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. SPOCK'S BEARD - "Spock’s Beard - Ninth"
The band was formed in Los Angeles in the Spring of 1992, Spock's Beard were brought together by their common live of progressive rock. All consummate and seasoned professionals, the band members have spent their careers playing as session men to some of the biggest names in rock from "Aretha Franklin" to "Phil Collins" and "Genesis" to "Tears For Fears". The band was formed by Neal Morse, Nick D'Virgilio, Ryo Okumoto and the bassist Dave Meros joined the band after having worked with "Eric Burdon" of "The Animals" and Bobby Kimball of "Toto". Rounding out the band is Neal's brother Alan Morse on guitar, cello and mellotron. Having had offers from several independent labels, the chose to release their debut album "The Light", which received rave reviews across the world. The band immediately worked on a follow up to "The Light" and by March 1997 the album "Beware Of Darkness" was issued to insatiable fans to the world wide. Once again the band had pulled out all the stops and released an amazing album which included a superb cover of George Harrisons's "Beware Of Darkness". Many critics felt it was by far one of the best Progressive Rock albums of the year. With a new album called "Kindness Of Strangers" saw the light of day in February 1998 and was once again extremely well received by all fans and the critics. Following the tradition of pure Progressive Rock the band have recorded others albuns with a special signature and, creating a own style in all his compositions. Since the first time, when I have heard the songs of the group Spoken's Beard, I always had a special attention in the evolution of this band. I always come following the success of these talented musicians on the world-wide prog rock scene. In this time and, around the last ten years, Spoken's Beard comes offering an ambitious musical blend within the framework of progressive rock's suites. Their music is always creative and powerful, sometimes epic, melodic and symphonic, sometimes heavy, a cinematographic and extremely vibrant music, a band that is still doing today what it has always done, around the best progressive rock style from all ages, ignoring simple musical trends and following a proper and highly defined style. Now After years of a full sucess, Spock’s Beard return with the self-titled 9th studio album, a extraordinary collection of soundscapes which have a sublime impressive istrumental music. Spock’s Beard "9th studio album" consists of an ambitious 14 songs, if you want to know what Spock’s Beard has to show you? Try listen the melodic "On A Perfect Day", or if you want a hard rock songs try "Is This Love", "Wherever You Stand" but if you want something more special and magnificient progressive/symphonic rock songs listen "With Your Kiss", "The Slow Crash Landing Man", "Hereafter" and "As Far As The Mind Can See" (Really they are the best tracks on the album). "Spock’s Beard 9th studio album" is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for Spock’s Beard. The musicians on the band are: Nick D'Virgilio - Lead & Backing Vocals, Drums, Timpani, Percussion and some Guitar, Alan Morse - Guitars, Backing Vocals and Lead Vocal (6), Dave Meros - Bass, Bass Synth, Sitar and Backing Vocals, Ryo Okumoto - Keyboards and Backing Vocals. with the special guests: The Section Quartet: (1,7,10,13), Eric Gorfain -Violin, Daphne Chen - Violin, Leah Katz - Viola, Richard Dodd - Cello (The Section Quartet appears courtesy of Decca Records.) Stephanie O'Keefe - French horn (1,7,12,13), Jon Titmus - French horn (1,7,12,13), Jon Papenbrook - Trumpet & Flugelhorn (12,13), Eric Jorgensen - Trombone (12,13), Ray Yslas - Percussion (4,5,11,14), Kaylene Peoples - Flute (1) Kiko Izumi - Erhu (9), John Boegehold - Voices (5,7,11,12), additional guitar (2,13) and synths (1,2,10,13), Stan Ausmus - Voices (12) and additional guitar (1), Rich Mouser - Voices (12), "They Know We Know" kids voices - The Barnhart Chorus, Judith Stevens, Director. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. KATAGORY 5 - "The Rising Anger"
In 1999 Katagory 5 was formed in Utah (USA). In 2002 they release their first album “Present Day” recorded for themselves but distributed by Nightmare Records. This CD gave them a chance to be a song included in Progpower V CD, which is a good moment for every band. Some shows after that, they reunited to work in their second CD, “A New Breed Of Rebellion”, which was released in 2004. Some gigs happened (with bands like "Metal Church" and "Hellstar") and the band recorded “Bad To The Bone” to a "Running Wild" Tribute (called “The Rivalvry”). Now it’s time to check this new CD, “The Rising Anger”. As the other 2 CD’s, we have a metal band in its essence, with good tracks like “A Change In Time” and “Liberated Minds”. Good riffs, a correct vocal (thankz God he knows how using his voice) and a slow moment in “The Elitist” (good backing vocals). Another good moments can be found in the hard “The Rising Anger”, the heavy “Leave Us Behind” and the slow/pop/hard “Hostile Takeover”. But there’s something i must tell you before ending this review. It’s a good band, there’s no doubt, but i have heard this kind of sound before, and a lot of times. They don’t need to create the new wave of the new wave of heavy metal, but they need to work more in their musicality. From the first to the last song, it seems to be the same thing: speed/slow/melodic/vocals/speed/slow/melodical. They do good songs, I must agree, but they aren’t excelente, divine. And is something they must think on if they want to have more fans, more gigs, and not only an undeground band. But this CD is part of an big evolution proccess, and i believe they deserve us a lot of surprises! The Line Up on the band are: Lynn Allers - Vocals, Curis Morell - Guitars, Dustin Mitchel - Bass, Matt Suiter - Drums and Mark Hanson - Guitars...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. GYPSY CARNS - "Gospel Train Coming"
Hello my friends! I’m back to play blues for the Lord! Mr. Gypsy Carns has a space in the gospel world. How can you imagine a tatooed old man with his acoustic guitar travelling around the world playing blues? Just to bring the holy bible to the blues people. And he is in the road since 1966. Can you believe it? He has a mission, and seems to not stop it until the end of time (i trully believe he has immotallity). This time, while Gypsy prepares his new CD with his AZA band (January 2007), he gaves us 12 blues tunes, some written by him, some by his preaching brothers. The idea is easy: Gypsy and his single voice (totally blues and rocker) singing with his acoustic guitar. You will smile listening to “Gospel Train Coming” (old western gospel country music!) and “Keep Your Hands Trainned And Burning”, and the old 70’s blues “Join The Revelator”. Some pop elements make easier to listen to “Prayin’ Blues”, “Your Enemy Cannot Barn You” and the pop “Dark Eternity”. This is the secret of Mr. Gypsy Carns. His message comes to you with sweet melodies and funny songs, so you have time to learn and smile. Do you want examples? The funny “Satan Don’t Pay The Bills” and “Preaching’ Blues”. A CD to listen, learn and have fun. I wait anxious for the AZA CD! “Gospel Train Coming” was released by "Silent Planet Promotions", a company which has a heart of service to all it’s patrons; bands, venues, labels, the media and fans, which is always in a state of flux to move with the artist and culture.   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. WILD TURKEY - "You And Me In The Jungle"
Wild turkey was formed in 1971 by Glenn Cornick after he left "Jethro Tull". The original members were Gary Pickford- Hopkins, John ‘Pugwash’ Weathers, Graham Williams, Jon Blackmore and Glenn Cornick, Pugwash and Graham left before any gigs were played (neither would work again with Wild Turkey until 35 years later!) and were replaced by Jeff Jones and Alan ‘Tweke’ Lewis. The first album ‘Battle Hymn’ was recorded early in 1971 and, had moderate success in Britain and the U.S.A. It was followed by extensive touring in Britain and an American tour, often supporting "Black Sabbath". After the American tour, Jon Blackmore left the band and was replaced by Mick Dyche and Steve Gurl. A second album ‘Turkey’ was then recorded in 1972 at Morgan Studios in London and was again followed by extensive British touring and another tour of the U.S. After many changes on the band, Glenn was approached by HTD Records to make a new Wild Turkey album and ‘Stealer of Years’ was recorded in January 1996 at Digitaff Studios in South Wales. Nothing further happened until 2005, when it was decided to investigate the possibility of reforming the band to make a new album and maybe even to tour.  The line up for the recording was Gary Pickford-Hopkins, Mick Dyche, Graham Williams, Steve Gurl, Pugwash Weathers, Glenn Cornick - all members at one time of the original band and with Clive Bunker who had played with Glenn in "Jethro Tull". Plans are in hand for another British tour in March 2007 and a European tour in Summer of 2007 and Glenn is currently working on new material in the hope that there might be a next Wild Turkey album!  In many ways this Wild Turkye's album is certainly reminiscent of previous "Jethro Tull" formation, in a more familiar format, linking the musical references around classic albuns such as "This Was", "Stand Up", "Living the Past" and "Benefit", the band back to the beginning and, bringing to the present an essence of a real and traditional Rock & Roll, with a sixties and seventies sensibility in great style, adding some folk influences. All the tracks show the usual Rock and Roll arrangements of guitars, bass, drums and keyboards, the vocals are sometimes highly melodic, sometimes harder, in a different kinds of tones. In fact here we will find songs full of pure emotions, that evokes good memories for all "oldies" fans of the classic Rock and Roll. "You And Me In The Jungle" was produced by Wild Turkye and David J. Burrows and mastered by David J. Burrows. The album was recorded at Bridgerow Studios in Glanammon, South Wales, April 2006, including eleven tracks. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Propaganda", "Friendly Fire", "Split Down the Middle", "Snakewalk" (is a energetic song), "Catalan Lullaby", "You and Me in the Jungle", "Northern Lights" (really one of the best track on the album), "Play Another Fast Song" (a vibrant Rock Roll song) and "Soldier Boy". The main musicians on the band are: Glenn Cornick (Ex Jethro Tull) - Bass Guitar, Clive Bunker (Ex Jethro Tull) - Drums, John ( Pugwash Weathers ) (Ex Gentle Giant)  - Percussion and Vocals, Gary Pickford-Hopkins (Ex Rick Wakeman Band) - Vocals and Harmonica, Mick Dyche (Ex Joan Armatrading Band) - Guitar, Bass and Vocals, Graham Williams (Ex Racing Cars) - Lead Guitar and Steve Gurl (Ex Babe Ruth) - Keyboards. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. SCENERY - "Continuity (DEMO)"
From Czech Republic comes Scenery, with Petr (vocals), Lerry (gutars), Misak (guitars), Milk (bass) and still searching for a drummer. They recorded 3 full lenght CD’s since the first day of 1994 (when the band was formed) and had done some good shows in the european scene. Before loosing their drummer (Mark), they recorded some tracks to the new CD, scheduled to this year. This songs were taken from 2005’s “Continuity” CD. “Chains Of Existence” is an angressive mix of punk and hardcore, with melodical moments and screaming vocals. “Bells Of Eternity” keeps the adrenaline high, and works very well in the idea to make something crazy and melodic. “Twilight Of Antiquity” is slow and heavy, and very different from the other two, a new level for the band, and probably their best song in this DEMO. Things get more speed with “Behind Horizont”, and the riffs get more into 80’s metal, while “Evolution Mirror” is slow and agressive. I think they are trying to sound like "Pantera" from “The Great Southern Trendkill” age, but they have to work more into their guitars and the melodical moments. The first three songs seems to be the same song, and it’s not good, but in my opinion, It’s a good band and shows that, in the near future, they can do something better in a new record. Good luck for them!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. BLISSED - "Corrosive"
This north-american four boys, formed in late’s 90 in Tampa, had the support of Robert Sweet ("Stryper") in their first record, “Waking Up The Dead” . Now they are coming with their second work. And does it seem like "Stryper"? Yes and No. Yes because it seems like "Stryper" “Reborn” era, No because for me "Stryper" was a hard rock band, and this band is more into Heavy Metal and Modern Rock. But the work is good, very good: songs like “Superhero” is a good rock record, with dirty guitars and a good vocal. “Monster” is more into grunge, with slow guitars and agressive drumming, as the excelent “Decision”. “Run” is more hard rock, and really seems like 80’s hard rock, one of the best moments of the record. The grunge approach comes back with “Get Up” and the slow “Rise”. People who likes Heavy Metal will love “Reprise” and the ballad “Getting Better”, but this band is into modern rock sound. So, don’t expect to see something like “Yellow And Black Attack” and “To Hell With The Devil”. They do a good work, but I can’t see the band’s musical identity, because they go into a lot of styles, and is something urgent for them to find their musical brain-line. I think they will do it on the next record, but this one is good to be listened for those who likes heavy atmospheres and modern sounds. the line-up are: David - Vocals, Jeff - Guitar, Nathan - Drums and Geoff - Bass...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. BILLY SHEEHAN - "Prime Cuts"
Billy Sheehan has changed the way bass guitar is played. Rising to cult status in the 80's with his Buffalo, NY based band Talas, Billy was recruited by David Lee Roth when Roth left Van Halen in '85. He recorded two platinum selling albums with the former Van Halen front man before setting out on his own. Forming Mr. Big in 1989, the band achieved a Billboard #1 single in the US and 14 other countries with "To Be With You" from their 2nd Atlantic Records album release "Lean Into It". While developing his trademark style of playing he has performed over 4000 live gigs on every continent except Africa and Antarctica. Billy Sheehan was voted the "Best Rock Bass Player" 5 times in Guitar Player magazines Readers Poll. With recording completed, Billy's first solo album entitled "Compression" was released on April 25, 2001 on the Favored Nations label. On "Compression", Sheehan wrote, sang, played Baritone 12 string and 6 string guitar, played bass and programmed drums on the entire record, except for 2 tracks featuring "Terry Bozzio" on drums and an amazing "Steve Vai" solo on the song "Chameleon" (the first pairing of "Steve Vai" and "Billy" since the "David Lee Roth" days). The search for the right bass player is equally difficult, but If someone ask me for any bassist who is one of my favourite bass players are, I will probably include Billy Sheehan, an innovative musician who prospective works are always on the technical top level. He knows how to use this instrument but as solo instrument as well, giving the necessary touches to the music without ever showing off. I would almost call Prime Cuts as a brilliant collection of songs that are 'heady' enough for any bass fan's, we can hear a lot of hypnotic and powerful bass sounds, where we can consider Billy Sheehan as a musician with dynamic musical reference. Among all the tracks, here are some of the best on this cd collection: "Sugar Blues" - Niacin, "Sub Continent" - Bozzio/Sheeham, "Super Grande" - Niacin, "The Trees" - Working Man Tribute, also including an exclusive track, a previously unreleased bass solo recorded live in Buffalo NY in 1994. This CD is enhanced with brand new bonus video “Who Is Billy Sheehan?”. A Selection of Billy’s Finest Work for Magna Carta Records, Featuring Performances by: Terry Bozzio, Dennis Chambers, Steve Howe, Steve Morse, John Novello, Mike Portnoy and Jordan Rudess. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. JUSTIN MURR - LIBERTY N’JUSTICE - "Soundtrack Of A Soul"
The band Liberty N’Justice (now only Justin Murr and special guests) was formed in 1991 and had released 4 records and some demos, always doing a good mix of heavy metal and hard-rock. In 2004 the band released “Welcome To The Revolution”, with special guests like "Michael Sweet" ("Stryper") and "Lou Gramm" (former "Foreigner" singer). This time “Soundtrack Of A Soul” is back with a lot of famous musicians, and does well his work to talk about the human soul, ideas and conflicts of a human being. The list of guests is giant, but we have names like "Mickey Dee" ("Motorhead") in the drums and "Mark Slaughter" ("Slaughter") playing guitar. “Kings Of Hollywood” (with "Ez Gomer" of "Jet Circus" in vocals) is a good metal song, with strong riffs, and is followed by “Another Nail” with Sebastian Bach (fantastic work!), another metal song, and the strong “State Of Grace”. "Oni Longan" ("Lynch Mob") does a good job in the interesting “Show Me The Way”, and "Tony Harnell" (former "TNT" singer) kicks ass in the hard-oriented “Flinch”. It’s defintelly a fantastic rock-metal concept record, and i’m not talking about that only because the guests. Justin does a good work. As so do "Stephen Pearcy" (former "Ratt" singer) in “Killer Grin” and its modern hard style, "Ted Poley" of "Danger Danger" in the slow “Always Tomorrow” and "Mike Lee" in the sweet “Make Believe”. Here we can see a group of amazing musicians that understand what they really want to transmit to all music friends. A great work for people who loves rock and roll and loves life. Soon, they will be releasing a new CD (with the same idea) this year, and of course I will buy it!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. WHITECHAPEL - "Le Masque d'Arlequin"
Whitechapel was born in 2004, and they come from French. But this wasn’t the beginning of this prog-metal band; they started earlier when Thierry Thuane, Laurent Isola, Greg Iung and Raphael Rigaud were playing in different cover bands and met each other on many projects. In that time, the guys decided to create a Progressive Metal band that they called Whitechapel. The former idea was to create enough songs to record a demo, so they worked on eleven songs during one year. The songs were just waiting for their singer, on that occasion, they met Fabrice Altairac who placed his nice voice on the music. They came in the “Studio 105” where the demo finally became an album called “Le Masque d’Arlequin”. Whitechapel is new French band revelation, they play a highly original brand of Progressive Metal, but their work contains strong elements of Progressive Rock, and some elaborate atmospheric touchs of Neo-progressive, combined with elements that explore symphonic musical textures. The musical themes (lyrics are in French) turn around "kings", "ghosts", "wars", "masks" and "drugs", exploring a new musical territory between the real and the fiction. I think that, the musicians have done all their best on this album, creating some astonishing, enjoyable and moving progressive rock music. Listen carefully the tracks you realize how many different passages of music they play, where each song has a special ingredient. Opening the album, the track "Au Nom Du Père" is a perfect Progressive Metal song, adorned by blazing guitar solos, followed by "Le Flûtiste", "Melissandre", "Whitechapel", "Pleine Lune" and "Echec Et Mat" including a wonderful instrumental explorations, "Elixir", "Le Masque d’Arlequin", "Les Enfants De La Nuit", "Sarajevo" and "Ailleurs" are the album’s star tracks, mainly because they are melodic epic and symphonic, where the keyboards are the main highlight on the songs, with a powerful atmospheric instrumentation and nice vocal melodies. If you want some references, think about some heavy sessions like "Dream Theater" and symphonic references towards French bands like "Ange", "Saggarah" and "Atoll". "Le Masque d’Arlequin" album was released in 2006, where is available and distributed by Musea Records. The musicians on Whitechapel are: Fabrice Altairac – Vocals, Laurent Isola – Guitars, Thierry Thuane – Drums, Greg Iung – Keyboards and Raphaël Rigaud – Bass. Brilliant, amazing and an indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. STAIRWAY - "The Other Side Of Midnight"
