’’ is 3:52 while the longest one ‘’Szla-dzie (ajachta)’’ is 9:13. I won’t really quote any highlight on the album whereas I have appreciated it by and large and, though most of experimental works can’t feature their songs in a cohesive way, I’d say this Polish band have gotten along in fact for creating an album where all their songs are on the same musical standard. Another point to be told here is regarding the vocals, seen that the band have opted splendidly by singing in their native language, and though I can’t unfortunately, latch onto any word in Polish either, I appreciate the band’s decision even so, in which I’d say it has even helped them out a lot to create a very original album in a general way. Before concluding this review, I’d like to stand my tackling, and say that Gargantua is to me quite a promising band and as I understand it, there’s still a lot to come about from this moment forth because the band members are creative and plenty of talent overall, thus making of their art an evidence of better days will come soon. The line-up of Gargantua consist of the following members: Marcin Borowski - Percussion, Justyn Hunia - Keyboards & Vocals, Leszek Mrozowski - Bass and Bartek Zeman - Guitar & Vocals. This album is highly recommendable!...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. DELAYED - "A Time to Live (Demo EP)"
I am currently very impressed with a band called Delayed.  I say band because they include the bassist Ghengis as an additional band member when performing live, but Delayed is formed overall, by two Welsh multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Krunchie and Mond respectively. I have recently had the privilege of acquainting myself with their Demo CD, entitled “A Time to Live”; this material is only a short album in fact, but it nonethless shows us the dimension of their musical aim - and I’m sure they will reach their goal considering their talent and the high-class of their music in general. The Demo CD features four tracks: “Make it Home”, “Testament”, “In a Wasteland” and “CBP”. The music proposed by Delayed is top-notch and most pleasant to the ears, and is even on the verge of reaching into the listener’s heart and touching his innermost feelings.  All instrumental on the CD is flawless overall; nevertheless, the guitar works have really caught my attention.  This is due to the captivating riffs that have been on my mind for almost a week.  The vocals are good and also very appropriate to the band’s direction.  I have found in this band’s music, a lot of sentiment.  A sentiment that reminds me of Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen’s "Blackfield", as the liveliness also disclosed in the music of Delayed reminds me at times of the Hungarian Progressive Rock band "You and I" - sounding a little pastoral overall.  Before putting an end to this review, I’d like to say the band members are currently working on the production of a full CD, that is due to come out this summer under the title of  “Communicate”.  You can be sure of some surprises, for instance, one Cathedral-Organ based song entitled “O Tempo”.  Let’s  wait until we have the opportunity to hear this and all the other tracks from the forthcoming CD. The line-up of Delayed in this Demo CD consists of the following members: Krunchie - Guitar, Bass, Vocals & keyboards and Mond - Percussion, Drums & Piano. Highly recommended... (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. YAK - "The Dark side of the Duck"
Another great album That’s drawing my attention currently calls "Dark Side of the Duck" by YAK. I must really say that I have discovered a lot of delightful feelings on listening to it, seen that all their songs are topping. Moreover its musical direction fits into my personal taste in fact. Who’s YAK at last? In truth YAK sounds almost, or fully who knows, depending upon everyone’s slant of course, as a project of the British keyboardist Martin Morgan, who was once member of a real band called YAK, whose destiny didn’t let them thrive, in what culminated in the band’s break-up, unfortunately. As I understand it, some material was then kept unreleased for over twenty years, that Mr. Morgan later decided to turn that old material still in its raw shape into somewhat worth being released opportunely. After working hard on his Kurzweil keyboards with a view to rescue that sleeping treasure, the then "Dark Side of the Duck" album could finally see the light of the day, on what happened straight last year, and became ever since one of my favorite Progressive Rock albums from the current days, an album that expresses sensibilities, and also refelects the good taste of his creator for accomplishing such a sublime work, and also he who sets himself to listening to it carefully in the peacefulness of his house. In a general way, all facts involving the accomplishment of this work really help change it all into a fair history, preceded of course, by Mr. Morgan’s idealism on making it all possible, even twenty years later. As suggested by the subtitle of the album itself "An Instrumental Album of Concepts by YAK", this album is a concept one in fact, that features eight top-notch songs over its length, whose listener will soon feel himself captivated by them due to their gracefulness, that sounds absolutely like an award to the ears whereas the songs have the power of emanating the essence of sweetness, even  on the verge of making us behold this wicked world by its sunny side, and forget about its deficiencies for a few minutes, though. I’d further say the release of this album sounds otherwise like a real find,  mostly when guessing this material might be well in the depth of the obscurity forever if not rescued one day by any member of YAK’S original line-up so far. After years at last, somebody thought wisely how pity it would be to leave quite a remarkable work behind without showing its effulgence to the world. Well, before concluding this review I would further like to say this work will surely please most of those who appreciate the legendary British band "Camel" whereas the keyboards work evoke a bit of the Peter Bardens’ feel, and according to my viewpoint, The "Snowgoose" Album would be definitively the source of inspiration for the accomplishment of this project overall. This album is highly recommendable!  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. AZRAEL'S BANE - "Wings Of Innocence"
Azrael's Bane is a five integrant band formed in the summer of 2002 in Houston, Texas. The band's goal was to combine their individual experience and influences into creating music that was new, powerful, and different from the norm. The band began playing local shows in June of 2002, to rave reviews from local music fans, and press alike, quickly gaining headline status. They have since developed a large local following, expanded upon through regional touring, becoming one of the top drawing bands in the area. Azrael's Bane have also opened for national acts such as "George Lynch" (Dokken), "Quiet Riot", "LA Guns", "Lillian Axe", "Angel", and "Zebra". Their debut CD, "Wings of innocence", released in May of 2004 is a very well produced job, having a nice folder with lyrics included that forced me to check their web site. In resume, they have quality covering the band in all aspects: music itself, band image, merchandising etc. I would say that they mix among Power, Progressive and Hard Rock, influenced by known predecessors like "Iron Maiden", "Savatage" and "Queensryche", being eclectic over the 12 tracks of this first job. The band is competent in all individual performance with melodic arrangements, but the guitars are distinguished as the best of the album. They imposes marvelous moments in melodic duets and solos that makes you listen to them again and again. I'm suspect to say this cause I play guitar - as a matter of fact, I should say I still keep trying since I heard them playing. With rarely competence and skills, their songs keeps you anxious to see them alive. Their performance in all 12 tracks promises more and keeps us waiting anxiously their next job. Going through the album, "Shine" has a fast guitar riff that made me listen to it 5 times before changed the track! "Rainsbow´s Edge" reminds me "Maiden" with impressive guitar duet as well as "Chasing a Memory". "Foolish Pride" begins slow with an hallucinating melodic guitar. "Waiting" and "Mercy" were made for guitar fans! "Psycho Serenade" is for me the best track with guitar duet introduction and reminds me "Metallica" and ""Halloween", like the last 2 tracks "Lie to Me" and "Saints and Sinners", when they tendencies to Thrash. In resume, "Wings of innocence" is very well recommended for melodic heavy metal fans, mainly if you appreciate nice guitar´s riff and solo. Azrael's Bane are: Trey Gadler - Lead Vocals, Jeff Clifton - Guitars, Vocals, Brent Marches - Bass Guitars, Vocals and Keys, Chuck McFadden - Guitars, Vocals and keys and Donny Bragg - Drums, Vocals...   (Comments by Andre Schwartz)
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. THE GAK OMEK - "Return of the All-Powerful Light Beings"
Here we have another stunning album from a band that have decided to make their way through without looking back with a view to see what has been done already by any other band or musician in the past, in other words, The Gak Omek is one more band or even a project led by the US multi-instrumentalist Robert Burger, that have opted by following a way mostly cheracterized by originality, of which it surely makes of their music quite an outstanding adventure where the listeners will have the opportunity of diving into a world unknown, but fair and also filled with colours whose sensation is quite an unforgettable voyage inside a luminous sphere. That’s the The Gak Omek’s music according to my slant, a sort of music created overall, by one who surely beholds the world from an upright angle whose goal is to afford us the chance of beholding it this way too so that we can finally share his vision and to understand it better anyway. As far as I know, this album is their second effort entitled ‘’Return of the All-Powerful Light Beings’’, an album that features six songs, some of them quite long as the opening theme for instance ‘’Return of the All-Powerful Light Beings’’ 15:06 while the shortest song entitled ‘’Departure of the All-Powerful Light Beings’’ is 2:57. The music proposed by The Gak Omek is an intelligent and fortunate blend of some Progressive tendencies comprising a bit of Electronic, Symphonic, Space and  Jazz Music, that the listener will find some majestic guitarworks, and also quite a few keyboards interventions, and the listener will also find a lot of synths around, creating quite a delightful atmosphere over the whole album. The album is rich musically, and this fact really shows how worthy it is to be discovered by those who appreciate a sort of music that gives in brillantly to diversity at times, not only in rhythm but in ideology likewise, never losing however, the artistic value overall. This album really reflects it all, and this is the reason why I have appreciated it more and more each listening while new discoveries are also befalling obviously. The musicians involved in this project are: Robert Burger - Guitar, Guitar- Synthetizer & Digital Drums), Dave Cashin - Keyboards = 00:01+ 00:07 and Glenn Robitaille - Drums = 00:01. Highly recommendable!   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. FLIGHT09 - "Human Nature"
