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. RIVERSIDE - "Second Life Syndrome"
The brainchild of guitarist Piotr Grudzinski and drummer Piotr Kozierkadzki, Riverside was formed on a chance meeting between the two musicians, both of whom were doing time in local metal and prog bands. Finding musical kinship, the two proceeded to recruit bassist/vocalist Mariusz Duda and keyboardist Jacek Melnicki (who was later replaced by Michal Lapaj) and begun to rehearse more regularly. Eventually, Riverside took priority over their current projects, leading to the creation of their first demo in March of 2003 simply titled, Riverside. Comprised of songs from the Riverside demo and brand new tracks, the band headed into the studio to record their debut effort, "Out Of Myself", which was released in Poland in December of 2003. The tracks “Loose Heart” and “Out Of Myself” took off at Polish radio, topping the Warsaw Radio and Polish Radio Programme 1 charts. The momentum behind Riverside’s radio success allowed the band to enjoy success in the live setting, touring their homeland several times in addition to hitting European territories and the famed ProgPower USA festival in September of 2004. A stopgap EP, "Voices In My Head" was released in early 2005 and set the stage for what would become "Second Life Syndrome". A broad, compelling mix of adventurous prog soundscapes, "Second Life Syndrome" will emerge as a prog fan’s wet dream. With 9 progressive workouts in tow, Riverside make daring musical experiments sound effortless. Highlighted by striking artwork from Travis Smith ("Opeth", "Nevermore", "Dead Soul Tribe"), "Second Life Syndrome" is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for Riverside. After the first bombastic release "Out of Myself", Riverside is back with a new studio album, better than the first one, but with a diferent musical conception. Riverside captures the essence and the spirit of the modern Progressive Rock, blending references from the Gothic style, adorned with agressive black metal vocals, creating some astonishing, enjoyable and moving, progressive music. All compositions are quite perfect, having aggression and melody on them, the aggressive parts are defined by the harsh vocals, that in sometimes become soft and melodic, the alternation between vocal styles works very well, the keyboards sounds add a amazing musical symphonism and the extended guitar solos are always present, given an explosive energy to the music, layered bass and agressive drums complimented in a variety of ways using creative effect, all the instrumental incorporate technical skills and exceptional creativity. I consider Riverside´s music a new reference from the present and to the future of Progressive Rock music. "Second Life Syndrome" Recorded, engineered and mixed by Magda i Robert Srzedniccy, Serakos Studio 2005. Mastering by Jacek Gawlowski & MasterLab, Lyrics by Mariusz Duda. Production by Riverside oraz Magda i Robert Srzedniccy. Cover design by Travis Smith. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Volte-Face", "Conceiving You", "Second Life Syndrome", "Artificial Smile", "I Turned You Down", "Dance With The Shadow" and "Before". The musicians on Riverside are: Mariusz Duda - Vocals and Bass, Piotr Grudzinski - Guitar, Piotr Kozieradzki - Drums and Michal Lapaj - Keyboards. Amazing, Fantastic, Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. PANE - "Demo"
Pane is an Italian quintet formed by highly gifted musicians who offer an elaborated music, and richly performed too. I have got the privilege of being acquainted with its music on receiving a demo CD a few weeks ago. This material features eight high-class songs, which hit me right off the bat. I would also like to tell that fans of "Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso", "Triade", "Quella Vecchia Locanda" and "Locanda Delle Fate" will be hardly indifferent to the Pane's music because these five musicians have gorgeously maintained the old chemistry that contributed to change the Italian Progressive Scene into one of the most venerated so far. Just like me, the music of Pane is for you who thrill yourself when hearing songs filled with transverse flutes, whose sound goes straight to the heart and touches deep inside the soul. In general, the whole songs introduced in this demo material are built under a rich texture, which is very typical to the most of Italian bands that I know. The music performed by Pane also abounds in keyboards, piano and synthesizers, which often generate a tuneful atmosphere. Also, the acoustic guitars brought an impeccable contribution to this work. I have enjoyed the vocals quite a lot as well, which are beautifully sung in Italian. Thus, keeping the old tradition likewise. Still concerning the vocals, I must really say that Claudio Orlandi's voice fitted like a glove to the band's musical direction, he's quite perfect when keeping his voice under his own control; thus he can easily sing in several tonalities as noticed on ''Insonnia'' (5:42 Min.). Though this material is short (27:00 Min.), it did afford me a great pleasure each listen. So I hope sincerely this material gets to some people of consequence who have enough condition to help this top-notch band throw a full-length CD into the market, and bring a lot of joy to thousands of Progressive Rock fans around the world. The line-up of Pane consists of the following members: Claudio Orlandi - Voice, Maurizio Polsinelli - Keyboards, Piano & Synths, Vito Andrea Arcomano - Acoustic guitar, Claudio Madaudo - Transverse Flute and Ivan Macera - drums. Highly recommended!...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. MODEL A - "Transmission Lost"
Model A is an experimental-Electro-Rock quartet based in California, more specifically in the Sacramento area. This band debuted in 2001 through an EP entitled ''The Stir'', which was much acclaimed by the fans of Radiohead among others of the same karat. Now I have the privilege of reviewing its full-length album entitled ''Transmission Lost'', an album featuring six high-class cuts. Model A proposes overall a delightful blend of tendencies, which makes of its music almost unique. I have mostly enjoyed this band's music because it sounds different from what I'm used to hearing on my daily spins. Moreover it has pleasantly afforded me the possibility of crossing other musical borders on the point of being acquainted with lots of gifted musicians doing slap-up works in the field of Progressive Music, and Model A is one of them indeed. In spite of embracing most a heavier direction, this band's music also reveals off and on a corking progressive atmosphere as noticed on ''We All Die Young'', ''Telling'' and ''Le Berceau du Bonheur''. The band offers superb instrumental passages, joining brilliantly energy, placidity and a pretty dose of experimentalism as well. This is a sort of sound to be heard with the utmost attention for not running the risk of squandering every enjoyable moment though. Summing it up, good music and excellent musicianship wait for your cheers. The line-up of the band consists of the following members: Brandon Schilling - Vocals, Patrick Wilson - Guitar, Thierry Sertin - Bass and Brenan Rose - Drums. ''Transmission Lost'' is a highly recommended album...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. ELEMENTAL - "Synesthesia"
Elemental is a four piece band from Rio de Janeiro that performs an instrumental music in the vein of a genuine Progressive Metal, whose sound is strongly influenced by "Dream Theater". However, the album also hints some outstanding symphonic passages over its length. The beginning of all started out in the year of 1999 when the band was still called "Movimento Suspeito"; that time the band focused basically the Pop/Rock direction, acting most as a cover band overall. In the following year the keyboardist Raphael Montechiari and the guitarist Estevão Andrade sat down along with the other band members and decided to follow their own way by working on self-composed songs. The first off-spring was an amazing song entitled ''Device'', being very much appreciated by the band members and also by the people around them. From that moment forth, the band then started breaking fresh ground. Well then, here's ''Synesthesia'', the band's debut album, issued two years ago under the band members' own expense. The album features seven top-notch songs, covering majestically the field of the high quality music that the listener will have the chance of finding a superb musicianship performed by young musicians who surely grew up hearing good music, and so they are now repaying the gift once received. Elemental offers quite an exciting music, filled with catchy guitars, stunning keyboards, striking bass and thorough-going drums. To cut a long story short, this is quite a flawless work where the band is entirely able to consolidate technique and emotion, whose result could not be different at all. I won't cite any highlight this time because the whole album is top-notch in my viewpoint. Therefore I dare to say that every single cut in this album spares further remarks. Though I enjoy this work unconditionally due to all its princely compositions, I have otherwise, an objection to do regarding its running time whereas 37:00 minutes is pretty short for today's releases. Still and all, I keep taking this album as one of my favorites in its genre, and as I have been placing great trust in the band potential, I have no doubt the next effort will put an end to this harmless remark. Sure enough, ''Synesthesia'' will be warmly received by those who enjoy listening to a breathtaking music, where a new and pleasant surprise comes up at every jiffy. The line-up of the band consists of the following members: Estevão Andrade - Guitars, Filipe Andrade - Bass, Mateus Andrade - Drums & Raphael Montechiari - Keyboards. This album is highly recommended, ever...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. GLOBAL WARNING - "Enemy Within"
Does anyone remember and Christian band that was formed in the Seattle Scene? Well, if you don´t it seems that you never heard Global Warning. Formed in 2000. they came to their third CD with a mix of aggressivity, heavy metal and some thrash work. "Away From Me" is a slow piece of metal, with low tuned guitars and some influences of "Slayer" in the vocals. "Bring It On" reminded me Soundgarden from the "Bardmotorfinger" era, and "Solace" is a piece of new metal like "Slipknot". But it´s not totally an alternative metal record. "A Deafening Silence" has some hard riffs, and "Crawling" is a good piece of traditional heavy. The only problem with this CD is there is too much tracks. 14 pieces, and some that you can consider so repetitive... 10 tracks would be very better, but you will find good moments in "Empty Inside", "Hype" (a kick ass piece of new metal) and in the bonus "Disconnect". They can do better, and it´s time to work a little bit more in the songs. They have the "timing", but need to develop it. Enemy Within" with 14 Tracks - 59 min and 58 sec, released by "Silent Planet Promotions", a company which has a heart of service to all it’s patrons; bands, venues, labels, the media and fans, which is always in a state of flux to move with the artist and culture... (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. 9 ON BALI - "Kite Hawker on the Beach"
''Kite Hawker on the Beach'' is the debut album from the US trio 9 on Bali. This band offers an interesting sort of sound whose direction covers a variety of tendencies as Progressive Rock, World Music, Pop Music, Folk and Psychedelic. The album consists of thirteen songs where each cut is basically introduced under a different texture; nevertheless this fact doesn't really make it less interesting to my liking, but I wouldn't honestly recommend it to every Progressive Rock fans, mostly those who are generally attached to the sound of the past, giving no attention to the new musical experiments accomplished by bands like "The Gak Omek", "Vladimir Badirov Project", "Gargantua" and so forth. Far from drawing comparisons with the above-mentioned bands, I just want to say that such as these bands 9 on Bali also proposes a different sound, quite original I mean, where the listener's acceptance is just a matter of time whereas its music becomes further attractive after the second try. It did happen to me as well. ''Kite Hawker on the Beach'' features consistent vocals whose singer's voice sounds gorgeously like a troubadour, being quite a distinctive point on the band. I enjoyed the acoustic guitars as well, which afforded definitely a peculiar shine to the album. The sounding atmosphere of the keyboards is great, and also agreeable to the ear. In general, the instrumental is quite impeccable. The album also features some guests like Frank Rutledge playing some electric guitar; Ron Jagielnik playing both, the harmonica and the slide; also Jackie Van Nice contributed to the album on playing some acoustic guitar. Although the album is interesting as a whole, I would like anyway to express here some cuts that captivated most my attention; they are: ''O'Reilly'', ''My Poor Old Blue Projector'', ''Gist'', ''Frank of Maryland'', ''Triad'', ''Everdons'' and ''Alibis''. The line-up of 9 on Bali consists of the following members: Dan Susnara - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards Samples & Percussion, Dan Sweigert - Vocals, Vibes, Kalimba, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Samples & Keyboards and Dan Van Schindel - Drums. ''Kite Hawker on the Beach'' is recommended!...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. JET CIRCUS - "Look At Me Now"
Ez Gomér formed Jet Circus in the nineties, and had a lot of success with his first CD, "Step On It". Now he´s back with this new album, calling a lot of special guests that include Mickey Dee (Motorhead) and Stefan Elmgren (Hammerfall) with nine tracks of pure heavy metal like "One Dime Scape Goat" and "Man Rules" (where you can see his interesting vocal lines). This CD works very well and tracks like "Godless Hapiness" and the ballad "Lizzard Love" will get into your ear easily, as some pieces of hard-pop like "The Way You Bless Me" and "Shooting Star" are good examples of how you can mix hard rock and heavy metal with good results. The only track that is different and really disappointing is "Look At Death Now". Even couting with Mickey Dee in the drums, it lost all the way trying to mix punk rock and heavy metal. But is a good CD, and let´s see what EZ will do in the future. Who will he call to the next work? "Look At Me Now with" 9 Tracks - 35 min and 55 sec, released by "Silent Planet Promotions", a company which has a heart of service to all it’s patrons; bands, venues, labels, the media and fans, which is always in a state of flux to move with the artist and culture... (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)... 