From UK came 4-metal band Stairway. Formed in late’s 90 by Pete Jennens (Guitars), Rob Jennens (Bass), Graeme Leslie (Vocals, Guitar, producer) and Andy Edward (Drums), they are inspired by bands of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. With 3 good CD’s released, last year this “The Other Side Of Midnight” cames to our hands, with a good band working a heavy metal music, just metal, nothing more, as you will see in the opening track “No Mercy” and in the good “Sea Of Fools” (with chorus and good vocals from the members). “Burn” is a good slow metal track (fantastic to be played live) and “Taste The Blood” a heavy ballad that works very well. The band works very well with epical moments in “She Calls”, some hard riffs in the good “Death And Destruction” and with the 80’s metal in the excelent “Soldiers Of Heaven”. Well... still we have one track, and it’s a traditional heavy record, so this track is a good ballad, with the mystic title of “My Life Goes On...!”. Have you ever heard this before? Yeah, I think so... but’s it’s so good that you can keep listening with no mercy!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. PHOENIX - "Dying To Find Myself"
Can you imagine Progressive Metal with hip-hop? No... it’s impossible! Is it? Well... Nicholas Vino from Pensylvania (USA) is aying NO, IT’s POSSIBLE! With that Phoenix debut CD. As a one-man-band since 1997, with guests in each recording, the come to their first CD trying to do something like Body Count (ICE T’s band) have done in the past, but with messages with religious content. Listening to “Where You Know” we see a RAP band before each style, with good guitars, but the Nick vocals are RAP and not metal. The guitars come back agressive in the slow “Only Thirty-Eight” and “Alienate”. Well, I haven’t seen any Progressive Metal in the record yet, but Nick shows a good hand to create songs with melody and musical elements, not using eletronic, but guitars and drums. It makes good to listen “Hand In Hand”, the atmospherical “Blood Flow” and the acoustic (and really good) version of “Hand In Hand”. As a bonus track, we see a remake of “When I Needed You Must”, from the early demos. A good work, and a good signal that rap and guitars work very well, in good hands. “Dying To Find Myself” was released by "Silent Planet Promotions", a company which has a heart of service to all it’s patrons; bands, venues, labels, the media and fans, which is always in a state of flux to move with the artist and culture...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. SOURTONGUE - "Mechanically Grown Society"
Well... at least one good thing appeared from all the tragic elements of Lousiana’s 2003 hurricane. Nick Diaz (Guitar/ Vocals/ Keys) joined forces with Matt Williams (Bass) and Brian DeBate (Drums) to form progressive rock-trio Sourtongue. They decided to sound like the famous bands such as "Rush" and "Pink Floyd" addin some references from another good prog bands. After 2 EP’s and some shows full of energy and hability, here is their first CD, a must in Progressive Rock. "Katrina" and “The Waltz” are really influenced by the old "Pink Floyd" with some "Rush" elements (Matt’s voice is very similar to the fantastic "Geddy Lee"). A sweet moment comes with “My Worthy Epitath”, followed by the beautiful “Same Day” (reminded me a lot the "Rush" from “Test For Echo”). And to satisfy the new millenium fans, “Bury The Past” has some metal elements that reminds us the good Dream Theater’s days, while “Still Awake” and “Mechanically Grown” are more progressive and long (most of the tracks has 4 or 5 minutes, but these two comes to 9!). The great thing about this CD is the hability of the band to make their progressive style even with short tracks (“Cages And War”) and with long ones. A good start and you must pay attention in this trio! Good Start!...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. PHIL WALTON - "Reason To Live"
This guy had all the elements to be a popstar. Don’t agree with me? He went to the same school with Sting "Police" and Neil Tennant "Pet Shop Boys", and had contact with Steve Hackett "Genesis". So, why did it took so long to see something from Phil Walton? Well, i don’t know, but i think he was trying to put his influences and inspirations in the world of music. This first CD is a mix of pop/rock/guitar oriented songs, as we can see in “Passed Me By” and “What Are You Looking For?”. Some "U2" elements (wow! he did not study with Bono Vox!) can be found in “Do You Love Me?” and “Just Another Day”. Phil Walton still show us his hability in acoustic guitar when we hear “Go To Sleep” and “Reason To Live”, but he has to improve his vocals, because they are not to good (he abuses from low tunes) and seems he’s singing the same song in all the CD. Not a bad record, but he can do it better, just solving some little problems that are normal in a debut CD...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale
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. CELLADOR - "Enter Deception"
Well... i think they do heavy, but very heavy metal, considering that Erik Rutan "Morbid Angel" sings the production of this first Cellador album. From Nevada (USA), Cellador was formed in 2004 by Chris Petensen and after a demo and a EP very well received by the fans and press, now here it is their debut album. “Leaving All Behind” (opening track) shows that’s very heavy, with a melodic vocal (seems "Michael Kiske" from "Helloween") and speed guitars. “A Sign Far Beyond” is another german-oriented-speed metal track, but with death metal drums, so it’s pure agressivity. “Never Again” is more into 80’s heavy, with groove, slow riffs and a great atmosphere, to headbanging all the room. Some hard rock elements can be found in “Seen Through Time” and “Wakening”, working very well with the speed metal of the band. To close in high speed, “Releasing The Shadow” and the epic “No Chances Lost”. A good record, a good debut from an north-american band. They will have a good live test, considering they will tour with "Unearth" in this year. Good Luck for them! "Enter Deceptio" is available and distributed by Metal Blade Records. The band’s Line Up are: Michel Gremio - Vocals, Chris Petersen - Guitars, Bill Hudson - Guitars, Valentin Rakhmanov - Bass and David Dahir - Drums...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. FEEDFORWARD - "Barefoot & Naked"
The Dutch band FeedForward has been around for 5 years now, and found its own unique style. They are having released 3 demo's, FeedForward has managed to build up a considerable fanbase in the south of the Netherlands. This shows by the concerts, with the number of visitors steadily increasing every time. The last released CDemo is the single "Stop To Think", which is downloadable from the band´s website. FeedForward played many gigs in the past years, with especially worth mentioning gigs in large venues like 013, the Effenaar, the Bosuil (support for "Enchant"), Todo (support for "The Gathering"), the Dynamo and at festivals like Paaspop Den Hout, Kempenerpop, All American Day and Cult & Tumult. FeedForward has on the stage, a power performance, full of energy with an intense instrumental music. According to the description of some musical "reviewer" around the world, FeedForward is being considered as a Progressive Metal band, but, in my opinion, I consider them like a band who blends three different styles, creating innovative, atmospheric and a heavy music combining sophisticated Melodic Prog Metal, with a magnificient Progressive/Symphonic Rock adding elements of a lush Art Rock. The compositions and arrangements are very well done, with intricate music structure, featuring symphonic keyboard arrangements mixed with dynamic heavy guitar sounds, where the powerful drums go on always on typical prog metal style, closing with an epic and vibrant female vocals. All the songs are accessible for a large Prog lovers audience, listen the tracks, we must start with the vibrants "Fade Away" and "Run The Race", followed by aggressives but also atmospheric "143", "Silent", "For 1 Time" and "Moving", the melodic "Before I Leave" and also, the beautiful melodic and symphonic "Crossing The Line" and "Innocence", however, I have a special attention to the melodic, symphonic and aggressive "Stop To Think" (it’s one of the best songs on the album). Using some references, their music is similar to "The Gathering", "Stream Of Passion", "Everon", "Nightwish", "Within Temptation", "Ayreon", "Enchant" and "Edenbridge". Barefoot & Naked containing 10 songs, all music by FeedForward, lyrics by Biejanka except for "143" by Biejanka and Pi, all songs recorded and produced by Hans Reinders/FeedForward at The Pit, Weert, 2005/2006, except for "Stop To Thing" (featuring Arjon on Bass) recorded and produced at Herrow,  Losser, January 2004. In fact, Barefoot & Naked is a work that you never must miss. The musicians on the band are: Biejanka - Vocals, Pi - Drums & Background Vocals, Mario - Guitars, Jan - Bass and Job - Keyboards. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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Counter-World Experience is a Berlin-based Jazz-Metal outfit, being in activity since 2001. After releasing two acclaimed albums as "Always Home" and "Fraktal", the band is now bringing a brand-new effort to the market entitled "Leaving Lotus". This is an instrumental album featuring nine earth-shaking tracks where every fussy listener will surely take delight in some of the most fascinating instrumental performances ever done on the current days. As the band direction suggests, most of the songs on the album are performed bombastically through scorching bass lines, ever present on every single cut. The guitar interventions are often straight-ahead, being quite one of the strongest points on the album, and also helping to turn it into a top level one. The drumming is also flawless, which surely gives the drummer the real status of a great musician overall. Even being classified as a Jazz-Metal band, and releasing quite a zippy album, it's possible to find, rarely of course, some tenderness on a track or so. I don't really take it as a flimsy point at all, but a matter of creativity when deciding to smooth over the tune and driving it toward a more refined musical sphere. By and large, "Leaving Lotus" is an album filled with great surprises to be still discovered by those who use to be often in search of a sparkling sound. So if you enjoy listening to bands like "Spaced Out", "Talisma", "Nemo" and "Electrum", you will probably be into this music as well. Counter-World Experience consist of the following members: Benjamin Schwenen - Synth-Guitar and Programming, Thorsten Harnitz - Drums, Percussion and Programming and H.D. Lorenz - Bass. This album is highly recommended...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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And i tought that i heard all the most bizarre things when I bought myself the last Mr. Bungle CD... Leonid (a boy from New Jersey – US) showed me that my journey into different sounds was just beginning. With two CD’s on his career, this american boy wants to make the most different music you can hear. No matter what style we will call it, no matter what will be in the future, his adventures (he is the boss of the project, playing every instruments, with the help of Mike Callins on drums) are extremely complex (does he know Mike Patton?). “Overture: Forbidden” is a crazy intro to a jazz number in “Hallucinations” or a punk atmosphere in “Run”. Did you hear Fantomas (Mike Patton again...)? It seems to be a soundtrack to any movie (if he release this CD with a DVD will be a crazy moment). “Jack The Riffer” is a punk rock moment without vocals, “Innocence” is a totally crazy rock song, “Reprise Free” has some orchestrated moments (?), and “Finalle’’ has some oriental feelings... I don’t understand what can this can be. A musical experiment (an example of madness)? Some special soundtrack for a future movie? What is in the mind of Leonid and his adventures? I don’t understand, so I will give you the chance to listen this, try to understand, and email me please in the future with the answer... but please, do it before another Leonid’s adventure...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. FALL OF ECHOES - "Red Tree"
Shake Lankford (vocals), Rob Perez (guitars), Rick Mals (drums/guitars) and Bill Yost (bass) are known musicians in USA, having played in several bands before joining forces for this interesting project. Fall Of Echoes is a different band than what we can see in the usual Demo CD reviews, because it has a mind in the 70’s and the hands in the 90’s. Did you understand me? The guys play the most 70’s rock with the 90’s technology, what is a good thing. “Groaning” is totally "Sabbath" -focused (Shake’s vocals remember a lot "Ozzy"), and “Mr. Orion” seems to be recorded by "Led Zeppelin". “Darkness Inside” has an 90’s metal approach, like "Black Sabbath" meets "Korn", if you can believe something like that. The band shows yet good hability to do some sweet ballads like “Little Girl Lost”, while “Red Tree” has a little grunge-approach. I can say I liked a lot this Demo CD because it’s a box full of surprises, but you can see that there’s a special line that conducts all the process, even in more modern rock tracks like “YFMO”, some heavy metal moments like “Behind My Closed Eyes”, and a little of "Alice In Chains" in “While I’m Alive”. I don’t have doubts: this band must record a full-lenght, because they have the hability of working with lots of music, and make it on their own. Good Luck boys!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. STEVE WALSH - "Shadowman"
YEAH! Believe it or not! We’re listening to the "Kansa's voice solo record! While he had an fantastic job with his band, putting his voice in songs like “Dust In The Wind” and “Carry On Wayward Son”, Mr. Walsh has done several participations in some interesting rock projects, like "Daniele Liverani’s" “Genius” Rock Opera. “Shadowman” is his third solo effort, with Joel Kosche in the guitars, Joe Franco in the drums, and some special guests like Michael Romeo and Matt Still. This CD is a good rock/prog work, with some special songs like “Rise”, the pop moment of “Shadowman” (fantastic chorus!), and the hard-rock of “Davey And The Stone That Rolled Away”. Steve Walsh shows the tradicional singing and keyboarding in some AOR moments like “Pages Of Old” and “Hells Is Full Of Heroes”. The Progressive Rock fans will love the long “After” followed by the pop (and beautiful) “The River”. The main thing is that Steve Walsh had done a fantastic record, and we cannot close our eyes to it. If you are a "Kansas" huge fan, you have this in hands, but with you don’t even know the band, please do yourself a favor and buy this record ok?...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. PRAVDA - "Walking Through Walls"
Pravda is a new generation in Progressive Rock outfit hailing from the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. The group consisting of veterans of the Austin, Orlando and Northwest music scenes, is realy to take on the musical enclaves of corporate rock, with a bold and invigorating sound, where their sound combines the best of Old & New Progressive Rock with some touchs of Jazz adding the power of Progressive Metal. Pravda is a reunion of talented musicians playing some seriously well-thought out Progressive Rock music, in fact, we are talking about the perfect combination from Dave Thomas with 18 years experience as a live and studio drummer and a veteran of the Austin Texas & Northwest music scenes, K.C. Thomsen a B.M. Music Theory & Composition BSU, (U of U) another veteran of the Northwest music scene and Tom Svanoe over 22 years experience as a touring and studio musician as well as a jingle writer across the country also as a classical trained at the Chicago Conservatory of Music. "Walking Through Walls" is the second work from this powerful and energetic band, of course Pravda are very much a group of the modern age, somewhere between the 1970 ‘s and the third millenium, with an unique charisma, where we can listen a mixture of many different musical influences. The instrumental prowess on the this album is top notch, where the guitar, bass and drums playing are very reminiscent from famous bands as "Kansas" and "Rush", including lot of intricate keyboards and grandiose musical passages, reminding me "Yes" and "Rush", in fact Pravda play a emotional music that is beautiful and refined with a sumptuous instrumentation. Listen all tracks, my favourite songs are: "Edge of Fire", "After The Deluge" and "Ethereal" (they are the best), and the sensational "Excursion", "Lhasapsodic", "Walking Through Walls" and "At The Zoo". Followers of imaginative Progressive Rock should definitely pay attention to this release. "Walking Through Walls" contains 10 good tracks and was released by Sonus West Records, recorded at Sonus West & Sonus East Studios from August 05 to April 06, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Thomsen and Thomas. The musicians on Pravda are: K.C. Thomsen - Keyboards & Vocals, Tom Svanoe - Bass & Guitar, Dave Thomas - Drums & Vocals and as a Guest Musician: Chris Holman - Guitars. Amazing, brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. THE GATEWAY - "Same"
Wow! The Gateway are a French Progressive Rock band! Could you imagine something like that? Well, now you don’t have to do it because Will (drums), Stef (bass), Gil (guitars/vocals), Ben (guitars) and Schrisse (guitars/vocals) made your dreams come true. With this first self-released CD, they work with all the progressive elements and had the intelligent idea to put some very aggressive guitars sounds, with an excelent results. The track “Moth” is a good example, as the good drum-working of “Far Open Sea” (anybody talked about "Dream Theater"?). While “Civilized” is more into modern heavy metal (the 3 guitars created a fantastic work), “Little Leaf” is a good pop moment, and “Her Dad And Rusted Fields” come back to the progressive atmosphere, with long solos, long riffs and a good time to sit and relax listen a good song. The most interesting thing in this CD is the possibility of hearing some heavy sounds like “Californian Dream”, and at the same time put your ears into something beautiful and progressive like “Maelstrom Of Emotion”. Some young progressive metal bands could use this musical influence as an example how Progressive Rock can be interesting when you know how doing it. Good luck guys from The Gateway, stay tuned and keep your minds in the Progressive Rock!...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. OZRIC TENTACLES - "The Floor´s Too Far Away"