Flight 09 was formed in 1986 in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan (formerly USSR). Since 1986 they have played exclusively Progressive Metal. Recently however, they were forced to return to their proto-progressive Hard Rock roots due to the unpopularity of complex music in their hometown (unlike Samarkand, for instance). Once again they are back with a new work, titled "Human Nature" released by the US' Neurosis Records label and managed by the well-known guitarist/ composer "Rick Ray", like on the other albuns the main style from Flight09 is, in fact, a pure Hard Rock adorned with Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Melodic Rock parts and Symphonic elements, their musical abilities are amazing where they imposes marvelous instrumental moments, creative riffs filled with musical enthusiasm including magnificent melodies and incredible synphonic keyboard arrangements. We must give a special attention for the dialogues between solos of a heavy guitar in contrast with the sounds of the keyboards, where there is a perfect combination. The main highlights on this work are the hoarse vocals by Igor Savitch, a little similar to the vocal tone of Alice Cooper. Even though it is difficult to compare their musical style with other famous bands, however, when I first listened to the album it reminded me a bit of "Led Zeppelin" and "Alice Copper". Followers of creative Hard Rock should definitely pay attention to this new release, where you will listen a strong musical attractive, you can bet that, Flight09 is an important name into the musical genre and, will be soon very famous on the Prog Rock communities. "Human Nature" album includes nine tracks, almost 50min of a pure musical delight. All music by Igor Savitch, all lyrics by Igor Savitch or Igor Savitch / Rick Ray, except 1 & 9: by V. Menshikov, produced and engineered by Igor Savitch, Edited by Progressor. Cover artwork by Rick Ray. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Eternal Disgrace", "Dancers in the Night", "One Night Without You", "My Dream", "The Crow",  "He's Calling Me" (this is the best song from all them) and "Warching Your Soul". The Line-Up on Flight09 are: Igor Savitch - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Constantine Savitch - Bass and Art Piyanzin - Drums, Backing Vocals. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. ALAM WILLIAMSON - "Across Angry Skies - EP"
The United Kingdom’s hidden gem, Alan Williamson, has devoted his life and career as a musician. After picking up the guitar at age 11, his road to become an instrumental phenomenon was first inspired by his fathers love for the musical group The Shadows. From that time forward Alan has furthered his playing ability and musical knowledge while being influenced by some of yesterday and today’s great rock musicians. Alan Williamson has been playing, performing and recording as a musician for over 16 years. Alan Williamson best states his musical direction, “He wants to have a slight change to the many styles that are around at the moment. There are many great players in the limelight but not many of them seem to be able to write a good background for a song or piece. This is where he wanted to fill that gap and to be original and sometimes unorthodox, to constantly use his imagination and to use everyday topics and subjects to fulfill hi musical desires. These are the main ingredients for becoming a good songwriter or musician.” Alan Williamson is highly trained in electric, classical and acoustic guitar styles and is set to take monumental steps forward on his latest recorded works. He teaches students privately at Schools, Seminars & Workshops and at the Williamsons Music Studio, UK and gives lectures on music. As a member of the Musicians Union he offers the best in tuition, session playing and performing. More than a guitar player, I consider Alan Williamson as a guitar´s wizard, a young musician where naturally is developing a wide spectrum of musical styles. His guitar´s sounds has amazing moments of a pure magic and, a strong sense of music and melody. There is something impressive on his musical style, which leads me to another imaginary astral journey, due to the riffs and multiple guitar solos, adorned with amazing keyboards, drums and bass sounds, that had been recorded in my mind for a long time, and which enabled me dream more than I could imagine. Actually, his music is best described as Symphonic/ Progressive Rock Metal, but with touch of the modern rock styles, also including Progressive Rock, Melodic Metal, Progressive Metal, Classic Music and Classic Rock. If you want musical references around "Across Angry Skies", try think about a mix of bands and artists as: "Porcupine Tree", "Blackfield", "Marty Friedman" "Steve Vai" and "Satriane". "Across Angry Skies" was recorded between July - February At "Another Kind Of World" Studios Hartlepool 2004 - 2005. Produced, Engineered & Mixed By Alan Williamson. All music written, composed & arranged by Alan Williamson. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs on this demo are: "Sundance", "Entity", "Human Nature" and "Emania" (one of the best songs). The main musician on this project is: Alan Williamson - Lead, Rhythm, Classical, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Drums & Keyboard Programming. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommended to all kind of Prog listeners... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. CARLOS SOTO - "Tribal Behavior"
Carlos Soto is a Los Angeles-based bassist, who plays out in a local band called "Tribus", which is unknown to me. For those who appreciate Carlos’ performance along with band, and feel like checking out his talent individually, this is a great opportunity then, seen that he has now a solo album out, whose title is ‘’Tribal Behavior’’. This one features twelve tracks, all composed and performed by himself on his bass guitar and bass synthesizer. As I understand it, Carlos doesn’t feel himself attached to an only musical trend on his compositions, so his music sounds mostly like a blend of tendencies, a fusion better said, where he often tries to give vent to all his knowledge on the musical sphere. Such work is noteworthy anyway, but it runs the risk of being misunderstood by most of the  listeners, mostly those who hold a certain conservativeness, being hardly open to absorb something new or any daring project like this for instance. Though his music sounds too technical to my ears, quite a gifted musician is revealed overall. I had a dash of hardness to catch his musical proposal on the very first listening, seen that such a daring project is not found everyday; At all events I was a bit acquainted with his music after having another try. Musically I wouldn’t say  that Carlos Soto’s music fits into my personal taste, however it is necessary to pay attention to it carefully because there’s some beauty involved in his art indeed, mostly when he decides to get rid of his bass synthesizer because the sound he generally creates on the conventional bass is splendid, besides reflecting most a music performed by a human, not a machine. I found some excellent passages in some songs, as on the song number four ‘’Lord of 1,000 Voltz’’ for instance. ‘’Tribal Behavior’’ is a highly recommended CD, not for all Progressive Rock fans, though...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. REVILE - "The Moment in Review"
Revile are a band from the city of Dublin in Ireland, and as I understand it, they have released other works previously, as an EP entitled ‘’High Tide’’ for instance. I have had fortunately the opportunity of acquainting with their music a little bit through their latest release, that consists of another EP entitled ‘’The Moment in Review’’, issued last year. This one features five cuts called ‘’ID’’, ‘’Living Receiver’’, ‘’Forever Later’’, ‘’Choice & Consequence’’ and ‘’Blood & Brine’’. Their music in spite of expressing quite a genuine Metal, it sounds melodically as well, seen that most of the songs are often built under a smooth texture such as performed by Perl Jam for instance. So I must say the Irish boys really knew how to melt their metal, and change it into something pleasant to the ears. I appreciate the band as a whole because all the members are excellent instrumentalists overall. I like very much the guitar works on the album, and I take them as perfect, though I notice the solos are short, however it isn’t anything atypical to this genre anyway. It’s also worth mentioning this band are also very fortunate for having quite a magnificent frontman as the vocalist Andy O'Toole, whose voice besides powerful, is great too, being definitively appropriate to the band’s musical direction. I wonder anyway, that Revile are still taken for an obscure band due to the magnitude of their potential. Perhaps such recognition is just a matter of time, who knows?! Revile consist of the following members: Andy O’Toole – Vocals, Greg Clarke – Guitar, Diarmuid Shore – Guitar and Sample, Cathal Rodgers – Bass and Andy Clarke – Drums. This work is highly recemmended!   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. TIMELINE - "Same"