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. SIEGES EVEN - "The Art Of Navigating By The Stars"
Eight years after retiring from the music scene, cult prog band Sieges Even make a surprise comeback and this time, they’re stronger than ever before. Founded in Munich in 1988, the band never officially split up. They had tried to seek out new forms of expression and briefly performed under a new name while searching for a new vocalist. After finding what they were after the band headed into Rebellion mastermind Uwe Lulis’ Black Solaris Studios in Frankfurt and began recording their sixth studio album. A masterpiece, showing their unmistakable trademark sound, this album is bound to cause quite a stir! At the band’s reunion show in Frankfurt last autumn, Sieges Even previewed the first three songs from their new album for fans. “Reactions were unbelievable”, says Steffen enthusiastically. “Rarely have I had the experience where people in the audience were cheering during a number that they were hearing for the first time. There were even Russian fans there who had come from Moscow and St. Petersburg to see us live, who had tears in their eyes when we played our old classics. But obviously they liked the new material very much too”. There appears to be no reason why Sieges Even cannot conquer the prog scene this time around with both old and new fans. Sieges Even is a new conception in progressive music, the instrumental is presented with strong, powerful and energetic elements, where we can feel multiple musical sources such as Symphonic Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Melodic Hard Rock with touchs from the best Classic Rock. The musical themes are developed through long tracks with complex sounds, adding a special atmosphere and very dense instrumental, with tremendous and impressive lead vocals, wonderful vocal harmonies, sometimes are soft and sometimes are hard, their guitars sounds and drums in exchange for a basses, create a very light and beautiful piece the songs that result well balanced in sound and in artistic approach. I think that, Sieges Even could be compared best to other world acts like "Yes", "Kino", "Sylvan", "Porcupine Tree", "Styx",  and "Spock´s Beard". "The Art Of Navigating By The Stars" is another excellent release to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music. A special and particular attention to the tracks, where you must listen all them without interruption: "Intro: Navigating By The Stars", "Sequence I: The Weight", "Sequence II: The Lonely Views Of Condors", "Sequence III: Unbreakable", "Sequence IV: Stigmata", "Sequence V: Blue Wide Open", "Sequence VI: To The Ones Who Have Failed", "Sequence VII: Lighthouse" and "Sequence VIII: Styx". The musicians on Sieges Even are: Markus Steffen - Guitars, Arno Menses - Vocals, Alex Holzwarth - Bass and Oliver Holzwarth - Drums. Fantastic, Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. SYMPOZION - "Kundabuffer"
The young Israeli band Sympozion was formed in the beginning of the new millennium, by two ambitious composers named Arik Hayat and Elad Abraham. At the beginning there wasn't a clear vision of what the music would sound like, but they knew pretty well what they didn't want to do, and that is to repeat anything they have heard before. After a few months of composing together, they started forming the ensemble that will realize the results of their musical experiments. Many different musical universes came together in the music of Sympozion, and although the primary target was not to repeat anything the composers have heard before, there is an obvious connection to the traditions and achievements of some of the great musicians in the 20th century and earlier times. It went through extreme changes, varying in the number of musicians, different instruments and performance styles and eventually, after two years of searching, the final combination was found and the taste Sympozion cake was ready. I´m happy to announce and introduce Sympozion, a new musical reference to all Progressive Rock friends around the world, the music from the band comes from several different perspectives, with a complex musical arrangements centered around mainly guitars led instrumentation, featuring nice guitar solos, good keyboard melody and an enjoyable musical section, exploring a wide variety sounds that blend perfectly into the music, you must have a special attention on the vocals, you will find a mystical adventure because the lyrics are singing in Hebrew. "Kundabuffer" is a "concept album" of improvised instrumental music, with a evidence of the main musical genres around styles as: "Progressive Rock", "Jazz Fusion", "RIO", "Classical Music", and "Avant-Garde", and their musical references, and influences, could be compared with legendery bands such as "Gentle Giant", "Frank Zappa", "Gong", "Yes" and  "Soft Machine". "Kundabuffer" album was released in January 7th, 2006, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Udi Koomran at Ginger Studio using W-Waves software. Drums recorded by David Saban at Gaus studio. Grand Piano Recorded by Udi Koomran at the Rimon studio. Flute on "Patterns", "Bird" & "Grapefruit" played by Ilan Salem. Additional composing on "Grapefruit" by Nissim Halifa. Produced by Udi Koomran. Executive Production: Sympozion and Raya Kosovsky. Art design by Sarit Hayat. Photograph by Raya Kosovsky. "According to G.I. Gurdjieff's writings, the organ Kundabuffer was planted inside all humans at a special time in our history, when a cosmic imbalance needed to be repaired. The process of removing the organ, once the balance was achieved, was damaged, and that led to all of humanity's different flaws and twisted behaviors". A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Patterns", "Happy War Holiday", "Grapefruit", "Six", "Zona", and "Grapefruit Variations". The line-up of Sympozion consists of the following members: Arik Hayat – Composition, Keyboards, Recorder, Vocals, Elad Abraham – Composition, Guitar, Recorder, Dan Carpman – Bass Guitar, Vocals, Boris Zilberstein - Drums and Ori Ben Zvi – Guitars. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. AGE OF NEMESIS - "Psychogeist"
The history of Age Of Nemesis starts whem the five musicians decided that they were going to explore their own path in the music labyrinth of the world. They focused their attention on ensuring that their music express only their own emotions and moods. They didn't want their creative process to be influenced by day-to-day trends in popular music. In 1998 they released their self-titled debut album. One year later they signed a recording contract with "Güla Records Ltd". Their second album "Abraxas" was released that same year. One of the interesting features of the album is that it contains a series of six related, yet individual tracks, comprising over 30 minutes in all: a concept work titled "Psychogeist", based on a psycho- thriller story. By the time the 1999 Hungarian 'Progfest' club tour came around, Nemesis was already one of the headline bands. Nemesis was also very well received as support band at King's X's Budapest concert. From the autumn of 1999 to the end of 2000 they played three national tours along with other well-known Hungarian bands. Differences of opinion in personal and musical views caused the original line-up to split by mutual agreement on December 16, 2000. Age Of Nemesis is not just a new band, in fact, they are a new revelation could be easily classified, to the top class of a modern Band into the new generation. Their music goes far beyond the average Symphonic Metal or Progressive Metal adorned with Gotic elements, in the style of the best in this genres, especially musically and, obviously, very concerned with songwriting and arrangement unlike so many of today's arrivals on the Prog Metal musical scene. The Band has an unique layered and agressive drums, with a melodic tapestry of guitar bass and synth, complimented in a variety of musical ways, using a incredibly heavenly orchestral sound, sometimes symphonic, melodic, lyrical and delicate, sometimes heavy and agressive, including the voice of Zoltán Kiss that´s beautiful too, and very clear indeed. Age Of Nemesis sounds with references to the classics and famous bands as: "Symphony X", "Dream Theater", "Threshold", "Evergrey" and "Therion". Stay tuned, certainly Age Of Nemesis will be the future of the Prog-Metal scene around the world! "Psychogeist" was composed and arranged by Age of Nemesis, including eleven tracks. Recorded at PONT-MI Studio, szekesfehervar, from May to October, 2001, Sound engineer by Gábor "G" Fekete, Mixed by: Gábor Fekete, Lajos Gulyás , Zoltán Fábián. Cover & booklet: Gyula Havancsák. Photo: Sándor Sárközi. Label: GÜLA Records Kft. The 2nd English album was released by Magna Carta. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: Psychogeist story: 1-6, "1. Fate's Door", "2. Grey Room", "3. Faceless Enemy", "4. Mommy's Crying", "5. Psychogeist", "6. Breaking Away",  "Goddess Nemesis", "Eye Of The Snake" and "Awaking Minds". The main musicians on Age Of Nemesis are: Zoltán Fábián - Guitars and Acoustic Guitars, György Nagy - Keyboards, Zoltán Kiss - Vocals, Csaba Berczelly - Bass, Acoustic Guitars and Laszlo Nagy - Drums. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. GYPSY CARNS - "The Blue Preacher Raw Word"
Can you imagine a bluesman from heaven? Here it is, Mr. Gypsy Carns. His first solo CD is what you see in the cover. Mr. Gypsy and his acoustic guitar making eletric blues talking to god. With an Rod Steart voice and a Steppenwolf look alike, he does a good work in "Rainbow", "Cause And Effect", "I´m Alright" (a beautiful slow pop song). Considering that he plays all the instruments (v/g, a good stompbox and a blues harp), he does an interesting work, with some "Aerosmith" influences (musically, not in the attitude), as we can hear in the good "Your Sins Will Find You Out" and "The Universe Of Man" (with some oriental elements very well inserted). God Bless his work, and get ready to meet Mr. Gypsy Carns and his guitar in the roads of the world, because he is here to play blues for the Lord! "The Blue Preacher Raw Word" including 13 Tracks and 32min., released by "Silent Planet Promotions", a company which has a heart of service to all it’s patrons; bands, venues, labels, the media and fans, which is always in a state of flux to move with the artist and culture... (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)... 
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. BLISSED - "Waking Up The Dead"
Do you remember mr Robert Sweet? If you remember Stryper, obviously you know who am I talking about. Do you want to know why "Reborn" (Stryper´s new CD, released in 2005) is so different? Blissed can be one of the answers. Formed by Robert - Drums, Davie Pearson - Vocals and Guitar, Trevor Barr - Guitar and Vocals and Jeff Miller - Bass and Vocals, the four rock man band does it heavy, and aggressive. 12 tracks of pure heavy metal with modern influences. "I Hate You" is a piece of "Alice in Chains", the title track is a meet between "Stryper" and "Korn" (if you can imagine something like this) and "Obvious" is a slow heavy knockdown in your face. Another good moments can be found in the more accessible "Fireblow", the slow piece of new metal "Losing You", and the good "Come On In" (with good guitar work) and the mysterious "Shut Up". A very different record, mixing a lot of musical styles, since Heavy Metal until some Grunge moments. But I think you will like it, if your are an open minded rock fan. "Waking Up The Dead" including 12 Tracks at about 46 min., released by "Silent Planet Promotions", a company which has a heart of service to all it’s patrons; bands, venues, labels, the media and fans, which is always in a state of flux to move with the artist and culture... (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. JADIS - "Photoplay"
Jadis are a four-piece rock band from the south of England, and have been around in various shapes and forms since the mid-1980's. They became a full-time gigging outfit in 1987 when they supported "IQ" on their 'Nomzamo' tour of Britain and Europe. 1988 saw them as support band to "Marillion" on their 'Clutching at Straws' UK tour, culminating in three nights at the Hammersmith Odeon, London. A period of extensive touring then followed, in which Jadis played over 150 gigs in pubs and clubs throughout Britain, building up a substantial following. In February 1989 they sold out their debut headline at London's prestigious Marquee Club. On the recording front, the band issued several demo-tapes, produced by Steve Rothery of Marillion, which proved very popular with Jadis's growing audience. In early 1995, John Jowitt and Martin Orford decided to leave the band to devote more time to their "IQ" commitments. The vacant bass player slot was filled by local musician Steve Hunt, who quickly proved to be a valuable asset to the band. Martin Orford continued to play for Jadis as a session musician until Mike Torr took over keyboard duties in October 1995. From 1996 to 1999 Jadis recorded some works with very positive critics throughout the world. In 2000, the band their fourth studio album 'Understand' ,which has Martin Orford and John Jowitt from "IQ" back playing with the band on keyboards and bass. This release was followed by some very well received gigs in Holland, Germany, Belgium and the Baja Festival in Mexico. This extensive touring culminated in a blistering two and a half hour performance at the annual Garden Gig in July 2001 which was recorded and released as 'Alive Outside' the following November. More gigs were played during 2002 and the band started writing their next CD 'Fanatic', the album was completed in the beginning of 2003 and will be released on the InsideOut Music label in May. Over the last years, Jadis have evolved into one of the most distinct sounding bands in Progressive Rock music, combining many elements and creating a special signature on their music. Jadis always played a creative and a good neo-progressive rock adorned with classic rock including symphonic passages, but now we have a big surprise, where you will be very impressed with Jadis's innovative approach the more chances it was given the musical struture, finding powerful instrumental details, where the songs are varied and the compositions imaginative. On the "Photoplay" album, Jadis maintained great musicianship and nice quality in Neo-Progressive style, but they've even included Hard Rock elements in some compositions, stayed very intense and very heavy and also become sensitive and maybe a little bit more symphonic. What is abundantly present on the album, is the magnificent guitar solos played by Gary Chandler in a perfect combination with the Keyboards sounds, great bass lines and the rhythm section is pretty tight. In fact "Photoplay" is a very accessible album to all Prog Rock listeners and be selected as one of the finest release from 2006. "Photoplay" is another excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, including eleven tracks and 60min of the pure musical emotions. An special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "There's A Light" (Really one of  the best track on the album), "What Goes Around", "Asleep In My Hands", "I Hear Your Voice", "Make Me Move", "Who I Am", "Need To Breathe", "Please Open Your Eyes" and "Photoplay". The main musicians on this fantastic band are: Gary Chandler - Guitars and Vocals, Steve Christey - Drums and Percussion, John Jowitt - Bass Guitars and Backing Vocals and Martin Orford - Keyboards and Backing Vocals. Brilliant, amazing and an indispensable work, highly recommendable to all Progressive Rock fans around the world... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. NOG CAVANAGH - "Everything Leads To Here"
Nog Cavanagh is an independent musician from North Yorkshire, England. His first band was the South London-based "Liquid Hedgehog", who specialised in a potent mix of spaceadelic punko-metal, served with a large dollop of humour. When the 'hogs disbanded he formed the psych-rock band "Satori" and also played guitar in an early version of the Hideous Green Bubbly Things. "Satori" eventually metamorphosed into the REM-inspired "Secret Garden"", who gigged extensively in London in the early 1990s, playing at venues such as the King's Head, Fulham and the Cafe de Paris, Leicester Square. After The Secret Garden folded He played guitar with psychedelic instrumentalists "The Industrial Drinking Accident" and bass guitar with the Doors-influenced bluesmen "Strange Daze". Highlights of this period included opening for John Otway at The Bun Shop, Surbiton (his home town) and a stonking performance at an "unofficial" festival at Dinas Head, Wales. Nog Cavanagh debut solo album "Everything Leads To Here" is a culmination of several years of writing and experimentation and draws upon everything He has learnt in his musical career to date. Nog Cavanagh has been successfully making a debut work that was composed and produced in such a professional and mature way, using an extraordinary wide range of musical experimentation. All the tracks are totally instrumental, developed around keyboard and drum sequencers, mixed with live guitars, bass and analogue synths. Clearly Nog Cavanagh´s music was inspired or, a little bit into the work of "Ozric Tentacles" and "Hawkwind", with an atmospheric instrumentation adding a sensitive combination of New Age and Ambient, but some musical passages remember me influences from experimental space rock bands as: "Harmonia", "Cluster", "Tangerine Dream" and "Yatha Sidhra". "Everything Leads To Here" (Angry Robot Records AARGH 4001) was recorded between 2002 and 2004 at his home studio. Cover images and design by Nog Cavanagh. Mike Briggs plays drums sequencer on "A Quiet Reprieve". Including eight instrumetal tracks. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Scorpia Mossmoon", "A Quiet Reprieve", "Out Of Body" (Really one of  the best track on the album), "Accept This Gift", "The Garden" and "It Can Be As Big As You Want It". Nog Cavanagh uses a mix of live Guitars, Bass, Analogue Synthesizers and Computer Sequencers. Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. NIACIN - "Organik"
Niacin started out back in 1996 when Billy Sheehan, John Novello, and Dennis Chambers decided to put some songs together and express themselves in a new way - with no restrictions! Free to play and jam as they please, reach for new heights, and go musically where others wouldn't dare. They based their sound around the mighty and majestic Hammond B3 Organ - an instrument that was a building block of Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Progressive, Motown, Funk, and Soul, as well as a lot of Popular music. There was a time when the unmistakable Hammond sound was more important than a guitar in a band! Niacin! Vitamin B3-the Hammond B3. Niacin are a virtuous instrumental trio, where the dominant musical style is the Jazz Fusion, but they also blend elements of Classic Music and Avant-garde adding a little bit Progressive Rock forms of composition within a context of dynamic instrumental performances.  All songs have a passionate keyboard lines, alternating quickly or playing different lines simultaneously with an unique killer drums section, and the bass in the closing section have a very pomp quality, where is the Guitar? John Novello is, in essence, the guitarist and display results particularly attractive, taking the listener on an introspective journey through many sound phases. In Fact I have to tell, Niacin has a brilliant collection of instrumental arrangments that are enough for any jazz fusion listener. If you want some references, we can classify the music from Niacin in the same line such as "Perigeo", "Agora", "The Mahavishnu Orchestra", "Keith Emerson", "The Nice" and "Fermata". "Organik" was produced by Niacin, recorded at Studio 283 Valley Village, CA, recordin engineers by Dino Herrmann and John Novello, mixed and mastered by Dino Herrmann, including 13 tracks of a pure instrumental delight. This is another important release by Magna Carta. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Barbarian at The Gate", "Nemesis", "King Kong", "Super Grande" (Really one of  the best track on the album), "Hair Of The Dog", "4,5 3", "Stumble On The Truth", "Club Soda", and "Footprints In The Sand". The line-up of Niacin consists of the following members: John Novello - Hammond B-3, Keyboards, Billy Sheehan - Bass and Dennis Chambers - Drums. Brilliant, fantastic and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
02/07/2006.......................................,.....Interested to know more about this fantastic Trio? Visit NIACIN HOME PAGE...