Once again I have here on hand another great effort from the legendary Psychedelic, Space Rock, Ambient UK-based ensemble Ozric Tentacles. The album title is "The Floor's Too Far Away", which is a 2006 release. It's interesting to know the band has now an only remaining member in the person of Ed Wynne from the original line-up, which created true masterpieces over long years of existence. Fortunately Ed Wynne carries on picking out highly-gifted musicians to follow him on his adventurous craft of making self-styled music, which has been for ages bearing him good fruits though. "The Floor's Too Far Away" consists of nine top-notch tracks, which won't let the legions of Ozric Tentacles´ fans down at all, as the old essence of the band has been unceasingly kept over 57 minutes of an enjoyable listen. Although I have been a termless fan of the band since long, I must say however, this album doesn't really break fresh ground. But if some of you ask me if I mind about it, I really say no; mostly because the album sounds splendidly like a true Ozric Tentacles' outgrowth, where every die-hard fan could notice it right off even if listening to its songs at a distance. In my view, "The Floor's Too Far Away" is doubtlessly able to bring emotion, delight and excitement as all its predecessors. Its music still sounds great and plenty of originality as usual. The impeccable percussions, synthesizers and space guitars are thoroughly preserved here. Definitely, the music performed by this standout quintet still sounds like no other in the world, although I gladly admit there are other stunning bands as "Hidria Spacefolk", "Mohodisco" and "Stereokimono" exploring this sort of sound as well. Just a little more before penning off this article, as Ed Wynne is the only one to stay, and the band direction didn't even suffer any decline musically, this demonstrates very well how much he has been contributing to the band's success over all these years through his ideas, skills and so forth. So I thank to God for keeping the band control at Mr. Wynne's hands so that the flame of Ozric Tentacles' music never comes to die out. The new line-up of the band features the following members: Ed - Guitars & Keyboards, Metro - Drums, Brandi - Bass & synthesizers, Marv - Percussion and Tom Brooks - Bubs. Another great release from Magna Carta Records. This album is highly recommended, ever...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. ROINE STOLT - "Wall Street Voodoo"
What can I tell you about one of the most gifted, charismatic and prolific guitar players on todays' Progressive music, whose inspiration fortunately never seems to vanish? This is Roine Stolt, one of the major figures in Scandinavia's musical scene so far. He became known when performing firstly with "Kaipa" in the 70's. However, his name did really echo around in the 90's on giving life to his band "The Flower Kings", whose discography is extensive, consisting of over eighteen albums among official and bootlegs releases. Including also, some special editions featuring some of his best efforts until then. His co-operation to the all-star band "Transatlantic" couldn't fall into oblivion either, whereas they have got some earth-shaking albums out since 2000. In spite of his commitments to all these projects, he can further find enough time to work on his solo albums, as this one I have here now. This is a double album released in 2005 whose title is "Wall Street Voodoo", which features sixteen top-notch songs. As I understand it, this effort turns around the human blemish toward the greediness, power and so forth. Musically, "Wall Street Voodoo" doesn't follow the very same steps from Roine Stolt's prior outgrowths when performing with the aforementioned bands, but it doesn't mean at all that this release is inferior to the others. This effort just seems to me like being an old project now put into practice. How so? As the sound of this album clearly differs from the others, being mostly a Blues/Rock-driven one, I suppose Roine Stolt has kept this project for ages inside his mind, just waiting for the right time to bring it into reality. Well then, far from comparisons, "Wall Street Voodoo" is quite a lucky hit as it features Roine Stolt doing what he likes most, playing his guitar gorgeously and managing one more successful project so far. Honestly, I have appreciated most of the songs on this album. Besides being rather long, all the songs are strongly structured on their basis where every single cut may turn it into a big challenge for all instrumentalists ever since. Furthermore the album has plenty of joy to offer to. Another point to mention on this release refers itself to the perception that not all the songs are fully linked to Roine Stolt's skills. Thus, I have never had the impression to be hearing an album performed by one-man band. It surely makes the album even more captivating overall. Besides taking delight to the thrilling performances of the guitars, I was also hog-wild when listening to the sweeping interventions of the Harmmond organ, which brought back memorable sounds of the 70's to my mind. Definitely, "Wall Street Voodoo" is a great album and it surely stands a good chance to become a fantastic discovery for manyother listeners out there, unless they still insist on beholding an only side of Roine Stolt's creativity. The musicians involved in this project are: Roine Stolt - Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Percussion, Neal Morse - Lead Vocal & Harmmond, Slim Pothead - Wurlizer Piano, Mini Moog & Harmmond Organ, Victor Woof - Fender Bass, Marcus Liliequist - Drumkit, Hasse Bruniusson - Percussion and Gonzo Geffen - Congas, Percussion & Loop Treatments. "Wall Street Voodoo" album" is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for Roine Stolt. This album is highly recommended, ever!!!...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. A.C.T - "Silence"
This five swedish man band lead by keyboard/singer Jerry Sahlin makes an interesting fusion of progressive rock and heavy metal, but very different that what we would call prog metal. This is the fourth CD since they formed the band A.C.T. (don´t ask me what does it means, they will never tell), and definitelly they are very well suceed to make a different sound and music. “Truth And Pain” is a good rock/prog number, while “Puppeteers” has a sweet pop approach. To be more complex, “This Wonderful World” is a rock song, just it, like the good “Into The Unknown”. A band very interesting, good musicians, a feeling that makes the difference, specially in more heavy moments like “The Voice Within”. But the great surprise stays in tracks 11-19, which they call the “Consequences” suite. A little opera with eight movements with heavy metal, progressive moments, pop atmospheres, and a lot of ideas that makes this song a masterpiece of this record, a “must” into progressive rock fans. I can find some similarities with "The Who’s" “Wire And Glass”, so please, understand me, this really impress. A great job from a great band. Buy it, and go into the journey of silence, would you like to make some noise? I guess not! "Silence" is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for A.C.T....  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. GPS - "Window To The Soul"
Do you know John Payne (vocals/bass)? If the answer comes to “no...” i would ask you if you know "Asia". Well... it is easier to say yes now, isn´t? John was part of this great band, but in 1992 a collective split made him creating a new project, called GPS. Now this band, with Jay Schellen on drums, Guthrie Govan on guitars and Ruy Okomoto in the keys release this “Window To The Soul”. Who expects something like "Asia" will be plenty satisfied with GPS, a mix of “AOR” and some heavy riffs. “Window To The Soul” (the title track) is heavy and acessible, like “New Jerusalem”, and the long rock called “Heaven Can Wait” (some moments i swear that there are some riffs like the Maiden one). This is a great rock/AOR record, and you will discover this in the great “I Believe In Yesterday”, the fantastic “All My Life”, and the pop “Gold”. A beautifull "Whitesnake" ballad “Since You´ve Been Gone” and a slow and pop “Taken Dreams” close this record with a good smile in the listener´s face. Go and get yours. Who knows how to do it would never do something bad for us! "Window To The Soul" is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for GPS...  (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)... 
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. STEVE HACKETT - "Wild Orchards"
What about getting an album that's able to sublimely put to experience, talent, virtuosity and an impeccable musicianship overall. It all is possible through Steve Hackett's last studio album entitled "Wild Orchards". An album featuring thirteen mind-blowing songs blending symphonic rock, erudite, Eastern-oriented music and some forceful acts as well. Does it all sound strange for you? It may even sound primarily drab to everyone's view, but the result is remarkable afterwards, where almost an hour of enjoyable listen is guaranteed. "Wild Orchards" is doubtlessly one of the finest 2006 releases, which is predominantly grounded on refined compositions exploring an opulent variety of unconventional instruments such as harmonica, sitar, psaltery, trumpet, viola among others. On the back of that, some tracks are also developed under a superb orchestration, which is performed by The Underworld Orchestra. No doubt this personnel's support did bring splendidness to the album. Thus, most of the songs flow by with a tuneful atmosphere, making the album fully agreeable to the ears. On the other hand, such climate is put aside off and on when giving room for some lively upswing with exciting guitar solos where Steve Hackett's giftedness is majestically employed. If the all-out instrumental is worth being mentioned, warm praises must also go to the amazing vocals introduced in every song here. The track "Ego and Id" is for instance, a good testimony of my saying, besides being as well one of my favorite songs on the album so far. Due to this perfect balance between softness and rowdiness, "Wild Orchards" has currently become one of the most captivating albums within its category. As an album of such superbness, an attentive spin is highly suggested, or the listener will miss much of what this release has to offer to. Oh yeah, just a quick note before penning off, when I said above this album will afford the listener almost an hour of enjoyable music, I meant about the standard version that I have here on hand now, but there's another special edition of this release hovering round 75 minutes range. Don't miss it out folks!!! The line-up in this release consists of the following musicians: Steve Hackett - Guitars, Electric Sitar, Harmonica, Psaltery, Optigan & Voices, Roger King - Keyboards & Rhythm Guitar, John Hackett - Flute, Rob Townsend - Saxes, Flute, Tin Whistle & Bass Clarinet and Gary O'Toole - Drums & Harmony Voices. The Underworld Orchestra: Christine Townsend - Principal Violin & Viola, Richard Stewart - Cello, Dick Driver - Double Bass, Colin Clague - Trumpet and Chris Redgate - Oboe & Cor Anglais. "Wild Orchards" is another great addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music. This album is highly recommended, ever!!!    (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. RICK RAY BAND - "Temporary World"
The story starts In 1973 when Rick Ray and two friends "Al Wilhelm" and "Harvey Phillips" decided to put a power trio together called "Neurotic". Then in 1985 "Neurotic" decided to hang it up and Rick went on to form the Rick Ray Band with Mr. Schultz on reeds. This band went from '85 to '89 playing all over and releasing the album "There's A Riot Outside". Then comes Riot Act in 1990. Rick wanted this band to be a little more accessible than the previous two. Today Rick Ray is an onwer of a big discography and, many of his albums are a complete success with a high level of instrumental intensity. Rick Ray explores a variety of musical styles, creating a special signature and also developed his own guitar´s style in all his compositions, adding interesting lyrics and a good vibe to the Prog Rock fans. “Temporary World” is a well produced and well written example of how good Progressive Hard Rock music can sound perfect. Calling Chuck Abraham to vocals, Frank Pellino to guitars and keys, Jack Ambrose to bass, Rick Schultz for Reeds and Sam to Drummer, Rick Ray makes here a good mix of 70´s Hard Rock with progressive touchs. Tee track “Until The End” seems to be wroten in 1974, while “Rumor Clinic” could be in the first "Alice Cooper" record, as “X In The Sky”. I can say without any doubt that Rick Ray would do a great job with he plays with "David Bowie" when i listen to “Change Stays The Same” (the vocals of Chuck are very similar to "David Bowie", even "Iggy Pop") and the melodic and also pop “Together Forever”. In fact, “Temporary World” is a good album, from a band that know how to entertain and show a good music feeling. Still in doubt? Go to the pop “Passage Of Time”, the progressive “Temporary World” and the prog-metal (YEAH! They do it very well) “Alteration”. Good work, an album that you have to give at least a chance, ok...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. STEVE HOWE - "Homebrew 3"
"Homebrew 3" is the third of a series of albums entitled "Homebrew 1 & 2" composed by the legendary British guitarist Steve Howe. Besides featuring some interesting unreleased tracks, this one also consists of stunning pieces once performed by Steve Howe when still teaming up with "Yes" and "GTR"; however, these songs are displayed here under new arrangements so far. Notwithstanding, I'm definitely convinced this album will be warmly received by all those who are fond of Steve Howe's playing, which often abounds in techniques, nimbleness, soulfulness, elegance and originality overall. This is the sort of material to catch my attention mainly when thinking this material was on the verge of being kept unreleased for years, or even forever who knows. Checking this album out carefully is possible as well to notice some tracks are still in rough, as if needing a final touch. Fortunately, the sound quality is perfect, being really far from such a bootleg recording or something like that. On getting acquainted with this album after two or three attentive spins, I didn't only see I had a good album at my hands, but also a great historical document being just rescued now. "Homebrew 3" is an album to take us back in time through a bunch of songs performed in a very original way. After checking the whole content of the album out, I was thoroughly convinced this release is somewhat very close to a relic overall. So, "Homebrew 3" has definitely become a great discovery to me since I have found stunning tracks out all around, some even performed differently from everything that I have ever heard through Steve Howe's pieces so far. To my great surprise, some tracks in this album verge strongly toward an introspective sonority as if taking me far into a self-reflection journey. Yeah, I really got this feeling mostly when listening to the song "In the Course of the Day", a short piece in range, but great in creativity and fairness overall. Besides appreciating very much the aforementioned song, I also enjoyed myself listening to the following songs: "Hint Hint", "The Main Title", "Just a Passing Phase", "Suddenly", "Family Tree", "Solar Winds", "In Your World", "From Door to Door", "Between Your Smiles", "Reaching Out" and "The Last Word". As it usually happens to most of Steve Howe's efforts, few vocals were thrown in here. Otherwise, the instrumentation is superb as always, where Steve Howe's talent is really unquestionable. "Homebrew 3" was produced, engineered, arranged, performed and written by Steve Howe, except tracks 17 & 21, with Jon Anderson and Steve Hackett. One more great release from the ever growing catalog of InsideOut Music. This album is highly recommended!!!...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. STRAVINSKY - "The Rite Of Spring For Eletric Guitar, Bass And Percussion"
Well... that´s the fact: when you say that you listened to all kinds of musical ideas that can exist in this little earth, there is a guy called John Ringer, born in USA that has a idea to do a ... not exactally rock, but using bass, guitars and drums... adaptation of the classical piece “The Rite Of Spring” writen by "Igor Stravinsky" in 1913. I keep me asking if is he crazy? Can you imagine a opera section with chords, chorus, keys and orchestras converted to a power trio? Well... you don´t need to imagine anymore. He did it. Using two parts (“The Adoration Of The Earth” and “The Sacrifice” - with one of 15 minutes), he does a fantastic job. With a good sense of melody, music, and a fantastic feeling he created a organic masterpiece of classical music without classical elements. Something organic, from the bones I can say. Using the guitar as the master-line and the drums and bass as the background, it worked, it really worked. None of I wrote before can be understood without a good listen to this CD, so if you were curious to see and listen, go for it!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. TAPROBAN - "Posidonian Fields"
Italian outfit Taproban's third album "Posidonian Fields" saw the light last year, but only reaching my ear now. This is a concept album inspired by the submarine abyss, such as a metaphor of a no returning journey into the human mind subconscious, as well as shown in Ken's Russell's film "States of Allucination" and it's also inspired by some life experiences from the drummer of the band Davide Guidoni, who's in fact the author of all lyrics here. The album consists of ten high-class songs, subdivided into three chapters, where all the songs are sung in English. Taproban is a keyboard-driven outfit, whose direction proposes overall, Symphonic Progressive Rock Music. Such as it happened to the band's previous releases, this album is also strongly based on complex themes evoking distinct climates, going from melancholy to mirth. Some tracks are also continuously performed under sudden changes, rhythm sections and so forth. Although "Posidonian Fields" brings forward strong traces of originality, the band can't unfortunately, get rid of the comparisons with the legendary Italian band "Le Orme", whose direction sounds very close to each other, but not overly on the verge of making people take Taproban for a clone. I personally attribute such comparisons to the heavy use of the keyboards on the bands' compositions; also, for featuring the same number of musicians in both bands' line-up. Setting all sort of comparisons aside, "Posidonian Fields" is quite a great album on all senses. Its instrumental is grandiose to the point of standing up the hairs of my arms, mostly when the sound of the Harmmond organ is thrown in. As always, this amazing instrument provides memorable moments to me. After few, but thorough spins, I definitely came to the conclusion this album would make my days happier. In my humble opinion, Taproban is one of the biggest names from today's progressive scene. Therefore I'm sure this band will further bring us great surprises in times to come. If you doubt it, you shouldn't. The line-up of Taproban consists of the following members: Gianluca de Rossi - Keyboards, Guglielmo Mariotti - Bass, Bass-pedals, 12 String Acoustic, 6 String Electric, Bazouki & Vocals and Davide Guidoni - Drums, Percussions & Sound Effects). This album is highly recommended, ever!!!...    (Comments By Sergio Motta)
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. THE CURTAIN - "New Sound Made"
This 5 guys from Sweden make a mix of rock/electro/pop music, with hability and creative good ideas. You will not compare them to "Rammstein" or any band of this, because they´re more into the alternative movement. Johan Carlsson (drums), Oscar Olsson (bass), Stefan Juhlin (vocals), Daniel Carlsson (guitars) and Jan Martensson (percussion) are more interested in bands like "Sugar Cubes" or "Beck", as we can see in the opening act “The Thought” and the curious “For The Floors”. “New Sound Made” seems to be a "Pet Shop Boys" track (not bad, I swear!), and “John Doe” is a mix of keys, effects and special vocals. Okay, it´s not something that you will hear easily, maybe you will need one more listen to understand numbers like “Birdnest Day” (totally eletronic), the long and crazy “Dolores” and the sweet and oriental “J.C.D.C.”. Good ideas, but you need to be open-minded to understand this band. If you are waiting another "Beck" band, or a "Bjorn" clone, get out quickly. But if you are one that understood all the "SonicYouth" ideas since “Goo”, go into this and get yourself a party!...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
05/15/2007..........................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit THE CURTAIN HOME PAGE...