Timeline is a new band formed out of the ashes of a former project that lasted almost 10 years. The remaining members began the process of recruiting replacement players so the band could continue in another form. This process has been completed and the new line-up is ready to showcase this evolution. They are pursuing original progressive material focusing on melody and a “big” sound. Their writing has been influenced by the prog rock/metal acts of the past 30 years. However, strong emphasis is placed on accessibility and this has moved them in a direction that is similar to the newer, primarily European progressive acts who are part of the resurgence for this genre of music. The new line-up has grown the band to 6 members. Instrumentation now consists of two guitars, keyboards, bass, drums/percussion and a lead vocalist. The material has evolved both musically and vocally with arrangements that provide for a diverse sound lush in harmonies from the instruments and voices. The current philosophy of the band is to continue a direction of writing that challenges the listener to think both about the music itself and the message of the song and which, holistically, they describe as “intelligent music”. They believe this is sorely lacking in today’s mainstream music and one of the reasons that progressive rock is beginning to become popular again. Timeline follows the tradition of pure Melodic Hard Rock linked with bands from 70' and 80' glorious years, but sometimes the styles blend around Progressive Metal with touchs of Classic Art-Rock, if we had to compare Timeline with something, I would include this band´s style somewhere near "Kansas" and "Journey", with some echoes from "Rush" and "Dream Theater". We can listen some soft ballads, ample keyboards arrangements with classically inspired guitars sounds, in the same style of the best in this genre; good tracks with nice melodies with a strong instrumental passages. The vocals deserve a special highlight, where the musicians use different voices, all of which are sometimes highly melodic, sometimes harder, characterized by an elaborate harmonic texture, clean and melodic. Timeline can be considered as a new evolution and a revolution in a modern Prog Hard Rock. "Timeline" All music and lyrics written by Timeline, recorded in "The Hole", produced and mixed by Paul Alvarez, mastered by Bryce Graven at Mastering Solutions, Burlingame, CA. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Mirror in the Sky", "Redemption", "The Burn", "Rampage", "Journey's End", "Heart of the Storm", "Karocell" and "When I Look Into Your Eyes". The main musicians on the band are: Patrick Alvarez - Drums And Percussion, Paul Alvarez - Bass And Vocals, Eric Boles - Lead Vocals, Scott Evers - Keyboards And Vocals, Rich Stewart - Guitars and Chris Welcher - Guitars. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. DREAM ARIA - "In The Wake"
Dream Aria is a Canadian quartet led by the female singer "Ann Burstyn", who's owner of a beautiful and refined voice, that surely brings a lot of pleasure to the ears. This band debuted last year on releasing an enjoyable album entitled ''In the Wake''. This one features thirteen lovely songs, that embraces widely a high-class music overall where the listener will delight himself on discovering a bit of each musical tendency introduced on this band compositions' whose tendency is often linked to Progressive Music, though. Listening to the album carefully, I could also notice the band have put much of its personality into its music, becoming quite a self-styled band. The album consists mostly of dulcet songs, that speak straight to the heart, so on listening to the songs of Dream Aria, I discovered  a living alliance between music and sentiment, and also what both are able to  bring on. I personally take Ann Burstyn for a clever one on picking out excellent musicians to follow her up, and also for the choice of a fortunate repertoire, whose songs fitted quite well to her skills. Besides finding out gorgeous vocals over the whole album, the listener will also testify the instrumental beauty of this work accomplished by earnest musicians who put their soul into their craft. Therefore I think this band's music will be echoing on every listener's ear for long, seen that it consists of a solid essence overall. I guess this album is going to please all those who appreciate bands featuring female vocals like "Renaissance", "Clannad", "Mostly Autum" between others. The Dream Aria's line-up is: Ann Burstyn - Vocals, Don Stagg - Keyboards, Jozef Pilasanovic - Guitars and Gary Gray - Drums. This album is highly recommended!   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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The Future Kings of England are a UK based trio comprised of amazing and talented musicians, they formed just about three years ago with the intention of making “Head Music” with nods to the famous old UK bands as "Pink Floyd", "Van Der Graaf Generator", using touchs from the Germany style called “Kraut Rock”, greats like “Ash Ra Temple” and “Tangerine Dream”, in fact the ideia is not attempting to rekindle the past, but to become part of the world in the same way, on the grand tradition of style and scale that these old famous bands produced. It’s hard to say which is the most important highlight on that band, or the most interesting instrumental passage, because all of the possible things will be at a very high level. The Future Kings of England is a biggest surprise into the modern Progressive Rock or into the new musical generation on the present days, their music possesses an unusual instrumental personality intense and powerful, but sometimes soft and fresh, capable of attracting the attention of the listener, three musicians with extreme ability to convert the complexity of orchestrated rock, transporting you to domains to a new emotional music that is beautiful and refined. The Future Kings of England have grown so much with this style, i can say really, these boys will be on the top very very soon. If you want some references, think about some thing near to, or in the same level as "Pink Floyd" from the "Ummagumma" and "The Dark Side of the Moon", blended with electronic textures found in some Germany bands as “Ash Ra Temple” and “Tangerine Dream”, the narrator on the first track says: "And now we have a new King", "God save the King", of course we have a new King into the Progressive Rock scene. The Future Kings of England all titles written and performed by the band, produced and recorded by Steve Mann, Winter 2003, Spring and Summer 2004. Released in March, 2005, including eight tracks. Violin and narration by Anvar Valiyev on "10:66", engineered by Colin Zoller. My favourite tracks and special and particular attention to the songs on this CD are: "10:66" (the best in best and could be called as The Future Kings of England), "Humber doucy Lane", "October Moth", "Lilly Lockwood" and "Pigwhistle". The musicians on The Future Kings of England are: Ian Fitch - Guitar, Keyboards, Effects, Karl Mallett - Bass, Keyboards, Effects and Simon Green - Drums, Keyboards, Effects. Fantastic, brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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Willowglass is the debut project CD from solo artist/multi-instrumentalist "Andrew Marshall". Andrew, who is based in Yorkshire, England, has been involved in music from a young age and, although played in various local groups over the last 20 years, this is his first solo experience. His musical insticto is inspired by numerous symphonic progressive rock bands since the 60s/70s right through to today. Willowglass is not another simple musical project found among a numerous artists around the Progressive Rock Scene today. Andrew is a virtuous musician that blends Progressive Rock with some Classic Music elements, adding feeling and emotions to the compositions, within a context of dynamic Symphonic Rock style. Each composition takes us on a different musical journey, completely instrumental, where  all the themes are full of mystery, where we can listen atmospheric keyboards arrangements and, amazing guitar sounds that send the music into outer space, also a dense and dimensional musical passages where, the result is a beautiful and a varied album, based on honest, elegant and traditional symphonic patterns.  You can hear many influences that shaped this work, combining the main elements from the bands as: "Camel - Rain Dances", "Genesis - Selling England By The Pound", "Barclay James Harvest  - Everyone Is Everybody Else" and "Yes - Fragile". "Willowglass" all songs written, arranged and produced by Andrew Marshall, engineered by Andrew Marshall, Dave Brightman and Joseph Marshall. The album contains ten instrumental tracks that were recorded between September 2004 and April 2005, the CD is curretly only avaliable via the Willowglass website. I can say, all the tracks are lovely and amazing. The main musician on Willowglass is: Andrew Marshall - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, 12-String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Flute and Drums and Dave Brightman - Drums. This is an album made for all prog music fans. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. LELIO PADOVANI - "The Big Picture"
Here's another high-class work by the gifted Italian guitar player Lelio Padovani entilted ''The Big Picture''. I had already the privilege of reviewing his first CD last year whose title is ''Unknown Evolution''. His music did impress me a lot since that time, and due to his talent and power of creation, I expected already something new would probably see the light sometime, as this release for instance. Lelio Padovani besides playing the electric and acoustic guitars, he also writes the songs, designs the covers, and produces his CD's. Such as his first effort, this CD is also an instrumental one, featuring eight top-notch songs, that the listener won't put off to perceive that he's before one of the most talented musicians in his genre. The music proposed by Lelio Padovani is an elegant one, plenty of sentiment, that captivates the listener's attention  each new attempt. The listener will also see that he knows very well how to join softness to energy without losing any sense on his performance. His music is simply remarkable, such as an invitation to happiness, seen that it reflects an all-time delight overall. And as aforementioned, this CD features eight songs, that shine from the beginning to the end, never showing any weakness between them. I remember emphasizing a likeness between Lelio Padovani and Andy Latimer's playing when reviewing his debut CD, and I did find such likeness between both on that work, however I haven't been able to find anything of the kind in this current one. He now appears all free from any influence, expressing more of his originality.  This guitar player's music will please all those who appreciate a flawless work, made by someone who's often devoting himself to build a quality music, and give people some joy through his art. Besides using the electric and acoustic guitars, Lelio Padovani also made use of the Roland GR 33 gtr synth extensively, mostly for layered pads, but also for a couple of solos on the song entitled ''On The Beach'', that has become one of the highlights on the CD. This song also features Mr. Padovani's friend Max Scaccaglia as a guest bassist. In general, ''The Big Picture'' CD is an excellent release, and highly recommended...  (Comments By Sergio Motta
