.......BEST RELEASES FROM 2003/2004
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LAST UPDATE 01/25/2004....
Knight Area is a new 
Progressive/ symphonic project from Holland. They hope to release the album "The Sun Also Rises" soon.
Wiermann & Vogel
(Quaterna Requiem) - New CD - "A Mão Livre" - Recorded and mixaded in the spring of 2002 in the studio Sagitarius - Rio De Janeiro - Brazil.
Raimundo Rodulfo
- New live album "To Live a Dream" the official bootleg.
Spaced Out CD Slow
Gin is available. Order your copy at Unicorn Records.
Jack Yello has
finished the recordings of their first CD, available right now.
Farpoint - and the
official release of the second album called  "Grace".
Ulysses have 
spent a large part of March to record the album "Symbioses".
Aviary - the new Aviary CD 
'Ambition'. The first 100 orders will receive a Free DVD(r).
Man On Fire - The 
Undefined Design. All orders prior to release will be autographed.
Antithesy - Is proud 
to anounce the debut album "Fuori i secondi".
Heon- the album 
Electro- Acoustic Requiem will be release May, 15th 2003.
Poetica in Silentio
A new album is released, titled "What do Fish Know".
Satellite and their
first release, the brothers from Collage.
Apocalypse - New 
release called "Refugio" avaliable now at Musea Records.
Nervewerks - Debut
cd titled "Delicate Motion" is Now Available.
Steve Hackett’s 
first studio album since 1999’s titled "To Watch The Storms".
Palma -  New CD titled
"12 ciclos", by Marco Aureh and Paulo Loureiro.
The Loving Tongue
- "Distant Dreams", a journey through the progressive rock metal.
Addison Project
"Mood Swings"  will be released on the 1st of July.
E-Norm - Ex former 
member of  "Marathon" with New Release titled "Real today".
Sergio Dias
Ex-Mutantes is back with a new album titled "Jazz Mania Live".
Jadis - The new
album "Fanatic" available in both the standard and special editions.
Spock´s Beard
new album entitled "Feel Euphoria", street date is the 30th June.
Eclipse - "Jumping 
from Springboards" Prog brazilian band and their first work.
Hubi Meisel
- Check out the new album  avaliable now.
The Grimm - Their 
last work titled as "Resurruption" now avaliable.
Omnia - "Hormonal" 
second work from this great Argentina Prog Band.
CAP - Consorzio Acqua
Potabile - " Il bianco regno di dooah " Long time waited 4th musical project.
DGM - "Hidden Place" 
new album of the Italian leaders in class & melody.
and the new release titled "Tribe" avaliable July 22.
Anekdoten -
"Gravity" will be released on CD in June 2003 Sweden.
Andrew Bordoni
- "Earth-3" is a new exciting progressive project band.
The Thicket - A 
amazing debut album from this new Canadian band.
Atempo - debut 
album from this new and amazing Argentina Prog Band.
Silent Agreement
Upcoming concept album "Burning the Unbearable".
Labyrinth - Finally
"Labyrinth" is officially will be available Everywhere!
AtmOsfear new
CD titled "Inside The Atmosphere" is available now.
Circle II Circle
"Watching In Silence" the Ltd Edition with a multimedia section.
Conspiracy - Yes
bass Chris Squire release their second album "The Unknown".
Enchant and the
Last album "Tug of War" will be available Everywhere.
XII Alfonso - Very
popular Progressive Band and their alive work titled "This Is".
RC2 - A new and
amazing generation in Progressive Rock  from Venezuela.
Silent Edge
debut album "The Eyes of the Shadow" avaliable now.
Onza - "Zona 
Crepuscolar"  a great Spanish Progressive Rock release.
Dead Soul Tribe
- "A Murder Of Crows" is the last release of the band.
Baker Gurvitz Army
- "Greatest Hits Live", a CD that shows the full force of the Band.
Inquire new CD titled
"Melancholia" will be released in September 2003.
Frogg Cafe and
"Creatures",  they explore a new Prog Rock and Jazz.
Machiavel and
"The Essential of Machiavel" a new album.
Neal Morse - and 
the release "Testimony", will be avaliable soon.
Poor Genetic
Material - "Winter's Edge", will be available in sep.
Kaipa the
Swedish progressive rock group is back with a new CD.
Zero2Zero Titled
as "End of Illusions" a new conception in prog rock.
Ceti - "Shadow of
the angel" a power progressive band and a new release.
Gryphon -
"Glastonbury Carol" is the new album released by Hux Records.
Ion Vein "Reigning
Memories", produced and recorded by Neil Kernon.
and "Prismosfera" the release avaliable right now.
Ginji Ogawa
and the latest album titled "Private Diary 2003.6".
Gary Hughes spent the 
entire year of 02 writing and recording his most ambitious project. (Part 1)
Gary Hughes spent the 
entire year of 02 writing and recording his most ambitious project. (Part 2)
Glass Hammer 
- "Lex Rex" a new journey thru a heroes, dragons and kings.