. THE ROAD - "Drift"
The Road is a North American outfit formed by five highly-gifted musicians, proposing quite a top-notch sound emphasizing a variety of tendencies like Jazz, Alternative and Progressive Music among others. However, in my view, this wondrous quintet covers substantially the fields of Progressive Rock music overall. In spite of being involved with the craft of making good music since long, these boys could only perpetuate their pieces last year when issuing a self-produced album entitled "Drift". Before entering into further details on this corking effort, I must whole-heartedly express here how much I have had a crush on this one, which can hardly stop spinning round into my CD player. Well then, "Drift" features eleven mind-blowing tracks, whose music is able to please right off the bat due to its peerless beauty, elegance and completeness. This work also peers out like a legacy for the world of quality music, which will ever be called up as one of the coolest releases in its category so far. Thence I can't frankly find any flimsy point on this album. The instrumental performed by this outfit is quite flawless, where the guitar-works are consistent and often developed under great skills. The album offers as well subtle bass lines with impressive rhythm changes. I also enjoy the princely keyboards thrown in here, which lead up the album occasionally to a more tuneful sound. The drumming is impeccable too, being really far from any sort of disappointment. Also, the inclusion of wind instruments on the band's direction ended up turning them into very peculiar ingredients to take this work to a higher dimension overall. The band also introduced in its music a very unfamiliar stringed instrument called "Viola da Gambas", I remember watching a man playing it during an erudite concert some 10 years ago. No longer I had such an experience thenceforward. "Drift" is instrumentally one of the best and most creative releases to get to my ears in the late years. Besides playing the wind instruments beautifully, Greg Wilson's stately voice also brought a real shine to the album, indeed. Though I understand both bands have their feet on rather different grounds, in a moment or so the music performed by The Road reminds me greatly of some "Timothy Pure" acts', mainly when developed tunefully as I like most. This album is definitely a great find for people like me who need music everyday as well as we also need oxygen to keep on living. The line-up of the band consists of the following members: Greg Girardin - Electric Guitar & Synthesizer, John Martin - Bass, Aaron Maulin - Electric, Acoustic & Classical Guitars, Lute, Bass, Tenor, Treble and Viola da Gambas, Sean Mullan - Drums and Greg Wilson - Vocals, Trumpet & Cornet. This album is highly recommended, ever!!!...  (Comments By Sergio Motta)
05/15/2007..........................Want to learn everything about the band and their history, go to THE ROAD HOME PAGE...
. SAGA - "Worlds Apart Revisited"
Originally known as "The Pockets", Saga formed in 1977 from the nucleus of Canadian rock band "Fludd". In June 1978, they released their self-titled debut album. A modest success in Canada, it would eventually sell over 30,000 copies in Germany as an import. It also became a major seller in Puerto Rico, after a local stereo equipment store featured the guitar-keyboard duet of the band's single, "Humble Stance" as part of its radio advertisements. Their 1979 follow-up album "Images at Twilight" gave them their first charting single in Canada with the song "It's Time" peaking at 84 in the Canadian Charts. The album "Silent Knight" was released in 1980 and included the single "Don't Be Late". In 1981, the band's 4th album "Worlds Apart" was released. The lead single "Wind Him Up", finally broke them into the Top 40, peaking at 22 on the Canadian Charts in January of 1982. A second single "On the Loose" also fared well, and in December of 1982, proved to be their breakthrough in America where it peaked at 26 on the Billboard Charts in March of 1983. "Wind Him Up" became the second single in America, peaking at 64 on Billboard the following month. After many years of great success around the world, it was announced by InsideOut Music, the band's current record label, that lead singer Michael Sadler will be leaving Saga for personal reasons at the end of 2007. A farewell tour of sorts is in the works which will also commemorate Saga's 30th anniversary as a band. It is not known whether Saga will carry on without Sadler or not. I think there are no more words to best describe their music and alive performances from this amazing and famous Band. Since their first release, the musicians on Saga are able to keep always an excellent musical originality, blending elements from Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Neo Progressive, creating a highly innovative form of Rock Music, where everything seems perfect and very well balanced. In fact, we can say that, Saga is a band with a large musical spectrum and an even larger sound. "Worlds Apart Revisited" is an album that deserves some special attention, where the production is, of course, stellar and extremely well done, a special collection of old and new Saga´s songs, which makes it one of the most impressive alive double album, that you'll never forget from the first moment you play it. We can hear, on this album, their best "Hist" such as: "The Pitchman", "Give `Em The Money",  "You're Not Alone" (a killer song), "See Them Smile", "The Runaway" (a Hard Rock in the best Saga´s style), "On The Loose", (a song where the band members interact very well with their fans), "Wind Him Up", "Framed", "The Interview", "Conversations", "Don't Be Late" (a beautiful prog rock song), "Careful Where You Step", and many others great songs. In fact, I consider Saga one the most talented and impressive band from all times."Worlds Apart Revisited" is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for Saga. Actually, the main musicians on Saga are: Jim Crichton – Bass, Keyboards, Ian Crichton – Guitar, Jim Gilmour – Keyboards, Clarinet, Harmonika, Brian Doerner – Drums and Michael Sadler – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
05/23/2007...............,.....Much more infomation about the Band and their history are available at SAGA HOME PAGE...
. RONIN - "Dissolving Pinch Roller"
Remember this names: Capitan T (vocals/guitar), Ranger X (vocals/guitar), Ninjaboy (bass), Michael Sapp (drums) and John Shi (additional vocals). This five guys from NY are in their second release trying to mix everything they can. Since punk rock until heavy metal and funk... do you have any doubt? Just go into the track “Paint The Floor” and listen some heavy solos into a funk bass, or go into the heavy “Concubine”, and the pop “Something Out There”. They are good musicians and the songs work well, even sometimes I ask to myself  “what do they want?”. Well... they are ninja-rockers (see the cover of the CD and you wil understand), so they seems to conquer the world with their music. With heavy moments like “Tarot Cards”, funky tunes like “Future” and pop songs like the title track (with some progressive elements...) they are shooting to all the possibilities, but they know what they are doing, because they are ninjas! HAHA! Sometimes I hear a new Rage Against The Machine coming in tracks sch as “West End Girls” but they put a track totally crazy like the instrumental “Monson” to make me crazy. Well... as I always say... open you mind... you like it... I really think so!...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
05/28/2007.....................................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit RONIN HOME PAGE...
. IMOGENE - "Imogene"
Can you imagine this? A 8-string bass player, a 4-string bass player, a keyboard player and a drummer playing together in a band? Holy Hell! What does this four guys (that didn´t say their names, no way!) want to make with me? Can you imagine something like “Happy Communing” or “Paper Dolls”? Two bass players, one with tons of distortions and a singer from hell? They used to call it “Indie Music”, but i think it fits more like the new Metal meeting the Jazz players from LA-Underground. At the same time we have a track like “Wormwood Raindrops”, a percussive moment that will scare some fans, but go into it, it´s funny! “Wasteoids” seems to be the more commercial moment among all tracks on the CD, with some melodies, and a bass that seems to be a guitar. Do you know "Primus"? I think they make something like this old good band.”Seraphim” would be an excelent terror movie song, while “Dark Room” has a interesting pop idea that i really liked. The most interesting track, the pop and crazy “Quoth i” finnishes the CD. Well... i didn´t say that will be easy to listen this CD, but open your mind and go into the madness of the Imogene guys. Released by Intrepid Sound Records...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
05/28/2007..............................,.....If you want to know more about the musician? Please visit IMOGENE HOME PAGE...
. SCOTT ALLEN PROJECT - "What Lies Beyond Words"
From the GIT Music Center here is Scott Allen. He was born in Sacramento (USA), this good guitar player started his musical activities in the 70´s. But the 80´s reserved for him a good moment in his life, when he joined metal band "7 Years". The band finished activities int the 90´s, so he decided to form his own band, called Scott Allen Project. Doing good gigs as opening act from "Eric Martin" (former "Mr Big" singer) and "Planet X" (band from "Derek Sherinian"), he started recording his first CD with Tom Frost in the drums, Brian Kinney in the Bass and Marty Cresci in the second guitar. What do we have here? Another "Steve/Satriani" clone? Not... Scott Allen is more into hard rock and "Eddie Van Halen", as we see in “U Want Some Of This (Bring It On)”, and “The Grind”. “A Girl I Once Knew” is an excelent hard-AOR moment, with a good vibration (it´s difficult to me to sing a solo, but in this track it happened), and “Mr Bad Mojo” has some pieces of Satriani (okay, he´s one of the biggest influences of all guitar players). Tracks like “Eternal Optmist”, the slow and sweet “Under The Mexican Moon” and the good “The Clock Is Ticking” shows that he has done a great work. I can say that I´m waiting a lot for his next record, promised to be released in the end of 2007. He ROCKS!...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
05/28/2007......................,.....For more about this great musician? Please visit SCOTT ALLEN PROJECT HOME PAGE...
Here's Astrid Pröll, a noteworthy outfit hailing from Puerto Rico, and formed by some of the most experienced musicians from that country's scene. I must firstly say here this is the very first time I have got the chance of getting acquainted with a Puerto Rican Progressive Rock outfit so far. Otherwise, I confess the experience has been really worth for me. Well then, Astrid Pröll cut an interesting self-titled album last year. This one consists substantially of a guitar-driven sound exploring intricate themes where the listener will have a lot of surprises to be discovered all along. In spite of having the guitars overlording most of the sound here, there's no doubt about the musicians' greatness involved in this captivating and adventurous project. The music proposed by Astrid Pröll is richly developed when embracing the instrumentation where as the album features very skillful musicians in its original line-up, and also excellent guests' contributions. Due to that, I have hugely appreciated the inclusion of instruments like Saxophone, Fender Rhodes and Synthesizers, which helped diversify the sound structure of some pieces. In this case, the stuff was welcome mostly when coming to break the supremacy of the guitars whereas the band makes a strong use of them over its repertoire. Musically, I'd say the band's direction trends substantially toward the sphere of Progressive Music, but everyone could find strong clues of a Canterburian sound in some of its pieces. Along of that, no wonder if you happen to find some similarity to bands like "Soft Machine", "Matching Mole" and others from that fertile scene. Furthermore, when going on with this band's music, the listener will also find other heavy influences recalling bands such as "King Crimson", "Amon Düül" among others that blazed the trail. In a way, this is a sort of release to be checked out carefully so that the listener can take it as it really is. Not essential, but a worth effort indeed. The line-up of Astrid Pröll consists of the following members: Georgie Castro-Ramírez - Guitars, Tenor Saxophone, Agustín "Chito" Criollo - Bass, Guitars, Synthesizer & Vocals, Andrés Lugo - Prepared Guitar & Synthesizer, Fernando Rosado - Drums & Percussion. Guest musicians: Raúl Gaúd - Keyboards, Ariel Hernández - Noises, Bebo Rivera - Fender Rhodes and Milton Barreto - Alto Saxophone. This album is highly recommended for open-minded listeners overall....   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
05/28/2007...................................Interested to know more about the Band? Please visit ASTRID PRÖLL HOME PAGE...
. ABSENT ME - "Hate To Wake You"
Don (drums), Curtis (Guitar), Job (Bass) and Brian (Vocals) meet themselves in Oregon in the beginning of the new millenium and have decided to join their musical influences to create a unique sound machine, called Absent Me. “Hate To Wake You” is the first CD recorded by this guys, and follows all the american way to do Heavy Metal. Single, with some progressive elements, and some grunge passages. “2 Wenty 1” is very interesting as a opening act, while “Kuatro” brings some interesring “ska” melodies, some Sublime influence? “Empty Words” is more into heavy atmosphere, with screams, backing vocals and a good guitar work. More melodical lines and some sweet moments can be found in “Stepchild”, while “Fade” seems to be a cross between "Alice In Chains" and "Sepultura". If you missed some rock moments, you can listen to “Thin”, while “Hate To Wake You” is the melancholical part of the CD, with low guitars and good keyboards sounds. I have to say I am a little bit confused to define which musical style I would say for this band, so I prefer to wait the second CD to tell you more. For while, go into the interesting world of Absent Me, a world of music and imagination. Oh, and don´t push “stop” when the last song finishs...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
05/30/2007.................................;;;;;;;;;..,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit ABSENT ME HOME PAGE...