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. VOX TEMPUS - "In the Eye of Time"
Here's the full album of the US Prog Metal band Vox Tempus. As I had the privilege of writing a review on its promo material last year,  I  remember saying that occasion this band was just taking its first steps forward a thriving future, on which many of us would be rewarded one day on having the opportunity of listening to its full album. Well then, the time went by, and that short promo material (21:40 minutes long) is something from the past where as the band has got already a full album on its credit. The title is still kept as ''In the eye of Time'', quite the same as previously introduced to the press. If you had the chance of checking out that material, and appreciated it that very occasion, just imagine how slash-up it is now, consisting of nine breathtaking songs, where the listener will have over 53:00 minutes long of pure delight on finding out one of the most exciting Progressive Metal albums released in the current days. The shortest song on the album is entitled ''Foreshadows'' 2:16 while the longest one ''Love, Lies and Treason'' 13:38. This work reveals quite a noteworthy musicianship, that the listener won't put off to catch it, seen that Vox Tempus features a first-rank line-up, comprising overall, experienced musicians, who majestically lead this genre to a new and successful dimension on proposing quite a high-class music, some even able to touch deep inside the listener's heart as the song entitled ''Broken'' for instance, that sounds almost like a ballade, resulting in fact into one of the highlights on the album. However the album has still a lot to offer, songs that truly captivate the listener's attention each new listening, on the point of making him think of a song or so very often, even when working at his daily job. The listener will surely find in the Vox Tempus' music some catchy guitars and also magnificent riffs, lots of lush keyboards as a tapestry, striking bass lines, and an excellent drumming work performed by the renowned drummer Gregg Bissonette overall. Concerning the vocals, as a matter of fact, it escapes me words to express how much I appreciate Dan Reed's voice, and how appropriate it is to the band. As mentioned by me on that promo material review, the fans of "Dream Theater" and "Fates Warning" won't be indifferent at all to the Vox Tempus' sonority. The Vox Tempus' line-up consists of the following members: Ray Mantor - Guitars, Eric Ragno - Keyboards, Dan Reed - Vocals, Jim Turba - Bass and Gregg Bossonette - Drums. The ''In the Eye of Time'' album is highly recommended... (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. KINO - "Picture"
What do you think about a band, joining members from some highly respected Progressive Rock bands like "Arena", "It Bites", "Marillion" and "Porcupine Tree" on an only one? Well then, that's possible. The band  name is Kino, and this solid partnership started bearing fruit already, the ''Picture'' album I mean. An album really worth being among the best in its genre because the music proposed by this band is fantastic, and really able to attract the listener's attention right off the bat, such as it happened to me. The ''Picture'' album features ten top-notch songs, that the listener won't hesitate in listening to them more than twice due to its sublimity. Kino proposes a musical direction that speaks straight to the people's heart on creating a music filled with sentiment and delight, becoming a notable representative of the modern Progressive Music. Also, when listening to Kino's music attentively, I could see these musicians didn't bring much of their former bands' influences to this current effort. So it's quite interesting the fact of these musicians choose to follow their own path instead of keeping the beaten track. Kino introduces its music under a modern texture grounded mainly on the vocals' strength, and in this case, I must say the band is fortunate on having John Mitchell as the lead vocals, his voice besides beautiful, it is appropriate to the band as well. Concerning the instrumental performance, well, what may I tell about a band featuring  four talented and experienced musicians like Pete Trewavas, Chris Maiteland, John Mitchell and John Beck? I may just say these guys are excellent when working together. Moreover I personally notice each one's experience individually has been of vital importance to the development of their music, so I guess this is the reason why Kino's music is currently captivating old and new Progressive Rock fans around the world. By and large, the ''Picture'' album definitely offers us all an unusual opportunity to have four winners playing together and making good music overall. ''Picture'' was released by "InsideOut Music" and is a highly recommended album...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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After a few years without releasing any studio album, the gorgeous US Progressive Metal band Shadow Gallery now returns to the musical scene bringing a real masterpiece to its numberless fans' ears. The album is currently available on "InsideOut Music", and its title is ''Room V''. The album consists of fourteen top-notch songs subdivided in acts (III & IV) as shown back cover. Its total timming is 75:36 minutes long, so be ready for a long sounding trek where the pleasure of listening to a high-class music is just setting in. The Shadow Gallery's music is simply a gift to the ears, seen that each song often expresses a sort of singularity, and  as a matter of fact, it  has made me expect for every song on the album very eagerly. The music proposed by Shadow Gallery is overall, a well-structured one, whose musicians certainly worked hard beyond the day and night until reaching their goal. This new album is quite a find for those who appreciate majestic acoustic and electric aguitars, sounding on both ways, sweetly and stormily, and though it may sound awfully strange to the human view, it is possible anyway when this sort of stuff is linked to the art and an artist's creativity. ''Room V'' also offers lots of keyboards lines, bringing strength and beauty to every piece; turning the band sonority further complex. Speaking of complexity, this is an all-time characteristic found at the Shadow Gallery's music. Mike Baker's voice is quite stunning and great for the band direction; I would also like to say the band members were fortunate on inviting a competent female singer as Laura Jaeger to co-operate with, even being a quick appearance, she did bring a shine to the album.  Well, after a long time of hard work, the final result is there within reach of all those who love a quality music, don't miss the opportunity of checking this release, which will surely become one of the year's best in its genre. The Shadow Gallery's line-up consists of the following musicians: Mike Baker - Lead Vocals, Brendt Allman - Guitar & Vocal, Carl Cadden-James - Bass, Vocal & Flute, Joe Nevolo - Drums and Gary Wehrkamp - Guitars, Keyboards & Vocal. ''Room V'' is a highly recommended album...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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Here's one of the greatest surprises of the year, the new project of the The Flower Kings' keyboardist Tomas Bodin, who has doubtlessly become one of the most known keyboardists in the current Progressive Rock scene ever since. After having four successful albums, this gifted Swedish musician now has one more album out in his credit, an album called ''I Am'', that consists of three long and enjoyable songs. The pieces composed by Tomas Bodin are generally filled with complexities where the themes are often built under a peaceful and rowdy atmosphere, making of this work quite a challenge, and also a present for those who have the privilege of listening to it. As the album basically reflects a keyboardist's brainchild, the listener mustn't think otherwise that he will have tons of keyboards around his ear. Although it offers lots of majestic keyboards, the album was overall, composed carefully with a view to give each musician a chance of showing his real turn. So the listener will certainly find impeccable instrumental performances over the whole album, as excellent guitars and lively bass for instance. In truth, all instrumetal interplay sounds great, being even hard for me at first to conceive that there's one keyboardist ahead of this project Another  high point on the album are the vocals, they overshine and surely take the album to the top of its magnitude. And yet, in this regard, the vocals remind me many times of "Peter Hammill's" emotion when performing at his best. This album is definitely fantastic, and worth being at every Progressive Rock fan's collection. The line-up of Tomas Bodin's band consists of the following members: Tomas Bodin - Keyboards, Jonas Reingold - Bass, Marcus Liliequist - Drums, Jocke JJ Marsh - Guitars, Anders Jansson - Vocals, Pernilla Bodin - Vocals and Helene Schönning - Vocals. The album is currently available on "InsideOut Music". This album is highly recommended!...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. JULIAN GARNER - "Your Good Self"