. PROTO-KAW - "The Wait of Glory"
Proto-Kaw (proto=early version of) (kaw=indian word for Kansas). In the early 70's, the band "Kansas" went through three transformations. The sound of the band changed along with the the group members. The band the world came to know as "Kansas" was actually the third version of the band. Proto Kaw is the renamed, reformed second version. Formed in 1971 and disbanding in 1973, "Kansas II" played mostly original material written by "Kansas" composer and guitarist Kerry Livgren. After "Kansas II" disbanded, the group went their separate ways with Kerry gaining notority with the famous "Kansas" and the others assuming normal lives working in education, sales and the media. Most did not speak with each other for 30 years and many did not play music during this span, until the resurrection of the band through this project. That is what makes this story so unique..that Proto-Kaw lives again..with two cd's "Before Became After" (2004) and "The Wait for Glory" (2006) being the albums they finally get to record. There are a few bands that make a special feeling in our mind, mainly when we have music as a special and a main hobby, Proto-Kaw is a band like this, where they really touched something in my feeling with their impressive, amazing and astonishing music. Proto-Kaw plays an original Hard Rock with a Progressive Rock edge and a positive message featuring strong instrumental explorations, the compositions are dense and meaningful, heavy and melodic, dawn and floating, layered, textured and smooth, Kerry Livgren knows how to play a fine guitar´s solo with a original spirit of the 70's but with modern sounds, guitar and keyboard display results particularly attractive giving a perfect balance of the band's work.. In fact, Proto-Kaw music has been described as the future of progressive music. References for the sound of Proto-Kaw would be "Kansas", "Cairo" and "Wishbone Ash". "The Wait of Glory" is an another excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, which features 10 new songs. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Nevermore", "Relics Of The Tempest", "When The Rains Come", "On The Eve Of The Great Decline", "Physic", "The Vigel", "Melicus Gladiator" (Really one of  the best track on the album) and "Picture This". The line-up on the Proto-Kaw are: Kerry Livgren - Guitar and Piano, Lynn Meredith - Vocals, Dan Wright - Keyboards, John Bolton - Woodwinds, Craig Kew - Bass, Mike Patrum - Drums, Jake Livgren - Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion and back up vocals. Brilliant, Fantastic, amazing and, of course, an indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. PROPHEXY - "Synthworm"
Prophexy is an Italian Progressive Rock band formed in the year of 1999. It’s said this band was formerly called Prophecy which took the Heavy Metal style as its starting-point. Well then, Prophexy has been mostly known around since it took part in the double tribute album ‘’The Letters – An unconventional Italian guide to King Crimson’’ when performing ‘’The Great Deceiver’’. The release that I have here to express my view is just a demo CD entitled ‘’Synthworm’’, which features three cuts called ‘’Scario Quadratico Medio (5:06)’’, ‘’Plastic Cosmic (2:57)’’ and ‘’The Great Deceiver (3:53)’’. Though the CD is very short, it’s possible to notice the self-composed songs of the band sound great. Though this band has become a Progressive Rock one as afore-mentioned, its music still holds some traces of the past whose sound ends up becoming quite a splendid mix between heaviness and tenderness. I also enjoyed some psych passages, which reminded me greatly of some "King Crimson’s" finest creations. The band also offers a sort of sound crammed with keyboards, sax and flute; besides introducing excellent vocals. Also, the guitars, the bass and the drums impressed me a lot, bringing forth quite a huge expectation toward a full album overall. In general, the band is quite stunning. Therefore I take it like a promising one now following a new direction of course. The line-up of Prophexy consists of the following members: Matteo Bonazza – Vocal, Davide Cotti – Guitar, Alessandro Valle – Bass, Stefano Vaccari – Drums and Marco Tomasso – Sax. Recommended!...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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Here’s one more stunning surprise out from Italy – Barock Project is the band name, and this is its first outgrowth. Hopefully there will be lots of others from this moment forth. Barock Project is a brain-child of the keyboardist "Luca Zabbini", who has been taking ELP as his main source of inspiration ever since. After inviting four good friends to form quite a remarkable Progressive Rock band, all was finally set for releasing the very first work, which is mentioned here right now. The album features six high-class cuts where the band can really show maturity and good taste while composing strong pieces. Barock Project offers overall an elaborated music, emphasizing much of the sound of the 70’s, and some of the current days’ sonority as well. The band also follows the paths of the versatility concerning its direction, so everyone could easily find a classical-oriented music interplayed by some Jazzy trend. In spite of it, the album is mostly melodic, making forays into the Symphonic Music overall. So I’m sure everyone who enjoys listening to the Italian bands of yesterday and today will be soon captivated by these young boys’ band. Bands like "Loccanda Delle Fate", "Il Castelo Di Atlante" and "Greenwall" should be the best references to describe the music performed by Barock Project. The album is quite strong on both aspects, musically and instrumentally where the keyboards overlord its full extent, which often sound gorgeously. The guitars are also smashing, and appropriate to the band direction. Concerning the bass and the drums, both are always on the square, being inferior to none on the band. I also enjoy the vocals performed by Luca Pancaldi. And for people like who appreciate some originality, I must say the songs are sung in his native language. As a first release, I’d say this band accomplished a great album in fact, so I now hold a high expectation toward its future – looking forward very much to the next one. The line-up of the band consists of the following members: Luca Pancaldi – Voice, Luca Zabbini – Keyboards & Backing Vocals, G.B. Giorgi – Bass, Giacomo Calabria – Drums and Vincenzo Pastano – Guitars. This album is highly recommended!...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
02/26/2006..............,.....Interested to know more about this great Italian Band? Visit BAROCK PROJECT HOME PAGE...
. PACTO DE SANGRE - "Alerta"
Mama Mia, Pacto De Sangre are a Rock-Metal band from Puerto Rico! Formed in 2001, Felix Guzman (guitars), Metaloman (vocals), Carlos Robles (guitar), Mizael Robles (bass) and Elizer Robles (drums) have the mission to show how good is the rock scene from their country. And they DID IT! Having influences from "Iron Maiden", "Guns & Roses" and "Queensryche", “Alerta” is a masterpiece of Heavy-Rock. The title track is very interesting, although the production could be a little better, but sounds ok. “Holy Ghost” could easily be part of a "Queensryche" CD (Metaloman is a Geoff Tate’s disciple), and “Ve a Predicar” is a good slow moment. Some "Iron Maiden" elements can be found in “Cae, Cae” and the mid-tempo “Amen”. But the best comes in the end, with a speed track called “La Ley De Diós”, and “Warning” (English version of title track). A very good debut. Nothing new here, but an excelent band that will give us some metal pearls in the future. "Alerta" includes 9 Tracks - Label: Khaosmaster Productions - Year: 2004... (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. BRAD WILSON - "Same"
Brad Wilson is a Bluesman from LA, and for seven years played guitar in the band "Shame". He has done some soundtracks, and now we have his second solo effort. I like to think he is a 2000 bluesman, a guitar player that uses the power of the blues and the commercial effects of country music. I can imagine myself on a desert road US bar, taking a cold beer with songs like “Black Coffee At Sunrise”, “Sundown And The Cowboy” (Clint Eastwood must hear this) and the fast and hard rock “Hands On The Wheel” (music to drive in the Road 66). We can see great moments in the slow “Last Call”, the pop oriented “Cruisin’ The Coast”, and the crazy riffs of “Slide On Over”. A great job, and the proof is the extense tour Brad Wilson will do in USA this year. If you see this name in a venue, buy a ticket... will be a great moment. Brad Wilson has good bandmates, like Brian James - Bass, JJ Garcia - Drums and the female vocalist Francesca Capasso. Brad Wilson "Same" including 13 - Tracks - Label: Call Bee Music - Year 2003. GOOD JOB!...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. MATT KONFIRST - "An Effigy Of Solitude"
Matt Konfirst was a guitar student from Berklee... and he is a great fan of progressive-metal. Bands like "Dream Theater" and "Fates Warning" and "Black Sabbath" have a lot of influence in his mind. And the final result of this influences is this first record. More than a vituose guitar player, he is a complete musician. We can hear Progressive Metal in “I Dream Prophecy”, some traditional metal riffs in “Into The Madness” and a "Joe Satriani" pop way of music in “Epiphany”. A good work i can say. Matt Konfirst shows his talent as a guitar player and as a complete musician and songwriter. You will like the hapiness of  “Release”, the experimental ambients of  “Lifecycles” and the rock atmosphere of  “Freedom”. More than a “debut”, a real lesson how doing good music. And let’s wait... because Matt Konfirst will deserve a lot of surprises in the future. "An Effigy Of Solitude" includes 10 tracks, Label: Screamin’Demonesque Music - Year: 2003...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
03/05/2006......Interested to know more about this fantastic guitar player? Please visit MATT KONFIRST HOME PAGE...