. KHALLICE - "The Journey"
Brazilian Prog Metal band Khallice started its career covering bands such as "Rush", "Pink Floyd", "Led Zeppelin" and "Deep Purple". The band's first demo of original material was written in Portuguese from Brasil. They recorded "Madman Lullaby", an English version of "Balada do Louco" (a 1970´s hit from the world famous Brazilian band "Os Mutantes"), for a Tribute CD to former Mutantes member, "Arnaldo Baptista". The band released a second demo, "Prophecy", which was very well received by the local fans and magazines from all over Brazil. Alirio Netto, who performed in the role of Jesus in the Brazilian and Mexican casts of "Jesus Christ Superstar", joined the band as lead vocalist. Khallice finished writing the material for their first album. The band established its line up with: Marcelo Barbosa, Alirio Netto, Michel Marciano, César Zolhof, Renato Gomes and Bruno Wambier. All Khallice members are professional musicians and music teachers with a great deal of experience in different styles of music such as Jazz, Pop, Classical, and Bossa Nova. For them, music is, literally and the reason of their lives. Khallice founder Marcelo Barbosa is a reknowned guitarist in Brazil, and writes articles for musician oriented magazines. Barbosa is the owner of GTR Guitar and Music Institute, which is one of the most respected music schools in Latin America. The brazilian Prog Metal band Khallice, is releasing in the US its first work by Magna Carta Records, entitled “The Journey”. Originally released in 2004 in Brazil by "Hellion Records", the band shows great influence of "Rush" and "Dream Theater". We can also note the excellent singer Alírio Netto which has a tone of voice that sounds like "James Labrie". Virtuosity and technique are the main characteristics found on their album. The CD consists of 9 tracks, every one of them well composed songs, including strong instrumental passages with many of killer guitar sounds, that create a massive sound that is matched by an electrifying stage presence. If these qualities were not enough to prove the band’s potential, the great majority of the lyrics are still written by the original singer of the band, Mario Linhares (Harllequin). The art cover is well done and it makes us remember the "Stratovarius' ". Today, the musicians on the band are: Alírio Netto - Vocals, Marcelo Barbosa - Guitar, Michel Marciano - Bass, Bruno Wambier - Keyboards and Cesar Zolhof - Drums. For those who are fans of a good Progressive Metal sound, but didn’t know any brazilian band, listen to Khallice.   (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
05/30/2007................................,.....Interested to know more about this brazilian band? Visit KHALLICE HOME PAGE...
. BAND OF RAIN - "Arts & Allurements"
Chris Gill began playing guitar at 13, but really got in to it after seeing "The Groundhogs" and more specifically "Tony McPhee" in 1970. It wasn't long before he had a school band together called "Gondolin" doing some groundhogs covers. Inevitably they split up after leaving school, and Chris played with various different bands in the then thriving Bedford U.K. music scene. Prowl and The Eyes of Eleanor being 2 of them. He got invited to a Bath Arts workshop in 1973 which was to introduce him to the world of improvisation. Chris, Lol Coxhill ("Kevin Ayers" & the whole world) and the mighty George Khan ("Robert Wyatt" "Soft Machine") and members of the Global Village Trucking Company played non stop for about 6 hours, even through a "Hawkwind" gig that was going on in the next room, without playing the same thing twice. In fact when the "Hawkwind" gig finished, they came on stage and jammed along too. Chris saw the potential of improvisation and the benefits it brings to song ideas and decided to develop it. Trying to re create the magic of Bath with many musicians, it never really worked. Add to that, by now the UK music scene was heading in to Punk, like so many others he decided to try his luck in the USA. He moved to Houston Texas and found a club there called Carnabys in the bohemian Montrose area, where he met a whole bunch of like minded musicians. They soon put a band together, and found themselves playing at various universities and clubs across the southern states. In the mean time, Chris decided to move to L.A. where he remained for about a year coaching actors to talk with an English accent and working with young bands that were trying to get off the ground. Add to this that he had found new inspiration talking to "Nick Mason" ("Pink Floyd") he started to put together what we now know as Band Of Rain. Because he wanted to try to make a new kind of music, he decided to take on the debut album "Deep Space" as a solo project, as he really was not sure which direction it would go in. Except for some help with vocals from good friend Andy Fisher, he played all the other instruments himself. His wife Katrina who is also a musician played the flute on "Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers". Band Of Rain is a amazing band and a musical project certainly capable to creating some astonishing, enjoyable and moving Progressive Music, where the leadership is Chris Gill, a musician who display a special talent, a hunter and researcher of differents progressive sounds, a versatile musician capable to satisfy all different legions of Progressiver Rock listeners. "Arts & Allurements" is very different from the first two albums and, deserves some special attention, mainly because it sounds more as a blend of Symphonic Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Hard Rock including some "Gothic" textures. The main attraction on the songs are, the strong and powerful vocals from "Sharon Leslie", performing a variety of vocal tones, run from melodic to hard, but without aggressiveness. The guitars solos, created by "Chris Hill" sounds so pure, sometimes symphonic and sometimes aggressive, complemented by incredible bass, drums and keyboards elements. The music on "Arts & Allurements" is rich, and everything is done to lead us through this very special musical universe full of atmospheric melodies. All tracks are developed under a superb orchestration, very powerful and emotional, in my opinion, one of the best albuns from 2007. Just listen "Their Mistake", "The Devils Debts", "Vampires", "Drusilla", "Arts & Allurements" and "Pan", where everything sounds incredible but "Monument" I really consider the best song on this album. The musicians on Band Of Rain are: Sharon Leslie - Vocals/Lyrics - Vocal Melodies, Chris Gill - Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals and Writer, Richard Northwood - Keyboards, Andy Whitfield - Bass and Vocals, Tim Walkers  - Drums and Graham Elks - Guitar. Brilliant, perfect, amazing and an indispensable work, highly recommendable for all Progressive Rock fans around the world... (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
06/08/2007.....Want to learn everything about the band and more about their history, go to BAND OF RAIN WEBSITE...
. Z'AXIS - "Concatenations"
Z-Axis is a North American outfit which was formed in 1997. At first the band began performing music for the multi-media production Reality Check, but soon discovered a unique chemistry and decided to use the band as a vehicle to push the frontiers of their own musical expressions. So here I am to introduce you the band's latest album entitled "Concatenations" which consists of ten top-notch tracks where the band can sublimely create quite a stunning musical odyssey when exploring a sort of sound filled with complexity over its pieces. The music performed by Z-Axis is classified by the band itself as post-progressive rock music, new edge-ambience; I would honestly say this band's music is far beyond this conclusion. To me, this music sounds like something innovative when joining talent and creativity as it occurs here. In a way, I would also say this band performs an interesting sound with a strong leaning to the space music which is developed under an impressive subtlety. Most of the tracks here are also developed harmoniously, evoking many times atmospheric climates over the whole album. Moments like that might well become a timely invitation to shut the eyes and go on an imaginary journey while the sound cheers up the listener's soul. As an album of such magnitude, the instrumental would never hang fire. I haven't honestly found any flimsiness toward the instrumental proposed by this corking outfit. So, I doubt anybody else will find something convincingly able to gainsay that. Besides featuring remarkable guitars, striking bass, ethereal keyboards and noteworthy drumming, the album also presents impeccable percussions. Furthermore, the listener will find as well instruments like flute, sitar and violin on a track or so. "Concatenations" also features good vocals and also a short narration at the very start of the first cut. It all together, really makes this release one of the richest albums in its category so far. To me, this one is quite a great find for all those who love quality music. The line-up of the band consists of the following members: Mark Baker - Guitars, E-bow, Backing vocals, Phillip Hart - Drums & Percussion, Jeff Tyson - Bass, Percussion & Primary Vocals and Allen Welty-Green - Keyboards, Electronics, Percussion, Melodica & Incidental Guitar. With special guests: Chip Epsten - Violin, Fiery Church Lady - Voice, Beth Heidelberg - Flute, Madelaine St.Romain - Voice, Harold Timms - Additional Guitar, Sitar, Lap Steel Guitar, and Elle Trapkin - Voice. This album is highly recommended, ever!...   (Comments By Sergio Motta)
06/17/2007...........................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Please visit Z'AXIS HOME PAGE...
. ASPIRE - "Quest Eternal"
Ryan Metzger (vocals) and Al Candello (everything else) formed Aspire in 2004 in New York. Al Candello was a good musician (with an instrumental CD released) and Ryan an theater actor. Together they decided to combine power metal riffs with strong vocals from the heavy metal, and released an EP call “All Ahead”, which songs were re-recorded for this first full lenght CD, released in 2005. Well, what do we have here, I think is a mix of "Iron Maiden" and "Helloween" influences, with a good vocalist, and songs very interesting like “Living In A Dream”, the hard-rock “Lost Forevermore”, and the speed-oriented “All Ahead” and “Riding With The King”. Don´t get me wrong, they have talent, but I honestly think that this kind of melodic metal is going to a sudden death. We can listen epic tracks as “From The Shadows”, good power ballads as “As Many Years (Go Passing By)” and long numbers as “The Liberator”, but I´m very tired of bands like "Rhapsody", "Hammerfall", and "Stratovarius". Aspire seems to go to the same way, so there´s nothing that you haven´t heard thousands of times in a lot of CD´s. If is well done? Of course! Ryan is a fantastic singer and Al Candello is a multi-instrumentalist, but nothing different from what I´ve been listening during this 10 years of writing and listening. Aspire´s music is recommended for fans of the bands like "Iron Maiden", "Helloween", "Gamma Ray", "Rhapsody", "Hammerfall", "Fates Warning" and "Queensryche". They are releaseing a second CD this year, so let´s wait and see what they prepared to us...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
06/25/2007..................................If you are Interested to know more about the Band? Then visit ASPIRE HOME PAGE...
. PEASANTS OF POSTURE - "Counter Revolution"
Well... I swear I am trying to understand what this four-man-band from Florida (USA) want to show us with this album. Putting old Russian Lenin in the cover, I think they want to talk about wars, but Thomas Rasputin (vocals), Nikolai (drums), Anastasia (bass) and Felix (guitars) seems to make a album totally crazy. A meeting between "Marilyn Manson" and "Faith No More", including lots of special guests, tracks like “Lamb Of God” and “Kill The Vulcan” reminded me a lot one of the craziest CD´s I've never heard: Faith No More´s “Angel Dust”. At the same time, “God Of War” is a mix between modern metal and industrial with good results. The title track "Counter Revolution" is a good industrial moment, really interesting, while “Soldier Of Fortune” seems a lot with Black Label Society (Zakk could have played in this one). The most industrial moment is the totally insane “Maddogsontheloose”, it was recorded live. "Counter Revolution" it´s a crazy album, but very funny and musically talking a good idea that was very well done... By the way! Listen carefully and wait some seconds when the last track finnishe...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
04/20/2004........................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit PEASANTS OF POSTURE HOME PAGE...
. GUTTER SIRENS - "Horror Makers"
Gutter Sirens is a Polish Symphonic Power Metal band that was founded at the end of 1992. In a nutshell the first years of their existence can be summarized by mentioning a number of line-up changes and the recording of several demo tapes. Always searching to increase their fanbase, they recorded their first demo with English lyrics in 1998. Around 2001 they recorded their first album, which was picked up by the German label "Shark Records" and subsequently released in January 2003. For a first album it was OK, but its follow-up, entitled "Horror Makers", is a big step forward. Inspired by bands like "Helloween" and "Savatage", the songs are well-composed and -performed. What surprises me most of all however, is the quality of Krzysztof Domañski’s voice. Admitted, he sings with a slightly domestic accent, but delivers the goods throughout the album, and he’s backed up by a bunch of seasoned, well-oiled musicians!.  Among ten tracks on "Horror Makers" album, we can listen some songs that really are massive and very powerful, listen: "Towards The Dark Eternity", "On The Other Side" and "The Power Of Inspiration" and you'll never forget from the first moment you play them. The musicias on the band are: Doman - Bass Guitar, Vocal, Pawel Kowalczyk - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mariusz Czarnomysy - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Rafal Aleksandrzak - Keyboards and Marcin Szumilo - Drums...   (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
07/08/2007...........................;.........,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit GUTTER SIRENS HOME PAGE...
. IRONWOOD - "Ironwood EP"
This four australian guys (Phil Brown, Ruanik Grimnisson, Henry Lauer and Dan Nahum) are trying to put their names in the prog-metal scene. Ironwood is a band wich released a 24 minute EP in 2006, with all the musical influences you can imagine. The 11 minute “Viper” brings us melody, melancholical moments, heavy moments and industrial material... what can i say? Better go to the next track, the slow and orchestrated “The Tree”. Considering that is a diffcult idea to develope, they did a great job. The melancholy and madness come back in the 8 minute “Song Of The Danes”. But I can see a problem to this EP. Although the ideas seems to work well, the production isn´t good enough. You have to leave everything clear and very well for us to understand. It´s possible listen some black metal vocals on the tracks, but the production to low turns everything too much difficult to see and evaluate. But they are here, started their career and this is a fact. Hope they work more to bring us a “full lenght” CD with all the ideas they have...   (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
07/08/2007.............................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit IRONWOOD HOME PAGE...