Julian Garner is a British singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who featured some bands around the Londoner circuit a few years ago. As a solo musician, Mr. Garner recorded three albums whose titles are ''Wake The Lion'', ''Doublethink'' and ''Flowdown''. In spite of having these recordings available, I must say his music was unknown to my ears until it was recently introduced to me through his latest release entitled ''Your Good Self'', in which this review refers to.  My expectation was high toward his music, and it happened  obviously right after having the opportunity to visit his website and being aware of his huge musical experience. The ''Your Good Self'' album features eleven high-class songs, that cover brilliantly the sphere of Progressive music. The music proposed by Julian Garner is plenty of good melodies, featuring splendid acoustic and electric guitars tunes, that the listener will be thrilled by an infinitely pleasant atmosphere. Moreover the listener will also find lots of topping keyboards interventions over the whole album, bringig its sonority to the field of symphonic music. The album features itself under an impeccable instrumental beauty, being really able to reveal its performer as a very creative and gifted one. Besides awarding the listener with remarkable instrumental passages, Mr. Garner also shows himself up in great style on the lead vocals, revealing himself owner of an appreciable voice. To summarize his music, I must say it's really great and pleased me in general. As a reference to that, I would like to say the texture of his music reminded me of  the Canadian musician "Steve Cochrane's" third effort entitled ''The Purest of Designs''. So they who have had already the opportunity of checking out the above-mentioned album will probably understand my point of view. ''Your Good Self'' album is highly recommended!...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. RPWL - "World Through My Eyes"
This year has been doubtlessly a great one for most of Progressive Rock fans due to the large number of top-notch albums that are daily coming to the market, and one of them is the ''World Through My Eyes'' album from the German quartet RPWL, whose release is available on SPV/InsideOut Music. This new work of RPWL features 10 songs, being really hard for every fussy listener to point out any single lowpoint on the album whereas all the songs are excellent. The music of RPWL is generally appreciated by the "Pink Floyd" fans overall, mainly on the Gilmour-era when creating and performing the most fascinating guitar solos, and taking this genre as well to a higher dimension through his sensibilities and aptitude. Well then, far from drawing any comparison, RPWL has also the power of thrilling people on creating and performing slap-up melodies, following an harmonic direction through pieces that seem always to keep a perfect syntony to the people's feeling, giving them any sort of pleasure each new listen. As it happens usually to its predecessors, this new album features impeccable acoustic and electric guitars, becoming quite a trademark to the sound of the band; Also, some sitar tunes are noticed, such as a hint featuring the flavor of an Indian song during one track or so. Moreover, the album also offers stunning keyboards interventions, being very much appreciated when done cleverly as introduced here, on joining smoothness and tempestuousness without losing any harmony. The vocals are captivating as usual, and well appropriate to the band's musical direction too. Oh, Just a quick note before concluding this review, the song number 4 entitled ''Roses'' is led by the singer/songwriter "Ray Wilson", who has performed already with Genesis and Stiltskin, Mr. Wilson appears here like a guest. As I take it, RPWL is doubtlessly one of the most important bands from the current Progressive Rock scene so far, therefore I advise all Progressive Rock fans not to miss this release. The line-up of RPWL consists of the following members: Yogi Lang - Vocals & Keyboards, Stephan Ebner - Bass, Kalle Wallner - Guitars and Manfred Müller - Drums. This album is highly recommended, ever!...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. LITTLE ATLAS - "Wanderlust"
Little Atlas was born from the ashes of "Waxing Poetic", a band formed shortly after Steve Katsikas moved back to Miami in 1994. "Waxing Poetic" featured 4 performers who would eventually become Little Atlas: David McKean on bass, Dan Katsikas (His brother) on drums, Joanna, Steve´s wife on backing vocals, and Hinself. Flushing out the sextet were Kim Houghton, a long-time friend to his both his brothers and hinself, on keyboards and backing vocals and Jamie Israel on lead guitar. "Waxing Poetic" barely lasted long enough to make a demo, play a few shows, and rapidly implode.The music we produced was joyful and quixotic. We wrote some interesting material, but the interpersonal and musical styles of the members was like one of those recipes whose ingredients all sound wonderful, but whose combination produced something that makes one not reach for a second helping. Around 1992, Steve had written a song called “Little Atlas”. The song was inspired by a real kid who He had the pleasure of working with as a therapist. He was one of the most worried children He had ever met. The song, Little Atlas, has the dubious distinction of being performed by virtually every band he has ever played in. It isn’t played any longer. In that time someone said: “Let’s call the band Little Atlas”. Maybe Steve, maybe Dave. With Tom on Drums, Scott on Bass, Aaron on Guitar, Joanna on backing vocals, and Steve Katsikas, Little Atlas settled into a period of unparalleled productivity. Songs were coming together at a record pace. But Scott would be moving to Denver, once again Steve was alone. Then the phone rang and speaking in a rich Venezuelan accent, Rik Bigai asked if we had found a bassist yet. He had seen our ad in the Miami New Times at precisely the moment he had decided to look for a progressive rock band. After a series of painful auditions, Steve finally hooked up with Roy Strattman, hands-down the most innovative guitarist he has ever played with. Roy was a perfect match for Little Atlas, both laid-back in his personality, and intensely adventurous in his playing, then Little Atlas was once again rescued from the edge of extinction. Here is a special North America Progressive Rock band entitled Little Atlas's, their third release is a case where the songs are varied, including an imaginative instrumental composition, a mixture of many different influences and styles, more in feel with its 70s antecedents than with the Neo Progressive line. Today, their music oscillates between Symphonic Progressive Rock and Melodic Hard Prog with touchs of Classic Rock, the instrumentation, rhythm, and vocals are powerful and energetic, impressive technical guitars sounds and phenomenal keyboard textures takes us on a different musical journey, where, in many parts, we can listen guitar and keyboard lines alternating quickly or playing different lines simultaneously, everything is done to lead us through a very special and imaginative Progressive Rock universe. If you like "Yes", "IQ", "Pallas", "Genesis", "Saga", "Styx" and "Supertramp", Little Atlas will be your choice, of course they are among of the new Progressive Rock generation. "Wanderlust" produced by Steve Katsikas and Rik Bigai, mixed and recorded by Rik Bigai and Steve Katsikas at Encanta Productions and HipKat Studios, Miami, Florida. Music by Steve Katsikas, Pocovi, Strattman and Bigai, lyrics by Steve Katsikas. Seven songs fill up the CD. My favourite tracks and special and particular attention to the songs on this CD are: "The Ballad of Eddie Wanderlust", "Higher", "The Prisoner", "Home", "On and On" and "Mirror of Life". The main musicians on Little Atlas are: Steve Katsikas - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar and Sax, Roy Strattman - Guitar, Rik Bigai - Bass and Diego Pocoví - Drums, additional musicians: Bill Ayasse - Violin on "Mirror of Life" and Claudia Sarmiento - Cuatro on "Home". Brilliant fantastic and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. NOSOUND - "Sol29"
Nosound is the brainchild of the Italian multi-instrumentalist Giancarlo Erra, who self-financed recently a top-notch album entitled ''Sol29'', which may be doubtlessly taken as one of the finest releases of the year so far. The album consists of 10 noteworthy songs where the composer is brilliantly able to keep a perfect combination between music and sentiment, being quite impossible for anybody not to feel any stronger throb inside the heart on listening to such an amazing piece. Maybe some readers can even think that I'm turning geese into swans on speaking so highly of this release, but some of them will later agree with me after checking it out. Nosound definitely proposes quite an elaborated music where everything takes shape sublimely; even a short note on the keyboards for instance, may change itself into the best of your pleasure over the whole album, yes that's quite possible. Its music sounds melodically in the main, as something beautiful and spontaneous, that flows out from the composer's heart. I may further call it fortunate moment of inspiration overall. Besides keeping its feet basically upon the solid ground of melodiousness, the album also emphasizes some  space music, reminding me personally of the Norwegian band "The 3rd And The Mortal's" ''Painting On Glass'' album, which features some good tracks embracing such trend. I must say however, that this quick comment doesn't mean that both bands' direction stands the same ground by and large; I just refer myself to a small similarity amongst both bands when covering the sphere of space music so far. As a reference to Nosound's music, I may clearly say that its sonority is very closer to the early days of "Porcupine Tree" due to the lively tenderness expressed on Giancarlo's voice, which sounds mostly as a whisper. The guitar-works also reflect a lot of Steven Wilson's sensibilities because the solos are great and majestically performed by a very gifted musician. This album will surely please all those who appreciate the weeping guitars' sound, evoking delight and emotion each new listen. Nosound is definitely an excellent project, being doubtlessly a great reference in its genre. Before concluding this review, I would also like to mention that ''Sol29'' also features a pictorial booklet, showing beautiful landscapes as an illustrative process to each song. This album is truly worth being at every Progressive Rock fan's collection. Highly recommended, ever!...    (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. STEVE HOWE - "Spectrum"