Pallas the double CD 
version of "The Blinding Darkness" including booklet.
"Marbles" will go on sale for pre-order from 1st September.
Thieves' Kitchen
announce the third CD titled "Shibboleth".
Blackmore's Night
"Ghost Of A Rose" with a special bonus for all North American fans.
Guy Manning
"The View From My Window" will be available soon.
Erik Norlander
"Turns On The Music Machine" a new double CD album.
London Underground
"Through a glass darkly"  the release is avaliable at Musea recosrds.
JRS "Loss for Words" 
new progressive rock instrumental album avaliable now.
Faro a Melodic
Hard Rock Band and the new album "Dawn Of Forever".
Offramp is an
explosive progressive rock project fronted by Chris Messina.
Lord Only
"Fear and Trembling" finally first CD is available now.
No-Man's latest album
'Together We're Stranger' is out now on KScope/ Snapper Music.
Contrappunto a great
italian prog rock band with a new release titled "Elegie d'inverno".
TriPod's newest elease 
ron MoonJune Records, progressive rock music for a new century.
Orpheo - After 
weeks of recording it's finally all on the disk.
Soft Works
"Abracadabra" Released on Universal Records in Japan.
Ian Anderson
and "Rupi's Dance" new solo work an satisfying album.
The Tangent
Three generations of progressive rock.
KBB a great 
prog band from Japan and their new release "Four Corner's Sky".
Isildurs Bane
for the first time since 1983 have recorded an new album.
Eric Woolfson from
Alan Parsons Project, new album will be released 29th September.
ScapeLand Wish
"The Ghost Of Autumn" a very impressive prog rock.
ConXious - "Between
Arrival and Departure", get a new experience of Prog Metal.
Sun Caged debut 
album will be released on Oct 22 mixed by Arjen Lucassen.
Tomas Bodin and his
newest solo album "Sonic Boulevard" now available.
Moongarden, a Concept 
album based on different stories in an imaginary metropoli.
Dream Theater
"Train Of Thought" pre-order the new studio album.
Arc of Light "Native
Tongue" Progressive rock but on the softer side.
Forge "Bring On
The Apocalypse" was released September 9.
Magellan finally
some news about the new album "Impossible Figures".
Steve Howe -"Remady"
has been at the forefront of guitarists in popular music.
Etcetera and "Tales Of
Ardour And Deceit", a history dating as long a way back as 1986.
Freewill - Second 
work called "Never Act" will be on sale October 27th.
Kotebel and
"Fragments of Light" available now at Musea Records.
Arsnova and the
release "Biogenesis" a amazing Japan Prog Rock band.
Antonius Rex and the
Reissue "Praeternatural" electro acoustic progressive.
Alias Eye
"A Different Point of You" the album is drawing nearer.
Cone and "Out of Mind"
melodious, exotic rock from the dark Norwegian.
Onadime Hard Rock
with solid influences from Rush, Tool and STP.
Talisma "Corpus" is an
instrumental progressive Rock from Montreal region.
Arti & Mestieri and
a new release, considered by press as a Cult Band.
Condition Red
prog metal band returns after 3 years with a killer album.
Delusion and  "The
Tragedy of Regrets", 12 prog rock and metal songs.
Syzygy  "The Allegory
of Light" this is full-blown progressive symphonic rock.
Spearfish recorded Live at
Sweden Rock Festival 2003.
Sixnorth and "Prayer",
an progressive jazz - rock group from Japan.
Józef Skrzek "At the
foot of the Holy Cross" a special digipack edition.
Frameshift combine
elements of tradictional prog rock including a modern production.
Music Station and
“Shaping” a Bulgarian progressive rock band.
Hobbit "All For The One"
74 minute of a journey around the Tolkien - Lotr.
Towersound is a
young "melodious rock metal" band made of 3 brothers.
Soma Planet
influenced by bands as Can, King Crimson, Gong,etc...
Riverside is a 
amazing revelation in progressive rock from Poland.
Ten Jinn and "Alone",
the Los Angeles based progressive rock band is back.
Espiritu - A legend prog
rock band return with a release called "Fronteras Mágicas".
Grey Eye Glances
"Live" is now available for pre-order.
Worfield Circle
"Take the Wheel" a new style of progressive rock.
Vertigo Pilots "Over
the Eclectic Edge" influences of Led Zeppelin.
Devas "True illusions"
is a powerful prog rock with a variety of influences.
Destiny Faire a story
based "Rock Opera" with a magnificent Guitar sound.
Salem Hill and "Be"
a symphonic rock thoughtful lyrics and epic themes.
Synergy and
"Reconstructed Artifacts", all recordings are familiar Synergy material.
Bruno Sanfilippo
mixing varied styles of contemporary music.
Xystus released their
debut album "Receiving Tomorrow" worlwide.
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