. PLANET X - "Quantum"
Planet X has back with Quantum, a gigantic leap forward for the Derek Sherinian-led prog-fusion outfit. Quantum proves the five years between the group’s last offering, "Moon Babies" were kind to the group. As wonderfull as "Moon Babies" was, it occasionally eschewed subtlety for the sake of shred, but here, Sherinian (Keyboards - "Yngwie Malmsteen", "Billy Idol", "Dream Theater", "Alice Cooper", "Kiss" and "Platypus"), the drummer Virgil Donati ("Southern Sons", "Jon Stevens", "Tribal Tech", "Garsed" and "Helmerich") and the virtuosity bass Rufus Philpot ("Al DiMeola", "Randy Brecker", "Bill Evans", "Jeff Golub", "Dave Samuels", "David Gilmore" and "Buddy Williams"), (Jimmy Johnson also handles some duties) focus instead on delivering full-realized compositions where no note and no solo is out of place. A "cliche" to be sure, the individual playing is always at the service of the song. What remains intact is the unit’s ability to capture the hazy, late-night feel of a party that just gets started at 3 a.m., the reflection that solitude brings and the unbridled power evident when a master marches in step with his instrument. Witness the opening “Alien Hip-Hop", “The Thinking Stone” also the beautiful and brilliant “Poland” and the gritty “Quantum Factor". Although Tony MacAlpine has gone the way of Gilby Clarke, there’s still plenty of perfectly good guitar to be found throughout, courtesy of Brett Garsed and the unfathomably cool Allan Holdsworth (on two tracks, namely the ultra-cool “Desert Girl", which features one of the legendary guitarist’s best solos to date). This isn’t progressive fusion like they used to make, it’s progressive fusion as they’ll make it in the future, as soon as the rest of Planet E catches up with the aliens making the music of Planet X. "Quantum" is another great addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music and a perfect home for Palnet X...    (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
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. PARHELIA - "Oceans Apart - EP"
Parhelia are a 4-piece from Dublin Ireland, who play refined Instrumental music. They released their debut Ep “First Light” in 2006. Since the release of the Ep Parhelia have undertaken tours in Ireland and Norway and appeared alongside acts such as "Dead Soul Tribe", "65 Days of Static" and most Notably "Guns N’ Roses" and "Therapy". Parhelia recently appeared Rock Sound magazine as part of the “100 Bands you need To Know in 2007” Feature. From time to time, new bands appears in the rock music scene that surprises for its freshness and lots of musical variation. In that case, I´m talking about Parhelia a band with an unique and perfect blend of a modern Progressive Rock and Art Rock themes. Andy, Greg, Cathal and Diarmuid know how to write the sort of songs that sound large enough, to satisfy lovers of all Progressive Rock genres, with a strong example of a wonderful instrumental music. Parhelia has an enormous strength, but without aggressiveness on their compositions, all five tracks are song based with mainly guitar led instrumentation. In fact, I have to say that, the musicianship coming out of these guys is first rate. If you like bands such as "Frost", "Beardfish", "Spock's Beard" and "Porcupine Tree" you will love Parhelia. "Oceans Apart - EP" album displays what this band can do for us in the near future, and we get to wait for a full length CD. All songs are so perfect, but I have a special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Lights In The Distance", "Oceans Apart" and "Storm Warning". The musicians on Parhelia are: Andy Clarke - Drums,  Greg Clarke - Guitars, Cathal Rodgers - Bass and Diarmuid Shore - Guitars/Samples. Perfect and innovative Progressive music, really a brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. SUSPYRE - "A Great Divide"
Suspyre's music has a wide range of influences and members with distinct personalities that make up the band's sound. They all have a common interest in Progressive Rock and Metal, while jazz and classical are also at the top of their lists. Their current goal for the future is the push their musical boundaries even further by creating a fusion of the best music to date and then attempting to add new life to it. When you look at the artcover for the first time, the first impression is that there is a more front woman symphonic metal like "Nightwish" and "Epica". Instead, Progressive and Power Metal, Jazz and Classical music collide on "A Great Divide", the second album from Suspyre. Think "Dream Theater" meeting "Symphony X" with some intense "Pain of Salvation" moments. Heavy on the crunch and judicious on the pretentious neoclassical ramblings - save for the 10 minutes scorcher “Galactic Backward Movements” - Suspyre offers an appealing take on a genre that’s increasingly losing originality. A jazz piano and drum breakdown in “The Singer”, the lush and dramatic orchestral passages that comprise the two-and-a-half-minute piece “Bending the Violet,” and some aggressive extreme metal on the finale “Blood and Passion” combine to help give Suspyre a much-needed identity. Throw in some Russell Allen-style vocals, a series of fluid guitar runs on songs like “Manipulation in Time” and “Subliminal Delusions” and, a running order that allows acoustic songs to keep pace with lush symphonic metal blasterpieces, and you’ve got an album worth hearing. Of course, you’ll hear some routine double-bass drumming and Rhapsody-like riffs, too. "A Great Divide" is divided into two opus, each taking up more than 34 minutes and containing a half-dozen songs. Although the promo copy doesn’t make clear what each epic is about, they musically reference one another and bridge the CD’s first and second halves. The band originally intended to release “Opus II: The Alignment of Galaxies” as an EP, but added “Opus III: The Origin of a Curse” to make a full album. Wise choice, as "A Great Divide" - all 70 minutes of it - should help solidify Suspyre as a worthy American entry on the world’s progressive/power metal battleground. Today, the Lineup on the band are: Gregg Rossetti - Guitars, Midi Sequencing, Alto Saxophone On Tracks 3 And 11, Tenor Saxophone On Tracks 4 And 11, Chapman Stick On Track 2, Rich Skibinsky - Guitars, Midi Sequencing, Keyboard On Track 2 And 7, Sam Paulicelli - Drums And Percussion, Pvc Pipe On Track 7, Clay Barton - Lead And Backing Vocals and Noah Martin - Bass Guitars. Guest musicians: Ceara Crandall-Johnson - Female vocals on The Spirit.    (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
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. PAGANUS - "Skogsrock"
"Paganus is in the ear of the listener, what she wants Paganusto be. But in our world, Paganus is an initiation.Paganus is needed! We're needed because there are too few who sing in Swedish; because everyone is obsessing with Stockholm, who in turn obsess with London, New York and Paris. We're needed to give a voice to forests, bark, grass, river and bog; to give a voice to the things beyond everything plastic, without for that matter rub shoulders with politics". Paganus is a new band that came from Sweden. Musically they are a Hard Rock band, but especially on their new album they have mixed it with some other musical influences such as Classic Rock, Country Rock, Folk and Progressive Rock, so in the end they sound very sensational and, are in quality, as good as the legendary American and British Hard Rock bands from years 70's. All the themes are developed through short tracks, using traditional hard rock instruments as guitar, bass and drums combined with elegant and vibrant violin, the musical arrangements are simple but very tasteful, with a finesse balance, check out the energetic tracks called "Memento Mori" and "Skogen", the songs reminds me "Led Zeppelin III". Paganus  has a good singer, by the way, the lyrics are singing in swedish, and songs like "Dansa Dansa Dansa", "Solpäls", "Vänner", "Stillasittartittarliv", "Stjärnljus" and "Pygmalion", are very good and display many references from a traditional Hard Rock. If you like good celtic ballads try listen "Gångsång", "Vaggevisa" and "Gillstensrud". In fact, Paganus may be considered as an inspired swedish Hard Rock band. Would you like some references? Think about something like the songs from old bands as "Kansas", "Led Zeppelin" and "Jethro Tull".  "Skogsrock" contains twelve tracks, almost 45 min of the pure and energetic music. The musicians on the band are: Johannes "Hampe" Söderqvist - Lead Vocal, Guitar, Maria Larsson - Mandolin, Violin, Backup Vocal, Fredrik "Balle" Karlsson - Bass, Fredrik "Molle" Molin - Lead Guitar and Jerry "Terrorjelly" Torstensson - Drums, Percussions. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. ORIGIN - "Echoes of Decimation"
After the mind-bending attack of "Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas", Origin returned better than ever with "Echoes of Decimation". This is their "more" album, meaning it has more of everything. The insane sounding technical lead sweeps are faster than ever, yet strangely catchy and moody. The loss of their monster drummer John Longstreth  has not stopped them since they are now driven a even crazier sounding behemoth of a percussionist, James King. Even founding member Jeremy's absence is not felt, since the riffs are even more technical than before. The triple vocal attack is still leading the assault. One of the most interesting aspects of this record is the rhythmic synchronization of all elements of the band , which was hinted at on previous records, but here it is honed to perfection. The way the multiple vocals, decimating drum attack, rhythm guitars and those insane lead licks come together is no less than awesome. No two parts on any song are alike. Highlights include the opener "Reciprocal", the pulverizing "Burner" and the positively anthemic barrage of  "Staring From The Abyss". The lyrics are great too, firmly entrenched in scientific and cosmic questions while remaining brutal. And production leave nothing to imagination, being clean and crystalline to the point of precision. Get this if you want something really different but are not afraid to cross over to more extreme metal forms. The band has since broken up and none of the new projects of the members comes close to the insanity of this ensemble. The main lineup on the band today are: Paul Ryan - Guitar, James Lee - Vocals, Clint Appelhanz - Guitar, Mike Flores - Bass and James King - Drums. (Comments By Syed Suleiman Ali)
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. POWND - "Circle of Power"
In the world of Priest/Maiden-core bands, it’s almost like breathing a breath of fresh air when listening to the more down-to-earth & balls-to-the-wall approach that Kentucky’s Pownd profoundly adheres to. Crossing the grind of "Rage" & "Primal Fear" with the AOR touch of "Pretty Maids" & "Line of Fire", the band exposes not only the power & the passion, but their flexible songwriting as well. The good news is that Pownd isn’t completely generic and disposable. "Circle of Power" at least reveals an interesting mix of ’90s grunge with ’80s hair metal, and at least these boys seem to have a sense of irony unlike other bands "du jour" like "Puddle of Mudd" and "Staind". Pownd is better than that, not a ton better but at least better. It’s at least more fun to hear these goofs bash out power chords than it is to hear Aaron Lewis wail about his pain. The problem is the album doesn’t rise too far above the fray.  They go through the motions on full-blown metal tracks with “Ellie”, “The Stand” and “Swatting Flies” all the while pursuing more groove oriented pastures with “Monster” balladry on “Never Means Forever” and dark prog-metal on the sophisticated “Slowly Drowning” where the hierarchy for the classic metal sound is attached with a no bullshit approach. The vocalist Michael Duncan, whose pipes are like to Halford’s, leads the band through one bold record that is filled with technical chops and hook-laden material; putting the ‘raise your fist in the air’ factor in your face. "Circle of Power" is an album that invokes serious riffage and is profound proof that real metal remains a massive force with no need for symphonic overtones or the constant double bass (and no cheesy kitch factor either); where as Pownd is a band that not only hearkens to the days when real metal was king, but they prove real metal isn’t going away anytime soon. They are better than some of the other bands that current rock music has to offer, but you wish a band would set their sights a little higher. The musicians on the band are Michael Duncan - Vocals, Ronnie Duncan - Guitar, Rick Sargent - Guitar, Clint McMaine - Drums and Steve Watts - Bass...    (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
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. DERDIAN - "New era pt.2 - War Of The Gods"
Formed in 1998 in Milan, Italy by drummer Marco Covelli and guitarist Enrico Pistolese, Derdian came together as a "Metallica/Megadeth" trash metal cover band. However, after the decision was made to completely change their format to Symphonic Metal and the band concentrating on writing original songs, original vocalist Luigi Trapani and bassist Samuele Canari were replaced with bassist Max Raneri, guitarist Luca Aversa, keyboardist Frederico Bonetti and vocalist Andrea Figus. With a lineup in place that allowed for their new style of metal, the six-piece then released their self-produced debut, called "Revenge" in 2001 and Incitement in 2003, both of which throughout Europe were given rave reviews. The next few years would prove to be a difficult time for Derdian, with them having a revolving door with band members coming and going. In 2004 with the band finally signing their first major label contract, a "new era" was born, and the brilliant "New Era, Part I" was released in February of the following year. Released in 2007, we have the follow up to "Part I" with this metal godsend of a CD, titled appropriately enough "New Era, Part II". With what is probably one of the finest lineups in metal, the boys of Derdian have done the metal world proud. They have superbly combined the power metal sounds of "Nightwish", "Dragonforce", "Rhapsody" and "Sonata Artica". Grandiose, epic and symphonic in every imaginable way is the opening track, "Overture". Larger than life cathederal-esqe vocals, speed metal guitar riffs with head pounding drums all tell the story of destiny, the needs of a people in a far away place, and a ruler's determination to oversee all. A double bass drum opens track 2, "New Era". A kick ass keyboard solo fades into machine gun guitar riffs, with both then fading into the background as vocals come center stage. Mid-song, the tempo slows briefly for vocals taking an accompaniment with a soft piano, but then as quickly as it disappeared do the heavy guitars, drums and bass appear once again. "New Era"s' keyboard solo will blow you away, with Marco Garau fingers flying up and down the octaves of the keyboard. Not to be outdone, guitarists Henry Pistolese and Dario Radaeli both cut into some killer solo time. The standout of track 3, "Betrayer", are the vocals. Speaking of rage and a king's revenge, the vocals give the listener a feeling of being led into battle with flags held high, battlefields stained red with the blood of traitors defeated and order restored. Monster drum riffs with heavy use of the bass guitar only add to the fullness of "Betrayer". "I Don't Want To Die", opens with a twin guitar attack, and the intensity of the track builds until the chorus, with vocals almost coming to a hushed whisper. The highlight of the CD is the following track, "Goldstar's Rage". Growling, deep vocals start the track with the lyrics, "For my love, I'm coming in the dark, with my sacred sword I will fight against the king as an icy blade digs inside my heart this is the pain I feel". Reminiscent of the 1970's band Renaissance, is the mid track piano solo. "Why", is beautiful in its delivery. Pitch perfect vocals, extraordinary piano arrangement with the sounds of orchestral tympanis and cymbal rolls. "Back To The Crystal", "Immortal Lair" and , "The Hunter", continue the story of battles, fortunes lost, disaster and pain and the tragedy of love lost. "Before The War", is a masterful instrumental mix of guitars, in your face drums and keyboards. A harpsichord opens the closing track, "War Of The Gods". A perfect closing song that brings the story told thus far throughout the CD to its conclusion. A conceptual CD perhaps is the best description of New Era, Part II. The boys of Derdian continue to show the world that they have found their place in symphonic metal. And they continue to do so flawlessly. New Era, Part II is a another great release from Magna Carta Records...    (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
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. VIOLETA DE OUTONO - "Volume 7"
Sporadic meetings in a basement in the district of Pinheiros, São Paulo, originated the band formed by Fabio Golfetti, Claudio Souza (ex-members of the first formation of the band Zero) and Angelo Pastorello. The sound, a result of the integration of psychedelic/progressive rock and elements of contemporary art such as architecture and visual arts. After many year the band recorded some albuns, and in a short time the band drew the attention of musical critics and fascinated the music fans. For the second time Violeta de Outono opened the concert for the Dutch band "Focus". The set list included some long extended versions of "Mulher na Montanha" and "Sombras Flutuantes". Around some concerts, Fabio Golfetti and Angelo Pastorello dedicated to the recordings and overdubs on the material previously recorded and the result was a collection of 13 new tracks which was called 'Ilhas'. Some of the tracks were mastered and 3 of these were released through the label Invisivel (dedicated to Violeta de Outono & "Invisible Opera Company") as a limited EP edition called 2002/2003 Sessions EP. The tracks included were Mahavishnu, Supernova and Moon Princess. After 5 years, the original drummer Claudio Souza rejoined the band. With new concepts and experiences the original trio restart the reheasals. In November 19th  at "Rio Art Rock Festival 2003", Violeta de Outono played on the first day sharing the stage with the band Alas from Argentina, and Sergio Dias (ex-Mutantes) at Canecão, Rio... Violeta de Outono are one of the most popular brazilian Progressive Rock groups. Their first album EP, titled as "Violeta De Outono", was recorded in 1986, after that, the guys on the band had very clear-cut of what it wanted, and they started to explore a kind of music blending styles such as Classic Progressive/Symphonic music, adorned with space rock elements including psychedelic and Jazz fuzion touchs. The music on the band is, very versatility with a rick instrumental arrangements of which consist, of very tasteful and diverse interplay between passages of Hammond Organ and synthesizer, adorned by energetic guitar solos, all of which are of a symphonic character, the drums sometimes are massive and sometimes delicate, nice bass sounds and full of soft vocal lines. All songs revolve around extended instrumental sections, where we can hear the influences of all the music we love, "Caravan", "Camel", "Pink Floyd" and "Yes" adding a special brazilian musical feeling. "Volume 7" features eight tracks, including a Violeta de Outono videoclip MPG, recorded on the studio. All arrangements by Violeta de Outono. All songs have the ingredients we want to hear, but try listen "Além do Sol", "Caravana", "Broken Legs", "Eyes Like Butterflies", "Pequenos Seres Errantes" and "Fronteira" you will love all them. The main musicians on Violeta de Outono are: Fabio Golfetti - Guitars & Vocals, Gabriel Costa - Bass, Claudio Souza - Drums, Fernando Cardoso - Hammond Organ, Piano & Synth. Brilliant, amazing and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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. LINDSEY BOULLT - "Composition"