. OF INFINITY - "The Essence Of Infinnity"
Hummm... melodic metal with female vocals? It seems to one more gothic band like "Nightwish"? It seems so with this DEMO-CD release in 2004. Formed by Alessandra Zinicola - Vocals and keyboards, Nazareth Sando - Guitars and Kyllo Bass, this three musicians from Texas work very well with gothic ambients and heavy riffs, definitelly they’re not a Nightwish’s clone. “The Voice Without” is a dark-metal song, and “Shadow Of A Lie” is more heavy oriented. The CD ends with a beautiful "Lacrimosa"’s influenced ballad, “It’s Only For Ever”, showing all the talent of this band. Alessandra is a good singer, using his lyrical habilities when she needs, but with a good voice. We can expect a lot for a full lenght release, planned for 2006. GOOD LUCK PEOPLE!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. THE SEVENTH SEASON - "Fall Within"
Like father, like son. From the cold Russian winter The Seventh Season was born in 1972. Yuri Batygin had toured a lot with his band and recorded very good songs, until stop activities en 1979. But the year was 2001, and his son Konstantin Batygin joined forces with his father to reborn this good band. The result is this CD, a debut that was created in the seventies and now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Considering that they started in 1972, we have a rock band like "Deep Purple", with some blues-rock oriented songs like “Commando” and “So Insane”. There are some acustical elements in “Like Years Ago” (a "Rolling Stones" influence) and a 80’s rock feeling in songs like “Drag Me” and “Magician”. This band has a great problem in hands. They have so many musical influences, that is very difficult to describe them musically. It is a very well done record, good production, but a missing identity. Well... they have done a lot of shows with Virgil Gheorghiu in drums, and are preparing a new record. If we pay attention the “Fall Within”, we can expect a very good release in the future. Well... it’s only rock and roll and I LIKE IT!...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. HEARTSCORE - "Straight To The Brain"
His name is Dirk Radloff and this will be the platform for his musical vision. Heartscore means a studio-project, a virtual band, therefore He try to promote it on this way. Perhaps you want to know, what He looks like, what He has done before and what will come. Do you have in mind a band that doesn’t care about sales, commercial rules... just about the music. Well, I present you Heartscore. In their second CD, they present a mix of Rock, Metal, Jazz and some Progressive elements. It’s not easy to understand the ideas of songs like “God Lay Dead” or “Long John Brown And The Little Mary Bell”, but if you pay attention carefully, you’ll discover an interesting project, and a good rock band. If I had to associate them with an classical band, I would say they’re a mix of "The Clash" and "The Sisters of Mercy", as you can see in “Anyone”, the mid-tempo blues “The Schoolboy”, and the complex “Her Eyes”. To finish this good work, an beautiful ballad, called “The Day Is Gone”. You must pay attention to this people... because it’s not an easy record... but I’m sure you will like it. Greetings to Dirk Radloff - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Violin, Lead Vocals, Choir, Tim Warweg - Drums and Stefan Platte - Piano, Trumpet and Keys. "Straight To The Brain" all music was composed, arranged, and produced by Dirk Radloff, including 12 Tracks, playing time: 57:34 - Label: Heart Score Music - Year: 2004...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. ASA - "The Brutal Poetry Of Existence"
Asa is one of the bands that "Pantera" have influenced during their long metal road. This is the first  CD, released in 2005 and present us with good riffs and a energetic band. “The Experiment” is a mix between ""Pantera" and "Alice in Chains", like “Oportunity” and the slow “Overwhemed”. Even the mixing cannot help the band, it sounds good and we can expect a lot of furious sounds from Asa in the future. They have some thrash influences, like “Salt” and “4571” and have good results when work with some hardcore tunes, like they do in “Rancor” and “Courtesy”. A good start, but needs more work, nothing that some shows and more experience do not help to increase their potential. "The Brutal Poetry Of Existence" consiste of eleven Tracks - Independent - Year: 2005...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. ED ENGLERTH - "D.I.A.L. Business"
Ed Englerth is an artist in the true sense. He has many years experience in music. He has written thousands of songs and has seen some success in his writing by having a few groups record and perform his songs. Ed is a pioneer in the Folk, Rock and Hard Rock scene playing in 70's bands such as "Aslan" and "Earthen Vessel". ED Englerth has played music with a lot of different people in many situations. Some of these are: Ray White (Frank Zappa), Kenny Meeks (Sixpence None The Richer), Joe English (Wings), Robin Robbins (Bob Seger), John Lawry (Petra), Jan Krist, Ben Brown, Jim Cole, Aracely, Scott Roley, Dave Perkins, Donny Hartman, Xalt, Armada, Linear Action Band, Harvey Jet, Aslan, and Earthen Vessel. As a solo artist ED has several recorded projects. As you can see, Ed Englerth is a workaholic, where in the seventies he played with lots of different musicians and bands. In the eighties he wrote lots of songs for the LAB band. And he had also time to release some solo records, like this “D.I.A.L. Business”, where he shows all his habilities of bluesman and rocker. With lots of special guests (believe in me...) he presents us with good songs like “All The Count Of Three” ("Eddie Vedder" and "Pearl Jam" would love to record this), the sweet title track, the experimental “If It’s Like This On Earth” and the pop “Long Time”. Is it possible to call him a genious? I think so... there are so many aspects in his songs that we can explore and listen and, at the same time they seem to be so easy to listen... that is the magic of music... “It’s Hard”, the rock “Angry” and “Wishing Well” are good examples. "D.I.A.L. Business" contain 15 Tracks - released by "Silent Planet Promotions", a company which has a heart of service to all it’s patrons; bands, venues, labels, the media and fans, which is always in a state of flux to move with the artist and culture. The main musicians are: Ed Englerth - Vocals & Guitars, Alan Dunst - Percussion, Don Cheeseman - Bass, Bob Hartig - Sax, Background Vocals & Rainstick. If you like all Zappa songs, that’s for you...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. SENSITIVE TO LIGHT - "Almost Human"
Vynce Leff came to music by listening to the guitar sounds of "Mike Oldfield" and "Mark Knopfler". After years of classical guitar practice (Albeniz, Tarrega, Sor,...), he finally decides to play the electric version of his instrument. His fingerpicking style is of course inspired by Mike and Mark. His first experience as a young electric guitarist was in a schoolband that played pop-rock covers, as well as music pieces of "Yes", "Marillion", "Pink Floyd", or "Satriani". After some concerts, he begins as a composer in a band called "Baraka". It rapidly appears that two skills are missing to produce good music: keyboards and recording techniques. So he begins to learn both by itself and to purchase synths and studio stuffs, as well as computers to learn the recent advances in the digital recording domain. While he is touring with "Baraka", he records and produces several bands and singers. During the recording sessions of the band "Ailleurs", he meets Pascal Bouquillard who appears to be tremendously passionated by progressive rock. Pascal and Vynce seem to be very complementary, so they decide to form the band "Saens". After 3 successful albums under the "Cyclops label", he starts a new side-project called Sensitive To Light with new musicians and Jenny Lewis as lead vocalist. Sensitive To Light is a powerful generation of new bands, inspired around many musical references, mainly in the spirit of a pompous Symphonic Progressive Rock style. They play a kind of music that contains many elements and almost literally floats out of the speakers, the production and arrangements are sensitive and sometimes strong in some passages, maybe a little bit more atmospheric into the songs, all songs are beautifully arranged with long compositions. The music is very symphonic adorned with brilliant guitar solos that always are present in all songs, the guitars you hear are really beautiful and rich and for me this is one of the highlights on their compositions, the keyboard sounds are magnificent and atmospheric, abundantly present in all songs. Together with this amazing instrumental, we find a tremendous lead vocals, with wonderful vocal harmonies that never sounds out of tune and the voices are very clear and nice to the ear. Sensitive To Light is strongly recommended to all fans of "Magenta", "Saens", "Karnataka", "Mostly Autumn", "Yes" and the more accessible side of Symphonic Progressive Rock bands. Sensitive To Light fills that void and really these guys are very good at what they do. I can say: "Welcome Sensitive To Light, a new and amazing Symphonic Progressive Rock band. "Almost Human" was released on the Cyclops label, just like the previous "Saens" albums, including ten tracks, the music was inspired by Carlo Colloni´s Novel called "Pinocchio", music and lyrics by Vynce Leff except "Birth": music by Vynce Leff, lyrics by Vynce Leff and Jenny Lewis, "Carpe Diem": Music and lyrics by Vynce Leff and Jenny Lewis, "Travel": Music by Vynce Leff and Jean-Philippe Dupont. Arrangements by Vynce Leff and Sensitive To Light. A special and particular attention to the tracks, where you must listen all them without interruption: "Pinocchio : I. Dreams Are Coming True Tonight", "II. Birth" (Really one of  the best track on the album), "Something Happened In The Garden Of Eden", "Carpe Diem", "Kyrie (Gepetto’s death)", "Father (The Truth)" and "Why?". The line-up of Sensitive To Light consists of the following members: Vynce Leff - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Wind Synths, Production, Jenny Lewis - Lead Vocals, Claude Thill - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Jean-Philippe Dupont - Keyboards, Vocals and Georgio Salvini - Drums, guest musicians: Seb Donker - additional snare drum on Something Happened and Cyril Queneau-Pitol from Hyscal - Saxophon. Brilliant, amazing and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
04/02/2006................For more details and everything about the band, check out SENSITIVE TO LIGHT HOME PAGE...
. IMAGES OF EDEN - "Sunlight Of The Spirit"
"Images Of Eden" or more aptly, "Visions Of A Perfect World" - We all know that the world we live in is very far from perfect. In fact, it is safe to say that we live in a world full of hatred, death, lies, war, sorrow, etc... "Eden" describes the inner peace, serenity, strength, and love that lies within us all. The weight of the world every day can be a heavy burden on us, but one must separate themselves and their own lives from the outside world and find their own "Eden". Quality of life should not be judged by one's surroundings, but how one adapts to and deals with their surroundings, because a perfect world can truely exist. It can be found inside one's own mind, body and soul. You can choose to exist in a apathetic, dismal world of negativity- or you can choose to find the "Eden" that lies within you... because it certainly does not lie outside your front door. Images Of Eden are a Hard Rock band from USA... but it’s not a hair-rock band... they have more to show us. Releasing their second CD (the first - titled “Chapter I” was released in 2001), this four piece hard rock band makes a good mix between the metal riffs and the hard guitar work. “Ascension” is a good record with some modern elements, and “Kaleidoscope” reminds a lot the "Rush" from “Roll The Bones” age. Gordon Tittsworh is a good singer (he does a fantastic work in the hard Beyond The Horizon), and his bandmates (Dennis Mullin in Guitar, Matt Kaiser in Drums and Bryan Wilerman in bass) does a correct work to make a good record. The sweet “Dream Catcher” and the heavy “Emerald Rain” shows a strong hard-metal that will keep his attemption during the listening of this great masterpiece. Another great moments can be found in the slow ballad “Ethereal” and in the atmospherical “Midnight’s Tide”. "Sunlight Of The Spirit" was produced by Images of Eden. Engineered by Dave Lemme/ Mike Donoghue at Shadow Recording Studio and Dean Morekas at B.U.D. Productions. All songs © 2005 Images of Eden. The main musicians on the band are: Gordon Tittsworth - Vocals, Bass Guitar & Keyboards, Dennis Mullin - Lead Guitar & Keyboards and Matt Kaiser - Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocals. A great band, with a great future... I liked... and I recomend!...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. TOTALIST - "Slave To None"
Ok... I must confess that seeing Scott Rockenfield ("Queensryche") as the producer was a good surprise, and this guys from USA are really heavy and aggressive. Formed by Mark Stockwell in vocals and guitar, Ben Spong in guitar, Eric Bargby in bass and Tom Tatiano in drums, we have a mix of heavy and some grunge elements. Tracks like “Sick Of It All” is heavy and shows all the hability in working with melodical elements, and “Fallen” has a lot influences of the old "Metallica". Songs like “ETA” and “Refined” has good riffs, and shows something like a heavier version of the Stone Temple Pilots. But they know how to be heavy and punk with the excelent “Dirty”, the slow “Whispering” and the atmospherical “House Of Mirrors”. A very good CD, a great moment for the people who likes strong music and something different. The complete line up are: Mark Stockwell - Guitar and Lead Vocals, Tom Taitano - Drums and Backing Vocals, Eric Bagby - Bass and Backing Vocals and also Ben Spong - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals. Here is another important release by Magna Carta. Good luck guys! You’re in the right way!...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. DUG PINNICK - "Emotional Animal"
Dug Pinnick is the bassist and vocalist from one of the most interesting bands that i ever heard: King’s X. They don’t have a defined style. They work with metal, hard rock, progressive, and pop songs, always with a good result. This is the latest solo CD from Dug Pinnick, and seems to be a follow-up to his work in "Kings X". It’s not easy to understand his ideas. “Crashing” is a grunge-rock-metal song, and “Beautiful” reminds me something of Primus (another interesting band). But there’s nothing concret about Dug’s solo style. Pop moments like “Moon”, some heavy like “Are You Gonna Come” and the rocker “Keep Up” can tell us his a very talentous music, but a little lost in his ideas from this CD. I can’t tell you that this CD has a masterpiece, because all songs will make you open your eyes and try to understand, but i would say that “Equal Rights” is the most acessible moment of this work. It really seems that Dug Pinnick doesn’t want to prove anything (he really doesn’t need this), but there is something lost here, maybe he will find it in another work. At the moment, only for fans. If you access the multimedia section, you will find an interview... but it does not explain a lot... The Line Up are: Doug Pinnick - Bass, Guitar and vocals, and  Joy Gaskill - Drums. Here is another important release by Magna Carta. The CD was recorded and mixed at Poundhound Studio by Dug Pinnick and mastered by Ty Tabor...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. MARY  - "In The Head Of A Dreamer"
Marie Ingerslev and band Mary is from Copenhagen, Denmark. Frontsinger and songwriter Marie Ingerslev, has been writing and performing her own material since early age, and when she established Mary the compositions found their way supported by nordic musicians. Recently Marie Ingerslev appeared as a singer on another CD called "Start" - working with danish drummer (also drummer of Mary) Kalle Mathiesen, and now she is ready with her own material. The Mary band has visited large and small audiences, worked with people from around the world, experimenting sound. 31 year old Marie Ingerslev´s music reflects the summary of different genres, feeded by her lyrics consisting thoughts of meaning and beliefs about life and death. Mary is not conected exactly into the Progresssive Rock style, in fact, I would like to classify Mary´s style near to the pop music, with touchs of a melodic classic rock. The music and all vocals are centered around Marie Ingerslev that enhances a special atmosphere into the songs. She has a well developed knack for singing very pleasant melodies, that keep popping up throughout the compositions. The songs contain beautiful acoustic parts with guitar, piano, bass and synth sounds, all the instruments are clear and send the music into outer space, overall the balance of the songs is very romantic and comfortable. If you want some references, the music and vocals from Marie Ingerslev are similar to Anne-Marie Helder (Karnataka), Tori Amos, Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering), Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLachlan. "In The Head Of A Dreamer" is the first release from the Mary Band, including nine tracks, time around 43:11min. Recorded and mixed by Pelle Fridell at Pelles Room 2005 (except from saxophones, clarinet and vocals on "Try In My Heartland", recorded by Louise Nipper at Soundscape Studio). Produced by Kelle Mathiesen and Marie Ingerslev. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Will You Be There", "Flaws And Wrinkles", "He Went Into A Painting", "A Prayer From God" (One of the best tracks), "Reality Is Only Imagination", "In The Head Of A Dreamer" and "All The Way Around". The main musicians on this band are: Marie Ingerslev - Vocal and Guitar, Kenneth Hansen - Keys, Strings and Rhodes, Thommy Hansen - Bass and Double Bass, Kalle Mathiesen - Drums, Strings and Keys and guest soloist Torben Snekkestab - Saxophones and Bass Clarinet. Fine and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
05/23/2006.........If you want know more about this great singer and songwriter please visit MARY BAND HOME PAGE...