Here's ''Spectrum'', the newest album of the legendary British guitarist Steve Howe, now available on the "InsideOut Music".  The album features 15 high-class instrumental songs, showing one of Steve's most known characteristics, reflecting his incredible skillfulness when playing his acoustic and electric guitars. Steve offers an elegant music filled with delight, varying from the genuine Progressive Rock Music to Jazz; featuring also, some short Indian acts, and finally culminating to some Latin touch as well. Moreover I also noticed something nicely pastoral in his music as shown on the song number 3 entitled ''Band of Light'', which sounded pleasantly to my ears. The album is definitely a great find for all those who love quality music overall, because it reveals an incontestable combination of well-composed pieces. Even escaping me enough words to describe how noteworthy this album is, and how glad I feel myself on listening to it after a hard day at work, and it also works out almost as a battery-charger, invogorating me for the following day. Another important point to be said here, is that the reader must not think that the good performance of the guitars took the shine out of the other musicians who followed Steve Howe in this project, it didn't really happen at all, seen that he cleverly picked out excellent musicians to follow him, as the renowned bassist "Tony Levin", his two sons "Dylan Howe" and "Virgil "Howe", and also "Oliver Wakeman"  (By the way, do I need to tell you who's this boy's father?). Well then, though the album did please me by and large, and I say that honestly folks, I couldn't go on writing this review however, without expressing my deep appreciation for some songs that were able in fact to stand up the hairs of my arms while listening to them after an exhaustive day's work. Here they are ''Tigers Den'', ''Band of Light'', ''Ragga of Our Times'', "Realm Thirteen'', ''Hour of Need'', ''Where Words Fail'', ''In the Skyway'' and ''Livelihood''. Really a great release! The Steve Howe's band features the following members: Steve Howe - Guitars, Tony Levin - Bass, Dylan Howe - Drums and Oliver Wakeman & Virgil Howe - Keyboards. This album is worth being at every Progressive Rock fan's collection. Highly recommended!...  (Comments By Sergio Motta
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. KAIPA - "Mindrevolutions"
''Mindrevolutions'' is the new album of the legendary Swedish Progressive Rock band Kaipa. This band began activity in the mid 70's, and its main characteristic, according to my slant, is the engagement in making quality music overall. Though the band has just kept two illustrious representatives of its original line-up as the musicians Hans Lundin and Roine Stolt, the ''old'' characteristic is still perceptible on each new album of the band. The ''Mindrevolutions'' album is available on the "InsideOut Music", featuring 10 slap-up songs. Kaipa offers a sort of refined music, based mainly on each band member's talent, though the keyboards and the guitars are the overlords. As I take it, Kaipa's newest album is musically closer to its last effort entitled ''Keyholder'' due to the complexity of the songs, and I may further say this is the reflex of Roine Stolt's ability, seen that such characteristic follows him up very often, even when performing with his gorgeous band "The Flower Kings". ''Mindrevolutions'' is definitely a great album, whose songs are plenty of liveliness and delight, among other essential qualities of course. This album will surely please all those who appreciate an elaborated music, whose musicians generally use to spend days and nights to create it with a view to offer their listeners something really worth being heard. The band was also fortunate on mixing male and female voices, both vocalists are excellent and their stunning performance surely put them forward. ''Mindrevolutions'' is also the title of an extensive song that lasts about 26:00 minutes long; this one alone is already worth the dough you will pay for the album; I would say however, that this is not the only highlight on the album because it still holds some good surprises, that the listener will be discovering them each new listen, believe in it. Well then, before concluding this review, I would like very much to unbosom my heart and congratulate Hans Lundin and Roine Stolt on keeping the flame of quality music alight through each new release of Kaipa because I have had the privilege of being acquainted with this band's music since a long time, and only God knows how much I appreciate it, so I would like to say ''Thanks'' and go on this way, ever. The ''Mindrevolutions'' album features the following members: Hans Lundin - Keyboards & Vocals, Roine Stolt - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Percussion & Vocals, Morgan Ägren - Drums, Jonas Reingold - Fretless & Yamaha Custom Basses, Patrik Lundström  and Aleena - Vocals. This album is highly recommended, ever!...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
10/16/2005...................................,.....Interested to know more about this great Band? Then Visit KAIPA HOME PAGE...
. SILO 10 - "Silo 10"
Silo 10 is the brainchild of two talented Texan multi-instrumentalists called James H. Sidlo and Warren Rivera, who formed a stunning duo, and together they recorded an excellent live album featuring eight instrumental cuts whose direction covers splendidly the sphere of the electronic music where the songs are performed under a relaxing climate overall, whose listener who's used to appreciating this sort of sonority will soon discover the real talent of such a successful partnership. This album is also a joint release from the DogFingers and Uncle Buzz labels. This duo's music is essentially crammed with sensibility, acting mostly as an emotional point of support for too many circumstances. It happened to me when experiencing this sound after a stressful day at work last week, a few minutes later my apprehensions were all gone, and I was ready once again for the next day's adversities. Silo 10 definitely offers a high-class sound, featuring majestic fretless guitars and synths as a whole, whose sound might be well recommended essentially for people who are in a fluster by living under the strains of the big cities in the world, so I would say this sort of sonority is a perfect rescue of the balance of mind overall, which it well applies to me too whereas I have been living in such a place for long years. I would also like to say this work will surely please many listeners who are attached to the German school of electronic music because it reminds me a lot of the early days of "Tangerine Dream" when composing albums as ''Electronic Meditation'', ''Alpha Centauri'' and ''Zeit'' for instance. I won't cite any highlight on the album individually because I think personally the repertoire is great by and large, being all cuts on the same level musically. So if this sort of sound fits into your taste, what about checking it out then? Silo 10 consists of the following musicians: James H. Sidlo - Fretless Guitar with Sympathetic Strings, Loops & Treatments and Warren Rivera Guitar & Synth Affects.This album is highly recommended...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
10/16/2005................................,.....Interested to know more about all from them? Please VisitSILO 10  HOME PAGE...
. VLADIMIR BADIROV PROJECT - "Greeting from Nostradamus"
Here's a corking surprise to my ears when having the chance of being acquainted with an artist from Uzbekistan. This is my first experience with that country's music, and I must say however, that my expectations were all topped. Well then, the musician I'm telling about is Vladimir Badirov, whose repute is high inside his own country, and also outside, mostly when being a member of the Warm-up-Band in Peter Gabriel's ''Grown Up'' tour in Europe and America. Vladimir Badirov began early playing the violin, but at the age of 15 when experiencing the drums, he soon knew his instrument by choice. This experienced musician has now an album out under the title ''Greeting from Nostradamus'', released and distributed by the Canadian label "Unicorn Records". The album features 11 splendid songs plus 3 stunning bonus tracks. The music of Vladimir Badirov is quite a high-grade one, which I'm sure it will be warmly received by open-minded people who appreciate overall, a sort of music filled with originality and elaborateness. His music besides offering an all-time complexity, it also reveals a peerless beauty whereas Mr. Badirov often awards the listeners' ear by introducing a variety of instruments to his compositions, some quite unusual as (Nai, Sato, Karnay and Ud) between others. Though I can't really tell them apart, I may say at least that one of them sounds acoustically, producing however, a singular sonority. In spite of being unfamiliar with such instruments, I must say however, that these instruments besides sounding pleasantly to my ears; they also help make Vladimir Badirov's music far interesting and richer as well; acting such as a finishing touch with a view to crown the sublimity of his work. The listener will also find over the whole album lots of top-hole percussions, whose playing sounds a bit familiar when listening to some Ole Lukköye cuts for instance, but it's important to say here that Vladimir Badirov's music doesn't follow the same psychedelic direction as the mythical Russian band; Also, the listener won't have either any abundance of keyboards as found on Ole Lukköye's compositions because Mr. Badirov opted most by emphasizing the strings and the winds. Anyway, both bands walk perfectly together when going the way of originality. To cut a long story short, this work is quite a find, not only due to its stately musicianship, but also due to its cultural amplitude whereas it covers brilliantly a huge musical sphere when introducing to the listeners some traditional music from his own country; also from countries like India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for instance. Therefore I honestly take this work overall, as an important source of knowledge, being able in fact to captivate the people's attention, that just like me, are always interested in other countries' culture, mainly when the matter is related to the music. Well then, in spite of being plenty of folk elements as ever mentioned, the  ''Greeting from Nostradamus'' album may be really taken for an authentic Progressive Rock act, maybe one of the most creative efforts in its genre. ''Greeting from Nostradamus'' features the following musicians: Vladimir Badirov - Drums, Percussions & Synthesizers, Vadim Tamaev - Bass, Alex Tamaev - Guitars, Vitalij Popelov - Guitars, Nodir - Karnai, Gafur Norbaev - Nai & Changouz, Toir Kuzyiev - Sato, Ud & Tambour, Ravshan Namazov - Lead Vocals, Otabek Ismonaliev - Clarinet, Victor Kurnitsky - Trombone, Alexander Khabirkhanov - Trumpet, Olim Khakimov - Percussion and Dijvan Gasparyan - Duduk. This album is highly recommended and worth being at every Progressive Rock fan's collection...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
10/16/2005.............,.....Interested to know more about this Project? Visit VLADIMIR BADIROV PROJECT HOME PAGE...