First picking up the guitar at 21 years old, Lindsey Boullt received his music degree three and a half years later and then graduated with honors from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles at the age of 27. Now an established guitarist, composer and instructor in San Francisco and working with some of the finest players in the world, Lindsey Boullt teaches at the renowned Guitar Institute and has just released the 10-song original work, June 2007. These compositions are a continuing demonstration of Lindsey’s ability to musically communicate how culture, chaos, and the reverence for odd time can be organized into precision and power. Lindsey Boullt is more than a guitar player, he can be considered as a wizard on the guitar. His compositions are extremely epic and strong, which sometimes sound like Progressive Rock and Metal adding touchs of symphonism from of 70’s artists, and mailing Jazz Rock Fusion. We can expect a perfect combination of musical elements rarely found today. All songs were composed with a vast instrumental exploration, featuring a lot of  symphonic guitar solos, very well played by Lindsey Boullt, combining the diverse musical experience with the driving bass of Stu Hamm and Jon Herrera, the thundering toms of drummers Atma Anur, the electric violin by Jerry Goodman, complemented by magical keyboards sounds from Derek Sherinian. The music on this album features a amazing collection of instrumental arrangments that are 'heady' enough for any Progressive Rock/Jazz Fusion afficionado. Let´s put together the power of Prog Metal from "Dream Theater", the rick Jazz Fusion texture from "Mahavishnu Orchestra" ("Birds of Fire, Inner Mounting Flame and Apocalypse), the Progressive Rock/Fusion style from "Jean Luc Ponty" and "Liquid Tension Experiment" and some slices from "Led Zeppelin", then we will have Lindsey Boullt music. "Composition" album was released 2007, the CD includes 10 tracks.  Engineered by Chris Manning (Santana, Metallica). The CD is also available to download from iTunes. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Page Revisited", "Moving Panvishnu", "Call For Peace", "Bravo Davo De La Torre", "Aurora´s Aura", "Taste The Hate" and "Cleopatra's Third Eye". Most of the CD is comprised of instrumental tracks with the exception of one vocal track. The musicians on this project are: Lindsey Boullt - Electric, Acoustic & 12 String Guitars, Mandolin, Synth, Jerry Goodman - Violin (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dixie Dregs), Derek Sherinian - Keyboards (Dream Theater, KISS, Malmsteen, Billy Idol, Planet X), Stu Hamm - Bass (Bx3, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani), Atma Anur - Drums (Cacophony, Tony MacAlpine, Richie Kotzen, Journey), Jeremy Colson - Drums (Steve Vai, G3, Marty Friedman), Jon Herrera - Bass (Senior Editor of Bass Player Magazine; Zigaboo Modeliste, Oz Noy), Sukhawat Ali Khan - Vocals (A member of the Ustad Salamat Ali Khan family representing a 500-year lineage of Pakastani musicians), Peter Van Gelder - Sitar (Zakir Hussain, Chitresh Das, Lalgudi Krishnan) and Mingo Lewis - Percussion (Al Di Meola, Return to Forever, John Mclaughlin, Chick Corea, Miles Davis). Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
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Transcending Mortality was formed in Australia somewhere in 2002 with the intentions of combining Progressive and Power Metal. After five years, the band is ready to present their debut release, entitled "The Last Horizon", an album that contains 7 tracks with a total time duration of 50 minutes. The band has put a lot of work into this release, starting from the excellent sound production and ending with the very good compositions that combine Power Metal and sophisticated musicianship. Rightly or wrongly, "Dream Theater" has connected their name with almost everything that has the Progressive Metal tag on it. Most of the bands have distinct influences and fall into the trap of competing with "Dream Theater" by composing more and more complicated music that eventually becomes difficult to “follow". Fortunately, Transcending Mortality “failed” in getting looped into the above category and put together an excellent album. The melodic track “Beyond Remembrance” leads into a groovy rhythm section. The vocals are powerful and melodic, bearing the perfect pitch. The Australians have put in some really good guitar fills during the first part of the guitar solo - far from being boring, instead presenting an extravagant style. “Into The Light” is more of a Power Metal track, featuring uplifting guitar riffs and a galloping rhythm. The keyboards are left aside, taking the role of simply giving more depth to the compositions. The heavy and fast-paced track, “The Spiral", is next. There are some minor areas for improvement here as the sound production has the guitars “covering” the vocals. “Veil Of Midnight” starts with some Rock melodies, taking the listener back to the "Rush" years. The track slowly brings out the Progressive character as soon as the twin guitars enters, serving some very good leads and fills. “Twilight” has some emotional moments with some clean guitar arpeggios and warm vocals, while “The Dawn Of Defeat” raises the temperature with the staccato rhythm guitars and the Classic Heavy Metal atmosphere. “Last Horizon” is the last and probably the heaviest track of the album. Apart from the early "Iron Maiden" double guitars, there is an Epic feeling all over this song, especially during the fast parts where the vocals really shine. Transcending Mortality have managed to create an impressive album, taking Progressive Metal back to the basics by avoiding the endless guitar jabber and by merging some old-school Metal atmosphere. The Line Up on this album are: Mike Zoias - Vocals, Keyboards, Shane Linfoot - Guitars and Backing Vocals, Jonathan Talan - Guitars and Backing Vocals, Christopher Griffin - Bass and Matthew Shriffer - Drums...  (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
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. JORDAN RUDESS - "Prime Cuts"
Do I have to introduce you Jordan Rudess? He is a famous keyboard player, and his good work can be found in bands like "Dream Theater" (since the famous "Metropolis II - Scenes Of A Memory") and lots and lots of side projects, like "Liquid Tension Experiments". This "Prime Cuts" CD has ten songs (all of his deal with Magna Carta Label) of his bands (except "Dream Theater") and some tribute songs that had his talentous keyboard. If you like his solo work you will have lots of fun hearing "Universal Mind" (from LTE), the sweet "Tear Before The Rain" (with the special vocals from Kip Winger), his piano moment at "Revolutionary Etude", the LTE´s electronic remix of "Osmosis" and his special participation at Rod Morgenstein´s "Faceless Pastiche" (good heavy moment). There is still space for some solo moments like "Outcast" and the good "Beyond Tomorrow", while LTE still appears with the excellent "Liquid Dreams". He still plays tribute to "Emerson, Lake and Palmer" in "Hoedown" (from a ELP tribute) and presents us with his solo "Feed The Wheel". A good "best-of" of Jordan´s solo career, and a good prog-CD...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
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. ALERION - "Fledgling (Self-Released-2007)"
The album kicks off with the suitably engaging riffing of "Hindsight", touching on at least 3 generations of metal riffing in a few minutes, but once the female vocals kick, it settles into a sabbathy yet dynamic groove. The closest reference point seems to be "The Gathering", and that too because of the nuance of female vocals. As the album progresses, bell-bottoms and a stoner influence become more evident, yet all dictated by a certain tightness of groove and above average musician-ship (almost bordering on thrash in places). It is in the solos and the occasionally chuga chuga riffing that the spirit of 80's hair metal shows itself. All in all think of a female fronted, slightly more technical and aggressive (guitar wise) "Black Sabbath", with a suitably beautiful interlude (witness the short and melancholy "Estrangement"). The band has seen a revolving line-up, and it shows in places. A little more band chemistry, especially with respect to vocal-instrumentation interaction could take this band places. Some of the more inventive riffing (ala "Dragnipur") could benefit from a suitably innovative vocal style, instead of following the tried and tested "Evanescence"/"The Gathering" route. A good cover of "She-Wolf"("Megadeth") rounds out the record, with the band making it their own. I look forward to what these guys and gal come up with after a reasonable period of jamming and gigging. They have the chops and just need a little work on the chemistry. Keep your eyes open for Alerion in the near future...  (Comments By Syed Suleiman Ali)
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. INFRONT - "Wordless"
Formed in 2002 in Moscow by talented and young musicians, instrumental band Infront has released one EP "News From The Other Side" in 2003 with 4 sounds. Now they join 4 new songs to this old material and release "Wordless", a good example of rock/pop/jazz, with a interesting idea of being different, since the opening act with "Invisibly Join", and the sweet pop atmosphere of "Corridor" (with some good guitars sounds), they really do it different for our ears, considering that "From Where The Wind Blows" could be a good progressive metal number, and "888" a good "Primus" song (where is Les at this moment?). They also had a good pop moment with "Autumn Velvet", a sweet and heavy "RUNNN", followed by a strong "Rush" influenced "Mensura Zoli", and the long and relaxing "Chinese Buterfly" (really having and Chinese atmosphere). A good idea, a good record, but is something difficult to understand. Open your mind an coming into their world, you will like them...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
10/15/2007................................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit INFRONT HOME PAGE...
. RIVERSIDE - "Rapid Eye Movement"
The brainchild of guitarist Piotr Grudzinski and drummer Piotr Kozierkadzki, Riverside was formed on a chance meeting between the two musicians, both of whom were doing time in local metal and prog bands. Finding musical kinship, the two proceeded to recruit bassist/vocalist Mariusz Duda and keyboardist Jacek Melnicki (who was later replaced by Michal Lapaj) and begun to rehearse more regularly. Eventually, Riverside took priority over their current projects, leading to the creation of their first demo in March of 2003 simply titled, Riverside. Comprised of songs from the Riverside demo and brand new tracks, the band headed into the studio to record their debut effort, "Out Of Myself", which was released in Poland in December of 2003. The tracks “Loose Heart” and “Out Of Myself” took off at Polish radio, topping the Warsaw Radio and Polish Radio Programme 1 charts. The momentum behind Riverside’s radio success allowed the band to enjoy success in the live setting, touring their homeland several times in addition to hitting European territories and the famed ProgPower USA festival in September of 2004. A stopgap EP, "Voices In My Head" was released in early 2005 and set the stage for what would become "Second Life Syndrome". I consider Riverside as a brilliant and energetic Polish group that, in a few years ago, became a cult Progressive Rock band. Riverside´s musicians know how to create strong and powerful musical atmospheres, with many synthesizer, amazing guitar solos and vibrant drums, adding an impressive vocal in all moments, they know to create a thundering rocking between the symphonism and the aggressive sound, with sophisticated compositions and symphonic arrangements, where the intention is to present a perfect combination among styles as Progressive Rock, Melodic Ghotic Metal and Symphonic Rock. In fact, Riverside is a fantastic musical discovery, a band that have the ideal conditions to please to any Prog Lovers around the world. "Rapid Eye Movement" is Riverside's third album and the final chapter of the "Reality Dream Trilogy", starting the first part with “Out Of Myself” and "Second Life Syndrome" is the second one. "Rapid Eye Movement" is the end of this "trilogy" and, is divided in two parts, where the first one consists of the following Tracks: "Fearless", "Beyond The Eyelids", "Rainbow Box", "02 Panic Room", "Schizophrenic Prayer" and "Parasomnia", and the second part are: "Fearland", "Through The Other Side", "Embryonic", "Cybernetic Pillow" and "Ultimate Trip".  Riverside is a band who have created a new dimension into a new world of Progressive Rock Music. "Rapid Eye Movement" is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for Riverside. The musicians on Riverside are: Mariusz Duda - Vocals and Bass, Piotr Grudzinski - Guitar, Piotr Kozieradzki - Drums and Michal Lapaj - Keyboards. Brilliant, amazing, fantastic and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
10/18/2007....................................,.....More information? Better check it out for yourself at: RIVERSIDE HOME PAGE...
. ZIP TANG - "Luminiferous Ether"
Zip Tang are a four-piece band from Chicago. According some comments around the music world press, they prefers to play something from the classic influences, the nice modern art and the bit of indispensable jam and "new music" - in a manner that, currently, gets optimistic praises, plus in a musical attractive emphaty that can score, further on, more and more important progressive qualities. Zip Tang knows how to paint a delightful instrumental production, rick and stuffed with a lot of influences from the '70s, a band that consists of the standard Progressive lineup, using classical instruments as keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums, bringing together, good moments that echo some irreverence of "Frank Zappa", adding the signature sound of "Van der Graaf Generator" and "King Crimson" with symphonic tendencies of "Yes", completing with some ingredients of the Progressive Hard Rock from "Wishbone Ash". Zip Tang features talented musicians, playing very good Progressive Rock style, with amazing instrumental arrangements, which consist of very tasteful solos of guitar, while the keyboards add a touch of symphonism, bass and drums develop some very cool rhythm sections with lush vocals, but one of the big surprise is, the highlighted saxophone section that create a strong feeling in the musical arrangements. "Luminiferous Ether" is a very diverse album, full of great songs and surprises, starting with the track "Tower Of Tuna", a song developed into Zappa's style. "Missed The Beginning" and "Nothing Here" are a powerful Hard Rock songs, where the guitars and drums are very strong and have a perfect balance. "Doctor Plush", "Like We Did Before" and "Searching For Treasure" are a Progressive Rock tracks that sounds very impressive, melodic, heavy and symphonic. "Beta"contains some interesting Jazz Fusion elements where sax, keyboards and guitar display interesting musical textures.  "With A Twist" blends Jazz Fusion with hard rock elements. The album ends powerfully with a stronger version of "Tarkus (E.L&P.)" which is very well played, featuring a strong musical signature, especially developed in the style of Zip Tang. "Luminiferous Ether" album was released in 2007, including nine tracks and 64:14min of a pure musical emotions. Engineered by Perry Merritt, recorded at ZT Studios - Park Ridge, IL. The musicians on the band are: Marcus Padgett - Keyboards, Sax and Vocals, Perry Merritt - Guitars and Vocals, Rick Wolf - Bass and Vocals and Fred Faller - Drums and Percussion. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
10/21/2007..............,.....Stay tuned for more about and in the meantime please check out the ZIP TANG HOME PAGE...
. JULIEN CARAYON - "Lethal Alchemy"
Julien Carayon's world is instrumental music, a world with no border as he plays no specific music style in mind...only what He gets with his instrument matter... He has almost ten years of guitar playing in his fingers. He's 99% self-taught (the remaining 1% is the very few instructional books he has bought so far). Julien Carayon trys to cultivate his own style, composing “non-80’s-style-shred music” and avoiding cliché. "Lethal Alchemy" is the thunderous debut album from the young talented guitar player Julien Carayon, who were inspired by icons such as "Dream Theater", "Liquid Tension Experiment", "Planet X", "Steve Vai", "Joe Satriani", "Pat Metheny", "Jimmy Hendrix"... He knows how to capture the real essence of guitar sounds, with a variety of musical techniques, showing a high degree of creativity and sensitivity, creating atmospheric songs with an epic instrumentation. So the instrumental is very progressive and very intense also, very heavy with a spirit of metal, adding symphonic elements such as an orchestra, something like an "Epic Symphonic Progressive Rock Metal".  "Lethal Alchemy" has a big sound with a sense of adventure, while making our ears stand up. All music by Julien Carayon. There are no words to best describe the seven tracks on the album, but listen "Welcome to My Nightmare", "Parallel Dimension", "The Good and Evil Sides of Men", "Azur", "Angry God" and "Dark Jazz Song" and of course you will understand what I really want to say. Julien Carayon plays all Guitars, Programming, using Ibanez Guitar, Dean Markley strings and Dunlop Picks. For future music project, Julien Carayon is going to form a band to play an amazing Progressive Music. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
10/25/2007..............,.....Interested to know more about this great guitar player? Visit JULIEN CARAYON HOME PAGE...
. DAVID CROSS - "Closer Than Skin"
David Cross was a member of the memorable progressive rock band called "King Crimson", and isn´t new for anyone that he has a good solo career, with good records and good participations in a lot of bands. This new one was released in 2005, and brings a good mix of lots of progressive elements. With good band-mates like Paul Clark in guitar, Arch and Jonathan in the vocals, Mick at the bass, and Lloyd at drums, we have good moments like "Are We One?", the progressive "States Of Deception", and the complex "Over Your Shoulder". He also makes a good work in epic moments like "Only Fooling" and "Awful Love". That could be a "King Crimson" record, getting for example songs like "Couting", the aggressive "Closer Than Skin", and the fantastic atmosphere of "Valley Of The Kings". The sweet "Tell Me Your Name" and the good "Anybody" are good final songs to a record of one fantastic musician, with great partners and fantastic ideas in mind. Go get yours quickly please!...     (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
10/28/2007...............................Interested to know more about this great musician? Visit DAVID CROSS HOME PAGE...
. BLACK ALBATROSS - "The Green Walls"
The first album proper (self released that is) from a meeting of young yet prodigously talented minds, this is indeed as avant garde as they come. Starting with a backward guitar melody that morphs ito the opener "In a Garden", here is some seriously eerie and trippy music. It is essentially Saqib Malik's soundscapes and strange textures married to Howard Eichenblatt's stream of consiousness poetry. From the opener onwards, the agenda gradually unfolds to demonstrate reverb laden guitars and drums, creepy drones, disturbing samples all topped of with vocals recalling a teenage Morrison on crack. Reference points touched upon include modern drone masters (Sunno, Boris et al) to indie (old Sonic Youth,Velvet Underground) to experimental black metal (Blut Aus Nord), but without resembling any one band or genre. The production  is intentionally lo-fi, keeping clarity of instruments and vocals without sounding immediate at all. In fact, the mixing of the distant reverb laden sound with the odd lyrical and vocal gist makes this the very epitome of narcotic post rock/metal. Thankfully this completely avoids the Grateful Dead-with-Distortion structuring or the chugga-chugga generic chunks of many post-metal luminaries. Instead it delves into the underside of rock (and no I dont mean the sleazy redneck kind either), and comes up all aces. Very occasional touches of a more extreme metallic element (witness "At Dusk We Returned" and "Dark Language") show metalheads swimming somewhere in the murk. This is cosmic music but its the very anti-thesis of what "cosmic" usually means when applied to metal. Instead of rage and pomp, this is the moan of a feeble, drugged out and  decaying cosmos. Honestly speaking after the first 6 tracks I lost conventional consciousness and was floating away blissfully on narcotic cloud. And I have not used any mind-altering substances in a long time. This is to drone and post metal what Radiohead's Kid A was to modern indie pop rock. I am scared of thinking what these guys would do with a bigger budget and a slicker studio...  (Comments By Syed Suleiman Ali)
10/28/2007...............................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit BLACK ALBATROSS HOME PAGE...
The CcFM are a italian band influenced by the good progressive bands like "Pink Floyd", "Genesis" and the old "Marillion". This CD is a result of their experiments in their hometown (Madri, Italy) and brings us good prog moments and pop elements, with a good production and a extremelly prog feeling. The only track with vocals is the good “Aria Antica”, but “Giugno” is a good pop song, “Zolar Chiapp” brings a good sax work and some jazz moments that should be played at Montreaux, while “Efeito Tindall” leaves us to an USA jazz bar, to drink ones and listen to good songs. This is a good instrumental band, here in Brazil I would associate it with good people we have like Alex Martinho. “Aria Antica” is a little bit melancholic in its 8 minutes, while “Troppo Lontano” is a mix of pop and fusion. Good work, not rock, quite progressive, but very interesting to listen in that moments we need some spiritual peace, and to see how good is a band that do not throw us a lot of riffs and atmospheres. Great Job guys! The Line Up on the Band are: Frederico - Vocals, Alessandro - Horns, Michele - Sax, Lorezo - Piano, Giuseppe - Guitarra, Antonio - Bass and Francesco - Drums...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
10/28/2007...........Interested to know more about? contact CIRCOLO CULTURALE FEDERICO MAGNANI HOME PAGE...