. HIGHEST PLACE - "Dilemma’s"
Coming from Canada, the four men rock band Highest Place presents us with their second CD. With a Progressive Metal approach and some good riffs, it proves that is not a dilemma if you will hear or not this album (just kidding!). Long songs like “Quantic Macrorealms” and “It’s Always A Matter Of Choice” brings heavy riffs into the progressive atmosphere with good results. And some moments are very intense, like the the heavy “Temporary Out Of Order” (something like Pantera, could you imagine that?), and the sweet and slow “Humanized”, which shows the talent of this boys, that can be so heavy and so sweet at the same time. To close the CD, another punch in your ears, the excelent “Inertia”. A great band, with a rare sense to work with different styles, that deserve more attention, because here we have lots of intelligence and good songs. The musicians on Highest Place are: Francis Viens - Bass, Nicolas Trembay - Drums, Pierre Lauzier - Guitar, Kevin Isabelle - Vocals and Guitar. Highest Place is highly recommendable to all Progressive Metal fans...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
05/28/2006.............................Interested to know more about the Band? Then visit the HIGHEST PLACE HOME PAGE...
. HIPPOCAMPUS - "Wasted Time"
Hippocampus was formed in the 1990s, drawn together by their love of classic rock and all it embodies (the drugs, the booze and the carnal knowledge), looking to preserve its philosophy and take this ideology into a new millennium. This band came from Poland, and here we have their first record. Band leader Jarek K. doesn’t want to do a single kind of music. He wants to make something special... so here is Hippocampus, with Robert T. on vocals, Piotr P. in drums and Zenka M. in bass. Singing in his natal language, we have a interesting collection of special songs, as the "Red Hot Chilli Peppers" influenced “Nikotyna” and the funky-rocked “Morsczuk”. When do you think that we will find a funk-metal record, they show us some Progressive Rock influences in “Freedom” and a good 80’s rock in “Lew”. A strange band, but with a good musical spectre. Another good moments can be found in the Pink Floyd’s influenced “Jak Zenka” and the strange “T.A.K”. To be honest, this is a difficult record. You will have to spend some time in your life trying to understand the Hippocampus idea, but when you find yourself, you will discover an interesting band. The line up on the band are: Jarek Krzyzaniak - Guitar, Zenka Malinowski - Bass, Piotr Pniak - Drums and Robert Tyc - Vocals. Label : Dead Lover Records...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. SHINING STAR - "Enter Eternity"
Leaded by guitar player Fábio Rocha, Shining Star comes with their second CD, working with the famous Melodic Hard Rock, with the great vocals of Lance King. It’s a good band, which works with a style not so lucky in Brazil (Hard Rock), but they do a good job in songs like “Nightmare”, the heavy “Insanity” and the fantiastic “From Now On” (with an excelent keys work). If you want something more difficult, with solos and complex rythmyns, you can find it in “Dangerous Game”, but if you only want to have some fun, songs like “Insomnia” and “Travel Through Time” will satisfy your desire. But the band has their best moments with some prog influences, like “No More” and “Never Too Late”. An interesting work of a five piece band, completed by drummer Julianno Colombo, bassist Kuky Sanchez, and keyboard player Dino Zampier. Good work, a band to pay attenption. Label: Nightmare Records...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
05/30/2006.........................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit SHINING STAR HOME PAGE...
. RIVERSIDE - "Voices In My Head"
The brainchild of guitarist Piotr Grudzinski and drummer Piotr Kozierkadzki, Riverside was formed on a chance meeting between the two musicians, both of whom were doing time in local metal and prog bands. Finding musical kinship, the two proceeded to recruit bassist/vocalist Mariusz Duda and keyboardist Jacek Melnicki (who was later replaced by Michal Lapaj) and begun to rehearse more regularly. Eventually, Riverside took priority over their current projects, leading to the creation of their first demo in March of 2003 simply titled, Riverside. Comprised of songs from the Riverside demo and brand new tracks, the band headed into the studio to record their debut effort, "Out Of Myself", which was released in Poland in December of 2003. The tracks “Loose Heart” and “Out Of Myself” took off at Polish radio, topping the Warsaw Radio and Polish Radio Programme 1 charts. The momentum behind Riverside’s radio success allowed the band to enjoy success in the live setting, touring their homeland several times in addition to hitting European territories and the famed ProgPower USA festival in September of 2004. A stopgap EP, "Voices In My Head" was released in early 2005 and set the stage to the last work called "Second Life Syndrome". This Riverside, "Voices In My Head", album is a collection of eight amazing songs, featuring a Symphonic and Modern Progressive Rock edge with a positive message. The first five tracks are very impressive and melodic, tremendous lead vocals, amazing vocal harmonies and excellent instrumental, with a killer and stunning guitar work, sometimes are solid and agressive, sometime sound like acoustic orchestration, along with the ample and atmospheric keyboards, strong bass and nice and pulsating drums,  the result is a pretty and fascinating music with a very cosmic sound. Finishing the CD, we can hear and appreciate three live recorded tracks, with a special attention to the song "Out of Myself", to which, it is my favourite one. In fact "Voices In My Head", is one of the finest recordings released by one of the most important bands from this millennium, a new reference from the present and to the future of the Progressive Rock music. "Voices In My Head" album was released in early 2005 to Riverside´s friends and fans only, now, the same EP is another excellent reedition and addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for Riverside. A special and particular attention to all songs: "Us", "Acronym Love", "Dna ts. Rednum or F. Raf", "The Time I was Daydreaming", "Stuck Between", "I believe (Live)", "Loose Heart (Live)" and "Out of Myself (Live)". The musicians on Riverside band are: Mariusz Duda - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Piotr “Mittloff” Kozieradzki - Drums, Piotr Grudzinski - Guitar and Michal Lapaj - Keyboards. Brilliant Fantastic and amazing an indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
05/30/2006........................Want to know everything about the band and their history, go to RIVERSIDE HOME PAGE...
. PAATOS - "Silence Of Another Kind"
On a cold clear February evening in Falkoping 1993 the two Stockholm based groups "Landberk" and "Agg" plays together for the first time at a local rock club. Out of this meeting comes a sense of musical unity, which is reinforced a year later when they meet again at a concert in Vanersborg in May 1994. When in 1999 Reine Fiske, the guitar player of "Landberk", is asked to play with the famous Swedish folk rock singer Turid he chooses to team up with Stefan from "Landberk" and Ricard and Johan from "Agg". The musical energy between them is now flowing at full speed. As an instrumental band they play two TV shows, and now the idea of recording takes form. But who is to sing? A female voice seems natural since the time with Turid. Close by is Petronella, who together with Ricard for a long time has been writing music. Suddenly Paatos comes to existence. Turid contributes with a song called "Tea", which she writes the same night as Ricard and Petronella have their first baby. The lyrics are about this event of which Turid at the time is unaware. In the fall of 2001 and spring of 2002 the band writes and records what is to become the debut album in their rehearsal studio using Ricards recording equipment. During this process Paatos gets an offer to compose and perform music to the classic silent movie "Nosferatu" at a film festival in Umea. This is an offer the band can't refuse, although it will delay the release of the album. In less than two month the band writes and rehearses music for the one and a half hour long movie. It is performed in front of an excited live audience on the 2:nd of November. "Silence Of Another Kind" is the third album by Swedish band Paatos, and shows us the compositional and instrumental maturity of the musicians. The musical style from this band, could be described as a modern, melodic and lush Art Rock, fine crafted, with a mixture of clear progressive outbursts near to symphonism and to most raffinate post rock. The music from Paatos seems to be centered around the beautifully Petronella Nettermalm vocal performance, while dynamic guitars, heavy drums, nice bass lines and dreamy keyboards, play a wide instrumental spectrum with grandiose musical passages, including perfect instrumental sections. Paatos have put together a dream musical atmosphere, creating a musically rich album that mix a wide range of instrumental arrangements, within a context of dynamic rock performances. As a special reference, we can classify the musical style of Paatos as, something very similar to the style of considered bands as: "The Gathering", "Anglagard", "Landberk" and "White Willow". "Silence Of Another Kind" featuring over 40 minutes with nine tracks and an tremendous musical delight. "Silence Of Another Kind" is another excellent release to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, and a excellent addition to any prog music collection. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Shame", "Your Misery", "Falling", "Still Standing", "Is That All?" (is one of the heavier tracks on the album), "Not A Sound". The musicians on this amazing band are: Petronella Nettermalm - Vocals, Violin and Cello, Ricard Huxflux Nettermalm - Drums, Saw, Pyrotron and Allsorts, Stefan Dimle - Bass Guitar and Double Bass, Johan Wallén - Piano, Mellotron, Hammond Organ, Syntheziser, Sampler and Harmonium, Peter Nylander - Guitar. Brilliant and amazing, an indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
06/11/2006....................................,.....For more details and in the meantime please check out PAATOS HOME PAGE...
. FINN ARILD - "Serendipity"
Finn Arild was born a summer morning in February in Takapuna, New Zealand. Soon after, his family moved back to Norway. Back in Fetsund, he grew up with his elder sibling's music of the 70s, but also with his father's love for classical music. When Finn Arild was six he learned to play guitar and had four years of classical training from he was seven years old. In that same period he learned to play the living room organ. Finn Arild soon met other friends with music interests and through the years he played with several local bands. Finn Arild learned early on to use computers and music together. Even some of the themes resurfacing now was first recorded onto an old (then new) Amiga 500 with a Yamaha DX7 and a home made MIDI interface. However, this interest of computers lead him to another path than music. Although his main career so far has been with information technology, graphic design and marketing, Finn Arild has participated in several music projects and radio commercials and have never stopped making music. His writing covers many styles, from classical via folk, pop and rock to hardcore progressive. Now some of these ideas have been put together to form his debut album Serendipity - a rock album with progressive undertones. He likes to play a little bit of Progressive Rock. This first CD, all produced, recorded and played by himself (with the help of Tor Quille) is a very interesting of pop and Progressive. Is impossible to hear "Take Two And Call Me In The Morning" and "Love Me Or Not" and do not remember of "Genesis" with "Phil Collins" in vocals. Progressive? Not so much. Pop? A little, but very easy to listen. His Progressive vein is better visible in "Nightly Encounters" (could easily be part of "Genesis" with "Peter Gabriel") and "Riding The Nightmare". But he shows talent and hability to do some "Santana" influenced songs ("Name And the Dance Of Monopolis"), and some good pop jewels like "How Do You Die". This is a very interesting mix of different styles, with a progressive line conducting the work. A good debut, and a chance for Finn Arild to develope his musical habilities. Finn Arild sings, plays acoustic, classical and electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and programs drums on his music. Good record!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
07/09/2006...................................Interested to know more about the Musician? Please visit FINN ARILD HOME PAGE...