. TRAVIS WITTMEYER - "Checkered Soda"
Travis Wittmeyer is a gifted guitar player from the US, who has an album out now under the title ''Checkered Soda''. Having his parents as musicians, Travis began his musical journey at a very young age. In spite of starting with lessons on the piano, trombone and drums; the guitar was decidedly his instrument of choice, which would follow him over the way. ''Checkered Soda'' is an instrumental and self-financed album featuring nine top-notch cuts in the vein of Jazz Fusion whose sound is strongly based on Travis' skill overall. I have been appreciating this one each new listen since the songs are always in progress, showing also, much of his creativity, and having excellent songs as the final result. Travis' playing is able to captivate every listener's attention due to his impeccable performances. Moreover he acted as well like a clever guy on inviting some talented musicians to back him up on the recordings, whose support has been essential in fact for the success of this work because the album offers high-class bass lines, and also stunning drums' performance. This album is certainly synonym of greatness and competence overall, being quite a reference in its genre. Though I have been truly impressed with the whole content of the album, I'd like anyway to express my deep appreciation for some cuts that were getting stuck in my head for almost two weeks, here they go ''Cold Here'', ''Funky South Sun'', ''Journey Between'', ''Little Bug'', ''Tri Manta Si'' and '' Novel Sting''. As a point of conscience I'd like very much to apologize Mr. Travis for forejudging the album on seeing such a modest cover art, which looks mostly like a sketch, I'd like thereupon to tell everybody who's now having the chance of reading this review not to let it happen to you either because you will be committing quite a blunder. The ''Checkered Soda'' album features the following musicians: Travis Wittmeyer - Guitars & Bass, Mike Daillak - all Drums, Zac Cornejo - Bass on Funky South Sun & Dylan Johnson - Bass on Journey Between. This album is highly recommended, ever...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
10/30/2005........................Interested to know more about the this musician? Visit TRAVIS WITTMEYER HOME PAGE...
. BRUCE MAIN - "Layers"
''Layers'' is the newest solo project of the North American multi-instrumentalist Bruce Main, who began early playing the piano, but devoting himself to the guitars when being still a teenager. Bruce Main was also co-founder of the seminal Northwest Progressive Rock band, "Medusa", joining later to the Midwest Rock band, "The Eddies". As I understand it, the ''Layers'' album is his second effort, having the ''Tracks'' album released last year as his debut, which it's still unknown to my ears so far. His current work features eight top-notch cuts, revealing quite a very talented musician, who knows how to sing and perform his instrument sublimely. I must further say that most of Bruce Main's compositions are strongly developed under a melodious sound, keeping often a perfect balance of each song on the album, and affording this work quite a noteworthy repertoire overall. Musically, I'd say this album is one of the best symphonic releases that I have had the pleasure of listening to these days, whose sound won't let any fan of "David Gilmour" indifferent to it whereas much of Bruce Main's playing evokes the same feeling. The album offers some stunning bucolic passages as well, mostly when being under the sway of the acoustic guitars. Summing it up, this album is quite a splendid symphonic one, that will surely please all those who have been currently looking for something worth. Though I appreciate the whole content of the album, I'd like to call the readers' attention to the following songs: ''First Second'', ''Gwendolyn'', ''Father'', ''Lies'' and ''You Don't Know''. The musicians engaged in this project are: Bruce Main - Guitars, Vocals & sound field recording, Brian Phraner - Bass & Bruce Jones - Flute. Highly recommended...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
10/30/2005.....................,.....Interested to know more about the this great musician? Visit BRUCE MAIN HOME PAGE...
Signal to Noise Ratio is a Polish band, formed in the year of 2003 by four smart musicians who decided to join forces with a view to follow almost a unique path musically on composing sophisticated and intricate themes overall. In the following year the band finally decides to produce a self-financed material entitled ''Demo II'', which is not yet a full album, unfortunately. As the goose hangs high, who knows a full one is just about to see the light. This demo material is about 36:00 minutes long, and it features four topping cuts, two of them lasting over 10 minutes long. As things change, on the vinyl era this demo material should be really a full album due to its length. Signal to Noise Ratio offers almost an entirely instrumental music, consisting of few vocals, and when there's some, it comes up from a competent female singer who owns quite a smooth voice that enchants the ear when vocalizing. This band's music is mostly mellow and even dark at times. However it must be taken as a first-rate music overall. The instrumentation is surprisingly flawless in general. I personally enjoy the excellent interplay between the flute and the drums, which set on the bass to come along, ever. The guitar works are also top-notch, and I enjoy the gloominess and experimentalism introduced to the sound of the band. It all seems to me personally, a bit reminiscent of the Russian multi-instrumentalist Maxim Pshenichny, who found a mythical Progressive Rock band called "Rainy Season" in the beginning of the 90's. So if you enjoy listening to the music of the Russian band, you will surely feel a great pleasure of listening to Signal to Noise Ratio's music as well. I hope sincerely these boys can find a helpful hand to change this demo material into a full album; it should be deplorable to let this material unreleased anyway. The line-up of the band is: Marysia Bialota - Synthesizer, Przemek Pilacinski - Guitar, Izaak - Drums, Tomek Wilk - Bass, Ola Jaromin - Vocals & Natalia Uzieblo - Flute. Highly recommended...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
11/13/2005........................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO HOME PAGE...
. CLOUX - "Full Fool"
Cloux is a gifted French guitarist who self-produced a Mini-CD entitled ''Full Fool'', that consists of six corking cuts. According to his words he began playing the guitar a bit late in life when being seventeen.  Having the French guitarist Stephan Vaillant as his master, he was tough some techniques accomplished by guitar heroes like "Joe Satriani" and "Yngwie Malmsteen" among others. Sure enough it was of vital importance to help Cloux build his own compositions, and it's possible already to see his learning is bearing fruit now. Cloux offers quite an intelligent fusion of rhythms, followed by some experimentalism, where he covers mostly the field of the heavy-styled music. His work is almost an instrumental one, having just some hardcore vocals introduced in a song or so, which is pretty sung by Simon Fleurry. All band-mates do a perfect work along with him, however the sound of his guitar overlords the others. Whether I had to point any other band or even a musician to describe Cloux's direction, I'd say he reminds me the Canadian quintet "The Dayjob Orchestra". Though this work is short, only 23:00 minutes long, I'd say it holds out already a prospect of bright days by giving an idea of what's about to happen in times to come when being finally changed into a full-length album. Only time will show that to us all. The musicians engaged in this project are: Cloux - Compositions, Guitars, Bass & Drum Programming, Kengo - Bass on ''Lead On'', ''Burp'' & ''Human Being'', Simon Flurry - Vocals on ''Human Being'' & ''Blurp'', and Xavier Zolli - Bass on ''memento'' & ''Full Fool''). Recommended...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
12/02/2005..............................................Interested to know more about this guitar player? Visit CLOUX HOME PAGE...
. TRINITY - "The Valley of Dry Bones"
Trinity is a US based band formed by three stunning musicians who perform splendidly a sort of religious-oriented music, on which Jesus Christ is highly worshiped. This band has got an album out in 2003 entitled ''The Valley of Dry Bones'', whose title is grounded upon a biblical passage, most specifically from Ezekiel 37 when describing Israel as a valley of dry bones. The album features 10 smashing cuts whose sound verges mostly on a heavier direction, though some softer songs are also put in off and on. I have hugely enjoyed the music of Trinity because it sounds greatly original to my ear. Furthermore the songs are filled with gleefulness, where they give no room for any sort of dreariness. This band offers quite an elaborated and uplifting music, where the listener will find dynamic guitars, propulsive drums and remarkable bass lines. I also enjoy the vocals, which sound undeniably great. Apart from the song lyrics, which speak unceasingly about the Christianity, I suppose that every open-minded progger will be thoroughly able to catch the pulchritude of this band's music, even without being an adept of such belief, whereas the music is good and strong enough on the verge of skipping over any sort of barrier. Though all the songs comprised in this album are first-class, I'd like to cite some of them that got stuck in my head for a while; here they go: ''The Accuser'', ''In Your Eyes'', ''Day of Reckoning'', ''Unsaved Souls'', ''I Am'', ''I Believe'', ''Song of a Sinful Man'' and ''The Garden Road''. If you are that sort of Progger who enjoys listening to a straightforward music, Trinity won't let you down at all. This band consists of the following members: Dan Bennett - Drums, Percussion & Vocals, Francisco Roman - Guitars & Vocals and Tony Cecere - Vocals, Bass, and Synthesizer. ''The Valley of Dry Bones'' is a highly recommended album, ever!...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
12/02/2005.....................Interested to know more about the Band? Visit SILENT PLANET PROMOTIONS HOME PAGE...