This 5 (1 lady) man band started activities in Germany in 2004, releasing their first CD, "Leave", one year after. Now this new CD comes to our hands with an interesting idea: a mix of rock, industrial moments and female vocals. If you expect something like "Nightwish" get out of here, because "Master Of Pride" is totally different and at some time we can see some new metal parts. They show good guitars in "At The Crossroads" and "End Of Days" (I can say that reminded me "Evanescence"), while "Tell Me" is a good pop moment, sweet and innocent. One of the best moments of this record can be found in "Time To Sleep" (good percussion, good guitars), the acoustic "My World Is Bigger", and the heavy "Be Winded". The pop "DOOM" (that is not a DOOM song) closes a good CD, from an interesting band, and believe, they are from Germany and doesn´t play melodic metal! The band is formed by Anja in the vocals, Andreas and Clemens in the guitars, Mirko in the bass and Danny in the drums...    (Comments By Rafael Carnovale)
10/28/2007......................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit HIDDEN TIMBRE HOME PAGE...
. SKINTILLA - "Shedding Skin"
Australia's Skintilla is quite an intriguing band. After releasing two albums, the band disintegrated due to irreconcilable differences. Guitarist Jeremy Burgess was the lone member to carry on, and he did so by enlisting some highly talented metal musicians and a vocalist whose style embodies what we all love about the genre. The result of this reformation is the "EP Shedding Skin", six tracks of hell-bent heavy metal. What struck me immediately was the vocal performance of "Darren Pretty". Sounding very much like a mix of "Dio" and Tim "Ripper" Owens, Darren doesn't have fantastic range but he does possess a raw, energetic style that compliments the music prefectly. From growls to shrieks, this guy has a great set of pipes. Musically, a fair comparison is Jugulator-era "Judas Priest", though the band has a modernized edge to their sound. Drummer Peter Stewart is a maniac behind the kit, relentlessly pounding the double-bass - and your skull - into submission. His work on "Hate", my favorite track, is phenomenal. Combined with the tight bass lines of Kym Kranixfeld, the rhythm section of Skintilla drives each track with punishing precision. The twin guitar harmonies of Burgess and Jason Beveridge lend quite an '80s thrash feel to the disc, with Lynch-inspired solos placed throughout. I've already mentioned the high octane "Hate" as being a highlight of Shedding Skin. Immediately following on the heels of that track is "Live the Lie", a close runner-up for my choice of the album. Darren delivers the lyrics in a bit of a shouted, hardcorish style while the guitars lay down some intensely grooving riffs. Definitely the catchiest tune on the disc. The EP closes with "Silence", an acoustically driven ballad that proves the band, and Darren in particular, can slow it down and still deliver a meaningful performance. Skintilla is a band that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of modern thrash/metal. Even though Shedding Skin has only recently reached North American shores, the disc was released in 2003. It appears that a full-length follow-up is in the works, which should make quite a splash on the metal scene once it arrives...   (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
11/03/2007..............................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit SKINTILLA HOME PAGE...
. SAGA - "10.000 Days"
Saga is a Progressive rock quintet formed from the nucleus of Canadian rock band "Fludd", and originally known as "The Pockets", the real band was born in 1977 in Oakville Ontario Canada. Bassist-keyboardist Jim Crichton (b. February 26th, 1953) and Welsh-born vocalist Michael Sadler (b. July 5th, 1954) have been the principal songwriters for Saga. Ian Crichton (b. August 3rd, 1956) is the band's guitarist. Apart from his work with Saga, he has recorded several solo albums as well as sessions with "Asia". The band's keyboardist, Jim "Daryl" Gilmour (b. February 25th, 1958), replaced Greg Chadd in 1980 (Chadd replaced original member Peter Rochon after the first album). After the 2003 "Marathon" tour, Steve Negus (b. February 19th, 1952) announced his retirement as Saga's original drummer. Christian Simpson, a Canadian-American, replaced Negus for 2004's "Network" album, until sidelined by a neurological condition that affected his drumming. In late 2005, former Helix member Brian Doerner became Saga's third drummer in as many years.  After many years of great success around the world, it was announced by InsideOut Music, the band's current record label, that lead singer Michael Sadler will be leaving Saga for personal reasons at the end of 2007. A farewell tour of sorts is in the works which will also commemorate Saga's 30th anniversary as a band. It is not known whether Saga will carry on without Sadler or not. For all the Saga fans around the world, I believe this is the best album of the band so far, because the songs on 10.000 Days seem to be more complete. In fact, I´m talking about intelligent music, incredible instrumental arrangements and featuring vibrant compositions, of course, played by experienced musicians. This album is a competent effort and even though the songs tend to have a lot of musical styles, we can hear a perfect combination of Neo-Progressive, Symphonic Rock, Hard Rock,  with a progressive edge and a positive message featuring dynamic lead guitars, fantastic synthesizer, powerful rhythm section and lovely vocals. All the nine songs on the album are great, but my personal favourites are "Lifeline", "Sideways", the vibrant "Can't You See Me Now?", "Corkentellis", "Sound Advice", "More Than I Deserve" and "It Never Ends", or the symphonic and melodic "10.000 Days". I was really surprised by this album and, I'm certain that, it doesn't have any so better before this."10.000 Days" is an excellent addition to the growing catalog of InsideOut Music, the perfect home for Saga. The musicians on 10.000 Days release are: Michael Sadler - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Jim Crichton - Bass, Keyboards, Ian Crichton - Lead Guitar, Jim Gilmour - Keyboards, Clarinet, Vocals and Brian Doerner - Drums, Vocals. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
11/07/2007......................................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit SAGA HOME PAGE...
. AGE OF NEMESIS - "Terra Incognita"
Age Of Nemesis is a Hungarian progressive rock-metal band that formed as "Nemesis" in the summer of 1997. They've been around for a decade, and for their past few releases have been doing something interesting. They record the CD in Hungarian for their home country, then have the lyrics translated into English and re-record the CD for the rest of the world. "Terra Incognita" is a concept album that imagines what would happen if a person has a chance to see things in the afterlife. The translator, who has also worked with Age Of Nemesis on their last couple albums, did a great job. The lyrics flow really well and don't seem to lose anything in translation. Age Of Nemesis do a nice job of balancing traditional and progressive metal on this CD. The backbone of strong riffs and melodies is there, and they build on those with complex arrangements and instrumental passages. Age Of Nemesis has two members named Zoltan, and vocalist Zoltan Kiss does a good voices on the album. He has the ability to sing in a strong and more aggressive middle register, and then take off into a higher melodic register and even falsetto. It's a very well rounded progressive metal release. After you make your way through "Terra Incognita" a few times, you'll uncover plenty of great progressive instrumentation and clever melodies, making for one very solid progressive metal album. Sure, Age of Nemesis dip into the "Dream Theater" bag a bit, as well as "Symphony X", "Vanden Plas", "Rainbow", and "Deep Purple", but it's all in good fun and a great listen if you like melodic, well played, technical, symphonic prog metal. Glad to see Magna Carta Label still pumping out some great release. The LineUp on this album are: Zoltán Fábián - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Gábor Krecsmarik - Bass, Vocal, Zoltán Kiss - Vocal, György Nagy - Keyboards and László Nagy - Drums...   (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
11/08/2007.....For more details and everything about the new band please check out AGE OF NEMESIS HOME PAGE...
. SHADOW GALLERY - "Prime Cuts"
This release is a compilation of material, some of it edited down, mainly from the later "Legacy/Tyranny" period. Two of the better tracks each from the eponymous debut and the excellent "Carved in Stone" albums complete the package though the last album "V" is not covered for some reason presumably due to copyright or Magna Carta Records not wishing it to be known they left. It also features a furiously-paced previously unreleased bonus piece originally considered for the "Carved in Stone" album titled “Rule the World”. Shadow Gallery were inspired by Alan Moore’s novel V for Vendetta and is central to the concept of 3 of the last four albums. Technically this band are in "Dream Theater" territory, the major difference being their greater ear for melody and their frequent reliance on delicate piano lines and grand anthemic motifs. They also surpass most of their contemporaries in their ability to spin stories and legends in their lyrics, all demonstrated as well as anywhere in the second selection on the disc “Ghost of a Chance”. The fantastic vocals of Mike Baker combined with the unbelievable musical and technical skills of all the band’s members resulted in the creation of five masterpieces of heavy progressive music. We are talking about music full of divine melodies, big riffs and harmonies, amazing musical ideas and top-notch performances by all musicians. In other words we are talking about one of the epitomes of Progressive Metal. The edgy aggression of Stone’s “Deeper than Life” is balanced by the simple eloquence of “Hope for Us” from Tyranny. Legacy was an altogether heavier album and two of the songs taken from it, “The Crusher” and the title track convey their technical playing skills best with anthems abandoned to Petrucci-like guitar riffs. In the end though its pomp and grand story lines which populate Shadow Gallery’s world. For those not familiar with the band and not into prog-metal big time it is a good cover-all of their music. For those who love the genre and have the cash, just buy the last 4 albums instead. This cd can be a good introduction to Shadow Gallery’s world. The line up on the band are: Gary Wehrkamp - Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals, Carl Cadden-James - Bass, Flute, Vocals, Mike Baker - Lead Vocals, Brendt Allmann - Guitar, Vocals, Chris Ingles - Piano, Keyboards and Joe Nevolo - Drums...    (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
11/25/2007..........For more details and everything about the band please check out SHADOW GALLERY HOME PAGE...
. SATELLITE - "Into The Night"
Satellite is a Progressive Rock band from Poland. It includes three ex members of a legendary Progressive Rock band "Collage". The previous two albuns, "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset" (2003, the band's first album) and "Evening Games" recorded in 2005, offered music which was surprising for its mix of many special musical styles like: Symphonic Progressive Rock, Melodic Rock, Melodic Prog Metal and Neo-Progressive with an atmospheric instrumentation. "Into The Night", like its predecessors, features the same energy, and the music is a continuous source of inspiration and excitement. Vintage sounds and equally brilliant compositions with fantastic symphonic arrangements, make the band's music something special and very unusual, all musical themes set to infectious melodies, where keyboards and guitars are the dominant instruments, with a perfect progressive blend of creative guitars solos and keyboard tones, including strong combination with the vocals of Robert Amirian. Satellite has a big heavenly orchestral sound that, only few bands can produce of this caliber. Devoted "East", "Riverside", "Collage", "Eloy", "Arena" and "Porcupine Tree" fans will finally have the opportunity to listen an intense progressive rock music. "Into The Night" was recorded at different locations August/ September 2007 in Warsaw Poland. All tracks arranged by Szadkowski/Palczewski/Kubeisi. All main vocal  lines composed by Wojtek Szadkowski except "Around the World" by Sarhan Kubeisi. Vocals arrangements by Robert Amirian. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Into The Night", the heavy but also symphonic "Dreams (parts 1-3)", the melodic "Downtown Skyline", "Don't Go Away In Silence" and "Forgiven And Forgotten" and finilly the best track on the album is "Heaven Can Wait". "Time Stands Still" and "Around The World" are two bonus tracks available only on the special digipak edition. The main musicians on the band are: Robert Amirian - Vocals, Bass, Sarhan Kubeisi - Guitars, Krzysiek Palczewski - Keyboards, Wojtek Szadkowski - Drums and Jarek Michalski - Bass. I would definately recomend this album to all types of Progressive Rock fans. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...  (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
12/03/2007................,.....Stay tuned for more details and in the meantime please check out SATELLITE HOME PAGE...
. PLANET 13 - "Third From The Right"
Planet Thirteen is the duo of Ray Zarate (vocals/keyboards) and Lance Benedict (all guitars/drums), who hail from Florida, and "Third From the Right" is their third release. A quick glimpse at the CD packaging gives the impression of professionalism, and the music contained here only confirms that initial opinion. The band plays a dark style of Progressive Metal, and influences from "Rush", "Fates Warning", "Queensryche", "Dream Theater", and bits of "Black Sabbath" can be heard in their music. With only six songs on the CD, and three of them exceeding 14 minutes in length, the listener can expect epic prog rock here. The first two cuts are big lengthy pieces, the better being "The Eyes of Deception", a moody number with outstanding guitar work from Benedict, and great dynamics created by Zarate's vocals. Fans of melodic prog rock will dig the atmospheric keyboard laden cover of "Superstar", a huge hit for "The Carpenters", and there's no shortage of swagger and bombast on the metallic "The Quest", a song very reminiscent of "Queensryche". The closing epic "Zero" is a symphonic prog metal opus with sweeping keyboards and big guitar sounds, as well as powerful vocals from Zarate. If the sounds of "Dream Theater", "Pain of Salvation", or "Symphony X" turn you on, this tune will be for you. This is a very solid and commendable effort from this progressive metal duo, who really seem to have a knack for creating dark, epic progressive rock with plenty of metal power to it. They should be a band to look out for in the future, and I'm wondering if they have any intent to expand on the line-up and take this project out on the road any time soon...    (Comments By Marcelo Martins)
12/06/2007..............................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit PLANET 13 HOME PAGE...
. LA DESOOORDEN - "Ciudad De Papel"
"La Desooorden" was formed in Valdivia, Chile, in 1994. Their first album, "El Mounstruo de 7 Cabezas",  was released in 2001. In August of 2002, La Desooorden’ recorded "Ensayo", their second album and, presented their work in different cities in Chile, sharing the stage with "Congreso" and "Los Jaivas". In 2004, the band received a governmental grant for cultural projects to publish and promote their third work titled as "La Isla de los Muertos", a concept record dealing in a critical way with issues of Chilean history. The band received several official rewards and made an Argentinean tour in 2006, organized by the Chilean Foreign Ministry. In 2007 the band received a fund for the realization of the DVD “La Isla de los Muertos” based on their record with the same name. The band’s last recording "Ciudad de Papel" deals with the thread of industrial pollution on the environment. La Desooorden, combines the diverse musical experiences, using a vast and dynamic blend of musical influences, something completely different from the usual progressive rock bands, around the musical scene today. Their musical style, range between Experimental, Avant-Garde, Jazz-Rock-Fusion, with touchs of a South America Folk traditions, near to Psichedelia, including sonic Progressive Rock textures and finally, adding Symphonic ambitions. "Ciudad de Papel" offers interesting and pleasant musical textures, with complex instrumental passages. The music is centered around guitars and drums, adorned by tribal percussion instruments, also adding wind instruments as Trumpet, Saxophones, Ocarina, Trutruca and Didgeridoo, creating many special moments, where we can hear a diverse musical genres interacting perfectly with the vocals. La Desooorden takes its origin from the idea of creating something really different in the actual musical whirl. Concerning the sound of the band, they are influenced by legendery bands such as "Embryo", "King Crimson", "Emergency","Can", and "Frank Zappa" folowing some ideas from "Akinetón Retard" and "Paatos". A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs on "Ciudad de Papel" are: "Fumarolas Del Alma", "Ciudad De Papel" (is the best on this album), "Migraciones Eternas", "Accion Por Los Cisnes", "Hominidos", "Los Trabajadores", "E-N-E-U-J" and "Boletos Para Ir". The musicians on La Desooorden are: Alfonso Banda - Guitar, Ebow, Percussion, Fernando Altamirano - Vocals, Trutruca, Francisco Martin - Bass, Piano, Trompe, Didgeridoo, Karsten Contreras - Vocals, Ocarina, Peter Pfeiffer - Tenor, Baritone And Soprano Saxophones, Didgeridoo, Trutruca, Ocarina and Rodrigo Gonzalez - Drums, Percussion. Guest Musicians: Benjamin Ruz – Violin and Henry Veliz - Trumpet. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...   (Comments by Carlos Vaz)
12/06/2007...................................,.....Interested to know more about the Band? Visit LA DESOOORDEN HOME PAGE...
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