. WAR MACHINE - "The Beggining Of The End"
Formed in 1994 in Canada by guitar/vocals Joe Di Taranto, the War Machine quartet wants to play the puriest and single Heavy Metal. No keys, no choirs, no orchestra, just aggressive riffs and pulsing vocals. With the help of David Ellefson (former bass player of "Megadeth"), “The Beggining Of The End” shows a band connected to the 80’s metal, and with good guitar work. “Betrayed” and “Empty” have some "Megadeth" influences, and good solos that reminds us the "Maiden" work. We can see some modern influences in the good “Fate” and some slow moments in the hard “Eternally” (sung by Harry Hess from "Harem Scarem"), but songs like “Forgotten Demise” and the aggressive “Taunted Shows” have a special place in the CD. To finnish a great record, nothing better than a 80’s trhash masterpiece like “Apocalypse”. Joe sings well, with a Michael Kiske influence, and has a good band with Andrea Zanini on bass guitar and Andrew Zetti on drums. If you like good Heavy Metal, go and buy yours, cause mine will not be sent to you! Record Label: Nightmare Records...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. SCOTT MOSHER - "Deep Horizon"
Scott Mosher is not only the Creative Director of the Design Studio, but also the proprietor (head honcho, bossman, the big guy, el Capitan, the Shaman, design guru, the anti-CEO) of The Ambient Mind music label which serves as a record label and distribution base for his musical output. As a musician/composer who's been plying his trade in the realm of sonic servitude for, well... quite a number of years, He has had the opportunity to release 4 CD's of experimental, progressive music that runs the gamut from heavy progressive metal to tranquil, atmospheric soundscapes. If we cruise on overand check out song samples from his various CD's, we'll notice a distinct musical evolution (and, one can hope, a marked improvement.) Throughout his secondary career as a self-financed musician, he thinks he has made enough progress that we - the potential listener - will find distinguishes his musical vision from others. In His creative exploits, He often employ a combination of elements, techniques and influences that pulls inspiration from the past yet looks forward to the future. The end result is an evocative mix of sometimes disparate musical genres and artistic motivation into an invigorating, dramatic whole. One could use the term experimental but Scott Mosher consider his vision dynamic, progressive and modern. Well, let´s talk about genres and styles as Symphonic Progressive Metal, Melodic Metal with touchs of the best and Atmospheric Progressive Rock, including epic compositions, think about that, because you can’t imagine how it must sound together,  I must admit that it sounds amazing, certainly capable of creating some astonishing, enjoyable and moving Progressive Music. Scott Mosher knows, how to create guitar and synth sounds, showing his versatility with a tasteful and soulful guitar solos that send the music into outer space. Another important highlights are the vocals from Scott Oliva, he has a very powerfull and a majestic voice, that deserves all our attention. If you want some good references, the music from Scott Mosher, on this album, is a mix of the power from legendary bands as "Uriah Heep", "Rush", "Whitesnake", "Deep Purple" and "Rainbow" with the particular combination of the moder musical elements such as "Ayreon", "Riverside" and "Sylvan",  with the orchestral arrangements from "Alan Parsons". "Deep Horizon" All music composed, arranged and performed by Scott Mosher, all vocals and vocals harmonies performed by Scott Olivia. Music recorded at Nice Guy studios by Scott Mosher, vocals recorded at Pat Cave studios and Vice studios by Scott Olivia. Produced by Scott Mosher. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Deep Horizon",  "A Path Of Pride" and  "In Visible Darkness" are a fascinating and quite hypnotic compositions which combines a multiple instrumental lines, while "Light Years", "Turning Away", "Falling Down", "Re-Engineering The Mind" and "The Space Between Lives" takes you on a pompous musical journey. The main musicians on Scott Mosher band are: Scott Mosher - Guitars, Keyboards and Programming, Scott Olivia - All Vocals and as a gueast appearance Todd Corsa - Addtional Guitar on  "Deep Horizon" and "Re-Engineering The Mind". Amazing, brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
07/10/2006......If you want know more about this musician and songwriter please visit SCOTT MOSHER HOME PAGE...
. TRANSIENT - "The Circle"
Edward Faust (ex-Etheria, Neil Rambaldi, Rivera/Bomma), a seasoned studio and live drummer, picked up the guitar for something other than "jamming." Songs began to emerge, and the layers were recorded. Originally intended to be a writing project, Ed continued performing with multiple acts for the next several years. After a while, disgusted and disenfranchised with the "diner-booth politics" and easily compromised integrity, Ed completely disassociated himself from a pursuit that once was, and made Transient his priority. Progress was slow, but the time has come, and that time is now. Heavy, progressive, dark, melodic, melancholic, haunting; these are but a few words that were used to describe Transient. Inspired by bands such as "The Gathering", "Pain Of Salvation", "Opeth", and countless more, Transient brings about twists and turns that range from a melancholic ballad (Enter The Grey), an odd time quirk (Closer), or a full out metal onslaught (The Circle), complimented with conceptual lyrics that bridge all the pieces together. Edward Faust didn't want to make his band Transient as an one man army, so he called good Tom Endel to sing the songs he wrote. With lots of influences in his musical heart waiting to come into a CD, he recorded this "The Circle". But it's not a circle where we start in a point and finnish in the same point. "The Circle" is pure Progressive Rock, with good vocal lines from Tom."Enter The Grey" is a good rock song, and shows all Ed's habilities in the guitar, with good licks and melodies. If you are looking for something heavier, go to "As We Are" and the excentrical "Traces", while "Absolution" and "Closer" are good Prog Rock moments. A good CD from a good duo and a masterpiece from who wants to hear good music, even if is heavy, prog, or pop. I liked a lot! Independent Release...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. DREAMTONE - "Sojourn"
Dreamtone come from Ankara, Turkey and, the band cast consists of five young musicians, has been formed back in 2001 and in their short existence, they released a single (Pandemonium) and a demo-album (Unforeseen Reflections - UR). With their demo album, UR, the band has taken place in many magazines, e-zines, radios, even some tv shows around the world and highly appreciated. After the release of UR, the band had several successful gigs and even included to the line up of RockIstanbul Fest 05' and played with names like "Megadeth", "Garbage", "Andromeda" and many more... In the mean time, the band decided to strenghten up the conceptual structure by working with guest musicians such as Ozan Alparslan (ex-Ominous Grief), Yasemin Genç (Joker) and the famous guitar/keyboard player of "Shadow Gallery", Gary Wehrkamp with his role of "The Narrator", who is also known with his works for Arjen Anthony Lucassen's "Ayreon" and "Star One", Leonardo: The Absolute Man and many more. Now, it is time to present Dreamtone's debut album, "Sojourn", to the media. Dreamtone is more than a new Progressive Rock Metal band, their influences with a large level musical abilities, incredible musicianship and technical level, defines Dreamtone as one of the present and the future bands into the Prog Metal scene in general. Their music has an epic instrumental section, an energetic music extremely beautiful which creates a perfect dark atmosphere, mixing heavy guitar solos, solid bass works and an agressive drums, with some orchestral symphonic keyboards arrangements, but the main highlights on the band is centered around the vocals, where Oganalp enhances his different vocals tone which tries to be heavy, sometimes dark and sophisticated. if you like "Opeth", "Evergrey", "Dream Theater", "Symphony X", "Pain of Salvation", "Blind Guardian", "Kamelot", "Ayreon" and so on, you are bound to become a fan of Dreamtone. "Sojourn" debut album consisting of 11 full tracks, supported by 6 narrative tracks, a conceptual album, telling the story of a deceived angel, in search of his tranquillity as well as his family. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are:  "Soujourn", "Transition", "Escape", "The Teaser" (good guitar riffs), the great "Nightmare" (one of the best), and the sweet and interesting "Nemesis". The Line Up on the band are: Oganalp Canatan - Vocals, Burak Kahraman - Guitars, Efe Alpay - Bass Guitar, Onur Ozkoç - Guitar and Emrecan Sevdin - Drums and Percussion. Guest appeereances: Gary Wehrkamp as "The Narrator", Ozan Alparslan - Keyboards and additional Keyboards arrangements and Yasemin Genç - "The Mother" on "Come to me". Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
07/17/2006...........................,.....If you are Interested to know more about the Band? Visit DREAMTONE HOME PAGE...
. JASON BURKE - "Swimming"
Jason Burke is a good rock US singer and this is his first solo record. With bandmates Mathew Porcaro in drums, Todd Serafin and Dave Lavin in guitars and Oliver Sampson in the bass, Jason Burke shows all his love for "Dream Theater" and "Rush", and his influences of "Geddy Lee" in the vocals (hear the first track "Swimming"). "Heretic" could easier be a track written by "Dream Theater" (the keys are very simillar), and "Doc (Shine Boy)" is a good hard-pop moment, remembering the good times from "Steve Perry" and "Journey". Jason Burke also likes hard rock, and tracks like "Running Empty" and "Simple Rhyme" are good proofs of that (with good guitar riffs). But he is a musician with a feet in the new sounds, and "Kewispace" has some grunge elements mixed into the hard-rock atmosphere, while "The Chase" returns with intelligence to the prog-metal. Great Record, great moment for Jason Burke. I think he will make another great record, if he follows the musical direction of this first one. Congratulations!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. MASK - "Heavy Petal"
Mask are Sonja Kristina in inspired collaboration with acclaimed ambient producer/composer Marvin Ayres. Sonja Kristina was the first british female singer to front a rock band. Her work with "Curved Air/Acid Folk" won her a huge, devoted following from the '70s to the present day. Always on the experimental fringe of popular music her work today with "Marvin Ayres" explores new sonic environments for her unique vocals and songs. Marvin Ayres is the brilliant new voice of ambient/electronica, highly regarded by reviewers of his recent releases "Neptune'', "Cellosphere" and "Sensory" (Burning Shed). His collaborative works with film artists have been screened internationally at prestigious galleries and festivals. Sonja Kristina and Marvin Ayres have found a perfect combination of musical elements, creating some astonishing, enjoyable and moving soundtracks. This duo is clearly searching for the still undiscovered musical elements, that may exist in the Techno Ambient, Electronic New Age, World, Trance, Experimental and Psychedelic territory, they are innovative which draws on a large range of excellent Electronic/Ambient music, that should be liked by anyone who enjoys interesting music. Different from her first band (Curved Air), Sonja Kristina has a clear deep voice that sounds almost hypnotic, blended with Marvin´s electro-acoustic environments, everything together in a new and interesting way. The end result is a true journey into a magic and mystical space, with some wonderful sounding electronic soundscapes and musical passages. "Heavy Petal" was produced by Marvin Ayres at Atelier studios London, additional engineering by Andrew Smillie, technical support by Andrew Smillie, mastered by Andrew Smillie and Marvin Ayres. "Heavy Petal" is divided into two parts: Side one - CD - 15 Tracks: "Dark Murmur", "Global Incantation", "Paean", "Fall So Hard", "Healing Senses", "Blue Words", "Shelter Skelter", "Free", "Sliding Universe", "Lambent Spire", "Beloved", "Living Inside My Head", "Waking The Dream", "Sound Of Tears Forming" and "Those Ghosts", the 15 tracks are all very quiet, very relaxing and mostly atmospheric. Side two - 5.1 Surround Sound DVD Healing Senses - 3 Tracks: Free, Lambent Spire, Healing Senses. The musicians on Mask are: Sonja Kristina - Vocals, Overtoning, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Marvin Ayres - Vocals, Overtoning, Cello, Violin, Piano and Sampling. Brilliant and fantastic an indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
07/25/2006..............................For more details and everything about the them, please check out MASK HOME PAGE...
. OMNI - "Mermaids"
The band was formed in 1983. Today’s line-up consists of Rafal Blazejewski, Marceli Latoszek and Gerard Sawicki. The origins of the band starts when the foundations of rock music were built. Marceli Latoszek and Gerard Sawicki, fascinated by "Emerson, Lake & Palmer", took further interest in symphonic music. Towards the end of the 70’s rock music started to lose popularity, giving away its position to electronic music. First compositions of Marceli Latoszek brings to mind "Klaus Schultze" music. Though it was synthetically generated music, one could feel that its roots were deep in European music tradition, from symphony to punk rock. Gradually, Latoszek’s music became more and more complex, in terms of harmonies and rhythm structures. He started to cooperate with Gerard Sawicki, who wasn’t a professional musician, but liked to experiment with electronic instruments. While working on their first album “Omni”, Rafal Blazejewski, a classic musician fascinated with ever-developing synthesizer music, appeared with his cello. They wanted to create new music, remembering All musical paths that brought them to that point. Thus the name of the band - Omni (All) - in which the musicians wanted to reflect the variety of inspirations, influences, but also variety of music genres and forms of expression that appeared in their music. Omni, may be considered as a legend in Electronic Rock Music, Rafal Blazejewski, Marceli Latoszek and Gerard Sawicki are a truly talented and gifted musicians that explore vast musical soundscapes, containing lots of different styles and references, sometimes melodic, sometimes dark in a deep and cosmic space, sometimes even minimalistic but with the necessary edges to the music. These guys recorded this amazing album with an impressive number of electronic textures, using synths, keyboards and noises sounds, blended together with guitars and cello, everything turns out surprisingly well, creating some of the most beautiful music you've ever heard. If you want some references, Omni sounds a bit like "Jean Michel Jarre", "Tangerine Dream" and "Mike Oldfield". "Mermaids" album was released in July, 2006 by "Metal Mind Records".  All tracks composed and arranged by Marceli Latoszek and Rafal Blazejewski, all tracks recorded at Omni Studio, Warsaw 2005, cello recorded at Media Studio, warsaw 2005, including four tracks, with 40min of the best Electronic Rock Music. It’s not easy to choose a favourite track, you must listen all them without interruption: "Aglaophone" , "Anai", "Molpe" and "Parthenope" (you can listen 23:15min of a deep space cosmic excursion). The main OMNI line-Up and guests, consists of the following members: Marceli Latoszek – Keyboards, Rafal Blazejewski – Cello & Synths, Gerard Sawicki - Noises, Aneta Lukaszewicz – Vocals on "Aglaophone" and Piotr "Dziki" Chancewicz – Guitars on "Aglaophone". If you consider yourself a fan of Electronic Rock Music you must have this cd. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
07/31/2006...........................................,.....If you want to order this CD go to Metal Mind Records, the home of OMNI...