. OCÉANO DE SANGRE - "Hasta El Final"
Océano de Sangre (ex-Damnation) is an Argentinean quartet that performs a top-notch music in the vein of Progressive Metal, whose direction is very close to bands like "Dream Theater" and "Fates Warning" among others. Just a quick and pitiful note; though our countries are adjacent, I don't know anything about this band even when calling Damnation, unfortunately. No, I'm not ashamed by the fact of being unfamiliar with my neighbour's music, I'm just sorry to see hence, how underground this scene is, yet. Well then, the music of Océano de Sangre has finally reached my ear through an album issued last year under the title ''Hasta El Final''. As afore-mentioned, this is my first experience with this band's music, and I must openly say that it really shook me up and also scored off my expectations due to its incontestable pulchritude. ''Hasta El Final'' is an excellent album indeed.  Consisting of nine outstanding cuts, where the band puts forth a lot of energy and skillfulness on each song. And as it usually happens to this sort of sound the guitars have a larger exposure, and in this case the listener will certainly find impeccable guitars; having plenty of soli and lots of rhythmical sections as well. However the credits mustn't be given exclusively to the guitar of course, at last the band is great as a whole. Therefore I assure the listener this band's music also features smashing bass lines, powerful drums, and good keyboards flights. What about the vocals? Perfect as well, all sung in plain Spanish language, quite original; nothing bad for one like me who appreciates some originality. In general, this band impressed me a lot, and I gladly take it as one of the most promising representatives of this genre in our continent along with "Matraz" from Chile and "Elemental" from Brazil. This release also brings one clip multimedia featuring the scenery of ''Lord of the Ring''. The line-up of Océano de Sangre consists of the following members: Jorge Diaz - Voice, Marcelo Yakko - Songwriter, Bass & Keyboards, Adrian Huillier - Guitars and Leonardo Dorado - Drums. The ''Hasta El Final'' album is a highly recommended release, ever!...    (Comments By Sergio Motta)
12/12/2005.............................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit OCÉANO DE SANGRE HOME PAGE...
. KINETO - "Transform"
Kineto is an excellent US quartet, more specifically from San Francisco bay area, and ''Transform'' is the title of its CD, which features thirteen neat tracks, whose sound brings a highly consistent dose of originality. The music performed by Kineto is a bit hard to be described or even tagged. Nevertheless I'm quite convinced this band performs an excellent Progressive Music; joining however, ingredients from other tendencies as Hard Rock, Black Metal and also some Psychedelia. It all together certainly culminates in a daring and catching deed. Therefore I wouldn't sincerely recommend this work to people who use to hold any sort of musical conservativeness, it may be mostly recommended to those who are open to experience something new, such as Kineto's music itself.  This quartet definitely offers quite a straight-out sound, which gives no room for middle-term; that's just a matter of loving it or hating it. I enjoy overall the energy and also the singularity employed in this band's music, both are too exciting, even to the point of shaking me up while writing this review. The guitars are top-notch, mainly when rhythmizing along with the bass, both often walk hand in hand turning the sound heavier. The bass is performed by Dan Manapace; this guy is really standout when playing his powerful instrument; moreover he reminds me strongly of Geezer Butler's skill. To my viewpoint, his playing has been definitely essential to the sublimity of this work. I also enjoy Forest Huggins vocals', which are remarkable, and very appropriate to the band direction. Cutting a long story short, the whole band is great, and its music is worth throwing back all over. Although I appreciate the whole content of the CD, I'd like to express here the cut that really blew me away, and was kept inside my head for lots of days, the one is ''Caveat Emptor''. What a perfect interplay between Rick Audet's guitar and the weird vocal of Forest Huggins, sounding strongly like something close to Celtic Frost. Fantastic!!! The line-up Kineto consists of the following members: Forest Huggins - Vocals, Dan Manapace - Bass, Samplers, Additional Guitars & Vocals, Rick Audet - Guitars and Noah Appleton - Drums. ''Transform'' is a highly recommended CD...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
12/12/2005....................................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit KINETO HOME PAGE...
. DREAMER - "Forever"
''Forever'' is the Dreamer's debut CD, which is a North American trio formed by gifted and experienced musicians, who besides proposing a high-class music, it also found quite an innovative way of expressing its music upon mixing some tendencies to its sound. It all certainly culminates in an accessible music; whose sound comprises a refined Rock 'n' Roll, as well as it's possible to notice a pop-oriented music in its essence so far. Nevertheless it doesn't mean at all this band's music is contemptible. However, I wouldn't recommend it to the most hard-bitten freaks due to its distinctive pop texture. Unfortunately the word ''pop'' is generally misunderstood by quite a few people, whereas it sounds many times as something depreciated; and this sort of concept certainly denotes some prejudice as if all that's denominated as pop is no good, many times these people pay a high price on thinking so, because excellent opportunities are missed due to their narrow-mindedness. Therefore if you use to think this way, don't let it happen to you either toward this release because you will miss thereupon a good chance of being acquainted with a first-rate music. Apart from its direction, I'm sure every clear-headed listener will find out quite a superb musicianship in this band and also an immense dose of originality thru the whole cuts on the CD. According to my slant, this release abounds in splendid guitars, remarkable bass lines and uplifting drums. The vocals are also agreeable to the ear. Furthermore the vocalist is good and steady when putting his whole enthusiasm into the songs. As I'm already a white-haired guy, this band reminds me of "Bread" when coming into existence far back in time and springing a surprise on us through its top-notch songs. Dreamer also springs up currently bringing some breath to this genre. Although I appreciate the whole songs on the CD, I will point out some cuts that sounded great to my ear: ''Out of My Hand'', ''Ariel'', ''Shine It On'', ''Waiting'', ''Lotus'', ''Early Morning Rain'', ''Forever Intro'' and ''Forever''. The Dreamer's line-up consists of the following members: Bill Sedat - Vocals & Guitars, Darrel Harvey - Keyboards, Backing Vocals & Occasional Rhythm Guitar and Randy Ratkowski - Drums. Highly recommended!...    (Comments By Sergio Motta)
12/12/2005...............................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit DREAMER HOME PAGE...
. LIGHTSPEED - "Waves"
Lightspeed is a Canadian AOR/Progressive Rock band formed by four experienced musicians who have three albums released over its career. In this case, this review refers itself to the newest album of the band entitled ''Waves'', which is the third one. This work features eleven tracks exploring smartly some energetic and soft tunes, besides putting forward as well a remarkable musicianship. Though this is my first experience with this band's music, I must say that the sound is first-rate and able as well to attract every fussy listener's attention right off the bat due to its impeccable composing structure. Furthermore it's undeniable that the band members know how to explore skillfully all possible resources that they have on hand. I could notice that indeed when hearing a quick passage on the Harmmond organ on ''Things to Come'', I could then perceive a moment of great creativity in this band, and also a strong interest of its members in exploring some unusual sounds for today's standards of Progressive music though. In this case, it's worth mentioning that the album was just setting in, so the other surprises were about to come further on. Well then, I'd say the Lightspeed's music has something different in its essence, something quite superior that captivates me each new listen. I don't know if it happens due to its joyful way of introducing it or if it is just a matter of affinity; the fact is that I feel a huge treat to hear it because the band has got the perfect chemistry to mix aggressivity and tenderness to its songs. I also enjoy the guitars performed by Gene Murray and his sensibilities when performing them; I noted it substantially when listening to ''Bridges'', whose solo stood up in fact the hairs of my arms. Oh yeah, though Gene Murray's playing highlighted the album, it doesn't mean at all that I have been forgetting about the stunning performance of the other band members, as afore-mentioned, the band is top-notch in the altogether. So if there's one out there looking for a sort of music that consists of straight-out vocals, scorching bass, daring keyboards and gorgeous guitars, this album will certainly please you. To my point of view, "Kansas" and "Styx" are two reasonable approaches to hint the Lightspeed direction. The line-up of the band consists of the following members: John Persichini - Vocal, Drum & Sax, Gene Murray - Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin & Vocal, Gary Chappell - Keyboards, Harmonica, Flute, Clarinet, Sax & Vocal, Terry Crawford - Drums, Keyboards, Guitar & Vocal and Rod Chappell - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals. ''Wave'' is a highly recommended album, ever!...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
12/12/2005................,.....Want to learn everything about the band and its members? Visit LIGHTSPEED HOME PAGE...
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