. BEYOND TWILIGHT - "For The Love Of Art And The Making"
Since the very beginning in 1990 they've had a few changes to find the right line-up. Since 1996 the band has stuck together through rough times and good times. 2006 marks the 10 year anniverssary of Beyond Twilight. The band members are still the same today except from extension of extra guitarist and super producer Jacob Hansen "Invocator" in 2004. And in 2006 Björn Jansson "Tears Of Anger" became their new lead singer. They've finally found the stability and line-up they've been looking for in years. They sad: "We are not rock stars we are musicians". Man... this time Finn Zierter (the brainmaster of the band and keyboard player) has gone totally crazy. After replacing Kelly Carpenter with new singer Bjorn Janssen, he has written an only one 38 minute song, called "For The Love Of Art And Making", with nothing more than 45 movements. That's the reason that explains the success this CD made in Japan and Europe (sales superior than "Dream Theater"!) and the inteligence of Finn and his bandmates, Bjorn, Anders Kragh and Anders Lindgrén - Guitars, Jacob Ransen - Bass and Tomas Fredén - Drums. Here we don't have only one song. We really have a concept metal-opera talking about humanity, since we born, until we die. All the problems in life are explained around the songs, with lots of guitars solos, good orchestrated moments and an inspired singer. The 45 movements have between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, what makes this an dynamic CD, easy to listen, but with lots of musical ambients, elements, atmospheres, and an undefined musical concept. Magic! Totally magic. Do you want heavy moments? You will have! Do you want a big orchestration? You will have... do you want a interesting concept? You will have! Of course you need listen to this CD and reading the booklet to undersand all the magic Mr Finn has done in this record. Since this month one of my 2006 favorites. Now please let me push the "play" button again!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
08/02/2006............,.....Interested to know more about this Prog Metal band? Visit BEYOND TWILIGHT OFFICIAL SITE...
Since the very beginning in 1990 they've had a few changes to find the right line-up. Since 1996 the band has stuck together through rough times and good times. 2006 marks the 10 year anniverssary of Beyond Twilight. The band members are still the same today except from extension of extra guitarist and super producer Jacob Hansen "Invocator" in 2004. And in 2006 Björn Jansson "Tears Of Anger" became their new lead singer. They've finally found the stability and line-up they've been looking for in years. They sad: "We are not rock stars we are musicians". Keyboard player Finn Zierler is one of this guys we must congratulate for his services to the metal cause. With Beyond Twilight (which first CD had Jorn Lande - former "Masterplan" in vocals) he had established his band as one of the most interesting Prog Metal groups in Europe. This second CD marks the departure of Jorn (no so friendly) and the first appearence of Kelly Carpenter as lead singer (complete the band guitars Jacob Hansen and Anders Kragh, bass player Anders Lindgren and drummer Tomas Freden). Okay, you can say the "intro" is not anything special, but "The Path Of Darkness" is a masterpiece of Prog Metal, with good riffs and well choosed vocal lines. "Shadow Self" shows the hability of Finn to use his keyboard as a member of the band, and not the main act. "Sleeping Beauty" is more guitar oriented, and has a good work from Kelly, using his vocal potential very well, while "Ecstasy Arise" is a heavy piece of guitar riffs in seven minutes of Prog Metal and the title track combines all elements of another tracks with hability. Finn deserves all applauses for that, by replacing a fantastic frontman as Jorn with a good one (not so good as him, but very competent), and making a fantastic record. Do you like "Dream Theater"? Then you must listen "Section X"...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
08/02/2006............,.....Interested to know more about this Prog Metal band? Visit BEYOND TWILIGHT OFFICIAL SITE...
. CÉRBERO - "Live At Rainbow, São Paulo"
I have to tell you that this is a special moment... when this brazilian band started activities I was nine year old and a boy that was afraid to see "Gene Simmons" in Brazil... but now justice be done (and I have seen "Gene" several times in videos and DVD’s) and Cérbero can release this great moment recorded in São Paulo. One of the greatest metal bands at the time, they tried to do something in USA, but our brothers did not give them the chance they deserve. But justice is always here to prove how good they are. Opening with the metal “Cérbero” and the fast “Terra”, the band shows very powerfull energy in their compositions. The great “Monte Calvário” reminds us how the brazilian metal started, and the cover of Metallica’s “Metal Militia” shows a great influence from the thrash from US bay area. The excelentes “Warrior Angel” and “Instinto Animal” close one magical show.  The sound recordings on this CD were made live with bare minimun equipment. Come to think of it, it is pretty amazing that they even exist at all! With that said: "We hope that you enjoy them for wath they are"... a bunch of guys honestly and loudly giving all they've got and an amazing amount of energy being exchanged between the band and the audience. They sure did have a blast and they thank all. Curiously this CD was not released here in Brazil yet, although the production isn’t quit good... but I recomend, If you want to know how good was the old Metal scene in Brazil around early 80's sounded, you've to check out this band, you must listen Cérbero. The line up on the band consist to: Carlo Tonalezzi - Guitar, Marco Tonalezzi - Guitar, Sergio Gonçalves - Bass and vocals and Tony Platão - Drums...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
08/02/2006...............................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit CÉRBERO HOME PAGE...
. XINEMA - "Basic Communication"
Xinema is a three piece progressive melodic rock band from Sweden, and has existed in it’s present form since March -99. The members involved has played together earlier, between the years -85 and -90 in a band called Madrigal. Back then the music was quite inspired by the likes of "Rush", "Genesis", "Yes", "Kansas" and "Styx" and was leaning heavily towards complexity and skillful playing. During that period, a lot of songs were written and the band toured quite extesively in Sweden. When that band split up in the early 90:s, the guys stayed in and out of touch with each other during the following years, and worked together as well as individually on many different projects. By the summer of -98 however, the guys occasionally got together, sat down, had a few drinks and talked about old times. Everyone remembered the poor sound quality of their earlier demotapes, and agreed upon that a fun thing to do would be to re-record some of the Madrigal songs, in order to make them sound they were originally intended. To wrap things up a bit so to speak, once and for all.This triggered the formation of what was later to become Xinema. In January of -99 the members started to work out the basic structure for each song. By March that year the first outline of the project was ready. At first, the band's ambition was merely to produce a full length cd for themselves. Slowly but steadily since there was no time pressure, the work went on. As the project progressed, it became more and more obvious that the outcome of the band's tireless struggle, would reach far beyond everyone's expectations. The final touch to the production was added in October of -01. Xinema has launched the recording process for a second album. After releasing "Different Ways" in 2002, it's been a long time coming but finally we have now their second album. An album that will delight fans of the musical genres such as: Symphonic Progressive Rock and Melodic Rock/AOR, with touchs of Hard Rock. The music on Xinema, comes from several different perspectives and, resides comfortably in the symphonic realm with an intense instrumental exploration. Bass and drums develop some very cool rhythm sections while energetic guitar solos mix with magical and atmospheric keyboard arrangements, the vocals are well done with a wide range of tones, sometimes highly melodic, sometimes sounding like a choir of angels. is clear that, Xinema´s member demonstrate an individual versatility and a special talent, creating special musical signature, while developing a own style in all his compositions. It´s hard to describe the main influences from them, in fact, Xinema as put together a unique and impressive sound. "Basic Communication" was produced by Xinema (Mikael Askemur, Jonas Thurén and Sven Larsson) released by Unicorn Records. It’s not easy to choose a favourite tracks, all songs on the album are extensive and extremely delightful to the ears, I hope you enjoy it. The musicians on this band are: Mikael Askemur - Lead Vocals, Bass, Keyboards and Guitars, Sven Larsson - Guitars and Vocals and Jonas Thurén - Drums and Vocals. Brilliant, incredible and amazing an indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
08/09/2006...........................For more details and everything about the band please check out XINEMA HOME PAGE...
Pete MZ Emms - Bass formed The Vaseline Rats to create amazing heavy metal songs. With that objective in mind, he called Chis Johnson - Guitars and Mick Hales - Drums, and recorded 3 songs for that Demo-CD. At this moment the band has finnished a good CD with "Judas Priest" former singer Al Atkins (wich will be released soon), but in that moment let's talk about this "Demo". "All The Ones" is a good 80's Heavy Metal in the same line of "Judas Priest" and "Iron Maiden". "Et Al" has a Hard Rock approach and is another good moment. "Je t'adore" has just a problem, I hated this title, but the song is a fantastic guitar-oriented-masterpiece. Pete sings well and has done a great work with his bandmates. Now it's time to wait the full lenght work, and I can say for sure that it will be another pearl of The Vaseline Rats. Independent Release...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
11/05/2006...............................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit THE VASELINE RATS HOME PAGE...
. ALAN EMSLIE - "Dark Matter"
Alan Emslie was born in Glasgow, Scotland on the 23rd September 1969, Alan Emslie experimented with the violin, piano and guitar before realizing that all the dents in the furniture were a sign! His first major influence, and interestingly one that still plays a strong active part today, was the drumming of "Neil Peart" from the Canadian rock trio "Rush". Specifically, the track 'Xanadu' from their album 'A Farewell to Kings' caught his imagination and he remembers making drums from old coffee tins with plastic bags stretched across as skins and hammering away for hours and hours until the lights would go out! Alan Emslie has been described by his fellow musicians as a force of energy in the world of music today. His unique skills have enabled him to bridge the gap between diverse styles from Progressive Rock drumming, world and popular music to the orchestral platform. This is an example that if you want to do something you don't need to wait for help. You just go on and do it your self. Scotland multi-instrumentist Alan Emslie always used to do it, and his extense discography, including lots of special guests in different musical records. In this new release, in which he sings, plays drums, also the producer and bass player (his friend "John Irvine" plays guitar), he can show us that his musical ideas are very interesting to hear and make us proud to see something like that. "Misahthropic Myopic Man" has eletronical elements, "Incomplete" is a mix of punk atitute with guitar riffs and voice-box vocals, and "Charon" continues the experimental journey with a interesting trip through the eletronic-metal scene. Some influences of "Ministry" and "Rammstein" can be found in "All The Time", and some "Depeche Mode" elements can be heard in "On Your Knees". Is he a good songwriter? Yes! Is he a competent producer? Yes, of course! But this CD seems to be very complex, even somewhat difficult to absorb iniitially, you must listen the songs very carefully, you will find something different and intricate. The musical genre from Alan Emslie is hard to define but let say it rolls around Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal and Prog Metal. You should definitely pay attention to this release...   (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
11/05/2006...................................,.....Interested to know more about this musician? Visit ALAN EMSLIE HOME PAGE...
. ANTHROPIA - "The Ereyn Chronicles: Part 1 - The Journey of Beginnings"
Anthropia is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and song writer Hugo Lefebvre, who lives in Nice, which is on the south coast of France, he is 24 years old now. Hugo's classical guitar playing, a skill he learned through intense study at "Ecole de musique d'antibeâ" (a music academy in Antibes, France), is just as important as any character in this fantasy-drama. "He studied classical guitar and theory from age six to nearly 18, Hugo says. "It wasn't until I was in high school that He was introduced to bands like "Iron Maiden" and eventually started listening to "Dream Theater" and "Symphony X". It had a profound effect on me and my music". "It also taps his classical background, Hugo continues. "I tackle some of my favorite classical pieces in a "metal" way on this record. I like playing the electric guitar. I am captivated by the possibilities the electric guitar presents. Anthropia combines the thermodynamics word "entropia (an abstract value which measures the degree of disorder of a system at the microscopic level. This value never decreases, it always increases) and the Greek "Anthro" which means man, them we have something like "The Human disorder". For the Ereyn Chronicles Part I, Hugo spent a year writing his compositions in his home studio on the French Riviera and a month to record them in Harkam Studio near Monaco. Anthropia is the perfect marriage of some important musical genres, on this project the listener gets a large diversity of styles, a real journey through varied musical genres such as Prog Metal, Progressive Rock and the best classic Heavy Metal. The music from Anthropia is balanced by epic melodies and tasteful power elements, the compositions are quite nice, having aggression and melody on them, the aggressive parts are defined by many heavy guitar riffs and, the melodic parts are created by sophisticated keyboards, the vocals are epic, rich and slightly raw a fits the music to perfection without sounding dominant or obtrusive, as a result, you get moments of astounding power, rich arrangements and sophisticated instrumental explorations, they know how to create a beautiful music, full of a perfect dark atmosphere. Anthropia cannot be compared to any other bands, but their style rhythm section naturally show certain similarities with bands as: "Dream Theather", "Iron Maden", "Therion", "Kamelot", "Opeth", "Evergrey", "Symphony X" and "Yngwie Malmsteen". Hugo "Anthropia" was signed by Magna Carta at Midem. The label head (Pete Morticelli) fell in love with the recording and Hugo's pleasant personality. "The Ereyn Chronicles: Part 1 - "The Journey of Beginnings" was produced by Anthropia, engineered by Willdric Lievin at the Harkam Studio (French Riviera), mixed by Willdric Lievin and Hugo. All songs written by Hugo. Hugo, the man behind Anthropia, is hard at work on a second record, a record that is independent, not a continuation, of the Ereyn Chronicles series. The main musicians on this project are: Hugo - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, and Damien Rainaud - Drums also as guests musicians: Marie-Eve Orengo - as the Witch on track 6, Thomas "Seek" Letscher - bass on track 4, Virginie Drusian, Aurore Stapels and Wildric Lievin - Choirs. I hope for more to come. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...   (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
11/15/2006..................,.....Want to learn everything about the band and their history, go to ANTHROPIA HOME PAGE...
. EGO MALFUNCTION - "Perspectrum Over-Ride"
Ego Malfunction is a successful five-piece band from Slovenia, which introduces us a high-grade music through its full-length album entitled "Perspectrum Over-Ride". The album is self-financed, consisting of twelve stunning tracks whose goal according to my slant, is to keep the state of melancholy away from the people's heart whereas its music reflects a lot of liveliness. I'd say stylistically this band performs a heavy-oriented music; nothing exactly like Heavy Metal though. Otherwise, describing a real style for this band has been a hard task to me. Perhaps the word "originality" is the most correct form to describe the music proposed by this puzzling band. Nevertheless I may further say the sound is great. As usual, most of the heavy-oriented bands are led by the guitars, thus becoming the most prominent instrument among the others. In this case, it happens as well to the music of Ego Malfunction when introducing widely a bunch of thundering guitars all along. The album also displays otherwise, a remarkable instrumentation when featuring a solid bass playing; corking keyboards, and also vibrant percussions, which have been often interplaying harmoniously with the drums. Concerning the vocals, the songs are sung in English. I think personally that it would be great if they were introduced under the musicians' native language so that the listeners could have the chance of experiencing quite an exotic language. In spite of it, the album still enchants my ear. I didn't pick out any highlight on the album this time because I saw no reason for doing so, whereas the tracks are equally in step. The musicians involved in this project so far are: Mirsi - Drums, Thierno Diallo - Bass, RR - Guitar, Jason G - Vocals, Vanja Novak - Keyboards, Marijan Stanic - Percussion and Emanuela Montanic & Boris Kandare - additional Vocals. This album is highly recommended!...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
11/26/2006...................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit EGO ALFUNCTION HOME PAGE...
. SCARS SOULS - "Highbreed"
This brazilian boys have long experience in the prog-metal scene. Although they have released only three albuns (“Scars Souls”, “Troia” and this “Highbreed”), their work is know outside Brazil, and European fans seems to like it. But the musical scene is difficult and sometimes too much cruel. A lot of line-up changes and no chance to record the new work were some difficulties that the band had to cross away. But they met "Masquee Records", a new and great label that is done by musicians and for musicians, and now “Highbreed” is avaliable, with a beatiful “Slipcase” and a good graphic work. Musically the band seems to continue with the prog-metal that we listened in “Troia”, but with more heavy metal on the guitars, as we see in “Revelation” song. “Addiction” is a slow prog-moment, with good keyboards and great vocals (singer Andrea Palmieri is more into Doro Pesch and Lita Ford than Tarja Turunen), and “Warnings” is a mix of the complex prog-riffs and the heavy drum work. There are some hard moments, like the good “Open Letter” and the slow “Hybrid”, opening space to heavy prog masterpieces like “Parallel Systems”  and “Solitude”. The good producing (done by bass player Ricardo Picolli) shows all his talent in the suite “Inori” and “Yokan”, mixing heavy and slow parts with rare hability. To finnish the CD, a good heavy moment in the aggressive “Final Impressions”. Good band, coming back with a great CD and it’s time to see them live, we need some shows! Line Up on the band are: Rogério Segall - Guitars, Andrea Palmieri - Vocals, Adilson JR - Drums and Ricardo Picolli - Bass and Keyboards...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
11/26/2006.......;................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit SCARS SOULS HOME PAGE...
. TY TABOR - "Rock Garden"
You know Ty Tabor for his guitar-working in "King’s X", a great USA-rock band. But what maybe you don’t know is outside Kings’X, Ty Tabor has a solid solo career, being participated in great projects like “Playtplus” (with "Derek Sherinian" and "John Myung" from "Dream Theater") and “The Jelly Jam” (with John Myung), and has released some good solo records, like Safety and “Moonflower Lane”. While he’s touring at this moment with "King’s X" (supporting the new “Ogre Tones” CD) and prepares a best-of called “Naomi’s Solar Pumpkin”, you can listen to this new solo effort, a very good rock CD with the intelligent and elegant Ty guitar-trademark. Proving himself a good singer (his voice reminds a lot his bandmate Doug Pinnick), “Stalker” is a good example of a 70’s song with good rifs and some "Deep Purple" elements. “I Know That I’m Missing” is more pop rock, and seems to be connected with the british pop-rock movement, also like "Stalker”. Some grunge moments can be found in “Afraid” and in the slow “Play Beautiful Sky”. One of my favorites is “Take It Back”, pop-rock with Ty Tabor teatching us how to play guitar with style and feeling. Those people who likes ballads will be satisfied with “She’s A Tree” and “Wading In”. In the end we have a solo CD that is a little bit different from his band, but shows how he’s important in the music world. Let’s hope for the new CD, which will hit the stores in December. "Rock Garden" is another excellent release to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, and a excellent addition to any prog music collection...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
11/26/2006................................,.....Interested to know more about this great Musician? Visit TY TABOR HOME PAGE...
. TOXIC - "Intoxicated"
Toxic is a norwegian rockband situated in the town of Stavanger. Everything started back in may 2003. The Band members got together and quickly established their own sound. You`ll allways find a lot of contrasts and dynamic in their music, and Toxic is always searching for "the inner human psychic" in their lyrics. They have received fantastic feedback from around the world and the their music video “Chronos” received a gold prize at the Eurofilm Forum Scandinavia Film Festival, the video have been broadcasted on MTV Italy, City-TV (Slovakia), Moooby-TV (Europe), NRK1, NRK2, ZTV, TVN and TV West. Recently “Chronos” has been featured on several webtv stations both in America and Europe. Toxic is a band with an attitude close to Hard Rock combined with a traditional and classic Melodic Rock style. In fact, they have some influences of a number of classic Hard Rock bands from 80’s/early 90’s, also, there`s a obvious link to some old bands from the 70s. The music on the Toxic band, tend to be centered around two amazing guitar players, together we can hear clear bass lines and heavy drums, the vocals are sometimes highly melodic, sometimes harder, but very fluent and romantic. We can hear atmospheric ballads accompanied by energetic instrumental rhythm section. If you want some references, I would put Toxic band somewhere near "Scorpions", "Poison", "Skid Row", "Toto", "Cult", "Rainbow", "Deep Purple", "Whitesnake", "Bonfire". "Intoxicated" album was released in November 2005 and consists of an ambitious nine tracks, including a bonus video "Chronos", all songs and lyrics by Bernhoff except the songs "No!" and "Chronos". Music Rolf Lura and Geir Ove Bernhoff and Lyrics Geir Ove Bernhoff. The CD is accompanied by an twelve page booklet containing all of the lyrics, you can by this cd at cdon.com or recordworld.no. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Chronos", "Black White Magic", "Silence of Mind", "Intoxicated", "Love fear Hate Anger" and "Astral Affair". The musicians on Toxic band are: Torbjørn Grindheim - Vocals, Guitar, Geir Ove Bernhoff - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Dagfin Engelsvold - Guitars, Rolf Lura - Bass and Organ and Sølve Engelsvold - Drums. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...   (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
11/28/2006...............................,.....If you require more information you can checkout the official TOXIC HOME PAGE...
. CLOUDSCAPE - "Crimson Skies"
Sweden isn’t only the land of melodic metal. The real proof are the swedish prog-metal Cloudscape, formed in 2001 from the remaining membres of Doctor Weird (that released an EP and a 14-track CD in the nineties). The first CD, recorded in 2004, was very sucessfull between the "Dream Theater" and "Fates Warning" fans, so the band had continued working hard to put in our hands this new “Crimson Skies”, which brings us 12 tracks (13 in a ltd USA edition) of pure Progressive-Metal style. Starting with the heavy “Shapeshifer” (good riffs, and a gread drum work), coming to some hard-rock elements in “Shadowland” and back to the heavy metal in “And Then The Rain”, this band shows talent and a lot of intelligence, making short, but great pieces of Progressive Metal. Do you want to have fun? Listen to the heavy “Psychic Imbalance”, the speed “Take The Blame”, the guitar work in “Hope”, and the Joe Satriani’s influenced “Demon Tears”. The heaviest moments of the CD come with “Someone Else” and the strong guitar work of “We Will Remain”. Good CD, a band that will be touring Europe in 2007 and surelly will be a huge success. “Crimson Skies” was released by "Silent Planet Promotions", a company which has a heart of service to all it’s patrons; bands, venues, labels, the media and fans, which is always in a state of flux to move with the artist and culture. Good luck for Mike Andersson - Vocals, Bjorn Eliasson - Guitars, Patrick - Guitars, Haynes Pherson - Bass and Roger Landin - Drums...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
12/07/2006.........................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit CLOUDSCAPE HOME PAGE...
. PROTOTYPE - "Continuum"
It was 1994 when the LA-thrash Psycosis ended activities. The remaining members called some friends to continue working on the heavy cause, and Prototype was born. Some months ago, their first K7 Demo “Seed” was recorded and the band was doing a lot of shows to promote it. It didn’t take too long to "Massacre Records" sign with them and release “Trinity” (2004). Some gigs after, the band reunite to prepare this new CD, with the curios name of “Continuum”. Well, it continues the good work started in “Seed”, with more approach to the Heavy Metal, as it is shown in the good “The Way It Ends”, and the slow metal piece “Probe”. The band shows an clearly evolution using more melodies in “Probe” and “With Version”, while “Synthespian” and its riffs reminded me a lot the old "Helmet" songs. They put more heavy elements in the tunes, and it worked very well, as we can check in “Transcendent”, “Undying” and the excelent “Cold Is The God”, but a special moment needs to be deserved to the great “Seed”. Acoustic, sweet and one of the best moments of the CD. Excellent release, continuing with honour the Prototype history and showing that they will rock for a long time. Great Job! Released by Nightmare Records. The Line Up on the band are: Kirk - Bass, Kragen - Guitar and Vince - Guitar/Vocals...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
12/07/2006............................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit PROTOTYPE HOME PAGE...
. PRISMA - "Collusion"
After a half a year of working intensively with each other, Prisma gave their first concert in autumn 2002. The feedback was very positive. They tried competing in different music-contests. At the end of 2003 Prisma won a newcomer-bandcontest in Baden, Switzerland. They were competing against 40 other bands. A lot of magazines published the happening which made them more famous in that area. They ended up going to "Tuzla" (Bosnia) to give a concert. At a lot of different open-airs they were able to work intensively on their presence. Their fanconnections expanded. The songmaterial that they worked on for the last two years, turned out to be the first longplayer in year 2006.  They worked with musicians from the opera in Zürich, who gave some songs a special touch. There's no doubt that the quartet from Aargau is a breathtaking live-band. They've been able to prove that to their fans at concerts where they played before "Gotthard", "Waltari", "Atomic Bitchwax", "Favez" and other bands. Live they work with a formation called "Pixel Punx". They work on the creative visual part on stage, which makes the live-act even more interesting. Prisma are a new classic "Progressive Metal" sensation hailing from "Aargau", with their music being also, a mix of "Metal" and "Progressive Rock", where they have a rich instrumentation that only few bands can produce today. Their compositions feature a perfect instrumental combination, the singer has a vibrant voice with a wide range of tones, dynamic and powerful guitars solos in a range of many styles, including a collection of vibrants riffs, fantastic bass lines, and an amazing rhythm section with some aggressive moments into the songs. In fact, this is another example of a brilliant Prog Metal band that appears in the Prog Metal scene. Any fans of "Pain Of Salvation", "Tool", "Opeth", "A Perfect Circle" and "Dream Theater" will be able to enjoy Prisma. "Collusion" is Prisma´s professional debut album. It includes 12 songs, which the band´s members recorded and mixed themselves. Recorded by Valentin Grendelmeier. Mastering AT Masterdisk NY (Howie Weinberg). Howie Weinberg mastered the CD in New York. He's worked with names like "Mars Volta", "Smashing Pumpkins" and "The Young Gods". With this CD Prisma hopes to find an ideal music-distributor. At first, you must listen the songs such as "Feeling of Guiltiness", "Over Bodies and Cases", "Inner Circulation", "Glide In" and  "Perseverance", but, in my opinion, "Head Trip", "Maslow", "Normal State" and "Sield Land" are the most powerful songs on the album. The main musicians on this band are: Michael Luginbuehl - Vocals and Percussion, Valentin Grendelmeier - Guitar and Vocals, Marc Muellhaupt - Bass and Andi Wettstein - Drums. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...   (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
12/07/2006...................,.....If you want for more details, in the meantime, please check out the PRISMA HOME PAGE...
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